Super 100 All-Star game: Nutmeg, Constitution teams geared for offensive showcase

Trumbull's Nick Roberts (left) of Team Nutmeg and Southington's Steve Barmore of Team Constitution are many of the talented offensive players in this year's Super 100 All-Star game scheduled for Saturday, 4:30 at Rentschler Field

Trumbull’s Nick Roberts (left) of Team Nutmeg and Southington’s Steve Barmore of Team Constitution are many of the talented offensive players in this year’s Super 100 All-Star game scheduled for Saturday, 4:30 at Rentschler Field. Photos (left) Steve D’Amato, Trumbull Football; Mara Lavitt, Register.

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WALLINGFORD >> There’s reason to believe Saturday’s Super 100 Football Classic will be more high-scoring than last year’s all-star contest.

Some of the state’s most explosive players, including Southington quarterback Stephen Barmore, Hillhouse running back Harold Cooper, St. Paul quarterback Logan Marchi and Sheehan wide receiver Brandon Gauthier, are among this year’s participants.

Team Nutmeg coach John Ferrazzi has his offense tailored towards the spread system he runs at Sheehan.

Marchi and Trumbull’s Nick Roberts will be the signal-callers when Team Nutmeg squares off against Team Constitution. Kickoff is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. at Rentschler Field.

Tickets are $8. The game will be broadcast live on CPTVSports (check local listings)

“Offensively, I think it starts with two really good quarterbacks,” Ferrazzi said. “Both of them were extremely productive during their seasons.”

Marchi, who is headed to Temple, completed 191 of 317 passes for 3,220 yards and 38 touchdowns last season. Roberts passed for 3,104 yards and 32 touchdowns while leading the Eagles to an 8-3 record.

“Both have strong arms that come out of offenses that threw the ball a lot,” Ferrazzi said. “It helps that they’re able to distribute the ball pretty much anywhere they want.”

Barmore, the Yale-bound Register All-State quarterback, will split time with Glastonbury’s Jalen Ollie, son of UConn men’s basketball coach Kevin Ollie, for Team Constitution. Barmore passed for 3,088 yards and 42 touchdowns in leading the Blue Knights to the Class LL championship last fall.

Cooper, Xavier’s Andrew Meoli and Farmington’s Ivan Guadalupe will be lead Constitution’s rushing attack while Farmington’s Kenny Jones, Trumbull’s T.J. Hayduk and New London’s Khary Childs are members of the team’s receiving corps.

Constitution coach Sean Marinan of Xavier says his team will also run the spread, but his offense will feature some two-back sets. Game rules specify that each formation must include at least one running back.

Marinan, like Ferrazzi, hopes the contest is a bit more exciting offensively.

Last year’s event, titled the Hall of Fame Classic Military Bowl, was won by The National Guard over the Marines 15-14 in a defensive struggle.

“You would like to see (more offense),” Marinan said. “But the defenses are, initially, ahead of the offenses because it’s easier to install the defensive stuff.”

Added Ferrazzi: “Defenses, typically in this game, just click a lot earlier.”

Norwich Free Academy’s Tuzar Skipper and Hillhouse’s Tarroll Stafford are expected to lead the Constitution defense. Windsor’s Keith Benjamin, Seymour’s Zach Sirowich and Bloomfield’s Norvel Stewart have been performing well during practice.



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  1. Jonny Boy says

    I guess I’m trying to figure the point of having this game.

    I don’t see a ton of recognizable names here, but they are seniors, so they already know if they are going to play in college or not, so it’s not a showcase for coaches to see them.

    The players cannot possibly be in game shape at the end of June.

    So there’s a draft (amusing), some practices and a game and that’s it.

    It seems to me this is more for the football coaches than the players. Is it some sort of fundraiser? Can somebody help me out with this, because it just seems like a really good way to get kids hurt for no reason?

    If I were a college coach and I found out my incoming player was participating I would call him immediately and ask him not to play. As a player with a college scholarship waiting for me I would seriously think this over. Is getting hurt for an “All Star” game worth it?

  2. pitching wins says

    should be called “THE ANONYMOUS BOWL” game will never get credibility until big names are there====half these kids will never sniff field again after game

  3. old school says

    The powers that be (chsca) shut down the NH/FFLD county game, which was the only decent all-star game, in order to have these statewide games played at an empty Rentshler Field. The game was played at WHHS most years in front of a pretty packed house. Bill O’Brien, Paul Criscuolo and others did a great job of putting that game together. I am under the belief that they were pressured by coaches heavily involved in the CHSCA to end the game…. what a shame.

  4. For the love of the game. says

    No name players? Get a clue. Seems as though you don’t really follow, or probably never played a down in your life. Maybe your kid got left off the team? Not quite sure why you’re hating on these young men. Awesome experience for kids to play with and against guys they never had the opportunity to. Forge friendships they will take for the rest of their lives. Can you take the leftover players who didnt participate and beat Team Constitution, or Nutmeg for that matter? Bet you can’t even name the division 1 players in this game. Or any other level for that matter. For the record, one unnamed player played well and got offered more money to play at another school. And since he didn’t sign, he went ahead and changed schools. And as far as this being about the coaches, what do they get? A t-shirt, shorts, and the opportunity to coach some of the greatest kids in the state. Would it be better if we just didn’t do anything at the end of the year?

    • Jonny Boy says

      Yes, that’s exactly what would be better at the end of the year – nothing. That’s why the season ends. Just like the season ends for every other sport. You play your four years and that’s it. Life goes on.

      No, I don’t have any kids that play football – I don’t want them to become vegetables by the age of 30. I did play a year in high school but I stopped because I thought it was boring. Practices are long and games once a week. Lots of stops with short periods of action. Not my cup of tea but I admire and respect the time and effort these kids and coaches put into the season. It’s a big commitment on and off the field.

      You don’t have to get mean and personal about my comment. I’m just asking a question. No hate on these kids, you’ve got me wrong. I didn’t say no name players I said not all recognizable. My point is that why is this game in June? Why is it held at all out of the high school year? No other sport under the CIAC is allowed to do this for several reasons, mainly safety and coaching players out of season, yet for football this is somehow OK. If this is such an awesome experience then why aren’t players from other sports allowed the same opportunity? If you ask CIAC they will say player safety and out of season limitations (just not football).

      • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

        It’s allowed because they’re out of school and it isn’t a CIAC thing. It’s a Coaches Association thing. Coaches Association also holds all-star games in basketball, baseball, softball, etc.

  5. Senior All Star Game says

    A few Senior Lineman from Ansonia /St Joseph/Fairfield Prep the QB from St Joseph and Phillips{WH}and Newsome{Ansonia} as a group would be levels above any combination from Nutmeg or Constitution or a combined unit.

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