Sean Patrick Bowley’s Audibles: Your statewide guide to Week 9’s games

The playoff contenders are dwindling by the day and most of our fair football teams are now playing for winning seasons, .500 records, pride, to get better, what have you.

There’s still plenty going on though, plenty of big game from which to choose Friday night. You can put on a blindfold and throw a dart at the three big SCC games and you won’t go wrong.

But if high-stakes SCC games aren’t your thing (huh?), you can always check out unbeaten McMahon take on 6-2 Ridgefield up at Tiger Hollow. There’s an FCIAC championship at stake for the Senators. Playoffs at stake for both.

Or check out the big Class L matchup of Farmington and Bristol Eastern. Or maybe you’re intrigued about Middletown at New London.

So once again let’s take quick look around the Nutmeg slate and see what’s what has we dive into Week 9.

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  1. JB says

    Biggest LL game of the year might be Shelton vs Xavier. Both very powerful attacks. Play-in type consequences. Talk about important. Its the season for each team. … of course, until next week for the winner.

  2. 10,000 Lakes says

    That is correct JB. X has been to the playoffs the last 4 years so they are used to getting into this mode. No Gonzo will hurt. But the BETTER coaching staff will adjust and have the replacment ready for Gaels. This will be a great game for a half, then the “playoff” experience of X will prevail. When you are used to playing in a “one and done” situation, you get it done. Xavier being home is a big plus (let’s hope the Black Hole is in FULL force).

  3. The Dude says

    Glastonbury favorite to win LL? Now that’s a heck a prediction. Personally I’d put Southington, NFA, and West Haven ahead of them.

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      @CT FAN MAN – Haven’t seen Bloomfield yet, but they have playmakers capable of springing an upset in the Class S field. They’ll almost certainly get in

  4. RAY BROWN says

    for what its worth RAY BROWNS picks for week 9
    west haven

    upset speacials——getting killed lately——–foran,ridgefield,cheshire,windham

  5. GHS fan says

    Glastonbury can be considered a favorite. CCC has its weak teams as does the SCC. However, Southington will beat most of the top teams in SCC, so will Hall this year. Not to mention Glastonbury will beat every team that Xavier has beat with the same if not better results. They have at least 7 True players on their squad. And this year which is the difference than the last three- is they have a quarter back who can throw. Keep sleeping with your thoughts and prayers towards the south of CT and you’ll have an upset on your hands – which really is not a true upset.

    West Haven – unless their line is the size of the 11 & 12 Xavier teams you can forget it. Their defense specializes on good backs – their team speed is unbelievable.

    Xavier – we hope for that match up this year.

    Southington – Rematch welcomed.

    NFA – I’m sure they want a rematch.

    Who else will give GBURY a run- really?

    GBURY- will still be a playoff team in any league they play in.

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