New Canaan clinched, St. Joseph in driver’s seat for final week of FCIAC title race

fciac-logoNew Canaan has clinched a spot in the FCIAC championship game for the first time since 2008.

Ridgefield’s 44-7 rout of McMahon last week has now put a horde of 1-loss teams back into play for the right to play the No. 1 ranked team for the FCIAC title on Nov. 22 at McDougall Stadium in Trumbull.

Staples (7-1), Trumbull (7-1), McMahon (6-1), St. Joseph (6-1) and Darien (7-1) are seemingly all in the hunt as we head to the final week.

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But in reality, the fourth-place team in the FCIAC playoff standings is the one with destiny in its grasp.

According to calculations here at GameTimeCT, St. Joseph will all but clinch a rematch with New Canaan by defeating McMahon this week.

A St. Joseph win and a Ridgefield win will clinch it for the Hogs.

The only shot Staples has is to beat Norwalk and then a) either have McMahon beat St. Joseph or b) have two of these three teams to win next week: Danbury, Westhill and Wilton.

Danbury takes on Greenwich. Westhill plays Harding. Wilton hosts Ridgefield.

If two of those teams win, then the Wreckers would edge St. Joseph by a nanometer: 118.88-118.75.

But that’s a long shot. Greenwich will be favored to beat Danbury. Westhill should beat Harding. But Wilton hasn’t beaten Ridgefield in 18 years (17-0-1).

Trumbull’s only shot is to beat Central and have both Staples and St. Joseph to lose.

McMahon would need to beat St. Joseph and then get Staples and Trumbull to lose.

Darien’s finished with its FCIAC schedule. It would need everybody ahead of it to lose.

So there you go. St. Joseph wins and then a pair of losses from Wilton, Danbury and Westhill and we’ll have ourselves a rematch.

Otherwise, it’s Staples.

Thank you, drive through.


    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      Also Pat, even if McMahon wins, it’ll be Staples most likely. Then Trumbull if Staples loses to Norwalk. Then McMahon if Staples loses and Trumbull loses to Central.

      Not bloody likely.

  1. Pat McGroin says

    @SPB – Yeah, Staples or Joe’s is the best matchup vs NC, give staples the coaching advantage over joes, and give joes the talent advantage over staples… Pick your poison I guess.

    @Ray Ray Went to the Joe’s McMahon game – didn’t get a chance too. Did you have any hair left after the Ansonia game?

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      @nick – St. Joseph says it’ll play better this time around. FCIAC final obviously hinges on Cascione being available. TBA on that.

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