Connecticut’s Top 25 Girls Basketball Players in the CIAC

Below is a list of the top 25 girls basketball players in the CIAC for the 2013-14 season. This post will be updated throughout the season with stats, milestones and recruiting information. Coaches, players and parents can email me at with any information regarding these 25 elite players.

Top 25

Tanaya Atkinson, Career, Sr., G/F/C

Career's Tanaya Atkinson will play at Temple next year and is one of the area's best.  Photo-Peter Casolino

Career’s Tanaya Atkinson will play at Temple next year and is one of the area’s best. Photo-Peter Casolino

All about Tanaya: Was named the 2012-13 Register Area MVP. She averaged 20.4 points and 8.1 rebounds for the Panthers last season, leading them to a Southern Connecticut Conference title. She will play at Temple next year.

Missy Bailey, Cheshire, Sr., PG

All about Missy: Averaged 12 points, five rebounds, four assists and two steals last season and made the Register All-Area team. She will play at Franklin Pierce.

Cassidy Bundy, Montville, Sr., F/C

All about Cassidy: She averaged 14 points, 12 rebounds and six blocks last season and made the All-Eastern Connecticut Conference team. She will play at the University of Hartford.

Taylor Ceballos, Foran, So., C

All about Taylor C.: She made the Register All-State team with averages of 15.3 points and 14.2 rebounds. She had 17 double-doubles and six games with 20 or more rebounds.

Desiree Elmore, Capital Prep, So., F/C

All about Dez: Averaged 16.8 points, 8.8 rebounds, three steals and three assists last year to help lead the Trail Blazers to a Class S crown. Fielding interest from Big East, ACC and Big Ten schools, including Marquette, Syracuse, St. John’s and Georgia Tech, which already offered, to name a few.

Chelsea Domain, Tolland, Sr., G

All about Chelsea: Domain received a four-year scholarship to play at Assumption after leading Tolland to the state semifinals last season.

Shaquanna Edwards, Weaver, So., PG

All about Shaq: Edwards, who transferred from Capital Prep, stepped up when DeJane James got injured last season and helped guide the Trail Blazers to the Class S title. She made the Register All-State second team.

Lauralton Hall's Carly Fabriis headed to Quinnipiac and is one of the state's best shooters. Photo by Melanie  Stengel

Lauralton Hall’s Carly Fabriis headed to Quinnipiac and is one of the state’s best shooters. Photo by Melanie Stengel

Carly Fabbri, Lauralton Hall, Sr., G

All about Carly: The sharp-shooting guard led the Crusaders to a South-West Conference crown and made the Register All-State second team. She will play at Quinnipiac.

Maura Fitzpatrick, Mercy, Jr., F

All about Maura: Helped lead Mercy to a Class LL title as a sophomore and should star after the graduation of Maria Weselyj (Southern Connecticut State) and Jordyn Nappi (Eastern Connecticut State).

Sarah Gallo, Mercy, Jr., C

All about Sarah: She made the Register All-State third team last season as a sophomore, one of just four sophomores to make a Register All-State team.

Rachel Gartner, Danbury, Sr., G

All about Rachel: She averaged 12.9 points and 4.3 steals last year and will play at Boston College. She made the Register All-State second team.

Rebecca Gartner, Danbury, Sr., G

All about Rebecca: She made the Register’s All-State second team last season and will play at Central Florida.

Kiah Gillespie, Capital Prep, Jr., G/F

All about Kiah: Named to the Register All-State team with averages of 17.9 points, 10.4 rebounds, 2.3 assists, 2.3 blocks and 2.2 steals in leading the Trail Blazers to the Class S championship. Receiving interest from Providence, Rutgers and Hofstra, among others.

Janelle Harrison, Cromwell, Sr., F

All about Janelle: Cromwell’s senior forward is headed to UHart next season. Last year she led the Panthers to the only undefeated season of 2013 and a Class M crown. She also made the 2013 Register All-State second team.

DeJane “Snoop” James, Weaver, Jr., PG

All about Snoop: The point guard missed most of last season with Capital Prep with an injury. Now playing for the Beavers, a healthy James makes Weaver a legit contender. Garnering interest from Hofstra, Sacred Heart, Northeastern, Hartford and Siena.

Teneya McLaughlin, Foran, Sr., PG

All about Teneya: She was named Register All-State honorable mention, leading the Lions to the SCC semifinals. She will play at Assumption College.

Trayneice Mims, Hyde, Sr., G

All about Trayneice: Became the first girl in school history to score 1,000 points, en route to making the Register’s All-Area team.

Kiera O’Donnell, Holy Cross, Sr., G/F

All about Kiera: The senior guard will play at Assumption next season. Last season O’Donnell averaged 17 points and nine rebounds and was named All-Naugatuck Valley League and won the MVP in the NVL All-Star Game.

Shyla Osmond, Hillhouse, Sr., G

All about Shyla: Made the Register-All Area team last season while averaging 13 points, 5.5 assists and four steals.

Sarah Veilleux, RHAM, Sr., G/F

Sarah Veilleux captured All-State MVP. Can she make it two years in a row? Photo-Peter Casolino/Register

Sarah Veilleux captured All-State MVP. Can she make it two years in a row? Photo-Peter Casolino/Register

All about Sarah: Was the 2013 Register State Player of the Year and the Gatorade State Player of the Year. She averaged 28.3 points, 11.7 rebounds, 3.9 steals and 3.5 assists for the Sachems. She will play at St. Joseph (Pa.) next year.

Alyssa Velles, Norwich Free Academy, Sr., SG

All about Alyssa: Velles averaged 18.2 points, five rebounds and two steals last season, shooting 48 percent from the floor in the process. She scored her 1,000th career point last season and will play at St. Peter’s University.

Taylor Williams, Capital Prep, Sr., F

All about Taylor: Was the third cog in the Trail Blazers’ big three of Gillespie and Elmore. She will play at Sacred Heart University.

Corrine Williams, Bloomfield, Sr., F

All about Corrine: She received a full ride to Boston University, becoming the first girls basketball player at the school since Nykesha Sales (UConn) in 1994 to be offered a full ride to a Division I school.

Holly Worski, E.O. Smith, Sr., G

All about Holly: She made the Register All-State second team last season, and this fall made the Northeast College Showcase All-Tournament team.

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    • Henry Chisholm says

      @ XHS Imma big fan of Kendra, liked what she did during the playoffs. She’ll get lots of ink this season if she keeps it up.

    • Henry Chisholm says

      Team rankings will be out tonight. Mercy is gonna be tough this year. I have a feeling they’re gonna play faster than last year. and with Kohs coaching and half court sets, they should be the best in the SCC. Amity/Career/Foran/L-Hall will all be in the hunt. Conf. is loaded once again this year

    • Henry Chisholm says

      Sarah V works so hard out there, too. To me, Tanaya best defender, Kiah best scorer, Desi best overall player. She can post up, rebound, hit shots on the perimeter and defend. But really its a toss up. Gonna be interesting to see how the list evolves this year.

  1. Jimmy Williams says

    Alyssa Stewart from Weaver High. She is a state champion already and lead the state in blocks. How could you miss her?

    • Henry Chisholm says

      Thought last season was a down year for her. IMO opinion other girls past her last season. But agree that she is a great talent who should be high D2 (Northeast-10) or low mid major D1 (Hartford/Quinnipiac)

  2. Anonymous says

    Corrine Williams by far one of the best players. Extremely versatile, can shoot, attack the rim and handles the ball at 6’1″. Definitely a player to watch out for.

  3. ctbballfan! says

    There is so much talent in the state this year. Look how many girls will be playing at the D1 and D2 level next year! How can you pick just one player? I wish them all the best of luck this season. Great list!

  4. PK says

    Agree lots of talent obviously. That being said there are a lot of great teams without any players on this list (Farmington, Stamford, Ledyard, Wilton, South Windsor)
    Where’s the preseason poll?

  5. says

    Atkinson is by far one of the most athletic in the ciac,but there’s a player who fly’s under the radar that’s the heart of that defense@Career,Charleese Smith.Although not as talented offensively as her counterpart,but rebounds,steals,loose balls,she sets the table for success,stats that are overlooked in today’s game,but this 1-2 tandem is gonna allow Career to hoist the trophy@The Sun in March.

    • Henry C says

      Heard good things about her. I think lack of depth at guard is gonna be the achilles heel for them tho. I like Mercy in the SCC.

    • Tom Ryan says

      Too busy leading her GMMS to State Finals (Field Hockey) & Semi-Finals (Lacrosse). She was All-State (Field Hockey)!

  6. PK says

    Let’s stop assuming that having great offers makes you a great high school player. There’s a difference between a great college recruit and a great HS player. The best high school player is Sarah Veilleux. Tough as nails and an absolute gamer, win at all costs type of player. I would argue she is underrated despite being state player of the year.

    • Henry Chisholm says

      I have to disagree with you there. Why would a great college recruit not be a great high school player. Unless, say its boys and someone gets recruited heavily because of size. But in the girls game, offers, and college interest is a pretty accurate way to measure how good a player is among their peers at the high school level.

  7. PK says

    Yea I didn’t make my point that well haha.

    I guess more of what I’m saying is that a higher ranked recruit isn’t necessarily a better player. The styles of game are so different. For example give me McLaughlin from Bacon (playing D2) as a HS player last year over a ton of D1 level kids. Her game just doesn’t translate to the Big East/ACC like Elmore or Gillespie.

    • Leon Elmore says


      McLaughlin was a good player, but she is not on the same level as a Kiah Gillespie or Desiree Elmore. Both of those young ladies are high major D-1 players. Also, stop comparing apples and oranges!!!! Kobe or Shaq??? They all are good players, but also play different roles and positions on their respective teams!!! Why not let them just enjoy their high school careers and lets see what happens in the future!!!!!

        • Leon Elmore says

          Absolutely!!!! I enjoy the comments when they make sense!!!! Thanks for the hard work and all the coverage in the HTFD area!!!!! You are a great asset to women’s basketball!!! I also want to say thanks to (LR) of the HTFD Courant!!!!

          • PK says

            Lori does an outstanding job…that’s still just one paper for a ton of schools in the area.

            And ya, Elmore and Gillespie are better players than McLaughlin, of course. Not talking about them. McLaughlin was a better HS player than Reaves from NWC for instance, or Levey from Lauralton. But the latter twp better college recruits

  8. mike says

    maura fitzpatrick is definitely one of the elite players in ct, pretty sure she has quite a few d1 offers, coach kohs can play her anywhere on the court

  9. Jason says

    Pk, I challange you as to ur knowledge and ideas. Takes playing aau ball at a high level against the best competition to get recognized by a lot of high d1 schools. Aau at a elite level makes you into a leader and better player. Therefor I would much rather have that type of player on my team as they would make everyone else on the team better

  10. Sue says

    Lots of talent left off your list and disagree with some of your choices but Tanaya Atkinson and Sarah Veilleux would be at the top of my list.

  11. Bossman says

    The capital prep girls have weekly visits from D1 scouts at their practices. They r talented. Even with the lost of snoop and miss Edwards they still got top tier talent to win. Lastly here’s what’s crazy. They are all underclass men. Only one senior on the team and it’s Taylor. The future is bright for C-Prep!!

    • Henry C says

      I agree completely. They honestly could win the next three championships in three diff. classes. S last year, L this year and LL the next two. Which really proves we need to separate publics and schools of choice.

      • Basketball Fan says

        Something does not seem right when the outward response to kids having talent and success is for adults to immediately discount it and then make/support changing the rules to try to offset it. This does not happen in all cases, schools of choice were opened for reasons that have nothing to do with sports. When it comes to who the best player is… Maybe some qualities should be posted and readers can choose who fits the profile best.

  12. A very proud parent says

    There are a lot of very talented girls out there this year as in past years. I have been on more than my share of college visits and one thing I heard quite consistently was D1 body type and court intelligence. So unless you are one of the best short guards in the country or 6 foot 4, you better fit that mold. Look at Heisman trophy winners a lot of the turn out to be NFL flops, so you can be a great high school player and not necessarily be a great d1 recruit or college player. There have been some really great high school players the last few years, some mentioned in the comments, I could add a bunch to to the list that did not get “high” level offers. If you look at the past 5 years or so I would say that Castine Evans was the best, high level program and she starts. Sitting on the bench at a high level program is not going to help you get into the WNBA or Europe and is probably not going to get you a great job either, in the end it is about the education. Thank you to the NH Register for your coverage of all high school sports you are second to none.

  13. says

    Desire’ Elmore is not just an athlete but a genuine great young lady of great class. As her pastor I am proud to be a part of her natural and spiritual growth. She is the idea student, citzen and athlete. I look forward to watching her soar to the top.

  14. Melvin Thompson says

    Kiah Gillespie by far she went to NY this summer and brought back the MVP Our We All Watching The Same Talent?

    • Henry Chisholm says

      Why not? We have some pictures and some video and some we do not have. It’s all about exposure. The bios, pics and video all help to give these players, and the game of girls basketball, the exposure that it lacks and rightly deserves. It would’ve been great to load it up with pics and video, but at the top I say if you have video on the young ladies listed, email it to me. This post is never coming down, I’m going to update it as the season goes. Whats there is merely a blueprint for what I want throughout the season. And, like I said, it gives these girls the exposure they deserve.

  15. OutFoxed says

    The other day a Hartford television station was showing highlights of yesterday’s Mercy-Lauralton game when the announcer mentioned that Marist head coach Brian Giorgis watched the game and they showed him in the stands.

    Very curious as to he might have been watching – but IMO if UConn isnt calling this could be the best coach in the NE and top 5 in Nation. Great tradition. There are some girls on this list that would be a great fit into that system.

      • OutFoxed says

        I was thinking Sarah Gallo – they will not have a true Center come 2015 (not one in the 2014 class)… Gallo is 6′ 1″ maybe 6’2″ or 6’3″ by graduation – not sure if she likes to play back to basket or not.

        • OutFoxed says

          Of course reading about Fitzpatrick wold love Marist to have interest in her better yet for her to have interest in Marist

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