Sean Patrick Bowley’s AUDIBLES: Your statewide guide to Week 8’s high school football games

West Haven running back Ervin Philips leaps of Hamden defender Nigel Tappin for Philip's 2nd touchdown of the game. The Westies (6-1) face Wilbur Cross Friday afternoon (John Vanacore - for the Register)

West Haven running back Ervin Philips leaps of Hamden defender Nigel Tappin for Philip’s 2nd touchdown of the game. The Westies (6-1) face Wilbur Cross Friday afternoon (John Vanacore – for the Register)

Happy Halloween everyone!

Enjoy it because tomorrow begins the LAST full month of the High School Football season. It’ll be November tomorrow and we’ll be turning back those clocks on Sunday morning and begin gearing up for Thanksgiving in a few weeks.

Scary, right? That’s the best fright I can give you from the home office in New Haven.

As for our games, Hand-Xavier, Staples-Trumbull, Middletown-Farmington and, of course, St. Joseph-New Canaan are the delectables on the Week 8 menu.

So let’s take you on a quick ride around Nutmeg land and see what’s what, shall we?

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  1. jeb says

    CIAC follower…You might be right about tonighst crowd but nobody anywhere in the state has a bigger crowd than the New Canaan vs Darien Thanksgiving day game. Not even close.

  2. jeb says


    Five teams are a lock to make the Class LL playoffs:

    1. Newtown
    2. Glastonbury
    3. NFA
    4. Southington
    5. Hall
    The Staples vs. Trumbull winner should also sneak into the eight spot.

    That leaves West Haven, Shelton, Prep, Xavier and possibly Ridgefield vying for the other spots. The SCC ddoes it right with its scheduling but it hurts their teams when it comes to qualifying for the playoffs.

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      @Jeb – Absolutely correct. Problem is, there’s no one dominant SCC team among the group. They’ll at least be getting a ton of points. Just don’t drop below 2 losses…

  3. Bay says

    It’s been a while. Let’s see if I remember how to do this.

    Farmington at Middletown
    Dario Highsmith is a good player? Yeah right, and I’m a 30 something year old who writes snarky comments about high school football. (Looks in mirror. Damnit.) So yes, Highsmith is a very good player.

    Maloney at Windsor
    Is Windsor going the way of Masuk? Probably not. I haven’t seen any blogs with Windsor parents whining about how their coach is ruining everyone in town’s lives.

    Berlin at Platt
    This game would be more intriguing if one of the teams had a running back with a really cool name who has been running wild in the CCC. Oh wait, they do! Berlin’s Anthony Sisti has rushed for 205 yards and 6 touchdowns in 7 games. (Thanks MaxPreps)

    Hartford Public at Bulkeley
    Which is the best pubic high school in Hartford?? Trick question! There are no pubic high schools in Hartford, only public ones. (I’d like to thank SpellCheck for helping me write that joke)

    Plainville at Rockville
    Which is the better terrain on which to build a village: plains or rocks? We’ll find out after tonight.

    Weaver at Bloomfield
    Make this an alumni game and I’m there.

    Conard at Glastonbury
    BOLD PREDICTION: With UConn hoops getting into full gear, Kevin Ollie won’t be able to attend his son’s game. In a show of teenage rebellion, Jalen Ollie throws the game in an attempt to get more attention from his workaholic father. Unfortunately, Conard is not good enough to capitalize on his 14 interceptions and Glastonbury still wins the game. His father doesn’t realize what happened and just hears that the Tomahawks won the game. Texts son saying “good game. Luv ya bud” Jalen responds “u 2”, but turns his Evanescence CD up just a little bit and wonders if he actually does. (That one got away from me a bit.)

    Brist.Cent. at Rocky Hill
    Bristol Central is gonna murder Rocky Hill (wink wink)

    NW Catholic at Bristol Eastern
    Bristol Eastern has been doing really well since Middletown blasted them in week 3. And in other news, I’ve been doing really well since that nasty, horrible breakup with my girlfriend and I want to jump off a cliff and why would you even bring that up?

    McMahon at Ffld.Ludlowe
    (Note to self: Think of witty Senators/Election Day joke for the preview. Make sure to add it before posting.)

    St. Joseph at New Canaan
    The marquee game of the FCIAC regular season and possibly the entire state. The winner is basically the FCIAC champion. The loser will have to settle for a good shot at a state championship. But as many brain damaged people on this blog have stated over the years, the FCIAC title is sweeter.

    Cheshire at ND-WH
    Two programs that have fallen on hard times. Can’t totally blame ND though. It’s schedule is harder than the team from South Bend’s.

    Harding at Bassick
    In a script only Vince McMahon could write, Jack Cochran comes back to coach this game…..for Bassick! Black beard painted on and all. Cue Jimi Hendrix’s Voodoo Child. (Yes, I know the NOW was in WCW and McMahon runs the WWE. Just enjoy the joke. And that’s right, I follow high school football and pro wrestling. I am available ladies!)

    East Haven at Foran
    I don’t think it’s fair that Milford lets all of these foraners play for one of their high schools and not the other. They’re really fast. How many of them even have green cards?

    Branford at Lyman Hall
    I bet the Lyman Hall coach is regretting the message he wrote in alumnus Tom
    Brockett’s yearbook: “Tom, wishing you the best in the future. Hope you go and win 10 state titles at another school that you have no connection to while we go winless year after year. Jk lol like that would ever happen! Have a great summer- Coach”

    Xavier at Hand
    Neither team is ranked #1 in the state. Who even cares about these pathetic disgraces of programs anymore?

    North Haven at Hillhouse
    It’s nice that all of the Havens are getting involved in this game, which is being played in East Haven and
    West Haven’s Tom McCarthy is booking all of the action on it.

    Bunnell at Pomperaug
    Two more programs that have fallen on hard times. Is anyone on soft times anymore?

    Stratford at Masuk
    2011- “Masuk is the best team this state has ever seen and the program is elite.”
    2013- “Masuk stinks. Ansonia doesn’t play anybody good.”

    Plainfield at North Smithfield (RI)
    I wish Plainfield had played Cranston (RI). Then I could’ve broken out that Freda Felcher joke I wrote in 1994.

    Sheehan at Ffld.Warde
    “The FCIAC-SCC Challenge is still going on?!?” I say the same thing about the WNBA every year.

    Capital Prep at Wilcox Tech
    For one week, please lift the Cochran rule. I’m pretty sure Capital could score 260 on Wilcox in 48 minutes.

    Coginchaug at Housatonic/Wamogo
    BOLD PREDICTION: Coginchaug will win, but not by as much as you might have guessed.

    SMSA/University at Old Saybrook/Westbrook
    This just isn’t fair. Why does SMSA get to co-op with a college? Those kids are probably much older and more developed.

    Bethel at Immaculate
    BOLD PREDICTION: Immaculate will keep this one close. Very close. Take them getting the 1.5 McCarthy is offering. Trust me on this one.

    Enjoy the games and make sure to follow @CTFootballLive

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      HAHA! Hysterical, especially the Brockett bit.
      WELCOME TO GAMETIMECT. Please, do stick around and stay around.

  4. RAY BROWN says

    for what its worth—-ray browns week 8 picks


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