Sean Patrick Bowley’s Audibles: Your statewide guide to Week 10’s games

Xavier quarterback Joe Carbone looks to pass in the Falcons' 15-12 victory over Shelton last week. (Catherine Avalone)

Xavier quarterback Joe Carbone looks to pass in the Falcons’ 15-12 victory over Shelton last week. (Catherine Avalone)

We’ve reached the part of the story when it’s all about the playoffs. It’s about bonuses and guarantees.

Who needs to win what to clinch, to get closer to clinching, to have a chance at clinching, or just staying mathematically alive. And for those who aren’t in the running, don’t worry. Your game means something to somebody somewhere. Fortunes will rise and fall in towns far across the state if you recover a fumble, catch a touchdown pass or make a big sack with time winding down. Everything you do is amplified exponentially.

So here we go, the last full slate of games before Thanksgiving Week. Next week is reserved for the Pequot, CCC and ECC stragglers and for leagues with championship games while the rest of us start thawing out the turkey and setting the table.

Let’s take a trip around the state and see what’s what:

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  1. Rob (On Connecticut's East Coast) says

    Regarding Stonington VS NFA; Stonington’s Pee-Wee Football Offense (AKA The Double Wing) they run is designed to provide results even when you are at a considerable athlete disadvantage. I cannot wait to see if they can overmatch NFA’s D-Ends and if their defense can contain Beadrault (Sorry if I spelled it wrong Windham Xfer), Outlow and Exum-Strong. Good Luck Bears.

  2. RAY BROWN says

    for what its worth RAY BROWNS picks for week 10
    west haven
    ffld prep

    upset speacials(4-4 last week) derby,manchester,n.branford,hyde

    • Not Ray Brown says

      I don’t have a problem with anyone posting predictions on here, 1st amendment right? However, what I don’t get is how you can contradict yourself every week. You make predictions on only the big games (most of which, according to you, are SCC games) then you go on to say the SCC is mediocre, overrated, etc. If the SCC really isn’t as good as you say it is, why predict so many of their games?

      PS You picked Amity twice. They’re good, but not that good.

  3. PapaDags says

    @ Ray, first of all, keep your picks and whatever you like to say coming..Dave can’t identify himself. As for Derby upsetting Woodland this week I must strongly disagree..I see a Woodland blowout.

  4. Pops22 says

    Trivia question – Tonight N.D. West Haven plays Hand of Madison – Both schools’ web-sites are showing the game live – Has that ever happened in the state before? Is it a good thing? – Will more live coverage mean smaller crowds at the games?

  5. jeb says


    I always enjoy and look forward to all your comments…..I admire your passion and loyalty to high school football..keep up the good work. You know how to rile up the masses with your blogs but most of us know it only in good fun

  6. says

    If you want to watch the ND WH vs. Hand live in HD on livestream go to “” and hit “watch video” on the Home page. First year that Hand through Tiger Pride Football has been streaming their home games live, and for free, in HD. Away games have been digital livestreamed. Amazing! No commercials too! We even throw in the half-time Tiger Marching Band performances. Livestreaming the games has not hurt attendance at all at Hand home games. I am sure SPB and the Pooch can attest to that. The Surf Club venue is always great, family friendly and the Hand football fans always come out in droves to support their hometown team. Its Friday NIght Lights Connecticut style. The Daniel Hand Tiger Pride Football Association developed the livestreaming of Hand games to keep the alumni players and Hand fans who do not live nearby or in State to keep up with their beloved team. Also, Tigerpride Football uses the free livestreaming as a means to obtain free will donations from its alumni, fans and viewers so that it can provide college scholarships to graduating seniors on the football team. Our sons, who played for Hand the past four years, watch Hand play on Friday nights while away at college. At least we know what they are doing for two hours on a college weekend! Its been a great year to kick off Tiger Pride Football and to enjoy the new Strong Field at the Surf Club. Come one, come all, to

    • says

      A good majority of the people watching the live online games for Hand are from out of the state of CT. The goal of this service was to get alumni a chance to see the games and stay connected with something they loved doing and continue to share a passion for. With that goal in mind, it has succeeded tremendously. We have people from FL, VA, CA, NY, MD, CO, NC, MA even Canada watching the games because they are alumni or the grandparents or aunt’s/uncle’s etc. of current team members. We obviously encourage donations to help us continue doing this as we are a non-profit 501c3 association, so anyone who donates can use it as charitable donation on their taxes.. So, anyone who wants to watch, just go to and click the Watch Video link. thanks

      • roto says

        With all due respect to Tigerpride, is the pioneer of CT HSFB web casting. According to the weekly shout-outs from booth legend Steve Kirk, viewers tune in from a majority of US states and various European, Asian and Latin American countries on any given night. If you are local and don’t want to deal with Surf Club traffic as the Knights go for their 10th win over the Tigers, tune in to gogreenkights.

        • says

          With all due respect to, Kent and Frank of Madison Public TV have been broadcasting Hand football games for over 25 years. Tiger Pride decided to begin livestreaming in HD to usher in a new era of Hand football at Strong Field at the Surf Club. The best place, bare none, to watch HS football in the State. For some reason, over the last three years, broadcast of ND losses to Hand have been left off their website. I guess, after yesterday’s loss, go greenknights will, once again, conveniently forget to upload loss number four! Kidding aside, does a great job broadcasting ND sports.

  7. RAY BROWN says

    I don’t contradict myself–I try to pick winners of games no matter where theyre located—just a hobby—im not stuck on what many people think is the only conference in state—-the mediocre scc

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