Pooch’s Top 10 Ballot for Week 11

Here’s how I voted for the 2013 New Haven Register Top 10 Football Poll after Week 10.

The Poll will be posted on-line later tonight on GameTimeCT and appear in Tuesday’s print editions.


  • 1. New Canaan
  • 2. Ansonia
  • 3. St. Joseph
  • 4. West Haven
  • 5. Newtown
  • 6. Glastonbury
  • 7. Darien
  • 8. Platt
  • 9. NFA
  • 10. Fairfield Prep
  • 11. Hall
  • 12. Southington
  • 13. Middletown
  • 14. Brookfield
  • 15. Valley Regional/Old Lyme



    I cannot wait for Thanksgiving! I will watch Bruno and his Naugy Greyhounds shred the Chargers to pieces, feast on turkey, then take a nap!

  2. Warrior Pride! says

    Pooch: little know fact about the Valley Regional team, when their top players were in youth football, they won a SYFC (e.g. SCC’s youth conference) championship as 7th graders beating Cheshire and got back to the championship game and lost a heartbreaker against a strong Madison team in 8th grade. So they should be good and great to see them mentioned in the state rankings

  3. NOT RAY BROWN says

    Unbelievable that a team that’s 9-0 and odds-on favorite to finish 11-0 could be considered untested. Just ridiculous.

    • ciacfollower says

      the guys in FCIAC/SWC/NVL land wont consider anyone east of New Haven county regardless if they’re undefeated. The common thought is “they’re undefeated cuz they play in that Pequot league, they dont play anybody”. Thats what peeps said about Hand when they were ignored by the polls all season in ’76. “They’re undefeated cuz they play on the shoreline, St Paul’s gonna show’em what real football’s all about”.
      Yeah, we know how that went…

      Dont get worked up if you’re not in the top-ten VROL, you’re better off under the radar.

  4. says

    I photographed Valley at Old Saybrook this past Saturday (photos available on Maxpreps dot com). They looked very good. They interchange 2 QBs for a running versus a passing game. Their closest competition was in a 3 point win over a weaker than normal Class L Avon team. I would love to see them face St. Joe’s!

  5. ACL says

    Other than the Avon game, who has tested Valley? They haven’t played anyone of note and their schedule is made up mostly S teams (1 L, 1 M, 9 S), which puts their schedule strength in the bottom half of M.

    Meanwhile, St. Joe’s has played the toughest schedule in M (5 LL, 5 L, 1 S) including, Prep, Darien, ND-WH, New Canaan, Trumbull, and McMahon. That is a much tougher test.

    Valley may be a strong team and I take nothing away from their success against the teams on their schedule. I just think that the talent level will be a significant increase to what they have seen so far this year. I wish them nothing but the best.

    • ciacfollower says

      Blowing out an unbeaten Morgan last month @the Huskies home field in Clinton was somewhat of a statement, no ?

      • ACL says

        I guess you could make a case that it is a statement win but its a pretty weak case.

        The won/loss record of Morgan’s opponents is 34-48 (two of the teams they beat are winless) and their schedule is weaker than a certain other S team that has been talked about quite a bit this season.

        The biggest argument for that certain S school from the NVL has been that their schedule is so weak that they wouldn’t be as good playing against larger schools on a regular basis. Applying that same logic to Morgan/Valley, how can the Valley win over Morgan be a statement win given that Morgan’s schedule is so weak?

        Don’t get me wrong, any time you beat an unbeaten team on the road, its a great win. For the purposes of this discussion, I don’t think it strengthens Valley resume’, nor do I think it translates to being tested prior to the playoffs.

  6. D Money says

    Platt played the weakest schedule of any of the top 5 teams in Class L. Most of there opponants were average Class M and S schools. Their only Class L opponent was Maloney, who is weak at best. Not sure Platt belongs in the Top 10.

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