Softball: All-Shoreline Conference selections

The Shoreline Conference recently released its all-league selections in softball.


Gabby Diaz (P-Coginchaug); Emily Popp (P-Morgan); Kayla Nowak (IF-North Branford); Kolby Burger (IF-Haddam-Killingworth); Jessica Dombrowski (IF-Hale-Ray); Lauren Pascoe (IF-Old Saybrook); Jen Dawson (IF-Morgan); Nicole Caruso (OF-Portland); Jamie Fitzgerald (OF-Morgan); Mallory Leone (OF-Cromwell); Jill Cayer (UT-Valley Regional); Sabrina LeMere (UT-North Branford); Paige Trabucchi (C-Old Saybrook).


Michaela Lavy (P-Valley Regional); Effie Gianitsos (P-Old Saybrook); Courtney Votto (IF-Coginchaug); Lilly Dawson (IF-Morgan); Jordan Shamus (IF-Westbrook); Caroline Fortuna (IF-Haddam-Killingworth); Meghan Sepega (OF-Haddam-Killingworth); Cailey Botteon (OF-Hale-Ray); Laura MacLeod (OF-Old Saybrook); Taylor Muncy (UT-East Hampton); Lindsey Golia (UT-North Branford); Kelsey Donaldson (C-Morgan).


Ciara Samuel (H-K); Emily Guilmette (Portland); Sarah Curran (Valley Regional); Stephanie Hogan (North Branford); Madison Eucalitto (Old Saybrook); Kailey Ryan (East Hampton); Taylor Poizionis (Cromwell); Destiny Helmadach (Coginchaug); Calin Riggs (Old Lyme); Ashlyn Chidsey (Morgan); Faith Cooley (Hale-Ray); Jessica Forrest (Westbrook).

PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Kayla Nowak, North Branford.

PITCHER OF THE YEAR: Emily Popp, Morgan.

COACH OF THE YEAR: TJ Schatz, North Branford.


    • Baseball Fan says

      The Register can thank me later……this has been out since the last week of May

      Coach of the year: brookes HK

      MVP – Gorgas – east hamp

      Pitcher of the year – Gorgas – east hamp

      1st team infield

      Kevin Radziewicz – C – cromwell
      Mike Funaro – SS – NB
      Billy Buschetto – SS – old lyme
      *Brian Moskey – SS – HK
      Mike McNally – 2nd/SS – cromwell

      1st team OF
      David Peck – OF – old lyme
      Jason Traceski – OF – hale ray
      Sam Grigo – OF – westbrook

      Utility/next best
      Logan Lessard – P/1st – cromwell
      Nick Powers – SS – morgan

      1st team pitchers
      Griffen bremer – HK

      2nd team infield

      *Cole Ogorzalek – C – portland
      Nick Adamsons – SS – portland
      *Ross Golebiewski – 1st – old lyme
      Wil Nieves – 1st – hyde
      *Ronnie oldham – 3rd – westbrook

      2nd team OF

      Hayden Manning – OF – portland
      *Jake Ward – OF – morgan
      *Chance Brockett – OF – westbrook

      Utility/next best
      *Tucker Lord – 3rd/SS – cromwell
      Jason Staub – SS/P – portland

      2nd team pitcher
      Jake Regula – cromwell
      Zac Harrington – east hamp

      Players with * are juniore

        • Baseball Fan says

          Who cares about the Shoreline… had a team win Class S finals, a team make the Class M finals and should of won but we will save that for another day, multiple teams make the quarterfinals, but the SCC is far greater so who cares…….teams in the Shoreline wouldnt beat certain teams in the SCC tho so I will give them that its 1 of the best conferences in the state but atleast spread the coverage out

          • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

            Well, we can’t post all league teams that aren’t sent to us. SCC does a good job with sending out releases. Shoreline… not so much.

  1. Baseball Fan says

    Yes i understand you guys can’t cover everything with cut backs, layoffs, etc etc… also the coaches are at fault for not sending the info. in for the kids.

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      If your conference has a team to release, then release it. Email is a great thing. SCC emails all of its all-conference teams to us. Hence, its all-conference team gets published.

      • Baseball Fan says

        If I was a coach or deal with things in the shoreline I would but im not a coach or deal with the shoreline but i have sources that do that’s where I got my list from

        • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

          Yea, and they need to email us the list, call us and say they have it, or Tweet a link to us, or notify us via fax, telegraph, pony express, carrier pigeon, smoke signals, whatever it takes — when it’s done. Otherwise, they can’t complain when it’s not published.

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