Southern Connecticut Conference timeline 1994-2014

The Southern Connecticut Conference, which just completed its 20th year, officially accepted Lauralton Hall this week.

Here’s a look back at how the conference was built. Scroll through the timeline below, or click here for a larger view.


  1. JB says

    I did not realize that the SCC was only 20 yrs old. No wonder folks in the SCC don’t fully appreciate the FCIAC issues surrounding league break-up for districts. While 20 yrs is a good tradition, it hasn’t been around long enough to create the 55 year traditions of down south … and some programs have played each other for nearly 75 years even before the league was formed. Now I get the issue. Thanks.

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      The Great Superconference migration of 1994-1996. SCC, SWC both created, others expanded.

      • JB says

        Thanks, Sean, I don’t know all the history. Helps put it all in perspective. I could see another league re-align occurring if the district model doesn’t happen.

        Sean, do you ever see a re-balance occurring in the 3 leagues (SWC, SCC, FCIAC)? Maybe something like the SWC becoming the south’s M / S size league and then SCC and FCIAC absorbing the SWC’s current LL/L teams. Maybe the M level teams in the SCC, like Foran, move to the SWC, etc.

        • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

          Who knows?

          You might see something more like cooperation between the NVL/SWC. Those two leagues might do well to integrate, especially for SWC’s health. Very similar-sized schools and locations.

          Doubt you’ll ever see FCIAC add more teams. SCC would love to add more.

          Foran and Law were once with the SWC (until 04). You won’t see them go back.

          Overall, you’ll see the ECC might fracture back into the North and South.

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