Newsome MVP as Ansonia wins third straight NVL title

Ansonia defeated Woodland,  48-7, in the Naugatuck Valley League championship high school football game at Waterbury's Municipal Stadium. (Mara Lavitt — New Haven Register)  November 20, 2013 Waterbury

Ansonia defeated Woodland, 48-7, in the Naugatuck Valley League championship high school football game at Waterbury’s Municipal Stadium. (Mara Lavitt — New Haven Register) November 20, 2013 Waterbury

WATERBURY >> Senior Arkeel Newsome had a hand in five touchdowns, but Ansonia was also able to showcase some of its promising young talent during the Naugatuck Valley League championship game Wednesday.

Sophomore Tajik Bagley scored on a 62-yard touchdown run, made an interception and recovered a fumble, and fellow sophomore Tyler Bailey caught a touchdown pass, to help lead the Chargers to a 48-7 rout of the Hawks at Municipal Stadium.

“I thought Tajik Bagley stepped up for us,” Ansonia coach Tom Brockett said. “He gave us a little burst at different times. A number of different guys made plays tonight.

“It’s good when you see the sophomores, Bagley and Bailey, both make big plays. Those are huge plays in a game. I thought we did a pretty good job of spreading it around.”

Said Newsome: “It says a lot (the balance). We all play together as a team. We play hard; we’re just a big family. I love to see that (teammates get involved).”

Ansonia (11-0), ranked second in the Register Top 10 Poll, defeated Woodland for the NVL title for the second straight season. The Chargers, who have won 39 games in a row, won in the league championship game for the third straight year and for the 11th time overall.

Woodland's Taylor Tuccarione is jarred from the ball during Ansonia's 48-7 NVL title game victory (Mara Lavitt / Register)

Woodland’s Taylor Tuccarione is jarred from the ball during Ansonia’s 48-7 NVL title game victory (Mara Lavitt / Register)

“Yes, definitely (it’s meaningful),” Newsome said about winning the league title. “This is our (third in a row) so we definitely felt like we had to get this. This was big.”

While Bagley and Bailey are the future, Newsome is very much the present. Newsome rushed 22 times for 222 yards and four touchdowns. He also caught a 29-yard touchdown pass from junior Jai’Quan McKnight and was named the game’s most valuable player.

Woodland (9-2) went 3-and-out on the game’s opening drive and never seemed to get into a rhythm offensively. The Hawks turned the ball over four times.

“We preached about trying to play flawless football, obviously tonight, as you saw, we didn’t,” Woodland coach Tim Shea said. “We never really got anything going on offense. We can’t keep giving them the ball without having something to show for ourselves. I think our defense played pretty well at times, I know the scoreboard doesn’t show it.”

After Woodland punted on its first drive, Ansonia took over at the Hawks’ 41 and six plays later Newsome scored on a 24-yard run. Newsome had a 28-yard scoring run later in the first quarter to put the Chargers up 14-0. Bagley’s touchdown jaunt put Ansonia up 21-0 at the intermission.

McKnight connected with Bailey on a 37-yard touchdown pass on the opening drive of the second half to extend the Chargers’ lead to 28-0.

Newsome added two rushing touchdowns in the third quarter and caught the touchdown pass from McKnight in the fourth.

Bagley finished with 99 yards on eight carries.

“It (the Ansonia offense) is very balanced,” Bagley said. “Arkeel does what he needs to do and we just help him, and when we do what we need to do, he helps us.”

Sean McAllen scored on a 14-yard run in the third quarter for Woodland. Hawks quarterback Tanner Kingsley completed 10 of 27 passes for just 76 yards and was intercepted three times.

McKnight and Witold Gul had interceptions for Ansonia, while Ryan Hovan recorded a sack.

“I thought defensively, we have to eliminate the penalties,obviously. But minus those, I thought we played real good defense,” Brockett said.

Ansonia 48, Woodland 7
(at Waterbury)
Woodland 0 0 7 0 — 7
Ansonia 14 7 20 7 — 48
First quarter
A—Arkeel Newsome 24 run (Witold Gul kick)
A—Arkeel Newsome 28 run (Gul kick)
Second quarter
A—Tajik Bagley 62 run (Gul kick)
Third quarter
A—Tyler Bailey 37 pass from Jaiquan McKnight (Gul kick)
W—Sean McAllen 14 run (Will Flormann kick)
A—Arkeel Newsome 6 run (kick blocked)
A—Arkeel Newsome 67 run (Gul kick)
Fourth quarter
A—Arkeel Newsome 29 pass from Jaiquan McKnight (Gul kick)
Team records: Ansonia 11-0; Woodland 9-2

Ansonia's Saiheed Sanders weaves through traffic during the NVL championship game. Ansonia won 48-7. (Mara Lavitt / Register)

Ansonia’s Saiheed Sanders weaves through traffic during the NVL championship game. Ansonia won 48-7. (Mara Lavitt / Register)



  1. Football fan says

    Congratulations Chargers on a well played game.
    You were able to shut down a very good offense, and showed everyone that you have many weapons to stop.
    Good luck the rest of the way.

  2. JB says

    Wouldn’t it be great to go +1 this year at the Yale bowl – #1 New Canaan vs #2 Ansonia – proceeds to the wounded warriors. Two willing coaches – the players and fans would love it. What is the obstacle?

    • Raff says

      The obstacle is very simple. With the current set up the CIAC has it’s impossible to play an extra game after the state finals on 12-14 at CCSU. Also the Yale Bowl will want $25k just to open the doors with Police and staff. Yale never makes it easy. The CIAC will never come to an agreement to play a game on 12-21 the Saturday before Christmas and especially with Yale.
      It would be great but this year it will never happen. The only way IF both teams win out to settle this would be a NC vs Ansonia match up. Like in 1994 when this same argument occurred between Cheshire and Ansonia it never happened.

  3. potato head says

    can’t wait for the S playoffs…yawn..sorry fell asleep there for a minute…ah I dreamed some good teams were playing each other…ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ….another touchdown…wow..exciting…ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ….another win streak game…oh great …just like cheshire.!..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…….fart…….ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  4. Dawg says

    Totally should be moving Ansonia up to class M. Not fair to them or their opponents to be competing at the same level. They are doing this with some sports, why not football?

    • Pequot says

      2014 Classification System:

      Exactly like now except that schools of choice get their enrollment doubled for purposes of classification. If you’re a school of choice and your doubled enrollment makes you the “largest” school in LL? You can’t participate in the playoffs.

      Xavier & NFA = Ineligible for playoffs but are otherwise treated as LL schools.
      NDWH & St Joes = LL
      Trinity, NWC & Holy Cross = L
      Capital Prep = M
      Hyde = S

      • Boss Man says

        U know that won’t happen. They would never kick a Xavier, NFA, Hyde , st joes and others out of the playoff race if that’s what your implying because of choice programs and etc… Those teams coaches wouldn’t allow it

      • KnowtheRules says

        Basketball has started a new system this year, that public schools stay the same no matter what unless they request to move up. Schools of choice keep their same enrollment (it used to double) but if they made quarterfinals or better in 2 of last 3 years they move up a class, if they do it 3 out of last 3 years they move up 2 classes. I like it but it should make public move up too and I’m a public school guy who doesn’t think it’s fair for schools that choose students from anywhere & also give scholarships to play public schools for a title. Not fair, that’s like having a salary cap in pro sports only for some of the teams.

  5. RAY BROWN says

    class S is stronger than M—–phillips is good but newsome is ultra quick–they went head to head once already,how did that go? oh i forgot westie staff told phillips not to run hard—–my bad

    • ACL says

      You have GOT to be kidding me.

      Top to bottom, M is stronger. Ansonia is one of the top two teams in the state but that doesn’t make the ENTIRE division stronger. Heck, the top teams in M have gotten more playoff points by beating up the top teams in S than they have from their own division. With the exception of Ansonia, Capital, and Woodland, the division would go .500 at best.

      When did Newsome and Phillips go head-to-head? The pre-season? What head coach in their right mind WOULDN’T tell their best back not go hard in a meaningless pre-season game?!?!? They are BOTH great players. You are even more delusional than I thought.

      What’s the weather like in your world?

      • RAY BROWN says

        sorry mr.knowitall——you better checkout rocky hill ,bloomfield,—–who does M have beside ST.JOES? the S speed alone would kill M—–you rea;;y think phillips pulled up in game——-your a real idiot

        • ACL says

          I was wondering how long it would before you started with the name calling. Thank you for showing your ignorance so quickly. It removes any doubt.

          I merely REPEATED what you stated and disagreed with it. YOU stated he was told to pull up. Not me.

          In regards to your other statement, who exactly did those two teams beat to garner so much respect from you? As far as your world goes, it’s Ansonia or nothing.

          I never claimed to know it all. I prefer to learn from those I interact with and listen to all points of view. You on the other hand, are a closed mind fool. My apologies if I used too many multi-syllabic words for you. Use to google if you need help.

          • RAY BROWN says

            apparently your football ignorant——to make a statement that phillips didnt play hard tells me your either short on football experience or your just another know nothing blogger.if ansonia west haven game was meaningless ,why did west haven have so many fans there? if youve never seen bloomfield,rocky hill or cap/prep play, theres no way you can honestly think they are weaker
            than gilbert,ledyard,barlow.get a clue before you speak

          • ACL says

            Let’s try this again. You posted the following:

            phillips is good but newsome is ultra quick–they went head to head once already,how did that go? oh i forgot westie staff told phillips not to run hard—–my bad

            I commented on what YOU POSTED. As anyone can clearly see, you said he was told not to run hard, NOT ME. I never made that statement, you did. I hope by stating the same information, three different ways, it will start to sink in to that closed minded brain of yours.

            In regards to the WH-Ansonia SCRIMMAGE, are we now measuring the importance of the game by the number of spectators who attend? If that’s the case, I have attended some big time Pop Warner and powder puff games this season. I think its time those games got some attention.

            Now, in regards to the teams you have mentioned, let’s talk about them for a moment.

            Rocky Hill, Bloomfield, and Capital all have weaker schedules than Ansonia. The best win by those three teams was Capital over New London, which was impressive and why I believe that Capital (along with Ansonia and Woodland) could compete at the top of M. Rocky Hill’s best win was against Wethersfield, a team whose 7 wins have come against teams with a combined 21-49 record so that’s not exactly earth shattering. Bloomfield’s 8 wins have come against teams with a whopping 26 wins amongst them.

            I will concede to you that Gilbert is a paper tiger because they have played six S schools this year. Ledyard and Barlow both have two of the tougher schedules in M and, in my opinion, would beat Rocky Hill and Bloomfield rather handily. I think that Capital could beat both of them because of their two running backs but they would be close games.

            In conclusion, how exactly do you know if I have seen any of those teams play? You don’t. You don’t know me. I have seen enough teams this season to form an opinion. Just like I have seen enough of your posts to know you are a closed minded, unsophisticated, wanna be, who is still playing out his failed football career vicariously through other people’s blood, sweat, and tears.

            I have great respect for Ansonia, its program, and its history so, if this post is read by any other Ansonia fans, please know it is not, in any way, meant to disrespect, ridicule, or demean any of you, your coaches, or your players. It is aimed at a pea brained Neanderthal who thinks he knows all when, in reality, he knows nothing of the world around him.

  6. Hannibal Barca says

    Ansonia is like Kramer beating up on the 5 year olds in his karate class and thinking he’s really accomplished something.

    • dom says

      all I see is a bunch of grown men talking down on kids who go out there and play their asses off all season . most of you who comment never stepped foot on a football field . ansonia along with every other team goes out play hard to win games . if your going to talk down on a winning program full of hard working kids your life must really be crap . the only reason most of you talk down of ansonia is because they keep winning ! something that you haters have yet to accomplish in your adult life

  7. Football fan says

    Ansonis played in the M playoff’s in 2011, Ansonia 38 vs Ledyard 0, do you remember that. As far as who the best back in the state is, there are many good ones. If you seen Newsome play every game in the past four years, you don’t know greatness.The only way Ansonia and NC would ever play, they would have to get together on the practice field, strap em up and go at it. who needs the CIAC to have a little fun. That would never happen either…
    Lets face it every class has a few great teams and the rest are good teams. I’m sure many teams could compete in any class. If you are good it doesn’t matter where you play…

  8. RAY BROWN says

    iacl—-you know nothing about ansonia football—–as far as living thru someone else—–i dont need totrust me—–i think youre one of those guys that put a jock strap around his head thinking they were ear muffs.

    • ACL says

      That’s all you got?!?!? That I don’t know anything about Ansonia and I wear a jock on my head?!?!? You have got to be kidding me.

      I didn’t say I knew anything about Ansonia football. I said I respected the program, players, and fans. If you knew how to comprehend what you read, you would have figured that out but, once again, your ignorance comes shining through.

      I was hoping you would lay some of your deep football insight on me and tell me how or why S football is so much better than M. Instead, you come up with a sophomoric insult that I suppose was intended to get me all upset so I could stoop to your level.

      Based on your retorts, I don’t have to insult you. You do a better job making a fool of yourself on your own.

  9. Kyle says

    Grown Men bashing high school kids. Pathetic. Look how foolish one Ansonia guy makes you all look. Jeeze None of you would ever last long down the Norwoods. Sounds like a bunch of mommas boys on here. Ray Brown the best at taking on 2 counties at once.

    Ray Brown is the Richie Incognito to you FCIAC and SCC cry babies

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