All-Time NFL Draft picks from Connecticut High Schools and Colleges

All-Time NFL Draft picks from Connecticut high schools and colleges. Supplemental drafts not included. Submit any additions to


Birth/hometown or college
Bob Alexander Trinity Bears 1956/Rd. 28 DL
Deon Anderson UConn Cowboys 2007/Rd. 6 RB
Jahine Arnold Rockville Steelers 1996/Rd. 4 WR
Ben Balme Yale Eagles 1961/Rd. 6 OL
Shane Bannon Yale Chiefs 2011/Rd. 7 RB
Fritz Barzilauskas Waterbury Yanks 1947/Rd. 1 OL
William Beatty UConn Giants 2009/Rd. 2 OL
Kevin Belcher Bridgeport Raiders 1985/Rd. 7 OL
Gerald Bell Derby Bucs 1982/Rd. 3 RB/TE
Jim Bell Madison 49ers 1989/Rd. 11 RB
Cornelius Benton UConn Steelers 1992/Rd. 12 QB
Dave Bishop UConn Giants 1962/Rd. 4 RB
Harry Boatswain New Haven 49ers 1991/Rd. 5 OL
Ed Bradley Bridgeport Steelers 1972/Rd. 4 LB
Ed Bradley Stratford Bears 1950/Rd. 16 OL
Tyvon Branch UConn Raiders 2008/Rd. 4 DB
Ethan Brooks Hartford Falcons 1996/Rd. 7 OL
Cody Brown UConn Cardinals 2009/Rd. 2 LB
Donald Brown UConn Colts 2009/Rd. 1 RB
Jim Burton Wesleyan Yanks 1948/Rd. 9 DL
Darius Butler UConn Patriots 2009/Rd. 2 DB
Bruce Campbell Hamden Raiders 2010/Rd. 4 OL
Elvin Charity Yale Bengals 1975/Rd. 17 DB
Willie Clark New Haven Chargers 1994/Rd. 3 DB
Vince Clements UConn Vikings 1971/Rd. 4 RB
Tom Condon Derby Chiefs 1974/Rd. 10 OL
John Contoulis UConn Vikings 1962/Rd. 16 OL
Garry Cobb Stamford Lions 1979/Rd. 9 LB
Marcus Cooper Bloomfield 49ers 2013/Rd. 7 CB
Jerome Daniels Bloomfield Dolphins 1997/Rd. 4 OL
Nathan Davis Hartford Falcons 1997/Rd. 2 DL
Lou DeFilippo East Haven Giants 1941/Rd. 6 OL
Rich Diana Hamden / Yale Dolphins 1982/Rd. 5 RB
Joe Dorsey UConn Packers 1984/Rd. 4 LB
Brian Dowling Yale Vikings 1969/Rd. 11 QB
Tom Doyle Yale Raiders 1975/Rd. 14 QB
Matt Dropo Moosup / UConn Redskins 1947/Rd. 28 OL
Walt Dropo Moosup / UConn Bears 1946/Rd. 9 DL
Greg Dubinetz Yale Bengals 1975/Rd. 9 OL
Vladimir Ducasse Stamford Jets 2010/Rd. 2 OL
Paul Duckworth Danbury Packers 1994/Rd. 6 LB
James Dumont Bristol Browns 1984/Rd. 7 LB
Marcus Easley Stratford Bills 2010/Rd. 4 WR
Tony Elliott Bridgeport Saints 1982/Rd. 5 DL
Ed Ellis New Haven Patriots 1997/Rd. 4 OL/TE
Gary Fencik Yale Dolphins 1976/Rd. 10 DB
Ralph Ferrisi SCSU Vikings 1963/Rd. 14 DL
Alfred Fincher UConn Saints 2005/Rd. 3 LB
Khairi Fortt Stamford Saints 2014/Rd. 4 LB
Clint Frank Yale Lions 1938/Rd. 12 RB
David Franks Waterbury Seahawks 1989/Rd. 9 OL
Dwight Freeney Bloomfield Colts 2002/Rd. 1 DL
Rob Furse Yale Yanks 1948/Rd. 8 DL
Jim Gallagher Yale Vikings 1971/Rd. 14 LB
Ronald Gardin New Haven Colts 1970/Rd. 6 CB/WR
John Geary Wesleyan Yanks 1949/Rd. 10 OL
Tony Giaquinto CCSU Packers 1975/Rd. 7 WR
Bob Gifford Greenwich Dodgers 1942/Rd. 9 B
Cory Gillard Danbury Broncos 1997/Rd. 4 DB
Dwayne Gratz UConn Jaguars 2013/Rd. 3 DB
Rudy Green Yale Lions 1975/Rd. 15 RB
Bob Greenlee Yale Dolphins 1967/Rd. 4 OL
Curt Grieve Yale Eagles 1982/Rd. 6 WR
Ryan Griffin UConn Texans 2013/Rd. 6 TE
Justise Hairston CCSU Patriots 2007/Rd. 6 RB
James Hamilton Hartford Jaguars 1997/Rd. 3 LB
Anttaj Hawthrone Hamden Raiders 2005/Rd. 6 DL
Aaron Hernandez Bristol Patriots 2010/Rd. 4 TE
Bo Hickey Stamford Cardinals 1967/Rd. 14 RB
Calvin Hill Yale Cowboys 1969/Rd. 1 RB
Ken Hill Yale Raiders 1980/Rd. 8 DB
Joe Horn New Haven Chiefs 1996/Rd. 5 WR
Rob Jackson West Haven Redskins 2008/Rd. 7 DL
Dick Jauron Yale Lions 1973/Rd. 4 DB
John Jenkins Maloney-Meriden Saints 2013/Rd. 3 NT
Deveren Johnson Sacred Heart Cowboys 2002/Rd. 6 WR
Eric Johnson Yale 49ers 2001/Rd. 7 TE
Joe Johnson New Haven Packers 1953/Rd. 11 HB
Mike Jones Bridgeport Vikings 1990/Rd. 3 TE
Tebucky Jones New Britain Patriots 1998/Rd. 1 DB
Tom Kelleher Rockville Dolphins 1988/Rd. 11 RB
Larry Kelley Yale Lions 1937/Rd. 9 DL
Lennie King UConn Redskins 1958/Rd. 18 DL
Terrance Knighton Windsor Jaguars 2009/Rd. 3 DL
Mickey Kobrosky Trinity Giants 1937/Rd. 5 DL
Niko Koutouvides Plainville Seahawks 2004/Rd. 4 LB
Gary Kowalski Clinton Rams 1983/Rd. 6 OL
Tony Kunkiewicz Trinity Rams 1948/Rd. 31 DL
Bob Kuziel New Haven Saints 1972/Rd. 3 OL
Tony Kyasky Ansonia Saints 1969/Rd. 5 n/a
Nate Lawrie Yale Bucs 2004/Rd. 6 TE
Scott Leach Bridgeport Saints 1987/Rd. 9 LB
Roger LeClerc Trinity Bears 1959/Rd. 15 OL
Bob Leyen Yale Cowboys 1973/Rd. 6 OL
Floyd Little New Haven Broncos 1967/Rd. 1 RB
Greg Lloyd Uconn Eagles 2011/Rd. 7 LB
Paul Lopata Yale Redskins 1957/Rd. 8 DL
Don Martin Yale Raiders 1971/Rd. 7 DB
Dennis McGill Yale Eagles 1957/Rd. 24 DL
Robert McLain Uconn Panthers 2010/Rd. 7 DB
Miles McPherson UNH Rams 1982/Rd. 10 DB
Jack Medd Wesleyan Steelers 1947/Rd. 11 OL
Chuck Mercein Yale Giants 1965/Rd. 3 RB
Than Merrill Yale Bucs 2001/Rd. 7 DB
Scott Mersereau SCSU Rams 1987/Rd. 5 DT
Bob Miller Norwalk Lions 1952/Rd. 5 DL/OL
John Moffitt Guilford Seahawks 2011/Rd. 3 OL
Bill Moll UConn Giants 1947/Rd. 24 DL
Rob Monaco Hamden Cardinals 1985/Rd. 8 OL
Sio Moore West Haven / UConn Raiders 2013/Rd. 3 LB
Bobby Myers Hamden Titans 2000/Rd. 4 S
Fred Nadherny Yale Bears 1949/Rd. 29 DL
Tom Neville Yale Colts 1971/Rd. 13 LB
Dick Niglio Yale Bears 1964/Rd. 20 RB
Dick Nocera SCSU Patriots 1967/Rd. 16 RB
Lambert Oberg Trinity Steelers 1951/Rd. 16 OL
Alston O’Brien New Haven Colts 1988/Rd. 10 LB
Cliff Olander Hartford Chargers 1977/Rd. 5 K/QB
Dan Orlovsky Shelton / UConn Lions 2005/Rd. 5 QB
Kevin Pierre-Louis Norwalk Seahawks 2014/Rd. 4 LB
Nick Pietrosante Ansonia Lions 1959/Rd. 1 RB
Andrew Pinnock Bloomfield Chargers 2003/Rd. 7 RB
Lou Pitney UNH Giants 1958/Rd. 29 OL
Joe Ponsalle Trinity Yanks 1949/Rd. 24 OL
John Prchlik Yale Yanks 1947/Rd. 30 OL
Dave Puzzuoli Greenwich Browns 1983/Rd. 6 DL
Mike Pyle Yale Bears 1961/Rd. 7 OL
Phil Rarasovic Yale Steelers 1956/Rd. 12 DL
Tom Reale SCSU Giants 1967/Rd. 15 OL
David Reed New Britain Ravens 2010/Rd. 5 WR
Jordan Reed New London Redskins 2013/Rd. 3 TE
Kendall Reyes UConn Chargers 2012/Rd. 2 DL
Jamey Richard Weston Colts 2008/Rd. 7 OL
Andy Robustelli Stamford Rams 1951/Rd. 19 DL
Jack Roderick Yale Yanks 1948/Rd. 24 DL
Jeff Rohrer Yale Cowboys 1982/Rd. 2 LB
Bill Romanowski Vernon 49ers 1988/Rd. 3 LB
Tarek Saleh Woodbridge Panthers 1997/Rd. 4 LB
Karl Swanke Newington Packers 1980/Rd. 6 OL
John Szumczyk Trinity Bears 1963/Rd. 13 DL
Matt Shaughnessy Norwich Raiders 2009/Rd. 3 DL
Anthony Sherman UConn Cardinals 2011/Rd. 5 RB
Bill Shuler Yale Giants 1947/Rd. 31 DL
Al Sidorik Hartford Yanks 1947/Rd. 11 OL
Dan Sileo Stamford Bucs 1987/Rd. 3 DL
Darryl Sims Bassick Steelers 1985/Rd. 1 DT
Bob Skoronski Ansonia Packers 1956/Rd. 5 OL
John Spagnola Yale Patriots 1979/Rd. 9 TE
Bob Spears Yale Bears 1952/Rd. 16 DL
John Sponheimer Notre Dame-WH Chiefs 1969/Rd. 10 DT
Amari Spievey Middletown Lions 2010/Rd. 3 DB
Dick Splain UNH Redskins 1959/Rd. 16 OL
John Sullivan Greenwich Vikings 2008/Rd. 6 OL
Charlie Sticka Trinity Rams 1956/Rd. 10 DL
Donald Thomas New Haven Dolphins 2008/Rd. 6 OL
Jordan Todman UConn Chargers 2011/Rd. 6 RB
Eric Torkelson UConn Packers 1974/Rd. 11 RB
Bob Train Yale Lions 1936/Rd. 9 DL
Walt Trojanowski UConn Redskins 1946/Rd. 6 DL
Mike Troka Trinity Lions 1955/Rd. 27 DL
Travis Tucker SCSU Browns 1985/Rd. 11 TE
Bert Vander Clute Wesleyan Steelers 1947/Rd. 9 OL
Brian Vertefeuille Willimantic Chargers 1974/Rd. 13 OL
Bill Walik New Haven/Orange Eagles 1945/Rd. 11 WR/DB
Paul Walker Yale Lions 1945/Rd. 10 DL
Ted Walton UConn Steelers 1980/Rd. 8 DB
Al Ward Yale Bears 1957/Rd. 8 DL
Bruce Weinstein Yale Dolphins 1969/Rd. 8 TE
Dave Widell Hartford Cowboys 1988/Rd. 4 OL
Doug Widell Hartford Broncos 1989/Rd. 2 OL
Trevardo Williams UConn Texans 2013/Rd. 4 DL
Blidi Wreh-Wilson UConn Titans 2013/Rd. 3 DB
Lawrence Wilson UConn Panthers 2011/Rd. 6 LB
Terry Wooden Hartford Seahawks 1990/Rd. 2 LB
Ed Woodsum Yale Bears 1953/Rd. 11 DL
Jerry Zawadzkas Torrington Lions 1967/Rd. 16 TE


  1. Sean Barker says

    This database does not include supplemental draft picks. Steve Young of Greenwich was the first pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 1984 supplemental draft for USFL and CFL players.

  2. Jay says

    Just of the top of my head I see you are missing
    John Jenkins DT from Meriden attended Georgia and picked by New Orleans Saints and Rashon Spikes RB also from Meriden attended NC State and picked by Cleaveland.

  3. Fat Mike says

    Thanks for publishing this list. I took pride in their success as Connecticut products. It brings back a lot of good memories.

  4. JB says

    You could also add Norwalk native Kevin Pierre-Louis, a linebacker who played for King School in Stamford and went to Boston College, was chosen by the Seattle Seahawks with the 132nd pick overall.

  5. JB says

    Would be interesting to see this list with all of the data on Birth Place/High School/College completed. Curious to see which colleges are taking CT’s best players and preparing them for the NFL. It certainly seems UConn, Boston College and Syracuse are always at the top of the list for CT players.

    • Fat Mike says

      JB, the Big 10 has taken more than a few of Connecticut’s NFL representatives and several more that didn’t make it. Wisconsin, Iowa are probably near the top of your list along with the ones you named.

  6. Frank says

    George Radachowsky -From Danbury drafted in the 7th round pick 188 by the LA Rams in 1984.

    Pat Cannamela- New london CT drafted in the 11th round 122nd overall by the Dallas Texans in 1952. Also a great uncle of mine.

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