Week 6 GameTimeCT / Register Top 10 football poll: Ansonia still No. 1; Prep debuts, Xavier returns

Arkeel Newsome bursts through the Derby line in the Chargers' 62-28 victory over Derby October 11, 2013. (Peter Casolino -- New Haven Register)Ansonia (5-0) remained No. 1 in the latest GameTimeCT.com/New Haven Register high school football poll.

New Canaan (5-0) also remained steady at No. 2, while FCIAC rival St. Joseph (5-0) leapfrogged Middletown to take the No. 3 spot.

Fairfield Prep (4-1), a 38-28 winner over Shelton, debuted in the poll at No. 7, taking Shelton’s spot. Xavier (4-1) also returned for the first time since it lost to North Haven in Week 2.

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Dropped out: Shelton (7), Masuk (8).
The Following Voted: The following voted: Mary Albl, Fairfield Minuteman; Marc Allard, Norwich Bulletin; Bob Barton, New Haven Register; Bill Bloxsom, Hersam-Acorn; Doug Bonjour, Connecticut Post; Sean Patrick Bowley, New Haven Register; Jim Bransfield, Middletown Press; Kyle Brennan, Waterbury Republican-American; Chris Brodeur, Danbury News-Times; George DeMaio, WELI; Gerry deSimas, The Collinsville Press; Mike DiMauro, The Day of New London; Scott Ericson, Stamford Advocate; Tom Evans, Norwalk Hour; Francesco Graziano, CPTV Sports; Ned Griffen, The Day of New London; John Holt, WFSB-3; Mark Jaffee, Waterbury Republican-American; Ken Lipshez, Meriden-Record Journal; Mike Madera, Elm City Newspapers; Joe Morelli, New Haven Register; Kevin Nathan, WVIT-30; Pete Paguaga, Torrington Register Citizen; Dave Phillips, Shore Line Newspapers; Mike Pucci, New Haven Register; Kevin Roberts, Bristol Press; Dave Ruden, The Ruden Report; Tom Yantz, Hartford Courant; Jimmy Zanor, Middletown Press.

A Closer Look

  • 1. Ansonia (5-0) (23) — Last week: Def. Derby 62-28; This week: Masuk, Thursday, 6:30 p.m.
    Bottom line: Senior running back Arkeel Newsome needs just 291 yards to break the state record for career rushing yards, currently held by former Ansonia standout Alex Thomas.
  • 2. New Canaan (5-0) (6) — Last week: Def. Danbury 49-7; This week: Chicopee (MA), Friday, 7 p.m.
    Bottom line: The Rams host the Pacers, who are 2-3, in an out-of-state contest at Dunning Field, where New Canaan has won 30 straight games.
  • 3. St. Joseph (5-0) — Last week: Def. Wilton 44-20; This week: at Bassick, Friday, 3:30 p.m.
    Bottom line: Jordan Vazzano completed 16 of 28 passes for 284 yards and three touchdowns against Wilton as the Hogs remained unbeaten.
  • 4. Middletown (5-0) — Last week: Def. Hartford Public 41-7; This week: at Bristol Central, Friday, 7 p.m.
    Bottom line: Junior Dario Highsmith, who rushed for three scores and threw two touchdowns in the win over Hartford Public, is making his case as the state’s best player.
  • 5. Southington (4-0) — Last week: Def. New Britain 38-7; This week: at Hall, Saturday, 1:30 p.m.
    Bottom line: Alex Jamele had 139 receiving yards and four touchdowns in the victory over New Britain. .
  • 6. Newtown (5-0) — Last week: Def. New Milford 56-13; This week: at Wolcott, Friday, 7 p.m.
    Bottom line: The Nighthawks have scored 40 or more points in their last two games.
  • 7. Windsor (5-0) — Last week: Def. RHAM 49-0; This week: at Farmington, Friday, 7 p.m.
    Bottom line: One of this weekend’s best games will be in Farmington as the Warriors visit the unbeaten Indians.
  • 8. Fairfield Prep (4-1)  — Last week: Def. Shelton 38-28; This week: at Hand, Friday, 7 p.m.
    Bottom line: After winning on the road in Shelton, the Jesuits travel this week to the Surf Club to take on a Hand team that has won four in a row.
  • 9. Glastonbury (4-1) — Last week: Def. Newington 33-0; This week: at East Hartford, Friday, 7 p.m.
    Bottom line: The Tomahawks have shutout their last two opponents.
  • 10. Xavier (4-1) — Last week: Def. Amity 42-28; This week: at West Haven, Friday, 7 p.m.
    Bottom line: The Falcons will try and put history on hold. West Haven coach Ed McCarthy can tie the state record for wins with a victory over Xavier.


  1. RAY BROWN says

    prep probably best in scc—–should be up around 6——-nfa if healthy would beat xavier by 3 tds—-johnnie law beat east haven im surprised they are not in top ten

  2. XHS says

    Missed my first Xavier game in years to go see the #1 ranked team in the state play Derby. I’m always a realest and those have heard me at the beginning of the year I predicted Xavier to go 7-3 or 8-2 with a better year on tap for next year. Let me say this, if Ansonia is #1 it’s only because people haven’t watched them play. I’m sorry but I have trouble seeing a top ten team. The RB is good but that team would get killed against the “big boys”. NC no doubt deserves that ranking and I’m a SCC guy. Time will tell but a stong “no way” to that Ansonia squad!

    • Kubiac says

      Completely agree – Ansonia NEVER schedules a tough game. How can these guys continue to vote them #1??? That program is a .500 team at best in the scc! It makes the entire poll a joke.

  3. Matt B says

    I really don’t get it. New Canaan is beating teams like Hand and Greenwich easier than Ansonia is beating Wilby and Derby. Derby is not a good team, they are the beneficiary of a soft early schedule, but I guarantee they lose at least 4 more games this season. Ansonia’s line isn’t that good either. I think New Canaan would dominate on both sides of the ball against them.

  4. The Truth Hurts says

    Only one “S” School in top 10.Let all others battle it out in December and then hand the #1 spot to a team that will not see a top 10 team all year.Thank the Lord these Sports Writers do not decide Champions in other sports.

  5. Steve says

    Middletown was winning 41-7 before the start of the 4th quarter and called off the dogs. I guess you have to embarrass teams to keep your poll position

  6. hawkpride says

    Newtown was up 50-6 in the 2nd qt before they called off their dogs. Then they put in their 2nd teamers to take a knee in the 2nd half. Should be more of these blow outs as the staff is trying to break some single season records for certain kids.

  7. RAY BROWN says

    matt b——-lets not forget new caanans big win over powerful danbury and this weeks highlight game vs bassick

  8. Big Dog says

    XHS-Here is your schedule
    Xavier 2013-14 Varsity Football Schedule
    10 Events Listed
    || Go Back ||

    Date Opponent H/A-Facility Time/Result Bus
    Time Note

    Wed., 9/11 Staples Home – Palmer Field
    [Directions] W 30-22
    Fri., 9/20 North Haven Away – Vanacore Field
    [Directions] L 28-42
    Fri., 9/27 Hamden Away – HHS Turf Field
    [Directions] W 33-0
    Fri., 10/4 Hillhouse Home – Palmer Field
    [Directions] W 42-14
    Fri., 10/11 Amity Home – Palmer Field
    [Directions] W 42-28
    Fri., 10/18 West Haven Away – Ken Strong Stadium
    [Directions] 7:00 p.m.
    Fri., 10/25 Notre Dame-West Haven Home – Palmer Field
    [Directions] 7:00 p.m.
    Fri., 11/1 Daniel Hand Away – Surf Club
    [Directions] 7:00 p.m.
    Fri., 11/8 Shelton Home – Palmer Field
    [Directions] 7:00 p.m.
    Sat., 11/16 Fairfield Prep Away – Alumni Field, Fairfield University
    [Directions] 7:00 p
    I beg to differ….I believe Ansonia’s schedule is much tougher….Marquee games with powerhouse Derby,a watered down Murphy less Masuk and don’t forget Naugy doggie on Turkey day…Enough said..LOL!
    Be patient…Writers are all waiting for the N/C/Joes game before they bump Ansonia.

  9. Matt B says

    Ray, that argument is complete crap. Every league has bad teams, but you don’t see New Canaan struggling with them like Ansonia has lately. New Canaan does have a few soft games on their schedule, I’d say 4-5, but Ansonia has 9. New Canaan already beat 2 teams that would go 11-0 with Ansonia’s schedule, and they still have Staples, St Joes, and Darien, 3 more teams that would run through the NVL.

  10. Matt B says

    There’s a reason why strength of schedule is so important in college sports polls. Ansonia being number 1 in CT is like Louisville being number 1 in NCAAF. Yeah, they are undefeated, but it means nothing when you have 0 quality wins and play 0 teams in the top 20.

  11. DB says

    This poll has no credibility. Remember, just a couple of weeks ago hoe North Haven made its debut only to get man handled by Hand. Not to mention that after that game NH was still rated higher than Hand. Let’s see how the poll responds when Hand beats F.Prep this Friday at the Surf Club. Finally, having Ansonia at number 1 is like having a D3 college ranked #1 in the D1 division. Ansonia has a great team and coaching staff but they would never hang against the big dogs no matter how much the sports writers fantasize about it’s possibility.

  12. XHS says

    Honestly and I don’t have anything against the NVL or Ansonia they just are not very good. I see Xavier and Middletown almost every week. I’m a Middletown guy and I think they are a team between 5-10 not in the top 5. Toss up if they played X who I feel the same about. Both however better then Ansonia.

  13. RAY BROWN says

    matt b they just sored 62 and should have had 70——-how did they struggle? ansonia would beat x by 3 tds there isnt a team inscc that can beat ansonia.they were best team in state last year.the scc and fciac with the exception of a couple teams are overrated.are the leagues better than NVL?

  14. RAY BROWN says

    dont make me laff about middletown—–they dissappeared last 20 years—–they dont deserve a spot in top ten—one year wonders—-the state is filled with them every year

    • Nickb1118 says

      If they are good this year, which they most certainly are, then they deserve a spot. Just cause they “disappeared” for 20 years doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be ranked. Look at what you say before you say it

  15. Matt B says

    Only up 6 on Derby and 21 on Wilby at the half is struggling. Ansonia the best team in the state last year, come on, how can you say that, they played no one. Hand and Xavier would have both beaten them. The last good team Ansonia played was in 2010 and they lost, by 3 touchdowns. It’s tough to make an argument for being the best team when you haven’t played a quality opponent in 2.5 years.

  16. XHS says

    Listen I said Middletown wasn’t top 5 also Xavier is not top 5 at this time for both of them. But neither is Ansonia that’s for sure.

  17. XHS says

    I remember that program losing to Cromwell in the states after romping up on garbage. X JVs could beat Cromwell year in and year out.

  18. X says

    I believe the polls mean nothing until the final game of the season. It’s a shame that grown ups argue on posts about different teams in the state. Go watch every team play then make an intelligent decision not a bias one.

  19. RAY BROWN says

    i remember 7 -8 years ago xavier fans were wearing bags on their heads x was so bad——-keep crying youll be starting basketball sooner than you think

  20. sober91 says

    Hey lay off the Derby stuff. They are playing with 40 kids and 30 of them are under 165 lbs. They also have a real running back and a junior QB who can play the position better than most. The Problem is that big kids and big names have moved to better communities and play for suburban schools. Rosters are filled with old Derby names of kids whose family left. All that being said I dont agree they will lose 4 more games. This team might be in the play offs and they will represent themselves well provided they have no injuries. Some of you clowns measure this game by who has the best record. The fact is strength of schedule has a lot to do with it. Anyone who played this sport knows its about matchups. We match up fairly well with most of the teams we play and I for one think polls are for blogs and coffee shops.

  21. bgarf says

    All the anti-Ansonia trolls in one thread, lol. You guys really are incapable of objectivity…anything that supports your bias you remember forever, anything that doesn’t you forget immediately.

    • Kubiac says

      They play no one – all those #1 are garbage – not earned. Look at the other top ten schedules – ansonia should be ashamed of their lack of guys to play a decent schedule. As a football fan that loves good competition it frustrating to have to put up with a team like ansonia. Just get some guys and schedule 2 tough games and then you can shut everyone up. But oh wait it’s ansonia the program with the biggest mouths and least amount of guts in the state.

  22. anotherfan says

    I was at the Ansonia/Derby game and my first impression was, the size of Ansonia’s line will dominate the Derby line easily. Ansonia had a huge line but Derby held it’s own for one half then began to wear down , Derby is good, the qurterback is good and so is the running back (Kreiger? and Small?) anyway I believe the slow start by Ansonia may have also been because of the fact that they were looking ahead to Masuk in less than a week and I also think that Masuk got bit doing the same thing against Pommpy.If I were Ansonia I would beware of this and I think Masuk is going to be out for blood Thursday.

      • Kubiac says

        Just get some guts and schedule a couple of games against other top ten teams like the other top tens do and you will shut us up. Oh yea but wait you guys have no guts to play a tough team unless you are forced to in the states. Such wimps

  23. The Truth Hurts says

    @bgarf,IF you really new ANYTHING about Connecticut High School Football,your phrase:incapable of objectivity is the BIGGEST crock of !! ever written on a blog.Step awawy from the NVL and you will know what I trying to explain to you.

    • bgarf says

      Okay, so you’re saying that yours and XHS’s posts in this thread show football understanding…to me they just ooze bias.

      Coach Fillipone and Coach Marinan both publicly stated that last year’s Ansonia team was as good as any in the state (pretty sure they both possess football knowledge).

      And all Ansonia did was bring back almost entire offensive line along with two starting lineman that were out hurt all of last season, Newsome, and McKnight.

      No, you’re not lacking in objectivity.

  24. jeb says

    It appears that if New Canaan beat Staples in two weeks then New Canaan will be playing St. Joes. twice this year. One in the regular season game and no matter who wins that game in the FCIAC title game. OUCH!

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      @Jeb – so you’re saying an unbeaten NC will match up with a once-beaten SJ? Yea, ouch if that happens. Not like it hasn’t happened before.

  25. southern CT says

    woohoooo! Ansonia beat a team from a worse league than theirs. Masuk lost to Pomperaug which tells you everything you need to know about the great Monroe team. Must be nice playing no competition year in and year out. Got to be somewhat boring never being challenged.

  26. Boomer says

    Also Ansonia wins the states in weight lifting or places almost every year. Not our fault we don’t play in these so called powerhouse conferences. Ansonia a tradition is the best in the state. The Alabama of ct h.s football.

    • Not Ray Brown says

      The ignorance of Ansonia fans is getting pretty old. “The Alabama of CT HS football?” Really? If that’s how you view yourself that’s fine, but most of the rest of the state just see’s Boise State. Ansonia’s a really good team this year, and they could hang with the big boys, but if they played a full SCC or FCIAC schedule, there’s no way they would run the table. Period.

      • DB says

        Boomer I will once again state what you hadn’t seen in an earlier comment about pre-season scrimmage games., This poll has no credibility. Remember, just a couple of weeks ago hoe North Haven made its debut only to get man handled by Hand. Not to mention that after that game NH was still rated higher than Hand. Now that Hand beat Ffld. Prep (another ranked team) Let’s see how the poll accommodates the fact that Hand has now beating 2 of the top 10 teams it’s poll. My guess is they will continue to show Hand the credit they deserve.

        Finally, having Ansonia at number 1 is like having a D3 college ranked #1 in the D1 division. Ansonia has a great team and coaching staff but they would never hang against the big dogs no matter how much the sports writers fantasize about it’s possibility. Hand scrimmaged against F. Prep., West Haven and Ansonia at the Yale Bowl this past August.Hand won all 3 games. The team they thumped that day was Ansonia. They scored 5 times and Ansonia only once and their star running back had less than 30 years in that game.

        • garf says

          This thread is thee worst of any other – and that’s saying a lot, Gametime.

          As for this Yale Camp BS, Ansonia brought 20 kids so many JVs played and Newsome didn’t even attend…good grief, this level of posting hasn’t taken all fun out of analyzing and discussing high school football.

  27. anotherfan says

    I hope all you Ansonia haters aren’t loosing too much sleep ,I know that it must really suck for you guys (Ansonia’s #1 ranking) but the faster you get used to Ansonia’s greatness the better off you’ll be because this happens almost every year.

  28. anotherfan says

    I never hear of any so called power school wanting to schedule Ansonia, I’ll do one better I’ll pay $20 if someone can prove on this thread a team that wants to schedule Ansonia in a regular season game …That would be insanity.Ansonia will play any one and does not ever back down.So who is the whimp!

  29. Boomer says

    Agreed another fan. Ansonia has proven through its history that it’s the most storied team in the state. I wish ansonia played with the so called big dogs because then they could shut the haters up. We don’t have anything else to prove besides that. Ansonia would gladly play anyone anywhere. Just not up to them. Ansonias history speaks for itself. Stats don’t lie. And they are #1 now and of all time. Just look at the history of CT high school football. Just sayin.

    • UBilly says

      Ansonia = a great team and program. No doubt. But….

      How you can claim that you never back down I do not know. 2007 was an eleven game season too. Who did you pick up that year?

      State weightlifting championship? Another item I have to ask about. Do you mean the NVL weightlifting championship?

      Take the chip off your shoulder, it is blocking your vision!

    • anotherfan says

      How do you know if the poll voters played or not ? what can you say about the Max prep writers ? All I know is they are a California based web site, and you ‘d rather base your opinion on them because it suports your biased view ,thanks but no thanks…I won’t check the site because football in Conn is ill- regarded and gets little to no attention from the rest of the country ..is that your platform as well …???

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