Plays of the WeekGiven all the nuttiness from last week’s games, we indulged ourselves just a wee bit here at GameTimeCT.

We had a lion’s share of plays from which to choose. So we chose… all of them. We managed to get practically all of the big games and wild moments from Week 9.

The result is our most action-packed Plays of the Week yet.

Actually, it’s not so much ‘plays of the week’ as it is RECAP OF CARNAGE.

See for yourself. Featured in this week’s vignette:

Ridgefield’s 44-7 showdown FCIAC win over McMahon.

Valley Regional/Old Lyme’s Pequot battle with rival Cromwell.

The wild happenings at Kennedy Stadium between Central and Staples.

Notre Dame-West Haven’s rout of Wilbur Cross.

Ervin Philips’ big night for West Haven vs. Hand.

Foran offense and North Haven defense in their SCC II clash at Vanacore Field.

And then the heart-pounding finishes in Ansonia-Seymour, Ledyard-Stonington, New London-Middletown and, of course Shelton-Xavier.

Watch all the madness in the video above, or just click the links below to view individual games.


  • Ridgefield-McMahon: 0:14 (Ridgefield returns).
  • Valley Regional/Old Lyme-Cromwell 0:56 (Thanks, Valley for finally joining us :)
  • Staples-Central: 1:30 (Central’s Mykell Morris is ridiculous. Also: Defense?)
  • Notre Dame (WH)-Wilbur Cross: 2:55 (Steve Kirck on the GoGreenKnights call)
  • West Haven-Hand: 3:24 (Ervin Philips is looking like Player of the Year)
  • Foran-North Haven: 4:13 (Hey, I went to this game)
  • Seymour-Ansonia: 4:51 (Hey, I got to this game at halftime. Hence Seymour team vid)
  • Stonington-Ledyard: 6:35 (great Stonington comeback, but check out Khary Childs’ TD).
  • New London-Middletown: 7:27 (The Day broadcasted this, but this is NL’s team footage)
  • Xavier-Shelton: 8:35 (Thanks to assistant coach Andy Guyon for quickly getting this to me on deadline)

Two ground view replays were culled from WFSB’s Friday Night Frenzy coverage and H/T to those fine network sites.

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  1. JB says

    Sean, you are becoming the video expert … playlists, etc! Very well done and the drama of carnage is cool. Thanks fro the coverage, it was awesome.

    One of the things that struck me in the videos … Erv Phillips is looking really good, unstoppable in the clutch. Sniffing at the Gatoraide award this year …

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      @JB — Absolutely. The kid is a hard core candidate for Player of the Year. He does everything. Interceptions, fumble recoveries, GOAL LINE STOPS, Oh and game-breaking touchdowns. That, too.

      Go Syracuse.

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      Actually. Those links aren’t working like I’d hoped. They’re supposed to go to that exact moment in the video. Fixing…

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      There they go. Those links now go to the EXACT highlight reel on our YouTube page.

      Good use of video is the future. And the future is now. I just have to figure out how to quickly cut together a highlight reel on the days I shoot a film. I’m too worried about the whole thing looking cool rather than just showing the big plays, a couple of interviews and calling it a night.

      Working on it, because there’s so much footage I get but don’t show.

      Anyway. Thanks. Any suggestions about what everybody wants from video are welcomed.

      • ACL says

        Since you mentioned you leave a lot of plays on the cutting room floor, how about a week-by-week recap at the end of the year with never before seen highlights?

        • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

          Funny you should mention that. I actually do that for myself for pure amusement. I did one for 2010 (Weeks 1-9) and Last year (Weeks 1-Thanksgiving). It’s pretty sick. I wish everyone could see it.

          Problem is, I use music that will require royalties (Remember the Titans and Gladiator etc), that’s the only reason why I never posted. And, they were built behind those soundtracks, so it would be significantly less-cool if I used a generic track.

          I did post the 2010 video on my personal Facebook page when they hosted videos. I remember Austin Calitro of Danbury got to see it (he was featured prominently at the end) and he loved it.

          Maybe if I have some time I’ll give it a shot and upload it and see what YouTube says.

  2. JB says

    Sean, your recap videos of key games that you did last year were always really well done. They did a great job of capturing the emotion of the event … mixing in shots of the crowd, the big defensive stops and of course the game breaking TDs. Maybe mix in one of those for the most important few games remaining in the season … like adding a “game of the week”. That upcoming Xavier and Prep game is huge for LLs, and my gut tells me it could be one of the best games of the year in regards to drama. Also, I think it is Saturday night so you will have time without distraction for the shoot. Just a thouhgt.

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