Thanksgiving Day football final scoreboard



Brist.East. 21, Brist.Cent. 18
Rocky Hill 21, NW Catholic 6
E.O. Smith 37, Tolland 21
Farmington 34, Plainville 0
Hartford Pub. 20, Weaver 0
S.Windsor 39, Rockville 0
Platt 28, Maloney 8

Abbott Tech 44, Wolcott Tech 34

New London 9, NFA 7
Griswold 25, Plainfield 6
East Lyme 34, Waterford 13
Ledyard 49, Fitch 19

McMahon 35, Norwalk 14
Wilton 26, Trinity Cath. 7
Darien 28, New Canaan 24

Greenwich 27, Staples 7
Ffld.Warde 44, Ffld.Ludlowe 21
Westhill 40, Stamford 0
St. Joseph 61, Trumbull 26
Bridg.Central 28, Harding 20

Kennedy 30, Crosby 28
Torrington 24, Watertown 6
Ansonia 66, Naugatuck 28
Holy Cross 39, Wolcott 38

Morgan 27, Old Saybrook/Westbrook 6
Gilbert/NW 27, Housatonic/Wamogo 22
Nonnewaug 13, Lewis Mills 0
Coginchaug 35, Cromwell 6

Ffld.Prep 29, West Haven 20
North Haven 41, Amity 14
Sheehan 54, Lyman Hall 7
East Haven 21, Branford 0
Foran 50, Jonathan Law 7
Hillhouse 21, Wilbur Cross 19
ND-WH 43, Hamden 7

ND-Ffld 1, Immaculate 0 Forfeit
Bethel 20, Brookfield 0
Bunnell 12, Stratford 10
Joel Barlow 46, Weston 14

Bassick 35, Bull. Havens 16
RHAM 14, Bacon Acad. 0
Southington 38, Cheshire 6
Stonington 33, Westerly (RI) 28
Quinebaug Valley 14, Killingly 6
Shelton 56, Derby 20

FRIDAY, Nov. 29


Woodland 22, Seymour 19


  1. Hannibal Barca says

    Ansonia #1. Okay, I said it. Like a clock that’s permanently stopped but accurate twice daily, Ray is right. This time. Not hard though when your star tailback is 35 years old. 😉 In truth, he’s awesome.

  2. The Truth Hurts says

    Only in Connecticut will a team finish #1 STRICTLY on being undefeated . Ask Ray who was the big wins against.Make sure to specify that scrimmages do not count.

  3. PapaDags says

    All NC had to do was beat Darien and there would be no question. NC beat SJ twice. SJ beat Darien rather handily. I was at the game.. First half may have been close then SJ properly Disposed of Darien who did not impress me one bit ( at least not that day ) Ansonia would absolutely DESTROY Darien. Not even a question.. if you think otherwise you OBVIOUSLY have not seen both teams play..

    • wave says

      The Darien team is a totally different beast from the St. Joes game. The offense had an off day and the defense in its new front stuffs the run. I don’t think you saw the Darien-NC game if thats how you think.

  4. The Truth Hurts says

    What team on Ansonia’s schedule is 2 touchdowns close to Darien ?
    Replace Darien with Seymour that night and Ansonia loses by 21.
    You are judging Darien against FCIAC teams and Ansonia on NVL teams.Darien has faced WAY better competition in terms of St Joes,New Canaan,Ridgefield.See the difference is Darien had the Ability to defeat New Canaan on a given day.Let’s now see if Darien can win the L title.It’s a little different in the FCIAC and the L than it is in the NVL and the S.

    • Potato head says

      Ansonia has a great program. Great class s school playing a class s schedule. Congrats.
      That said, they simply should not be ranked number 1. It is fundamentally unfair.
      It is unfair to all the teams who actually play each other, and as a result have some wins and some losses. Why waste our time speculating whether Ansonia could beat x, y, or z…while listening to rabid ansonia supporters assert that ansonia would beat Xavier an WH by 3 TDs and nc and Darien by 2 and prep didn’t show much by beating x and WH to get to the playoffs etc etc. all teams Ansonia does not play? And they don’t play them for the very good reason that they are a small school playing a small school schedule. Fine, fair enough, rank them accordingly.
      So, let’s stop the unfair nonsense right now: Ansonia should not be ranked number one!!!! It is moronic and would be funny if it were not so obviously and fundamentally unfair to a bunch of 17 year old kids who play for good teams who actually play each other.

  5. bgarf says

    I cringe at the ignorant pro-Ansonia posts too, but you guys are equally as ignorant if you think no S team has ever been the best team in this small state. Do any of you actually look at each top team’s personnel rather than exclusively spout about the strength of your leagues – even in years when several of your top programs play terrible defense, ahem SCC Div. 1?

    • The Truth Hurts says

      S teams have been the best in past years.The point most are making is plain and simple,Ansonia on it’s best day would have their Hands full against a handful of SCC Teams and their terrible defenses.If and when Ansonia ends up #1 it is solely because they have 0 defeats not because they have defeated any top 15 team all year.

      And for the ? time,what team is Ansonia’s biggest victory against ?

  6. bgarf says

    You see what you’re doing, you’re making the blanket statement Ansonia would…you’re not considering the 2013 Ansonia personnel that stacks up very well against any 2013 SCC or FCiAC team. And as for your question just check MaxPreps…they’ve beaten everyone put in front of them for the past 40 games, have several kids who started in the Class M game they won 38-0 and the Class S game 59-26 over a very underrated Brandon Basil-led North Branford. And based on all they were returning this season were ranked #1 by the vast majority of writers and coaches. Listen, I understand the arguments against with the rest of the NVL not keeping up with the progress the rest of the state and Ansonia have made, but to say it’s fundamentally unfair like the other poster did is simply ignorant.

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