Pooch’s Top 10 Ballot for Week 10

Here’s how I voted for the 2013 New Haven Register Top 10 Football Poll after Week 9.

The Poll will be posted on-line later tonight on GameTimeCT and appear in Tuesday’s print editions.


  • 1. New Canaan
  • 2. Ansonia
  • 3. St. Joseph
  • 4. West Haven
  • 5. Newtown
  • 6. Glastonbury
  • 7. North Haven
  • 8. Platt
  • 9. Xavier
  • 10. Darien
  • 11. NFA
  • 12. Hall
  • 13. Southington
  • 14. Fairfield Prep
  • 15. Middletown


  1. XHS says

    Don’t mean to beat a dead bush by no way is Ansonia the second best team in the state. Closer to being out of the top ten then #2 no disrespect meant.

  2. anotherfan says

    All haters…. line ’em up….can’t deal with the truth/facts . Obviously Mike knows more about high school football than a few noners (that is what we used to call non-players back in my high school days)

    • JB says

      Pooch’s picks are good. I think Newtown is too high, but given undefeated season what can you do? – so no dig on Mike. I think Darien will take North Haven by 2 TDs and show well. The Wave will be the first big test for NC, especially if injuries keep Rams down from peak play.

      Mike, is Platt like Newtown … Plays no one good, but still racking up the wins so can’t vote against them?

  3. SCC fan says

    JB, yes these guys cannot vote against an undefeated team even though they have struggled big time against class M teams. I get it as you cannot see all games and see what is really going on. But life outside of these two teams leagues is quite different and most do not understand what it is all about.

  4. Crimson Crusader says

    Pooch gets just one vote (like anyone else asked to vote) but unlike the other voters, he puts his out there so any scrutiny about his picks is BS…the poll is just mythical and are the opinions of many…..The only vote that really counts is the final one after the playoffs….

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