The GameTimeCT / Register Top 10: Ansonia jumps to No. 1

Here is the Haven Register Top 10 poll votes for Sept. 16, 2013.

Ansonia (1-0) jumps to No. 1 by just a 3-point margin over previous No. 1 Xavier (1-0). New Canaan (1-0) leaps to No. 3.

Greenwich (1-0) and Masuk (1-0) debut in the poll at No. 9 and No. 10, respectively.

Last week’s No. 5 West Haven (0-1) and No. 10 Hand (0-1) dropped out.

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The following voted: Mary Albl, Fairfield Minuteman; Marc Allard, Norwich Bulletin; Bob Barton, New Haven Register; Bill Bloxsom, Hersam-Acorn; Doug Bonjour, Connecticut Post; Sean Patrick Bowley, New Haven Register; Jim Bransfield, Middletown Press; Kyle Brennan, Waterbury Republican-American; Chris Brodeur, Danbury News-Times; George DeMaio, WELI; Gerry deSimas, The Collinsville Press; Mike DiMauro, The Day of New London; Scott Ericson, Stamford Advocate; Francesco Graziano, CPTV Sports; Ned Griffen, The Day of New London; John Holt, WFSB-3; Mark Jaffee, Waterbury Republican-American; Ken Lipshez, Meriden-Record Journal; Mike Madera, Elm City Newspapers; Joe Morelli, New Haven Register; Kevin Nathan, WVIT-30; Pete Paguaga, Torrington Register Citizen; Dave Phillips, Shore Line Newspapers; Mike Pucci, New Haven Register; Kevin Roberts, Bristol Press; Dave Ruden, The Ruden Report; Tom Yantz, Hartford Courant; Jimmy Zanor, Middletown Press


    • Hannibal Barca says

      @RAY BROWN…Based on what? Beating Wilby and Woodland? Hand ran the table on Xavier, Masuk, Hillhouse, West Haven and Windsor. Your boys may’ve been #1, but they play a #10 schedule, so we’ll never know.

  1. Matt GlaszMatt says

    North Haven’s only 3 losses last season were to the LL, L, and M State Champions. They opened this season with a 42-8 win at Bridgeport Central and don’t receive ANY votes?

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      @Matt – A very fine observation. They certainly have more of a right to a vote than some of these teams (Hillhouse, for one)

      What say you media?

      As voter who obviously didn’t vote NH, I can say my voting criteria is pretty high. My No. 15 is Darien. I suppose that could have been North Haven… Lessee how the Northies do vs. Xavier. A good showing may at least get my attention for a vote. We shall see.

    • Ned says

      Re: North Haven, it’s early, Matt. Very early

      The Fighting Sagnellas graduated its best scorer, and a team that finished 7-3 and didn’t make states generally doesn’t receive votes (although North Haven had a very strong case to receive them last season and thankfully did)

      North Haven does have one great thing work in its favor – GOD’S FATHER’S OFFENSE

      • Matt GlaszMatt says

        Ned, if that were the case why did North Haven received votes last week, before any games had even been played?
        Also, why then did Valley Regional/Old Lyme, Ledyard, New London, Gilbert/NW, and Darien receive votes? All finished 7-3 last season and neither made the playoffs (and neither lost to a state champion). Foran, Shelton, Fairfied Prep and Naugatuck all finished 6-4.
        Why then is it “too early” for North Haven to be considered but not those nine teams?

        SPB, I imagine North Haven is hoping for more than just a “good showing” on Friday.

        • Ned says

          I wrote “it’s early, Matt. Very early”. That means that it’s too early in the season to start freaking out over voting

          (Actually, one should never start freaking out over a Top 10)

          Ideally, we would wait a few weeks before we began voting. Gives everyone a chance to get a clearer picture

          • Matt GlaszMatt says

            None of the posts I’ve read indicate anyone is “freaking out”. I simply asked a question.
            I agreed that polls shouldn’t be conducted until at least 3-4 games have been played.
            But the poll was conducted, I presume you voted in it, and SPB asked for reaction to it. Looking forward to a clearer picture in a few weeks!

      • Just Sayin says

        Sorry Ned, but those with knowledge of the team know the Indians are stronger this year, even without Jalon White. Plenty of talent, more diversified. Pretty sure you saw North Haven drill New London last year. More of the same this year. And obviously everybody thinks their home turf gets slighted in the polls. Just so happens Matt may actually be right.

  2. Matt says

    Ansonia beats one of the worst teams in the state and somehow jumps to #1. Xavier and New Canaan both beat teams that would 50 point rule Torrington with ease. This makes no sense to me.

  3. XHS says

    Ansonia can’t be ranked #1 not this year or any year if they play in that conference and stay in class S. Why don’t the petition out (like basketball teams do) and play in L or LL? Truth be told they wouldn’t make the playoffs as their power points would be to low or maybe cause only Ray Brown who defends them every year is biased. This year they have a formidable offense but their defense would get shredded. They are what they are a GREAT class S program but not the #1 team in the state. Last year they wouldn’t have beat the M, L or LL Champion.

    • Ned says

      The CIAC doesn’t allow football teams to move out of their division. Rules have changed since 1978 when the Chargers were granted their wish to play in LL

      It’s daft to say Ansonia cannot ever be ranked No. 1 because of its league and state division. If they, or any small school, has the best talent in the state, then they deserve the honor. Course beauty is in the eye of the beholder

    • ter says

      @XHS the ciac does not allow teams to petition up to another class in football. and if they did last year ansonia would have been the number one seed by 18 points in LL so to say they wouldnt make the playoffs in a watered down 8 team per class format when a 2 loss west haven team got in is just ridiculous. ansonia is one of the top programs in the state and can/would step on the field with anyone and compete. not saying they would dominate the hands/xaviers but they would win their share of games….. as for last year they were better than both xavier and hillhouse. i think hand would have beaten them

      • Observer says

        @Ter. You seem pretty confident that your Chargers would beat X last year. Why don’t you encourage them to seek a scrimmage with X next year? As far as I understand, X queries the state for scrimmages every year and they never find any takers. If Ansonia desires the respect they believe they deserve, they need to start reaching out to top notch programs. As far as your comment that X would lost to the Chargers, I think you are hallucinating.

        • joe says

          they scrimmage west haven, nd, and shelton every year, i dont think thats to shabby. i saw xavier play 3 times last year and they were really really good and it would have been a good game if they played ansonia. i just thought ansonia was better last year. as for their competition i cant really sit here and defend the likes of wilby, crosby, sacred heart etc… they all stink, but ansonia has not been able to go out and play tough out of conference games until recently because the powers that be in the nvl did not allow out of conference games until recently, and they will play masuk on oct 17th this season.

  4. RAY BROWN says

    the voters must know something——-i know ansonia wouldnt give up 50 points—–best program in state——-whos hand have next week lyman hall?

    • DShiff says

      Ray Brown please find a new hobby, you have been trolling this blog longer than i can remember, year after year you say the same exact thing, please give it a rest bud. It’s everyone on the blog against you every single time. I have not once heard you talk good about another program besides your own.

  5. The Dude says

    Does it really matter who wins the Ansonia vs. Masuk game? Whomever wins the critics will still say they haven’t beaten anybody.

  6. Bubba says

    Ansonia doesn’t have to petition out of their class, they are a small school play and they in the appropriate class, however the SCC would welcome them in their conference, then they will get the respect they deserve.

  7. Dr. Lou says

    @Ray Brown ( or his real name Karl) Please stop jumping on the Ansonia band wagon when you have no clue about the Ansonia history or what defense they even run. Everyone knows Ansonia has 19 state titles under the current CIAC format.
    You can bash the SCC all you want and compare the NVL to the SCC when there is no comparison.
    The NVL has the majority of Class M and Class S schools ( Naugy LL).

    You act like you played for Ansonia when all you have ever done is sit in the bleachers watching the team take the field.

    Karl- from myself and a lot of people around the state stop with your comments. You are embarrassing yourself.

    Thanks Karl.

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      HAHA. Love it. Ray-Ray. I should put you on staff, or you should get a paycheck. Failing that, let me at least buy you a hot dog.

    • says

      Dr. Lou’s comment is funny because it’s wrong on almost every front.

      – “Karl”
      – “band wagon”
      – “all you have ever done is sit in the bleachers watching the team take the field”

      Good times.

      Also, I hope Dr. Lou’s username doesn’t come from the senile ESPN personality. Actually, it would make some sense.

  8. Raff says

    It’s week 2. Why are people and teams upset if they didn’t get any votes? By week 7 or 8 the state media and voters should have an idea of who belongs in the top 10. Who also cares about receiving votes? In my mind anything outside of the top 10 gets you maybe a free hot dog at the concession stand.

    Win your games and play each week like it’s a playoff game. Some teams who are 0-1 could be 6-1 come week 8 and have it rolling. It’s a long season.

    Also @ Ray Brown- The Ansonia head coach voted Hand #1 in 2012 and Hand was very deserving coming within 1 vote of being unanimous due to a voter who missed the game of century and was sleeping.

    if Ansonia’s head coach feels that way then maybe you should check your notes next time.

    Also the state ever let you vote remember you cannot vote Ansonia 1-10!

  9. Dr. Lou says

    @Kyle- wrong? Ray isn’t a band wagon fan?

    Ray was all state at Ansonia? Not!

    Also that senile guy at ESPN has had a hell of a career and knows a lot about football.

    Easy bashing a guy who has won at the top.

    • says

      – No, he’s not a bandwagon Ansonia fan. The guy has been around for an awfully long time. Sure, he makes some points I often think are silly, but the one thing of which I can never accuse him of being a newcomer to the party.

      – You claimed he never played. That is false.

      – Lou Holtz needs to retire. He had a good run, but he embarrasses himself every time he appears on television now.

      Go Bobcats.

      • Stanley says

        These Blogging boards are great!!!!!!! Late to what party guy. Its definitely not to play on grid iron. Nobody that played and played means get on the field not senior dress up day played would be caught on here. Blogs are for Booger Eaters and guy who watch wrestling.

  10. Plankowner21 says

    The comments regarding playing up a class are on target IMO. There are plenty of very tough programs in other sports that play up based on the merits of a program’s success. I believe that St Joe’s in Trumbull, while a Class M in Football, plays in the LL for basketball. Just one example of where talent drives a school’s program to elevated levels. Additionally, you Central and Westerners better keep your eyes to the East. Low voting totals for some very good ECC programs, but that’ll sort itself out by the later weeks I’m sure. ECC is more than just NFA.

    A question regarding State Titles, it was written above that Ansonia has 19 already, I thought they had 18 going for 19 this year, am I off 1? How I came up with that, when they beat Ledyard 2 years ago (Arkeel’s Sophomore Year), I recall it being stated that the Chargers had tied Ledyard Wrestling for 17 Championships by a single sport at one school. Ledyard Wrestling won the Class M that year for 18, and this was repeated the following year, making 18 Football for the Chargers and 19 Wrestling titles for the Colonels.

  11. jeb says

    As the late great RODNEY KING said ” Can’t we all just get along” Give RAY some love..He makes some very good points and this year Ansonia is the states best team no matter who they may play. Would they have some trouble in the SCC or the FCIAC? Of Course! But they would still run the table. It looks as though New Canaan and Ansonia would be a terrific matchup but we will never know. New Canaan should lose at least one game during the season because they have Greenwich, Staples, ST, Joes, Wilton and Darien left on their schedule. Also an unknown in Chicapee, Mass.

    Ansonia has Naugyon Thanksgiving Day with the Mad Bomber Bruno as its coach. No one has a better offensive game plan than Bruno..So much fun to watch. He’s the Johnny Manziel of COACHING.

  12. RAY BROWN says

    the SOUTHERN Conn Crybaby Conference fans continue to amaze me.they still cant figure out why the SCC has two divisions and a few div.1 teams belong in d-2.they stink. there isnt a team from that conference that can beat ansonia this year.secondly i didnt know you had to be a all-stater to blog/steve young never made all-state in ct. so im ok with that,for those xavier regional fans that are
    petioning a scrimmage—-that was a yearly thing years back.ask xavier coaches how that worked out for them

    • Stanley says

      Ray Brown……..Guy your not really a football guy I can tell. What I mean is you have no idea of the terminology or scheming of the game. Do you yell throw the ball from the crown or my favorite run the ball to the outside!!!!!! Throw were What running play. Your not sure. Listen Bunchy If Ansonia was in the SCC they are going 6-4, 7-3 at best. Just take it because its true. Don’t be mad I know more than u do BROWNSKI. You guys are nice a cute but stay in class S don’t talk about trying to step up with the Pipe Hitters and Big Boys ballersn its not for you. Lasts years Ansonia line was horrendous you do know the game starts at the line. Xavier and Hand would have 50 Pointed Big Blue Boogers…. Listen you Boogers Eaters that don’t give anybody credit but The Chargers are hurting the team. Stop going to that bar in the woods before game learn football terminology and your teams history. Two attempts in Class LL two loses, any time they play a GOOD TEAM in the playoffs the LOSE……….Just look at the past results and its right there. The Team they beat last year both sides of the line was depleted and they still had trouble till the 4th Quarter. Learn the game first everything about the game not just Ansonia won again yeah would they beat ohhh man Wilcox tech they were tough…………NO GUY NO PUT a big boy on the schedule not scrimmages so you can brag you beat a team that sat everybody and Ansonia takes it like the Super bowl. Another thing the lies you guys tell. According to the Charger snot crew(you) they have never lost a scrimmage ever beats everyone. Come on…………………..

      • Master Legend says

        Stanley, try to post sober next time. Or have a native English speaker proofread your work. Booger Eaters was a good one, though. My 3 year old thought it was HYSTERICAL!!!

    • rob says

      @RAY BROWN 3 scc teams won state titles last year… ansonia beat north Branford p,ease stop talking your embarrassing yourself so much it’s beyond hilarious

  13. RAY BROWN says


  14. Matt says

    The problem everyone has with Ansonia is that you always have to say they would beat these teams, not they did beat these teams. The SCC and the FCIAC each have 3 or 4 teams who, if playing Ansonia’s schedule, would run the table just like they will. You then add in the competition in class LL and class L that these teams will face to win a title and its no contest who should be #1. If a team goes undefeated in the FCIAC or SCC, then wins class LL or L they DESERVE to be #1 because they earned it on the field. Would Ansonia beat these teams, maybe, but we will never know because they are never tested and never play anyone. I think its unfair to vote Ansonia #1 because the NVL and class S are a cake walk compared to the schedules of Xavier and New Canaan.

  15. RAY BROWN says

    matt there have been years where class s had the best teams in state—–bloomfield new london ansonia holy cross— your argument is biased if anything—-you want north haven in top 10 because they beat bpt. central? think before you comment

      • Stanley says

        First off Holy Cross has never been the best team in the state never. HC did however beat a supposed super Jason Tinney lead Charger team 6-0 in the NVL title game. The same Holy Cross that came down to West Haven and was destroyed literally beaten till the quit by a ND-WH team that woud have beaten any ANSONIA team that has taken the field EVER for Ansonia. The Final was ND 56 HC 0……………It was 48-0 at halftime.. ND coach didnt want to embarrass his friend the HC coach.

  16. Matt B says

    Different Matt, I’m not the guy who posted about North Haven, didn’t realize there was another until just now, I’ll change it. That’s great that class S HAS HAD some of the best teams in the state in the PAST. But for the last 2-3 years, and including this season, the competition in class S is down. When Ansonia plays good competition, I’ll be the first to admit that they should be #1. In the Kenny Tinney and Alex Thomas years the NVL and class S had good teams and Ansonia had a strong argument for #1, but that competition is gone. Theres a reason why 1 loss SEC teams keep making the national championship and theres a reason why they keep dominating undefeated teams from other conferences. The best conferences produce the best teams and winning against great competition deserves a #1 ranking.

  17. jeb says

    Ray is right..Sometimes the class S and the M division have the best teams. Let the season play out and see who the last teams are still left standing.

  18. J Law says

    There is no way to make general statements about teams and divisions. Every year teams make the state playoffs in a division who would never make it in another. We see this all the time in the regular season. Last year Masuk beats Weston 49 – 0 and it could have been 100 – 0, Weston wins a game in states…and Masuk get beat up by hand. That is why we have divisions, lets get on the state to extend the season and have the class winners play a bracket to the final two…put up or shut up. College football has the same issues there is a way to fix it. Until then we can fight all we want about the better league or division and it means nothing.

  19. Pat McGroin says

    YES! new url, new look, same ray, same SPB – absolutely fantastic… Wish the font wasn’t light gray as I type, my glasses can barely pick it up, however – delighted to be back.

    Arguments aside, the NVL, FCIAC, SCC, ECC, SWC, (I’m not familiar with upstate leagues, but I believe Southington and Middletown are also in different leagues) Whatever the case may be, early in the year, lots of representation from around the stop in the top 10, lots of parity.

    Ansonia deserved or not should be top 3, waterford should petition the state to have Arkeel Newsome play for his home town however, and Xavier should be ranked #1 after week 1 for beating a state championship caliber program in Staples.

  20. Rob (on Connecticut's East Coast) says

    I agree with most every comment regarding or alluding to a policy of “Play It Out on the Field”. The CIAC could consider a “top 4” open division or similar method to place those teams into their own bracket for a championship. They would also get a full week between both games since it would be a semi-final and a championship. Sure it might devalue one or more Class titles, but you’d still be left with a more definitive #1 at the end of the year. You’d also be able to point directly to the game where the small school beat or didn’t beat the goliath school.

    Also, since CT state championships have been recorded officially in 1976, Ansonia owns 18, not 19, state titles. If they win again this year, as they are expected to, it will make 19. That will tie Ledyard Wrestling, already owners of 19 state team championships.

  21. Big Dog says

    So lets see if we all got this right….Xavier the states 3 time defending LL Champion who beats a Staples team that is an annual top 10 program with one of the states best coach’s drops in the rankings….Really???Somebody please explain…Ansonia beats a dormat team in a lesser conference and moves up?Again really?No disrespect to Ansonia but power rankings should count for something..If you so called genious sports writers just put Ansonia #1 last week you would probably not had this argument….again,no disrespect to the Chargers but their schedule is a flat out joke…Play a SH team this week that lost by 55 pts last week.C’mon boys,show some respect to an X team that plays people week in and week out until they lose…..

  22. Big Dog says

    SPB-What happens now if X runs the table…Big games left with House,Hand,Prep,ND,NH,Shelton and Prep…Compare that schedule to Ansonia’s soft schedule….

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      @BigDog — I’d suggest any Class LL team that runs the table is going to be No. 1. It’s brutal. Just brutal. We’ll see, though.

  23. fciac jr says

    Big Dog is absolutely correct, but in time, the games will be played and most of the smoke and mirrors will be gone. Xavier beats a top team and they drop? The top 4 could be in any order but to say X drops with a good win is mind boggling. Middletown? they don’t play a real team for quite awhile. Southington barely escaped Glastonbury and remains top 5. St. Joes will be exposed this week and will drop. Newtown struggled against Southbury and remains? Greenwich deserves at least 9 and Masuk beat up a 2-8 team from a year ago and moved up?

    Where can I get some of this coolaid all the voters are drinking?

  24. ter says

    this whole argument is a waste of time. ansonia will be number 1 for two weeks and then will get jumped when/if new canaan beats greenwich. it happened in 03 and it will happen again this year….. be patient ansonia haters it’s coming…… its week 2 the rankings mean about as much as major league baseball in april…… ansonia’s schedule is not good by any stretch but it is not as bad as all of u are making it out to be either. they play 4 teams ranked in this top 30 including #10 Masuk week 6. is that as tough as running the gauntlet in the SCC/FCIAC and then winning LL or L… not even close but dont try and make it sound like all the teams ansonia plays are absolute garbage because that is not the case, there are some tough very well coached teams in the nvl

  25. RAY BROWN says

    –that gauntlet xavier has left on its schedule——4 of those teams got embarrased in week 1—- how rugged could that be?

    • HS Sporto says

      The only people pumping up Masuk are Ansonia fans and a few misinformed poll voters. It is comedic that Ansonia fans will try and justify being number one in the state of CT through a mid season win over a team that will be LUCKY to even make the playoffs. I just read somebody reference Ansonia’s scrimmage schedule again. STOP!!! Oh and Naugatuck is really nasty this year too!! Please guys. Small school with a small schedule.

  26. Ned says

    “Newtown struggled against Southbury”

    A game in which a team leads 26-0 at halftime — and wins by 21 doesn’t qualify — doesn’t qualify as “a struggle”

    “Southington barely escaped Glastonbury and remains top 5”

    Southington playing at a quality program — Glastonbury has made states the last five seasons (including four semifinal appearances)

    Note that you want to drop Southington for winning by seven points at Glastonbury, but want Greenwich to be ranked at least No. 9 after beating West Haven by a point at home. You’re applying a double-standard there

    “Middletown? they don’t play a real team for quite awhile”

    The voters in The Day Top 10 state coaches poll thought enough of Middletown to vote it No. 8. It lost three times last season — L finalist Windsor (40-35), LL champ Xavier (41-14), and L semifinalist Masuk (21-14). Almost the entire offense and the majority of the defense is back from that team. Coach Sal Morello is in his fourth season there, too. Dude knows what he’s doing

    Should you want to drop Middletown down for its schedule, then you’d have to do the same to Ansonia as it begins the season against two struggling programs. And moving either down would be daffy

    You have some strong opinions about who should be ranked there, so I’d be curious to know who’d be in your Top 15

    “Where can I get some of this coolaid all the voters are drinking?”

    Come on down to eastern Conn and I’ll pour you some. It’s delicious, but you’ll notice a strong aftertaste of Graves….

  27. Big Dog says

    Hey Ray Ray,did not mean to strike a nerve….Geez, just stating some facts…It’s just if you compare Xavier and ansonia’s schedule it would be like saying Boise state has a tougher schedule Alabama…Your schedule is so soft this year woody is not even on it…Enjoy the year and look at HS football with an open mind for once.

  28. RAY BROWN says

    no offense taken but woody just beat branfor4d by 4 tds——gtet a grip on your self—-scc is a top heavy league——those crossovergames are classics——-gimme a break

  29. fciac jr says

    I would say it was a struggle when everyone projects you to run through the SWC and not face any competition and then your offense scores 3 TDs and zero in the second half. All against a team that wont be .500 at the end of the season. Pomp actually moved the ball every time they had it but a blocked fg returned for a TD and 2 red zone INTs will hurt anyone.

    The CCC is a notch above the NVL and SWC, but still has one or two top teams padding their wins against the bottom feeders of the league.

    The same Middletown team was down 34-0 last season to X before the starters were yanked. I say the same because you say most are back this season.

    Not saying they shouldn’t be there, but WH is expected to do a heck of a lot more than both Glast and South.

    Yes, Ansonia should not be ranked 1 and will not be tested all year. It is a shame that they wont as it would make CT football much better having them play some quality teams like St Joes does. Same division but they play the big boys in the FCIAC and they don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk also.

    • NED says

      “I would say it was a struggle when everyone projects you to run through the SWC and not face any competition and then your offense scores 3 TDs and zero in the second half”

      And? Again you’re dismissing a 21-point win

      You take a 26-0 lead into the halftime, you ain’t struggling. That and good teams beat those they’re supposed to beat

      Far as Newtown not facing any competition, go tell that to both Masuk and Wolcott

      “The CCC is a notch above the NVL and SWC, but still has one or two top teams padding their wins against the bottom feeders of the league”

      Bad argument as every league has top teams that beat up on bad teams. For example, St. Joseph played five teams with four-or-less wins last season. Three of those teams were a combined 2-27 (and two got new coaches). And the Cadets split with their four best opponents

      St. Joseph has a dang good program, but it beat up on its share of downtrodden teams

      “The same Middletown team was down 34-0 last season to X before the starters were yanked. I say the same because you say most are back this season”

      You’re conveniently ignoring the back-and-forth loss with Windsor and one-touchdown loss to Masuk

      “Not saying they shouldn’t be there, but WH is expected to do a heck of a lot more than both Glast and South”

      You’re applying another double-standard. You’re upset with the media for voting Newtown, a team voters expect to do very well, after a TWENTY ONE POINT WIN, but stating that West Haven is expected to do more than Glastonbury and Southington and thus should be ranked higher

      I again encourage you to post your Top 15 and reasons for your choices

      “Yes, Ansonia should not be ranked 1 and will not be tested all year”

      Again, go tell that to Masuk

      Finally, dear Raymond, re: “fciac——-let ansonia grab players from 11 towns and you would have to schedule outside of the state—-btw where st.joes been ?”

      It beat your team in 2010, silly wabbit, and is the team no one in Class M wants to see qualify this season

      Vaya con dios….

    • NED says

      DOH! Almost forgot, fciac – the coaches voted Middletown eighth in The Day Top 10 state coaches’ poll. Coaches know more than the fans. Certainly know more than us wingnut reporters….

  30. Master Legend says

    I’m an Ansonia guy and I totally see the reason for debate here. In my opinion, when Ansonia has their best players on the field, they are the best in the state. As far as depth goes, if Arkeel or McKnight were to get injured, they become very beatable. Not by anyone in the NVL, but surely by any of the other teams in the state top 5. As it goes, however, the voters choose the best current teams. When Ansonia has their best 11 on offense and defense, they are extremely difficult to beat. Until something catastrophic happens, Ansonia should be #1. (McKnight missing a game against a wayyyyy down Torrington team does not count as catastrophic!)

    Can you imagine how boring blogs like this would be if the winners of each class played each other and there was one overall state champion???

  31. RAY BROWN says

    fciac——-let ansonia grab players from 11 towns and you would have to schedule outside of the state—-btw where st.joes been ?

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