Todd Dowty’s interim tag removed, to become next Hamden coach

Todd Dowty’s interim tag has been removed and he will officially become the next Hamden football coach, Hamden athletic director Tom Dyer confirmed Friday.

“Todd is definitely our guy,” Dyer said. “The kids like playing for him. We are excited to have Todd at the helm.”

Dowty, who is an Industrial Arts teacher at Hamden High, took over for former coach Tony Martone just before the start of last year’s football season.

“The interim tag came late in August,” Dyer said. “Now he has a chance to put his stamp on this program. We felt strongly that he was the best guy to turn our program around.”

Dowty guided the Green Dragons to a 3-7 record this past fall. Hamden started the season 3-1 with wins over Danbury, East Haven and Law, but lost its final six games of the year.




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    Hamden Football! Well as people in the SCC say let’s let the Sleeping Giant sleep! Besides the Horace Dodd years in 1996-1998 & well respected Head Coach Scott Benoit’s two years of 9-3 and a Class LL semi’s appearance in 2008 and 7-3 in 2009 this program has thrown in the towel on being a force in the SCC come each fall. Hamden is one of the largest LL schools in the state of CT. and year in and year out Hamden accepts a mediocre football program due to poor leadership, non existent off season programs and in need of someone that will lead Hamden into a battle on a Friday night in the SCC. Coach Dowty I am sure knows the game of football but being a head coach and competing is not his strong points. Coach Dowty would make a great assistant coach and that is proven by his performance on the sideline last fall. Since Coach Carbone left in the early 90’s Hamden has accepted being 3-7 or worse each year except for the years stated above. Hamden as a shock to many has not won a state championship in football and that is just amazing to see that on paper.
    In 1987 Scott Burrell, the greatest athlete to ever come out of CT. was quarterback and led the Green Dragons to the LL final where they fell 3-0. Well Hamden there hasn’t been a Scott Burrell since that time and there probably never will be again.
    Wake up and smell the coffee Hamden! Last season Hamden started 3-1 and the 3 wins were against cupcakes. Once a team showed up that could actually play Hamden went down the river finishing 3-8 and not even competing in the Green bowl. Notre Dame circles the Green bowl now as a win each season when the schedule comes out. That is not a rivalry and won’t be for many years to come.

    I will say what I hear is one of the major problems without stating any names is a former Hamden coach that came over from East Haven in the early 90’s and was head coach of Hamden at one time is the problem behind the scenes. This man sabotages any progress the program has made over the years and is somehow and influence behind the scenes. It’s really sad that this man contacts board members and influences people to make decisions that make zero sense. Until the powers in high places make some moves this will continue and as many people say ” Let’s let Hamden sleep while we run right by.”

    Many head coaches were rumored to apply for the position and some from what I am told have won state titles in other programs. Why wouldn’t Hamden entertain a proven winner and someone who has some hardware. Just maybe the weight room will get used in the off season by a new coach and maybe someone will have the athletes compete in a passing league camp. Those are things that successful programs do in the state of CT.

    Well until the dead weight is thrown out and someone cleans house-

    ” The Dragons will just sleep”.

    Grab a clue Hamden and wake up! It’s very sad!

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