Swinson, Fuller lead Wilbur Cross to romp over Hamden

(Peter Casolino – New Haven Register) Wilbur Cross’ Stevie Swinson gets around the corner for a long gain in the 3rd quarter as Hamden’s Nigil Tappin (#7) and Emmanuel Hernandez defend.

NEW HAVEN — Wilbur Cross running backs Stevie Swinson and Jaylin Fuller were well aware they would be called upon to carry the team Friday afternoon against Hamden.

Both responded.

Combining to run for 305 yards and four touchdowns, the duo helped lead the Governors to a 33-7 win over Hamden at Wilbur Cross Athletic Complex in a Southern Connecticut Conference Division I interdivision contest.

Cross gained 432 yards, 328 of which came on the ground, as the Governors improved to 3-2. The Green Dragons were held to just 153 total yards and fell to 3-2.

“Our offensive line is the heart and soul of the team right now,” Cross coach John Acquavita said. “We went into the game putting it on their shoulders.

“Hamden has been having great opportunities taking advantage of turnovers. We thought if we could run the ball, protect the football and play good defense, we had a chance to win.”

Fuller ran for 118 yards and three touchdowns, while Swinson finished the game running for 187 yards and one touchdown.

“This is a very big win for us,” Fuller said. “We are going against all the ranked teams the next few games. We are going to rely on them (offensive line).We know we could not do it without the line.”

Fuller iced the game with a pair of second-half touchdowns to give Cross a 33-7 lead, 1 minute, 34 seconds into the fourth quarter.

Following a 60-yard run by Swinson, Fuller raced the final 23 yards for a score and a 26-7 Cross lead 4:03 into the second half.

The Governors stifled the Green Dragons’ offense and again held to set up Fuller’s third score. Fuller capped a 52-yard drive with a 9-yard touchdown and a 33-7 lead.

“They dominated the line of scrimmage,” Hamden coach Todd Dowty said. “They took control of the game from the get go. It comes down to execution and they did better than we did.”

The Governors took control of the game early, scoring the first 12 points and leading 20-7 at the half. The score was not indicative of how dominant Wilbur Cross was in the first half, holding a 265-81 yard advantage and a 33-15 advantage in plays.

The Green Dragons struggled to get anything going in the first 24 minutes as 56 of those yards came on a touchdown run by Maliek Williamson with 9 seconds gone by in the second quarter to cut the lead to 12-7.

The rest of the half was all Wilbur Cross.

The Governors held a 126 to minus-3 yard advantage in the opening quarter and scored on drives of 71 yards and 50 yards to start the game.

Swinson did most of the damage in the opening drive for the Governors, running 6 times for 77 yards following a Cross penalty. The senior capped the opening drive with an alert run, racing 43 yards for a score, the final 37 after keeping his balance and not letting his knee hit the ground with 8:03 to go in the opening quarter.

“They blocked for us every play and that is all you can ask for,” Swinson said of the offensive line. “We believe in them. We know us (Fuller) together will take care of business. They were big today.”

Cross held Hamden on three plays on its possession of the game and went 50 yards in 11 plays to take a 12-0 lead as both conversions failed. Fuller did the damage on the second scoring drive, running five times for 31 yards and capping the drive with a 15-yard scamper.

After both teams exchanged fumbles following Williamson’s score, Cross took a 20-7 lead with 8:33 remaining in the first half. The Governors needed just three plays to get 86 yards as A.J. Consiglio’s first pass attempt of the game found Elijah Long in stride for an 80-yard score. The pair hooked up on the conversion for a 20-7 lead.

Consiglio finished the game connecting on 5 of 6 passes for 104 yards.

“We will regroup and prepare for next week,” Dowty said. “We will learn from this and move forward.”
Williamson led Hamden with 108 yards on 15 carries. Francis Bonadies threw for 44 yards playing the fourth quarter for the Green Dragons.


  1. Red fan9 says

    Cross has a very talented team. Would love to see them go to the air more. They have a QB that can thread a needle…makes no sense.

  2. says

    Thread the needle? Are you watching the same qb I am? Current qb is only in because the original starter is suffering from a concussion. Cross’s current qb is the back up and technically the JV starter.
    why go to the air when your RB has over 400 yards rushing in the last two weeks?

    • Red Fan says

      Ummm no the current qb is not the JV starter… He was last years varsity starter who got hurt and was out the entire season. He came in after current starter threw more interceptions than completions. Once they play a serious team a running game won’t work. Didn’t the first two games against an easy schedule. East Haven had about 5 dropped passes that were in their hands for touchdowns. Who are you watching?

  3. SCC says

    @Redfan- Grab a clue please. The original starter’s name is Donte Skinner and he is out because he received a concussion in the Hand game week 3 and the current QB came in late in the game when the game was decided. If the current QB threads the needle then why didn’t he start the season at QB over Skinner? Yes the current QB was knocked out week 1 in 2012 vs Prep but he also wasn’t ready to start a varsity game. Prep battered him due to line protection problems. The current QB has a tough time throwing the long ball as I saw yesterday vs. Hamden when his long ball would sail out out of bounds. Threading the needle is a tough thing to say when he doesn’t have that ability. You must be a close relative. I understand your support for him but be realistic. I mean the current qb needs a serious weight program and hit the weights. can’t last in the SCC when you are undersized. It’s obvious the staff doesn’t want to throw much for a reason.
    The current QB has 4 int’s alone in the spring game. I know because I was there. Stop please.

    • Red Fan says

      Are you out of your mind? I was also at every practice and game. Qbs do not need to be muscle bound like a lineman. Donte is bigger yes but please come on man. No one ever unstood that coaches call to play him over Consiglio. Proof of it is already in the two games They’ve won already this year. I was also at the Hand game. Didn’t see a concussion causing play but did see Consiglio come in to throw 2 tds in the 4th quarter. Maybe your a Skinner relative and I mean no disrespect but there’s no comparison. Every practice, the red and white game, Consiglio beat him hands down. Were you at the scrimmages? Please man you have no idea. Clean your glasses. That skinny kid has a bullet and a brain…needs receivers who can catch. East haven game proof.. Period .. Check your facts or jut ope your eyes. Consiglio was the Sophomore varsity starter while Skinner was the junior JV QB and last varsity season was what ..2 and 8? Dude are you kidding? What interceptions are you talking about? Never happened. Please you are ridiculous.

  4. says

    @redfan- My stats are accurate because I work in the school and I see the coaches daily. I know there was a concussion because the trainer told me and Skinner has been out and not cleared to play since the Hand game. Cross lost to Hand 35-19 and Consiglio came in the game late when it was decided and he threw 1 TD on the Hand JV’s. The game was already decided. Also I was at the spring game and I watched Consiglio throw 4 INT’s. Also Skinner started the season at QB because he can run and both Qb’s have about the same arm strength but Skinner probably has edge from media people I have spoken too. I was at the Hamden game and two of Consiglio passes went 20 yards and sailed out of bounds in front of me. Consiglio was also battered in week 1 last year vs. Prep and was out for the year with a shoulder separation. Also Skinner was the starting QB vs. Law and Consiglio didn’t even play vs. Law. The only game Cross won prior to the Hamden game with Consiglio at Qb was East Haven? Are you kidding me? East Haven has won like 9 games since 1996. I would hope Cross would win and that game Swinson he RB ran for 253 years. As in the Hamden game Consiglio may throw 7 times a game the most with the OL doing well and Swinson already at 768 yards rushing on the season. I ask you to get your stats straight and fact. It’s only the truth so don’t be upset please. Also I am sure Consiglio tries hard but saying he threads the needle is an over blown statement.
    if the coaches picked Skinner to start the season I guess he coaches felt Consiglio didn’t thread the needle as you say. What is next I your mind? You going to say Consiglio has talent to play in college?

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