Week 5 GameTimeCT / Register Football Poll: Chargers still No. 1, Glastonbury debuts

Ansonia is still No. 1, but lost a first place vote to New Canaan in the latest GameTimeCT.com/New Haven Register high school football poll.

Glastonbury, at No. 10, and Windsor, at No. 9 both joined the fray. This is Glastonbury’s debut in the poll. Windsor returns after a one-week respite.

Norwich Free Academy dropped from No. 3 to No. 12. North Haven dropped from No. 8 to No. 14.

Middletown (4-0) moved into the No. 3 spot, followed by St. Joseph which jumped idle Southington (3-0), Newtown, Shelton and Masuk.

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Dropped out: NFA (3), North Haven (8)
The following voted: Mary Albl, Fairfield Minuteman; Marc Allard, Norwich Bulletin; Bob Barton, New Haven Register; Bill Bloxsom, Hersam-Acorn;Doug Bonjour, Connecticut Post; Sean Patrick Bowley, New Haven Register; Jim Bransfield, Middletown Press; Kyle Brennan, Waterbury Republican-American; Chris Brodeur, Danbury News-Times; George DeMaio, WELI; Gerry deSimas, The Collinsville Press; Mike DiMauro, The Day of New London; Scott Ericson, Stamford Advocate; Tom Evans, Norwalk Hour; Francesco Graziano, CPTV Sports; Ned Griffen, The Day of New London; John Holt, WFSB-3; Mark Jaffee, Waterbury Republican-American; Ken Lipshez, Meriden-Record Journal; Mike Madera, Elm City Newspapers; Joe Morelli, New Haven Register; Kevin Nathan, WVIT-30; Pete Paguaga, Torrington Register Citizen; Dave Phillips, Shore Line Newspapers; Mike Pucci, New Haven Register; Kevin Roberts, Bristol Press; Dave Ruden, The Ruden Report; Tom Yantz, Hartford Courant; Jimmy Zanor, Middletown Press.

A closer look

1. Ansonia (4-0) (23) — Last week: Def. Wilby 47-14; This week: at Derby, Friday, 7 p.m.
Bottom line: The Chargers face their first real test of the season when it visits the rival Red Raiders and their high-octane offense. Ansonia leads the overall series with Derby 54-28-2 and has won the past six meetings.

2. New Canaan (4-0) (6) — Last week: Def. Fairfield Warde 45-21; This week: Danbury, Saturday, 2 p.m.
Bottom line: Cole Turpin caught two touchdown passes in last week’s win as the Rams continue to roll.

3. Middletown (4-0) — Last week: Def. Fermi 43-8; This week: Hartford Public, Friday, 7 p.m.
Bottom line: Junior Dario Highsmith continues to impress. He rushed for 140 yards and three touchdowns against Fermi.

4. St. Joseph (4-0) — Last week: Def. Darien 28-14; This week: at Wilton, Friday, 7 p.m.
Bottom line: We knew the Hogs could pass behind senior Jordan Vazzano. They can run, too, with junior Mufasa Abdul-Basir running for 200 yards on 25 carries and two touchdowns against previously unbeaten Darien.

5. Southington (3-0) — Last week: Did not play.; This week: New Britain, Friday, 7 p.m.
Bottom line: The Blue Knights are back in action after a bye last week.

6. Newtown (4-0) — Last week: Def. Barlow 49-36.; This week: New Milford, Friday, 7 p.m.
Bottom line: Senior quarterback Drew Tarantino tossed six touchdown passes against previously unbeaten Barlow.

7. Shelton (4-0) — Last week: Def. Foran 35-13; This week: Fairfield Prep, Friday, 7 p.m.
Bottom line: Perhaps the state’s biggest game this weekend is at Finn Stadium, where the Gaels will host Fairfield Prep (3-1).

8. Masuk (4-0) — Last week: Def. Oxford 28-21; This week: at Pomperaug, Friday, 7 p.m.
Bottom line: Malik Cummings tossed a 62-yard touchdown pass to PJ Kokkoros in the fourth quarter to lift the Panthers past Oxford.

9. Windsor (4-0) — Last week: Def. Hartford Public 21-14; This week: RHAM, Friday, 7 p.m.
Bottom line: Jedidiah Haynes’ 25-yard touchdown pass to Westley Jackson in the fourth quarter against Hartford Public kept the Warriors unbeaten.

10. Glastonbury (3-1) — Last week: Def. NFA 6-0; This week: Newington, Friday, 6:30 p.m.
Bottom line: The Tomahawks used an impressive defensive effort to knock off previously unbeaten NFA. Glastonbury’s only loss is to Southington.


  1. gobballfan says

    Prep is a beast. They are only a offensive pass interefeence hail mary play loss to St Joes away from being undefeated.

  2. william says

    Newtown shouldn’t be in top 10 also southington just my opinion but lets see what the season brings. expect to see hand and xavier start to pick it up alot more towards the middle/ end of season and to be in top 5… they are the 2 best coached teams in state with the best history…

  3. Just saying says

    Having Middletown in the top ten is embarrassing. They would get killed on thanksgiving. Oh wait….

    Also, i think prep beats Shelton. Prep is just huge and might be the best team in the state (maybe behind ST Joe, New Canaan)

  4. Jame says

    Southington should be #2 middletown should be lower and st joe also glastonbury and nfa should be higher newtown should not be in the top ten

  5. The Truth Hurts says

    I am wondering from other fans or Sports Writers that would “Man Up” what it would take for Ansonia not to finish #1 ,Other than a loss that is.There is NO WAY they will lose in 2013 against those Type of teams.

  6. High School Football says

    As much as I would like Shelton to win, unfortunately I think Prep will shut their offense down by pressuring Piccorillo. Their defensive line is to big for Shelton’s small O-line and will wear them down. I’m predicting a shutout 34/0….hope I’m wrong!

    • Jerry says

      honestly sheltons o-line is actually pretty big, not as big as preps d line but if the sheltons receivers who are very good ca get open quick enough for piccirilo to get rid of the ball quickly before preps d line can affect him. In my opinoin it will be a tight game, but shelton wins it 35-28

    • Pdaddy says

      Without a doubt “if” NC runs the table they are #1. Their schedule is brutal. They have blown out Hand and Greenwich, and still have St. Joes, Staples, and Darien. My guess is the sportswriters won’t second guess their preseason expertise by jumping an unbeaten NC over an unbeaten Ansonia notwithstanding an enormous difference in the quality of work. Still, there is plenty of ball to go.

  7. RAY BROWN says

    T-2 ST.JOES

  8. High School Football says

    Jerry again I hope I’m wrong but Foran put a lot of pressure on Piccirillo and they are small. I don’t think Shelton will win but I hope so!

  9. NED says


    There, there, Raymond – you’ve mewed a lot in your day about the Top 10

    (FYI – there’s no ties on a voter’s ballot. Your No. 2 is either New Canaan or St. Joseph. Make a stand. Don’t go soft on us NOW, man. BE RAY BROWN)

    William: “Newtown shouldn’t be in top 10 also southington just my opinion”

    Southington has beaten Glastonbury and NFA. Next

    “hand and xavier … are the 2 best coached teams in state with the best history”

    The best history? Love ’em or hate ’em, Ansonia has the most wins and hardware. That’s taking nothing away from Hand and Xavier, the former which, as a Class L/MM program, has willingly played all the top LL teams in the SCC while schools with larger enrollments than Hand’s demanded to play easier schedules/in D-2

    FOUR CCC teams in the Top 10? Dang Register and its pro-CCC, pro-Hartford County bias


    Now if there were four SCC or FCIAC teams, then there’d be folks crying BIAS

    Thank you. Please drive thru….

    • RAY BROWN says

      ties are common in voters polls–dont see a dividing advantage—they do play each other which should settle tie

  10. ciacfollower says

    now Hand is getting the “NHaven treatment” by actually being ranked under them after dominating them Fri. night.

    • NED says

      North Haven was unbeaten when it beat Xavier. Hand wasn’t when it beat North Haven. Big difference

      More than one voter from both the coaches and media poll asked, “how do you vote Hand, North Haven and Xavier?”….

  11. The Dude says

    I’m one of the few believers in Middletown. Good speed. Great playmakers. Great defense. The Highsmith brothers are studs. They also have a great coach. Ray Brown should know him. His Cromwell team manned Ansonia in the finals a couple of years back.

  12. cthsfbfan says

    Ray’s Actual Top Ten:
    1. Ansonia
    2. Ansonia’s JV Team
    3. Ansonia’s Freshman Team
    4. Ansonia’s Middle School Team
    5. Ansonia’s Pop Warner Team
    6. Ansonia’s Coaching Staff (those 7 guys would take down any team…except Ansonia)
    7. Ansonia’s Marching Band (they are just a little better than New Canaan this year)
    8. New Canaan (this pains him)
    9. Ansonia’s Cheerleaders (tough cookies!)
    10. Derby (until the results of this week’s game)

    Now before you get mad, Ray, this is just for fun. Nothin’ but love for you, Mr. Brown! Looking forward to Masuk v. Ansonia in two weeks. Ansonia should win, but there should be a lot of points scored!

  13. fciac jr says

    valleyboy, should be a good game. Shelton needs to stop the Prep run game or it will be a very long night. I don’t think Prep will have issues stopping Shelton’s ground attack as they have held each opponent’s run game in check this season.

  14. Rob(On Connecticut's East Coast) says

    Once again I observe that it’s difficult for the “Pollsters” to look East of the Connecticut river. The unfortunate dilemma on the East Coast is that if you’re good, or even great, you’re going to have to play out of conference to get noticed. If NFA Hadn’t played in the State Title game last year, they wouldn’t have broken into the top 10 this early. Now that Glastonbury, an excellent team, shut down the Wildcats, NFA is back to their state of anonymity. Pursuant to the game on Friday night when Ledyard travels up to play on NFA’s new modern turf field under temporary lighting, they’ll get no regard even if they win. I believe that most “pollsters” will dismiss the win as beating on an NFA team that’s down from their status last year or from having had such an emotional loss to Glastonbury a week earlier.

    Consider it like it was 2 Year ago, in the M’s no one would have rated Ledyard to get to the finals and play Ansonia in the finals. Credit to the Chargers in that championship, they played very well and really stymied the ECC’s single season rushing record setter. However, the score of that game at the half was 12-0. In fact, Ansonia didn’t really break loose until the 4th quarter as it was 18-0 through 3.

    So now, here we are, 2013, reliving the last two seasons in lack of credit for the ECC.

  15. CT HS Fan says

    Anyone know what’s going on with the NVL Blog? Rimmy has been noticeably absent these days. Site hasn’t been refreshed since 2nd week of season. Usually, pretty good stuff.

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      @CT HS Fan – They’ve been doing a ton of stuff since Week 2. Nice Week 4 recap, Week 5 preview is up… It’s all good over there.

  16. war eagle says

    Dont blog much,but i do read a lot.Im a h.s. football fan and obviously a Auburn one too.I will tell ya, i get a kick out of that guy Ray.Love him or hate him, hes a passionate, sometimes silly fan, but he makes a lot of good points and it sometimes irritates people who dont like his direct opinions.He would be a great SEC fan/

  17. ghs fan says

    southingtin has a very good chance at losing to hall. Glastonbury has a very good team, they are missing their starting running back and safety since week three, look for their
    scoring to increase after week five.

    realistically they should be in the top ten ever year to start based on their playoff appearances.

  18. Matt B says

    NVL blog is running well, you might be looking at the old one, they changed sites before last season. See if you can pick Ray Brown out in the NVL blog, shouldn’t be too hard.

  19. RAY BROWN says

    rob— the ecc beats nobody—please dont bring up ledyard game-it was embarrasing–and lets not forget the montville and new london blowouts either.NFA might have a decent team and a good rb in outlaw but getting shutout tells you something

  20. NED says


    Ray: “ties are common in voters polls–dont see a dividing advantage—they do play each other which should settle tie”

    No, no, no, no. Voters don’t get to submit ties on their ballot. Try that with the media poll and Pooch will cut you. Take a stand and vote one second and one third

    Again, BE RAY BROWN

    Rob (On Connecticut’s East Coast): “Once again I observe that it’s difficult for the “Pollsters” to look East of the Connecticut river. The unfortunate dilemma on the East Coast is that if you’re good, or even great, you’re going to have to play out of conference to get noticed”

    Um, Rob, there’s a reason the ECC doesn’t get the votes that other leagues do — it hasn’t won nearly enough as the rest

    Quick — what’s the ECC’s record in non-conference games this season?

    Answer — 2-5, and that doesn’t include Fitch’s blowout loss to LaSalle, R.I.

    (Those two wins were over winless Tolland and one-win RHAM)

    Let’s extend this a bit further — the ECC’s last state championship was 2009

    The ECC’s record in state finals this millennium — 4-16

    That ain’t good

    (The ECC also has the second-worst record in state finals. The SWC has the worst. The CSC hasn’t ever made a state final, so it doesn’t count)

    The SCC, by comparison — 20-6. Nine of its 19 teams have won a state title since 2000

    Perhaps you want to argue that the ECC doesn’t have as many teams as the SCC, nor has as many large schools?

    Okay, let’s compare the ECC to the NVL, the latter which is mostly comprised of Class M and S teams

    NVL — 11-6

    Another difference between the ECC and the NVL — the ECC has had coaches who’ve spent a lot of time complaining that they shouldn’t be playing the better teams in the league, or what division they should be in

    Haven’t ever heard an NVL coach complain about his conference scheduling

    In defense of the ECC, Ray, no one hung in very long with Ansonia’s 2011 team. Give Ledyard’s defense credit for at least keeping it to 12-0 at the half, more so given that they couldn’t match the Chargers’ size on either side of the ball

    RAY: “NFA might have a decent team and a good rb in outlaw but getting shutout tells you something”

    Little of column A, and a little of column B

    NFA’s top three players are banged up. Outlow injured his ankle v. Fitch in Week 2 and hasn’t had the same burst

    DE-OL-TE-terror Tuzar Skipper, a D-1 quality player, really messed up his ankle v. Glastonbury and was limited

    RB-OLB Khaleed Exum-Strong is also hobbling (kid is also a D-1 talent)

    All that written, NFA didn’t score despite a 274-to-148 advantage in yards, and having the ball for almost the entire third quarter

    Glastonbury’s defense deserves A LOT of credit for hanging in and keeping the Wildcats from scoring. That group allowed the team to win

    Glastonbury’s defense did an equally good job in the 16-9 loss to Southington. Allowed one touchdown. Two of Southington’s 16 points were the result of a safety, too

    Thank you. Please drive thru….

    • RAY BROWN says

      good points my slightly tinted friend—-a few ecc-nvl flashbacks—im surprised you didnt mention jordan reed–new london blowout—no picking and choosing—-after ledyard players made pre-game video, maybe i expected more–my bad
      ps—pooch would never go to that extreme–i was his high school coach—–and i still cant decide on 2—-back up and drive thru again

  21. NED says

    Re: the ’07 Ansoina v. New London final, reckoned the ECC’s 4-16 record spoke for itself

    (Picked New London to win that game during that year’s annual post-Thanksgrabbing/pre-playoffs WFSB visit. HAH. The soundbite made Ansonia’s year-end video at its team banquet. DOUBLE HAH)

    Me not tinted, just tie dyed and twisted….

  22. Rob (On Connecticut's East Coast) says

    I think a better comparison of the ECC and NVL are in order. Since 1976, the NVL has 32 championships and were runners up 23 times. During that same time the ECC crowned 17 champions with 29 runners up. But that isn’t the whole story, let’s remove each Leagues “Standard Bearer”, that team with the lion’s share of those numbers. In the NVL it’s obviously Ansonia with 18 Titles and 8 times #2 while in the ECC New London is the majority winner with 5 Titles and 6 runner up appearances Ledyard is 1 Championship behind them with 4 & 6 respectively. The totals minus those teams are NVL 14 Champions with 15 runners up while the ECC would be left with 12 Champions and 23 2nd place finishes. The two leagues are very comparable in their student populations, the CIAC size categories and even really close demographically. I also recall some late 1990’s early 2000’s drama regarding some very good Fitch teams that didn’t make the playoffs despite being unbeaten. So it ought to be stated that in any conversation where leagues competitiveness the ECC isn’t just a pushover. Just as one might assert about the NVL; especially when Ansonia is in that discussion.

    As a separate but partially related topic, why are Ansonia, Derby and Woodbridge in the NVL vice the SCC or SWC with the likes of the towns that surround them? Shelton, Milford, Masuk(Monroe), West Haven, New Haven, North Haven, Trumbull, Branford and even the Bridgeport Schools are all closer to Ansonia than say Waterbury. I can see where over the past “millennium” Ansonia’s titles might have been jeopardized if they were maybe matched annually against talent from schools like Masuk, St Joe’s, the teams of the various “Havens”? We don’t talk about that though right?

    Back to the point though, Had NFA lost to Staples last year (like they were supposed to right pollsters?), no one would have been talking about them this year. The NFA / Glastonbury game would have been just another ECC Team taking it’s lumps out of conference. While adhering to the same standard, last year Wolcott made the poles part of the year until they ran into Ansonia. Then, as the Class M #1, were upset by un-ranked / un-poled Montville 32-14 in Wolcott.

    My Order was wrong, coming through the “Drive Thru” again . . .

    or Vaya con dios . .

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