Newsome sets all-time state rushing record in Ansonia’s rout of Masuk

(Peter Casolino – New Haven Register) Ansonia’s Arkeel Newsome runs for a second quarter TD. He scored six and broke the state’s all-time rushing record held by former Ansonia great Alex Thomas.

Connecticut’s rushing record holder and former Ansonia great Alex Thomas was on hand to watch Arkeel Newsome break his all-time rushing record. (Peter Casolino – Register)

Ansonia >> Arkeel Newsome, Ansonia’s electric senior running back, has already rewritten the Connecticut high school record book several times.

But Newsome stamped his name on top of one of the most coveted records Thursday when he became the state’s all-time leading rusher.

On the first play of the third quarter, Newsome zigzagged his way to a 57-yard touchdown, allowing him to break the record previously held by former Chargers standout Alex Thomas.

Newsome finished with 26 carries for 396 yards and six touchdowns as Ansonia, the No. 1 team in the Register Top 10 Poll, cruised to a 56-21 non-league victory over Masuk as part of the SWC-NVL Challenge. The Chargers, who have won back-to-back state titles, have now won 34 consecutive games.

Newsome needed 291 yards to surpass Thomas, who finished his career with 8,279 yards from 2004-2007. Newsome now has career totals of 716 carries for 8,385 yards (11.71 yards per carry). Newsome added to the state records he already owns for career touchdowns (145) and points (900). Newsome has season totals of 106 carries for 1,580 yards and 26 touchdowns.

Despite his pursuit of history, Newsome, who has committed to play at UConn, was more concerned with emerging with the victory.

“It’s a great feeling,” Newsome said. “Coming into this game we definitely had the mindset that we can dominate this team. They’re a good team. It was a good win.”

Newsome gained 251 yards in the first half, putting him just 40 yards shy of the record. Newsome, though, was unaware of his stats at halftime.

“I was just going to run hard regardless,” Newsome said.

The game was stopped after Newsome’s record breaking run to acknowledge the accomplishment. The humble Newsome raised a football in the air to a loud ovation.

“I never did anything like that before,” Newsome said. “It’s a really good feeling, everybody cheering.”

Touchdown runs of 28 and 18 yards by Newsome, and a 52-yard touchdown pass from senior quarterback Jai’Quan McKnight to sophomore Tajik Bagley, gave Ansonia (6-0) a 20-0 lead after one quarter.

“We said we had to come out with great intensity, full-speed every play, and I think the offensive line did a great job doing that today,” McKnight said.

Masuk senior Malik Cummings threw to touchdown passes to Trevor Kollman in the second quarter as Masuk crept to within 28-14. Newsome, though, who scored on a 46-yard run earlier in that quarter, added an 11-yard touchdown run to put Ansonia up 34-14 at the intermission.

Newsome scored on a 66-yard run in the third quarter, and Tyler Bailey scored on a 1-yard run in the fourth for the Chargers.

Newsome, combined with Ansonia’s quick start, was too much for the Panthers to overcome.

“Against Ansonia High School you have to be perfect, or as close to perfect as possible,” Masuk coach Dave Brennan said. “You can’t make mistakes, you can’t drop balls, you can’t allow long drives, you can’t miss tackles, although that young man (Newsome) is a very fantastic runner. Hats off to him, he did a great job.”

Ansonia coach Tom Brockett was pleased with his team’s performance against a Class L power like Masuk, which has advanced to the playoffs in seven of the last eight seasons.

“When you’re Ansonia, you’re under fire,” Brockett said. “We hear it all the time, that we’ll get wore out playing against a two-platoon, Class L (school). I think we don’t feel like we have anything to prove to anybody, but the critics are waiting. We know they’re waiting and I thought our kids came out tonight and did a great job of representing Ansonia football. I was real proud of the effort.”

Ansonia 56, Masuk 21
(at Ansonia)

Masuk 0 14 0 7 — 21
Ansonia 20 14 15 7 — 56
First quarter
A—Arkeel Newsome 28 run (Witold Gul kick)
A—Arkeel Newsome 18 run (Gul kick)
A—Tajik Bagley 52 pass from Jaiquan McKnight (kick blocked)
Second quarter
M—Trevor Kollman 81 pass from Malik Cummings (Chris Rubis kick)
A—Arkeel Newsome 46 run (Newsome run)
M—Trevor Kollman 34 pass from Malik Cummings (Rubis kick)
A—Arkeel Newsome 11 run (kick failed)Third quarter
A—Arkeel Newsome 57 run (Newsome run)
A—Arkeel Newsome 66 run (Witold Gul kick)
Fourth quarter
A—Tyler Bailey 1 run (Witold Gul kick)
M—Michael Dellapiano 18 run (Rubis kick)
Team records: Ansonia 6-0; Masuk 4-2


  1. CT HS Fan says

    Okay. Anyone doubting Ansonia needs to stop right now. They are big up front and do they have speed! Absolutely dominated Masuk. They had at least 5 backs that can start most anywhere in the state. Start with #2, then #1, then #3, then #4, then #5 – it just keeps on going. Defensively, they can be moved on and scored upon. Offensively, forget about it. Too big, too fast and too skilled. Masuk actually missed another opportunity to score, but this game was never close – except at the opening kick-off. Give Masuk credit, they played hard, but were clearly outmatched. #1 team in the state? Ansonia – Yes.

    • Bill says

      Ansonia’s strength of schedule is weak. They can be doubted unless thay beat some one with respectable. Masuk arent what they use to be.

      • DOM says

        lol u cant be serious . if ansonia would of beat xavier this year also you would probably say the same thing which tells me all about what your doing .. HATER HATER HATER !!!

        • William says

          It’s true though… masuk is nothing compared to their teams a few year ago… and after seeing xavier and ansonia play this year I do believe xavier would win

          • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

            Disagree. Disagree. Disagree. Delusions of grandeur. Erv Philips and the Westie gamebreakers could score from midfield against Xavier, but Ansonia’s massive O line and Arkeel Newsome couldn’t? That makes a ton of sense.

  2. XHS says

    I doubt them. Again that team would get pushed around all day in the SCC and the FIAC might be better this year. A great back who wouldn’t be better then Cooper or Phillips if he played game in and game out in the SCC.

  3. fciac jr says

    could you imagine what Erv Philips and Outlow could do playing the jv schedule Ansonia does? Though I wont take away from the accomplishment of Arkeel, but playing a water down schedule yearly plays a major part of record breaking performances. Arkeel is awesome, but to state he is the best while Philips is challenged each week is pretty naïve. Outlow proved his worth last season in the playoffs.

    O Line is not the best in the state. Maybe in the NVL, but life outside of the NVL is a different world for football, thats for sure.

  4. RAY BROWN says

    ansonia could have scored 100 points if varsity played whole game.Masuk looked like they were playing touch football.

    • Just Sayin says

      Absolutely Ray-man, aren’t we all a little tired of passing league 7 on 7 football? How about some physical down in the trenches football, with a solid running game and good defense?
      Too many teams don’t want to mix it up. Do they even practice defense? Are you listening NFL?

  5. Pete says

    People like Bill will continue to bash Ansonia no matter what. This game was probably thought up 1 to 2 years ago, when Masuk was crushing everyone, it’s not Ansonia’s fault that Masuk can’t sustain a winning team. I said it last night, people would be saying “it’s not the same Masuk team,” well, it’s not the same Ansonia team year after year either, but yet they keep rolling over opponents. It’s time for all the doubters to finally shut up and accept that Ansonia has a great program, and would probbaly beat your HS team.

    • Frank says

      Ansonia will have to defend themselves forever, or until they are battled tested in a competitive league. They have had the invitations to the SCC, there scared!

  6. Sheltoned says

    Well Brockett first of all Masuk is not a two platoon team anymore. Second they certainly are not a class L power anymore. Keep hanging your hats on this victory though.

  7. The Truth Hurts says

    Masuk looked like Derby except much slower.Masuk line was puny.It looked like their lines were in the 200 lb rage at best.

  8. go blue says

    Ansonia o line is the best in the state. They have the best back and player in the state. Keep up the hatred. We Ansonia fans love it. I like people like FCIAC JR who uses the league name as a whole. Your team is probably Hading. XHS ha your a funny dude. Middletown plays a weaker schedule than AHS. Don’t tell me there a better team when they last won a tittle way back in ??????.!* state time champs and counting wow.

    • Stan Kawalski says

      I’ve never seen a group of guys that know so little about the game as these clowns from the Valley. Listen the Kid is a nice HS back maybe he has a decent career at UCONN. Guys yes it’s not Ansonia’s fault that they play in a conference that is one step above the tech league. That’s 100% true no arguing well maybe the Pequot as well come on fellas Watertown and Torrington I mean we are not talking football towns here. The league is not very good again not Ansonia’s fault but is Arod better than Derek Jeter because he piles up stats…..NO WAY. Stats in no way tells who the better player is not even close if you know football you would know that but in Ansonia that’s the culture run sweep left and sweep right and lets see how many points and rushing yards we can accumulate against St Paul and Wolcott another two of the power teams the great state of Connecticut has to offer. If these Homers don’t know or not going to acknowledge the play in that conference as below awful then you will continue to be ridiculed year in year out. Outlaw was getting recruited by Oklahoma and Florida St guys yet you continue to disregard him or any other back and brag about yours. Your hurting the kid!!!!! not helping him…..Phillips as well would embarrass these teams beyond belief!!! Imagine the Westies in the NVL!!!!These teams would be pooping there pants daily if they had to face them each week. Talk about hanging 100 on teams some of the SCC teams would be sitting guys before the 1st quarter was over. Masuk too come on fellas that team was dreadful I mean dreadful. There good teams stunk… should know that too if you knew football. It seems like you were impressed with that!!!!!There 10-0 teams were crap I mean total Doo-doo stink funky brown garbage. Why are you bragging about a team that just lost the week before to a 1-5 or whatever they were!!!!! You didn’t beat Ohio St you beat Masuk!! That in it self is comical> listening to this Ray Brown guy I get dumber every week……This man has zero football IQ and does not know the first thing about this wonderful game. Sorry Ray but comments like Ansonia football Rules!!!! and best RB in the state make you look like you know less then the zero that you do no. Best RB in the state how tell me what makes him the best besides the 40 carries a week 400 yards stat boy that you are. What in your mind makes him the best? Ray he’s a stat for you How many Super Bowls did Dan Marino win statboy Ray. He’s a hint ZERO!!!!!!!!!! Stats mean nothing. I havent heard a thing about these 2500\3000 a year backs after they leave the NVL. You know why statboy because there not battle tested!!!!! Its touch football in that league. Please will you look at it from a guy that has forgotten more football then you know. The best SCC team year in and out would destroy I mean destroy any Ansonia team. ANY one of the teams ever!!!!!!!!!I would take the best XAVIER, WESTIE, ND-WH, D HAND, and CHESHIRE teams of the past and put them against ANY yup i said it ANY team Ansonia has put out in the last 100 years and the closest ANSONIA would come is 3 maybe 2 TDS. Those pipe-hitting teams would beat the snot I don’t care about this Tinney or Sharkey or whatever other Thomas or DOBBS or OSIESKI KINNABREW whatever it would be a epic epic beating of the Chargers. Half the games would be over at the break. People are so sick of the valley people crying about this and that. You get invited to the big boy conference every year and every year you say no and don’t give me because of rivalries crap as a excuse. Shelton\Derby play every year and Derby chickened out to go play Flag football. Take the Invite schedule a game with a real program not Masuk thats a joke everyone that knows football knows Masuk was garbage since day 1. Go play New Canaan they would crush Ansonia this year 45-21 all day go play the Westies in a real game not that garbage scrimmage every year that you keep score and they don’t . Every year Ansonia wins somehow but WH scored 3 more TDs. you clowns treat that as a real game they don’t even bother to weart there unis and ever year no matter what Ansonia football drunks are barking Ansonia won the game but oh yea they scored more but we won because dahh cause we have stats and stats are what wins yeaa!!!!!! Twice they tried to step up to LL TWICE they went home with a L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Know the game please not the box score before you talk again!!!!!! IM DONE

    • says

      Go easy guy…..There are other positions besides RB. Again please tell me how he is the best player and back in the state? Please give me a knowledgeable football answer without using STATS!!!!……………and best staff in the state???? not even close!!!! That one is about as off and can be. How do you know that? Do you know the staff of Stafford Springs or Gilbert? Please enlighten me to the secret knowledge you have on the coaching staffs of CT football!!!!! Best team??? You cant be serious. Have you seen what New Canaan is doing to LL teams? Have you watch a game this year other than Ansonia vs insert NVL doo-doo here!!!!!!! They play in class S dude!!!!!! New Canaan 50 Ansonia 24 not up for debate when facts are posted

  9. Matt B says

    After watching that game last night I firmly believe that Derby would beat Masuk 9 out of 10 times. Derby is gonna end up 6-5 in the NVL. I understand that it’s not Ansonia fault that Masuk is down, just like it wasn’t their fault that Hillhouse was down the year they scheduled them, but knowing that they are down means you can’t claim to be world beaters based on that win. Masuk is maybe the 3rd of 4th best team Ansonia will play this season, which is pretty bad.

    • says

      Seems like a trend going on. Lightbulb goes off in Ansonia AD’s head. I have an idea let’s scout this teams freshman and JV’s teams and if they go under .500 and there Varsity teams have won a stat title let’s put them on the schedule 2 years from now that way we can say we scheduled a powerhouse but we used are CIA like ability and we really know that they lost all 22 starters and look at whats coming up!!!!!!!! Then the lights go out for another 15 years!!!!!

  10. boomboom says

    Best back in the state yes, best player in the state – arguable, best staff in the state – WRONG, and best team in the state arguable.

    Masuk is worse than Greenwich and Hand this year, travel south, see NC play, they are bigger, faster, and stronger…. NC’s offense is the weak link this year…. if that says anything.

    • Bubba says

      Masuk has never beaten Hand. Hand destroyed them when they were at their best with Cochran. A down Hand team would beat Ansonia best any day of the week.

      • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

        Masuk 2010 — a *great* team that people seem to forget for some reason — destroyed New Canaan, which beat Hand, to win the L title. A down Hand team would not beat Ansonia any day of the week.

        • says

          What’s a down Hand team 8-2, 7-3? example the one that lost to a Jordan Reed led New London squad a few years back? A down Hand team may not beat Ansonia but a Top Hand team would Hillhouse 35-0 a Top Ansonia team all day and a down Hand team would also Hillhouse 35-0 a down Ansonia team and it would have to be a pretty down Hand team to lose to the Chargers. What were they called before they before they left San Diego to come to Ansonia?

      • DOM says


        • says

          That comment should be on world’s funniest blog comments. Dom did you see who they played in the playoffs that year Hyde and Cromwell and they weren’t even the top ranked team that year New Britain was. Dom they probably would have been beaten that year my man by New Britain or a 10-1-1 West Haven team oh wait forgot about that scrimmage how could I or Shelton 12-1 prob scrimmage them too.

  11. XHS says

    Watch the highlights. Every play follow the pulling guard. A good program DC should have that offense figured out in 15 minutes. The guard pulls and looks inside. A talented squad who reads their keys stops that vanilla running scheme.

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      A lot of great coaches have tried to stop that ‘vanilla’ scheme over the years.

      As a Xavier guy, you should know if you have the huge, quick and talented boys up front and a kid who cuts on a dime, you can game plan all you want, you can’t stop it if everyone executes.

      It comes down to their strength vs yours. You know… football.

      • says

        SPB you sound like Franscesa sticking up for AROID!!!!! The ANSONIA faithful asked for the truth. These guys are just giving it to them……..People are tired of these guys using these kids to relive there glory man. That town is like all those sad TV shows about West Texas HS football. Its the exact same comparison sad but true.

    • says

      That’s all Ansonia needed to do last night. Believe it or not, there’s a lot more Ansonia has in its repertoire when one thing doesn’t work. No need to do anything else if one thing keeps working time after time.

  12. go blue says

    Like I said your a funny dude XHS.Like I said best STAFF in the state. Best PLAYER in the state.Best TEAM in the state and by far the GREATEST Program in the state.

  13. bubba says

    Phillips is the best player in the State. I’m a Hand supporter! Newsome is very good, and I believe he would be awesome on any team in the State. Phillips does it all. If healthly in college he will be explosive, you may see him play on Sundays in the future.

  14. RAY BROWN says

    i didnt know masuk was only team in state that graduated bad.maybe they should have checked and found if casey cochrane had any eligibility left

    • says

      Ray really bro why are you knocking a kid? Your a pathetic dude bro. All you do on here is use Arkeel Newsome to fuel your football dreams. You come on here and talk trash about other kids if they don’t play for Big Blue (comical). What’s your story? Don’t knock the kid either he’s going to be your IDOL’S future QB. You have by single handed gotten Ansonia less fans because of your lack of football knowledge. Dude you need to go back and study a bit more. Know the history of CT football guy and not just ANSONIA FOOTBALL RULES. STATBOY!!!!!!!!! stop talking about kids and knocking them you don’t want to end up like that clown JIM BUONOCORE and if you know him I’m sure that 1000 other guys wished it was them throwing the punch.

  15. newsome, philips, cooper, outlaw? says

    who’s best back in the state? you can’t say Cooper, 1/3 of his career rushing yards against two of the worst defensive teams in the state, wallingford x 2. Philips?? plays tough schedule, but in the wing t it’s hard to tell, since he runs east/west so much..imagine him running downhill power and counters!! Newsome? he puts up numbers week in and week out, but they aren’t playing last years hand defense with gerson and walsh or anything remotely close. p

    • Raff says

      Are you serious? How many yards has Newsome achieved over the years vs Crosby- Sacred Heart and Wilby? That stat means zero. Cooper his JR year rushed for 223 yards and had 93 receiving yards vs Xavier in the 50-49 in comeback and 3 TD’s. Cooper has gained a lot of yards vs the SCC best. His 6,024 career rushing yards on 560 carries (169 carries less than Newsone’s career) and Cooper has 87 TD’s. Cooper also averages 10.87 yards per carry in the SCC. I want to see Newsone run against- Hand- Shelton- Hillhouse- North Haven- Xavier and West Haven in 6 consecutive weeks and see if he puts up 300 yard games weekly? We will never see that but that would make sense.
      Let’s put Newsome- Cooper and Phillips in a weight room and agility test in the future. Cooper’s 4.39 should win the speed category.
      Newsome is a great RB but to say he would put up his numbers in a more cpmprtive league is heard to say. When you get hit weekly rather than 2 games a year makes a huge difference.

      • Just Sayin says

        Walter Payton, O.J. Simpson, Jim Brown, Tony Dorsett, Earl Campbell, Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Eric Dickerson. And I left 20 more out. Who’s the best?
        They all are.
        Point is picking the best back out of many good ones is usually impossible.
        Suraci at North Haven and Meoli at Xavier ain’t too shabby either, but they haven’t had the same number of carries.

      • says

        Well said Raff!!!!!!now there’s a man that knows his stuff. I believe on ESPN recruiting they had Newsome’s blinding 40 time…………….4.77 or 4.83 something like that. SCC has lineman that run 40’s faster. I cant wait it here that excuses on this one. The clock was broke or my favorite it was a 3.77 man didn’t you hear…….He ran it with full pads on and football in hand with Alex Thomas on his back at the West Haven scrimmage that we Ansonia won did I mention that Ansonia won?!!!!!!I

  16. The Truth says

    OK – This whole debate is entertaining and great to look forward to during the week. The issue is people need to look at is that you cannot compare teams/years and players. This Ansonia team was very good. Are they the best in the state – they may very well be. You better be gig, fast aggressive and disciplined to have a shot. Masuk is not a good measuring stick, they are predicitable and not very well coached.

  17. Crimson Crusader says

    There’s an old saying…..Emotion plays into a game in the first half but in the second half, the cream rises to the top….that’s been Ansonia’s forte for years. You can play them tough in the first half but they dominate you in the final two quarters. The Ansonia coaches halftime chats must be really powerful….

    • says


  18. Raff says

    Big Stat-
    Career carries-
    Newsome 716
    Alex Thomas 810
    Tim Washington- 1011
    Harold Cooper- 560

    Cooper has in 39 career games 7,436 all purpose yards
    6,024 rushing yards
    87 TD’s.

  19. RAY BROWN says

    xhs –seeing your such a defensive wizard—–you should follow ansonias pulling guard to the xavier gym—thats were youll be after thanksgiving day waiting for basketball—–there are a lot of crazy comments on this blog but heres one thats closest to reality—–ansonia would beat xavier and hand by 3 touchdowns this year.can you imagine a bunch of slow white kids chasing arkel newsome lol?

  20. ter says

    how about all u haters come to an ansonia game and watch arkeel before u just say his stats are inflated because of weak competition. anyone who has seen him play knows how talented he is and wouldnt doubt that he could put these numbers up vs anyone. he is strong, fast and can cut on a dime. every league in the state has their share of bad teams, and it seems no matter who ansonia beats the crap out of, you all claim “well that team is down this year”.

    • Nails says

      I’ve seen him several times in person. He would not have 300 yds and 6 tds against quality programs like Xavier, WH, Hand, Staples, New Canaan or Greenwich. Any one of those teams would also go 14-0 if they played the NVL and Class S. And they would do it without having to import outta towners.

    • says

      No the teams he plays are down EVER year!!!!! That’s just a FACT………And I hope nobody is putting him down….He’s a very good HS player I think they are just saying that he gets more credit then 2-3 kids that play much better competition. I disagree on the comment that he would do it in any led that would not happen. His numbers wouldn’t be anywhere close to what they are in a better conference and I would guarantee his own coach would tell you that. Thats doesn’t even need to be said…… What they are saying is the kids doing it in the stronger conference would do the same thing as ARKEEL is doing in the NVL and I agree that the WH KID the Hillhouse kid would 100% put up those numbers. He’s light years ahead on speed it’s not even close I know that for a fact just look at the kids track times. Fastest kid in the state. These kids don’t get breaks in the schedule the bottom on SCC div 1 would be the 2-3 place team in the NVL. You cant compare the competition of the two. There is such a large space between them its not worth discussing. The Pequot, SWC, dare in say the CSC. There top team would handily beat I mean (NB vs Woodland last year) any other team in the NVL. Now these top teams of those leagues won’t beat a top Ansonia I mean top of the line but as we saw a few years ago Cromwell shocking the world 14-12 beating Ansonia there top teams some years would be the best team in the league and that’s not good. ECC, FCIAC, CCC and top dog SCC I don’t care about that garbage challenge this year look at the STATE titles theyb take 3/4 every other year. The SCC is a entirely different world….

  21. george says

    Newsome would have had 500 yards and 2 more td’s if he played the 4th quarter. He was insane- getting stronger and cutting harder as the game went on. The FCIAC would be hard for him?? Give me a break- there are a couple of very good teams in the FCIAC, but there are a lot of slow teams he would absolutely chew up.

    • says

      STATBOY………..Imagine this a SCC/NVL challenge no don’t do that there’s no challenge and there would be no NVL left after that. OK 2009 i believe STATB what would this Ansonia’s Team record be if the had a SCC schedule that year of CHESHIRE 10-1 LL Champs, ND-WH 10-1 L Champs #1 in state Cheshire#2, Xavier playoffs, West Haven, Daniel Hand, Shelton, Hamden 8-2 playoffs coached by Benoit, IDK a few other powers on that schedule. IN YOUR Big Blue loving body what would Ansonia’s record be that year and please use your head. My best guess but with that year that schedule my best guess this years ANSONIA team at best at best 3-7 all day no arguing but i’m thinking 1-9, 2-8. They wouldn’t finish the season they would be depleted. Now remember the scrimmages outcome that year. Brockett left ND with his tale between his legs 45-7 ND pounded them at the half. West Haven 28-0 and Shelton crushed them too. That was a 9-1 or 10-0 Big Blue team in the NVL they were fed to the dogs like Purina puppy chow that year. they were not even competitive. I’ve heard comments like the JV teams of the schools were better. It was wonderful so before you go on barking remember what happened to one of your top team. They were DESTROYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Nails says

    Back when Derby used to play defense, it would have been interesting to see if they could have contained Newsome. I had the privilege of watching several of Ansonia’s finest get shut down by the Red Raiders, but it’s been a long time. Coaching is a big part of the equation. Nowadays, I would pay money to see Ansonia play a defense like Hand. After their opening night blowout, they’ve settled in and are back on track. Philippine is a great game planner and expert 2nd half adjuster.

  23. jeb says

    Love the back and forth between all the bloggers but the bottom line is that Ansonia is a very good team and could beat any team in the state. Could NC or JOES beat Ansonia? Yes. but Ansonia could beat them too.
    One thing about Ansonia they never embarrass an opponent…when the game is won they don’t pour it on. NC is the same way.
    Whatever happened to MASUK RULES….very quiet this year.

  24. Nails says

    Ansonia has 40 year track record of pouring it on vs the weak sisters of the NVL and in the Class S playoffs. They roll up 50 and 60 every chance they get…every chance.

    • says

      Nails you are correct sir. That person needs to go back and look before the 50 point law!!!!! They would hang 60-70 all day on powerhouses like Torrington and Watertown…………Not to mention when they caught garbage like Putnam or any other team that was from far far away. That was a comment that was waaaaay off base man they are Notorious for embarrassing teams. That was there MO they were Jack Cockran before he was Jack Cockboy. I mean Statcock I mean STATBOY……..Cochran……BIG BLUE FOOTBALL RULES!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. GO NOLES!! says

    Read through the comments. A lot of interesting perspectives. Just a few additional observations FWIW: 1) Newsome is phenomenal. And has demonstrated his skills again and again. In my 55 years, I have watched a lot of high school football, and have seen a number of great running backs. Newsome is the best I have ever seen. Rather than grasp for reasons to disparage the kid and his numbers, go and watch him play. And memorize what you see; you may never see it again. 2) Rather than inflating his numbers, playing weaker NVL schools has limited Newsome’s rushing yards. In some Ansonia routs, he has played only the first quarter, and carried the ball less than a dozen times. 3) Ansonia didn’t just beat Masuk, they treated them like a NVL weakling. Newsome had 390 yards rushing while playing only 28 minutes. While this Masuk team is not up to recent standards, they are a decent high school football team. Ansonia critics cannot now claim the Chargers benefitted from a Masuk “down” year, while continuing to gloat about their loss to St. Joseph’s in the S championship game a few years ago. That not-so-great Ansonia team had one starting senior, had a number of close calls in the regular season, and improbably got to Rentshler by upsetting a very good Montville team in the semis. Even then, they took great, senior-dominated St. J’s to the final minutes-despite Montrell Dobbs being their only weapon. 4) Anybody who believes that Ansonia is one-dimensional probably hasn’t seen them play. If-a big if-you limit Newsome, the Chargers have a number of speedy weapons and an aerial game in their offense. Tommy Brockett only digs deeper into the play book when necessary. 5) The Ansonia defense is good, not great. And their special teams are mediocre. Can the Chargers be beaten? Of course, anybody can. But a team would have to put up huge points keep pace with Ansonia’s prolific offense. 6) In the end, it comes down to how you rate the best teams in the state. If you believe that a the top team is one that can win a game against anybody on any given weekend, then Ansonia passes the eye test. If, however, you value strength of schedule, and whether a team can survive a gauntlet of good teams without fatigue and injury, then an SCC D-1 school will ultimately be your pick. It all makes for great fun and discussion. Enjoy!

    • says

      The Final Minutes????? Yeah of Halftime!!!!!!!! They lost by 5 TD’s. What game were you watching!!!!!!!! Apparently not the same one I was. They weren’t even in the same class as that St Joes team come on that entire post is absolute garbage man. If your gonna post do your research. That game wasn’t even close see this is what pisses everyone off is that you Ansonia people always try and spin it so it always looks good for you. The football world is smarter now its not 1978 anymore man everyone loves and watches football now. That post is insulting to the rest of the people on this blog. The best you have ever seen? Really then you havent watched ANY HS football man. He’s a good player but you just insulted guys that played on Sundays and if you even think about going there with a marginal at best D 1 prospect every ounce of football credibility you think you have is gone. The best ever !!!!!!!!! I guess Tebucky Jones was terrible you ever heard of him. Jordan Reed QB from New London playing on the Washington Redskins now. You just pissed off about 2500 ex CT HS football players. He’s not even the best in his class this year. I’ve heard it all now!!!!!! The best you have ever seen. WOW!!!!!!! BOLD ill give you that but so untrue as well. Yea he’s sitting in the first half because the teams he’s playing are dreadful lets just say it like it is.

  26. RAY BROWN says

    nails you sound like an idiot——-for years ansonia played shelton,west haven,notre britain,hamden etc and still won—–its ignorant people like you that shouldnt be allowed on blog

    • Nails says

      Name the years, then. When is the last time Ansonia didn’t play the Waterbury 5, Watertown, Wolcott, Torrington and Naugatuck?

      In the days of the Housatonic League, Derby would regularly play – and beat – Cheshire, North Haven, Shelton and non-league rival Ansonia (3 times in 4 yrs and 4 outta 6). Granted, Derby hasn’t been the same since Charlie DiCenso left, but the Housy was always a superior league to the JVL.

    • says

      No Ray Its you people like you that have no clue. You know nothing but Big Blue Football RULES. No one will ever respect a TEAM as long as you are there spokes person/ball boy and STATBOY!!!!….DID you get your Big Blue unitard yet. Ray STATBOY Brown instead of barking how good Ansonia is why dont you give an intelligent answer as to why you feel this way instead of these moronic posts about we beat you and you and you because you didn’t. I gave years teams and you have not mentioned one. All you have said was we beat you. Ok when? When did you beat WH in a real game because any score I have seen has never had Ansonia on the winning end against West Haven, ND, any of those teams. If you think the NVL and the SCC are comparable conferences then we need to stop right now because you are just plain ignorant. Back up your verbal diarrhea with some substance. I get dumber when you post because you sound like some dope who played Housey football in the 70s or 80s. You won’t admit even the obvious which is the doo doo brown stank of the league and schedule!!!!! I dont get it you sound like the spoiled fat kid in the corner from everyone’s childhood.. WAH WAH My teams better. You talk down other kids and just say wah wah look at my idol’s stats. No clue on football at all you shouldnt be allowed to watch it ever. I don’t know if I’m going toi call you Ray DOO-DOO Brown or STATBOY both are wonderfully thought out intelligent nick names or like you would say WAH WAH My names better. Big BLUE FOOTBALL RULES. New Canaan 55 Ansonia 19. Fact STATBOY DOO-DOO BROWN MAN.

  27. says

    Well said, well written. Could not have said it better. I am anxiouos to see all this again on CPTV (Wednesday). From the videos that have come out on youtube, I see things I missed and I was standing right on the sidelines. Yup there are teams with better schedules and such, and other suches that were so eloquently addressed above.

  28. RAY BROWN says

    1975——and they owned derby and charlie dicenso swince 1977——–do your research.they put lou deflippo into retirement———-count the record get back to blog

    • Nails says

      Charlie started coaching in 1983. Starting in 1985, Derby won 4 outta 6 vs Baby Blue and won 2 class S titles and 3 Housy titles. I don’t have to look up my facts. I was there.

  29. The Truth Hurts says

    I am pretty sure Ansonia played mostly a NVL Schedule after 1975{1976 Graduating Class}.I know they did not play Notre Dame or West Haven post 1975Anyhow here is Ansonia’s record from 1970-1975 when they played games outside the NVL: 197{6-2-1}1971{7-3}1974{7-3-1}1975{8-3}.2 times they played “up” in the State Playoffs they lost 1978 {LL}Amity 1980[L}Newington.They did win {M} in 1979 vs Seymour.

  30. tom says

    Cooper doesn’t have any big offers, but he’s at least a good a back as Newsome, scout even ranks them similarly. Both are compact, shifty explosive runners. Cooper should end up a star at the FCS level.

  31. swcbaby says

    Truth, you just proved that Ansonia belongs in Class M/S as they couldn’t compete in LL/L. Nice history. Rayray, this has got to hurt. NVL, maybe you should have a cross over game against the Pequot instead of the power house SWC where they spanked you badly. how many SWC teams scored over 50 when they usually only score around 21. Is there any defense going on in the NVL? things are making sense now for the record breaking being done in Ansonia.

  32. Nails says

    Exactly…Swc has at least 5 teams that would dominate the NVL…and they’re not even as good as Fciac or SCC. Case closed. Ansonia good, but not as good as they want to think.

  33. Cheshire Cat says

    I went to see ansonia play wolcott. I can say they have a huge Oline and newsome is not just fast he is good. We play the best in the SCC and I can tell you this ansonia team is better than west haven(who I think is the best team in the SCC this year). Would they run the table every year and threaten the 49 game win streak nope but they would win S every year.

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