National Signing Day in Connecticut: A living list

Prep's Nick Crowle dives for the end zone against West Haven's Ervin Philips  during the Class LL semifinals. The two all-state players are among many signing letters of intent on Feb. 5.

Prep’s Nick Crowle dives for the end zone against West Haven’s Ervin Philips during the Class LL semifinals. The two all-state players are among many signing letters of intent on Feb. 5.

February 5 is National Signing Day for field hockey, soccer, track and field, cross country and water polo.

Oh, and football. You’ll hear mostly about football.

So with one week to go, we present to you a list of players who are expected to sign National Letters of Intent to attend their chosen schools.

This is a living list and will be expanded regularly leading up to National Signing Day. So if you’re not on it, let us know and you’ll be put on it.

ALSO: We’ll be attending a few select National Signing Day ceremonies on Feb. 5. But we won’t be able to get to them all. SO, send your photos/videos/interviews or whatever to us at or to and we’ll publish all of them.

For now, here’s what we have. The initial list is based off of what football players have announced over the last year.

* denotes prep or postgraduate school in Connecticut.

UPDATED Aug. 15, 6 p.m.


(Links provided for each player’s Hudl highlight reels)

Division I FBS signees

Division I FCS signees

Other division signees

  • Michael DiCosmo, New Canaan — Colby
  • Alex Dobbin, New Canaan — Bowdoin
  • Jack Gilio, New Canaan — College of Wooster
  • Joao Rocha, New Canaan — Middlebury
  • Beau Santoro, New Canaan — Amherst
  • Max Wilson, New Canaan — Bowdoin
  • Ethan Suraci, LB, North Haven — Trinity
  • Joe Farrah, LB/OT, Hall — Trinity
  • Mick Pernell, RB/CB, Naugatuck/Taft* — Tufts
  • Nick Casagrande, OL, Law — Springfield College
  • Derrick Villard, RB, Trinity-Pawlling*/Cromwell — Merrimack
  • Jon Weaver, LB, Cromwell — Springfield College
  • Dante Fargnoli, WR/DB, Westhill — Gettysburg
  • Charles Baldwin, OL/DL, Windsor — ASA College (N.Y.)
  • Andrew Meoli, RB, Xavier — Trinity
  • Ricky Verre, P/K, Xavier — Union College
  • Zack Sirowich, OL/DL, Seymour — Saint Anselm College
  • Dave Peck, WR, Valley Regional/Old Lyme — Bowdoin
  • Ryan McKenna, OL, New Canaan — Endicott
  • Jack Rakoczy, TE/LB, Stamford — Trinity
  • Matthew Pascale, OL, Trinity Catholic — Bowdoin
  • Nick Weissauer, Foran, Muhlenburg

Update: lists Windsor DL Keith Benjamin as committed to UConn and he originally appeared on this list. But Windsor coach Rob Fleeting has said he had not yet been offered.

Other Sports


  • Anna Atkinson, Branford, Boston College
  • Christian Alvarado, Fairfield Prep, Georgetown
  • Thomas Kane, Shelton, Central Connecticut
  • Becki Golia, Sacred Heart, Amhert
  • Milani Glass, Career, University of Findlay in Ohio
  • Peter Cotto, Shelton, Central Connecticut
  • Selina Sampieri, Cheshire, Sacred Heart University
  • Nik Griswold, Foran, Quinnipiac
  • Kaleigh Roberts, Mercy, Quinnipiac
  • Leah Pfrommer, HK, Quinnipiac
  • Zach Williams, Xavier, Bucknell
  • Ben Feola, Amity, Westminster Prep
  • Destiney Coward, East Have, SCSU
  • Claire Howlett, Westhill, Stanford
  • Cate Allen, Fairfield Warde, Wake Forest
  • Liam Nicoll, Cheshire, Bowdoin
  • Alex Wykoff, Fairfield Ludlowe, Gettysburg
  • Peter Elkind, Staples, Middlebury College
  • Sabrina Olsen, Thomaston, Syracuse
  • Chaslynn Saucier, Cross, URI



Michele Federico, Cheshire — Quinnipiac


Shea Connors, Wilbur Cross — St. John’s
Angela Ciaramella, Sacred Heart – Post University
Justin Kassouf, Foran — East Stroudsburg
Cassie GizaAmity — Merrimackonnor


  • William Crisco, Hand / Wyoming Seminary (PA) — North Carolina State
  • Jake Savoca, Hand / Wyoming Seminary (PA) — Williams College


    • SCC says

      Ray- What about your statement lineman from Ansonia were going to Yale and Uconn? What happened? Grab a clue Ray should be your new name.

  1. JB says

    D 3 athletes don’t sign a letter of intent. A D 3 coach can recruit you and cut you before the season starts. Congrats to all the athletes and please update the other sports as well!

    • Consigliere says

      JB, other than pissing on the kids whose D3 destinations were published herein, with or without their knowledge or consent, what’s the relevance of your comment? Further, no one on the football threads really give a crap about the other sports, why don’t you go troll around on the threads of the sports you’re interested in and take your negativity with you.

      • JB says

        Not pissing on anyone! Stating a fact! The article said signees! D 3 athletes don’t sign these. And like I said,Congratulations to all the athletes! And what is the relevance of your comment ? Next time learn how to read and comprehend. Sorry to touch a nerve on your D 3 status!

        • JB says

          @JB – Dude, get a new post name. JB has been my post name for a few years. Plus your attitude stinks.

          Sean, can you do anything? Happy to change my post name if needed. Thanks – the original JB

          • JB says

            Plus, JB you are wrong. There are numerous letters signed by recruits. The “NLI” (National Letter of Intent) is the NCAA official letter agreement which designates the scholarship offer for D-1 athletics. In the Ivy League, there is often a “Likely Letter” which is an offer to”sign” but is ultimately subject to being admitted – no easy task given the Ivy gauntlet. In non-scholarship sports at every level, there is often an Institutional Letter that is similar to the Ivy Likely Letter. My son received one of these in the Patriot League for a non-scholarship sport.

            So D-3 recruits usually do get a “letter” which is signed by the recruit. However, given there is no scholarship involved, it is not binding like the official NLI.

            But most every recruit is “signing” something to symbolize the acceptance of joining that team. It is a big deal not to be diminished by your attitude.


    • Consigliere says

      Thanks Original JB. What Unwanted JB doesn’t realize is that whether D1, D2 or D3, these announcements represent the culmination of the recruiting process (yes, believe it or not, D3 teams recruit too) for a group of hardworking young men. Whether a paper is signed or not (ridiculous point to dwell on) it’s the end of an arduous, sometimes stressful 6-12 months or longer. The purpose is to celebrate the accomplishments of a relatively small handful of players that will play at the next level. If you’re bitter about something, this really isn’t an appropriate forum for you.

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      Crowle busted up the middle. Erv had just caught up, last ditch attempt to knock Crowle out of bounds before the pylon. He failed.

  2. Natl signing day says

    Some D 3 conf make you sign a letter of intent. Most of the schools discussed above Trinity,Middlebury,Bowdoin,Tufts,Colby do indeed require you to sign. Those schools are known as little ivy’s. What happens is the coach is allowed to support a small number of athletes to admissions. What this does is guarantees acceptance to the school which would have been more difficult without football.

    • Coach Pigskin says

      NESCAC [Trinity, Bowdoin et. al] .schools do not make you sign letters of intent [my son plays at Colby]. What happens most often at NESCAC schools is that the student-athletes are asked to make an admissions commitment [Early Dec.1 / Early Dec 2 ] AND football support will help with admission but DOES NOT guarantee acceptance. By the way – the only people that refer to these schools as ‘The Little Ivy’s’ are people that don’t go to any of these schools.

      • Marcus Da Truth says

        I agree on that. I just asked if they were to play this yr who would win. And I brought that question up because someone said that going D3 isn’t an accomplishment as D1. Last time I check a bachelor degree is still a bachelor degree even at the small colleges. Congrats to all CT kids who will continue on to play college football where ever they go.

  3. Consigliere says

    The NESCAC schools ARE referred to as “Little Ivy” because they are steeped in tradition and some longstanding rivalries. The nickname isn’t an insult.

  4. Allstatekids says

    Count how many FBS and FCS scholarship kids didn’t make main ALLSTATE list? That is why folks shouldn’t take that ALL State list too serious. This is an accurate picture of top football players in CT.
    *FYI, NESCAC schools don’t like to be considered “little IVY”
    *D3 should not be on this list, not degrading because playing college FB at any level is an
    accomplishment, but for this day it’s not the same and minimizes the true scholarship kids.

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      Eh, there’s a difference between an all-state football player and a college prospect. All-State football players excel and stand out at the high school level. And not all college prospects necessarily do that or, at least, don’t necessarily do it better than some. Prospects might be better suited in the college game. Meanwhile, some all-state football players, especially here, aren’t suited for the college game for whatever reason.

      • JB says

        Big reason kids get passed-over for All-State is lack of exposure in state playoffs. “to the victor goes the spoils” … it is always that way in football awards. Look at the Heisman … no one wins it coming from a team with a poor record / weaker program.

    • ACL says

      How does mentioning the kids playing D3 minimize the scholarship kids? You should have stopped at saying playing football at the next level is an accomplishment. It is a big day for every one who made their decision. While D3 doesn’t offer athletic scholarships, getting into some of them is a HUGE accomplishment (have you seen the admission stats for Amherst?). Putting football aside, most of the schools the kids will be playing at are among the best in the country! The main goal for 99% of the kids playing college football is getting a top notch education. Let’s not forget that.

  5. The Boss says

    As usual Holy Cross gets overlooked/ignored. Curtis Wickline signed with Bryant yesterday. Guessed you missed that one.

    • Wah! says

      “Wah, Holy Cross got overlooked again”. What do you think, SPB has a crystal ball that tells him who is going where? HC wasn’t overlooked (though we’d all understand if that was the case), someone like you needs to get the word out. Thank you for a job well done. Next time without the crying please :(

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      Nobody told us. Can’t win if you don’t play. Or, in this case, can’t get mentioned if you don’t mention it. And we also can’t scour every college in the United States’ signing day roster. Most of the names here were put together in advance through people emailing or tweeting at us.

      But thanks for the note. He’s been added. Have a good one.

    • Consigliere says

      Unless on track to an NFL career, what matters more, the paper these kids sign (or not) before they go to college, or the paper they receive upon graduating? Way too much squabbling over a purely testosterone driven (or lacking) point. “Hats off” to all the CT athletes who have the talent and commitment to play in college. You continue to separate yourselves form the rest.

    • JB says

      This Melvin kid is a great case in point. Legit D-1 prospect at Center. Watched his Hudl video and it is obvious. Bethel had a decent year but did not make States and is an under-the-radar-screen M program. Result for Melvin come All-State selection? Honorable Mention. Kid is probably the best OL/Center in the state. Colleges find these kids. So yes, the guys in the FBS/FCS D-1 lists above are the best players in the state at their positions. All-State isn’t necessarily that list.

  6. Matt Glaszmattglasz says

    The following will all be Trinity College Bantams:

    Nick Ward, OL, 6’3″ 285, Staples
    Will Johnson, WR, 5’10” 170, Staples
    Carty Campbell, LB, 6’1″ 225, Stamford/Taft
    Brian Vieira, WR, 6’1″ 190, Suffield Academy
    Chris Simmons, 6’4″ 285, Choate/Manchester

    Good luck boys, GO BANTS!

  7. JF says

    There’s a high number of soccer players that have signed NLI’s for Division I & 2, as well as, many going on to play Division 3. Why are only 3 listed?

  8. UBilly says

    NESCAC did very well with top student athletes from CT. Joe Nault of Guilford to Tufts. Ian Diele of Hand to Bowdion. Good luck to both!

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