Live Blog: The Class LL final THURSDAY NIGHT football

Thursday night LL
It’s time for the Class LL football championship game.

Yes. Game on. Follow the live blog below.

We did the ‘Monday Night Football’ treatment for the Class LL championship. Sadly, that video had a shelf life of, ohhhh, about 20 minutes before icy conditions at Ken Strong Stadium and the threat of snow on Tuesday postponed the game from Monday night to Thursday night.

SO, once we realized the game would go on as planned Thursday night, we grabbed the NFL Network’s Thursday Night football theme and logo and made some slight edits and tried again.

Eh, not as good. But there it is.

See everyone Thursday night at Ken Strong Stadium.

ASIDE: Unless I’m feeling particularly insane, we WILL NOT have a Friday Night Football treatment if the game somehow gets postponed again (it won’t, we’re told).

If I AM feeling insane, we could always use ‘Friday Night’s a Great Night for Football’ from ‘The Last Boy Scout.’

Let’s hope not.

UPDATE With about six hours to go before the final, I think it’s safe to say we’re a go.

Here’s our preview capsule from last week.

You can watch live on MSG and, while you’re at it, follow the live blog below for extra insight from the Twitterin’ folk (like me).

The Live Blog


  1. bgarf says

    bgarf says
    October 14, 2013 at 10:35 AM

    Great article and I agree about Prep…size-wise they made Shelton look small and Smith is a fast and decisive runner, also doing it without a Joe Ganim makes the W that much more impressive. Their weakness is pass defense…so who they happen to draw in the playoffs will be especially consequential.

    bgarf says
    December 9, 2013 at 10:42 PM

    Southington-Prep (bad match-up for Prep if Barmore’s injury isn’t significant, not impressed with their run defense but their pass D is even more suspect…Smith and Crowle should run wild though and make it a fun game for us)…

    Today: Holy —-, Alex Jamele is sickkk, most impressive trait is not his great hands but his ability to change direction on a dime after the catch….Southington coaches did an outstanding job with adjustments on D (Rob Thomson, who was a beast in high school and at Syracuse)…refs choosing not to call obvious roughing the kicker led to a shift in the most influential component of high school sports: momentum and emotion.

    Great year.

  2. anotherfan says

    Thanks for the live up-dates! Great game tonight up till the 4th quarter, Nice run Prep! Congrats to Southington.I hope the polls come out soon, I think It should be as follows,#1. ANSONIA, #2.SOUTHINGTON, #3.NEW CANNAN, #4.ST JOE’S,#5.NEWTOWN,#6.WEST HAVEN,#7.PREP,#8.MIDDLETOWN,#9.NORTH HAVEN,#10.DERIEN.

  3. anotherfan says

    Yeah, and Prep beat West Haven twice …Darien failed to show up in the biggest game of the year..You gotta have a strong finish or you get bumped, happens all the time.

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