Pooch’s Top 10 Ballot for Week 13

Here’s how I voted for the 2013 New Haven Register Top 10 Football Poll after Week 12.

The Poll will be posted on-line later tonight on GameTimeCT and appear in Tuesday’s print editions.


  • 1. Ansonia
  • 2. Darien
  • 3. New Canaan
  • 4. Newtown
  • 5. Glastonbury
  • 6. St. Joseph
  • 7. Fairfield Prep
  • 8. West Haven
  • 9. Platt
  • 10. Hall
  • 11. Southington
  • 12. Middletown
  • 13. Hand
  • 14. North Haven
  • 15. Valley Regional/Old Lyme


  1. says

    for what its worth

    1—- ansonia
    3– darien
    4–new caanan
    5— glastonbury
    7— ffld prep
    8– hall
    13—west haven
    14—north haven
    15—new london

  2. says

    I don’t like Ansonia in the top spot but right now it’s hard to argue it. Overall this is a sound ballot, though I think Middletown might be too low. Maybe drop swap Platt and Middletown?

  3. aok says

    What body of work does Ansonia get credited with vs other undefeated teams since that seems to be only criteria.. Great running back against bad teams???? at end of the year if there is an undefeated or even a 1 loss LL or L team that has gone through that guantlet please compare that to the yellowbrick road Ansonia has traveled.

      • aok says

        So now we are giving out championships based on the last 40 years, listen Dorothy this isn’t OZ, not once have you given 1 example of why Ansonia is #1, but your right, idiot reporters voting them because of history PAST history, not recent. Woulda , coulda but haven’t actually DONE anything, crying for an unjust system. Why isnt Valley/Newtown at least #2 ???? undefeated

    • Gfre714 says

      Agreed, Any of these teams would look great against weak teams. When Ansonia starts playing teams like NC, Hand, EX, and West Haven and still winning I will enthusiastically give them the credit that they are given year after year.

  4. Johnnybaccala says

    Clock management at the end of the game had a lot to do with New Canaan getting beat. Darien was on the five yard line and NC rather than call a timeout which would have given them a full two minutes to work with if Darien scored refused to call time. Darien scored three plays later leaving NC with 53 seconds left . In spite of that NC still drove down to the Darien 8 yd line but ran out of time.

  5. ibleedblue says

    All you dummies down in FCIAC land, get over it. Accept the fact that Ansonia is #1 and would kick the crap out of New Canaan or Darien and get on with your miserable lives. Go console Mike Quick.

    • UBilly says

      This is kind of like saying Northern Illinois University would now beat Alabama because Auburn beat them in the last seconds of a monster game!

  6. Football Fan says

    Ansonia was number 1 for seven weeks and the voters some how changed their minds and put NC ahead of them. All the teams in the top ten had a close game sometime during the year, that is what happens in a long football season. Ansonia is number two, is on a forty game win streak, won back to back state championships’ and is undefeated. If the voters don’t think they shouldn’t be number , who are you going to put ahead of them now. Give these kids their do, they did nothing wrong but win.

    • Gfre714 says

      You cant blame the kids, I am sure they work as hard as anybody but if their coaches want them to be recognized as the true No. team in the state then they need to start playing other top 10 L and LL schools.

  7. jeb says

    ibleebu says…..you are correct that Ansonia should remain #1…you are incorrect when you say that Ansonia would kick the crap out of both NC and Darien. None of those three teams would beat each other by blowouts.

  8. Go big blue says

    I am a diehard charger fan but our competition has been the worse in my 20 years of watching ansonia.I am sorry to post this to my fellow followers but I have seen some bad teams this year.Too bad we will not even be challenged in the states either.

    • bgarf says

      Don’t be so sure about that, if McKnight has a high-ankle sprain like it looked and Newsome coughs it up a couple times like he’s been prone to this year, they’re going to find themselves in a tight one.

  9. willie says

    ansonia has a great program. but they play a class s schedule and having ranking them number 1 is silly and makes a mockery of the whole exercise.
    Ansonia’s toughest opponent was woodland, ranked 19 in the media poll but really about 45th in ct.
    newtowna has not played a ranked team but they will have thier chance in the LL playoffs to show they should be number 1. wish them luck.
    glastonbury has played three ranked team in the top 22 as has darien. NC and STjoes have played 4 games against ranked teams in the top 22, as has prep. Sothington and middletown 2 each, although middletown’s were pretty weak. platt zero but like newtown they will have a chance to show what they can do in the playoffs.
    in contrast, we will learn nothing about ansonia from the playoffs as they will not play any top teams.

    hence, while ansonia is a great class s program it is jsut silly to rank them number 1, silly and unfair to the other teams who actually paly each other

  10. Just play One Top 10 Team says

    Maybe if one of the team buses from LL or L Finals gets lost on the way to CCSU ,Ansonia can suit up against the Big Boys

  11. ciacfollower says

    While last year’s state finalists at Rentschler were fairly predictable, I’m calling for ’13 to be the year of the upsets, starting with tonight. We got a little foreshadowing last week at Dunning Field….

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