MSG’s Mike Quick: New Canaan would beat Ansonia by ‘three to four touchdowns’

Quick Hits

MSG’s Mike Quick (right) declares Ansonia would lose to New Canaan by ‘three to four touchdowns’ to co-host Jimmy Cavallo on their weekly online show, ‘Quick Hits: Connecticut’ on Monday.

Who's No. 1? Ansonia or New Canaan? (or someone else?). The debate rages...

Who’s No. 1? Ansonia or New Canaan? (or someone else?). The debate rages…

From 2009 until recently, MSG Varsity used to be a mega high school sports channel which broadcast a ton of games, had weekly highlight shows and great daily features on a range of sports. It was the SportsCenter of the local scene, expertly produced by the great media talents in greater New York.

Only problem was, unless you subscribed Cablevision, you couldn’t watch MSG Varsity, which did nothing to debunk the ongoing feeling that Fairfield County is cut off from the rest of Connecticut by a moat.

Nowadays, MSG Varsity has become an exclusively online enterprise, which is too bad. But, luckily for the rest of us, you don’t have to be a Cablevision subscriber anymore to watch its programming.

That means you can catch more of the greatest local sportscaster in the tri-state area: Mike Quick.

Mike, a Norwalk resident whose brother-in-law is Norwalk coach Sean Ireland, has been doing this for decades. Few know the deep history of southwestern Connecticut better than Mike, which is impressive because he’s also entrenched in Long Island, lower New York State and the city, and, of course Long Island.

Mike still does his online shows every Week, including ‘Quick Hits’ early in the week and his Prime Time preview every Thursday. He and longtime partner Jimmy Cavallo break down the MSG coverage area in Fairfield County, but they also touch on happenings around the state. It’s a must-watch not just because of Mike’s knowledge of the region, but because of his personal touch. Mike loves to tweak his buddies in the coaching ranks and their programs. It’s an honest and personal take on the Connecticut teams.

This week Mike and Jimmy talked Staples-New Canaan and the tremendous season New Canaan is having.

And Mike’s in love.

He’s calling this THE BEST New Canaan team he’s seen in all of his years covering local sports.

“They have a focus. I have been covering New Canaan high school since 1986 and this is the best… and they’ve had some great teams. This is the best one I’ve ever seen,” he said.

To demonstrate his affection for these Rams, Mike fired a loud warning shot across the bow of the current No. 1 Ansonia Chargers and the state media voting them No. 1 heading into Week 8.

“It blows my mind that in the state of Connecticut — and if somebody passes this along to Tommy Brockett, our buddy, he’s going to get upset but I don’t care,” Mike declared. “If New Canaan played Ansonia… it wouldn’t be close.

Mike went on to praise Arkeel Newsome, comparing him to Connecticut’s all-time greats: Floyd Little, Bobby Valentine, Rico Brogna.

That said…

“New Canaan would win that game by three to four touchdowns,” Mike added. “I’m telling you right now. I’m telling you. It just pains me that people don’t really size up the competition.

“Now everybody in Ansonia’s going to go crazy, “Oh, look at what we did to Masuk!” Masuk’s not Masuk, they’re definitely 3 steps below of what they’ve been.”

To which Cavallo warned, “You better not drive through the Valley any time soon.”

Mike doubled down later in the show.

After declaring unbeaten McMahon would have “no chance” against the Rams, Mike added “You could create an all-star team from the FCIAC and I don’t think they’d beat New Canaan.”

Mike’s making friends all across Connecticut.

Consider your message delivered, Mike. Especially since you brought my mother into it. [She LOVED the show’s open. I’ll never hear the end of it.]

The guys also touched on Darien-Ridgefield, McMahon, this week’s St. Joseph-New Canaan matchup, the FCIAC playoff race, Hand and Shelton and West Haven coach Eddie McCarthy.

 Watch the full episode here. 

Mike’s Ansonia-New Canaan comment begins at the 7-minute mark.

H/T MSG Varsity


  1. ciacfollower says

    Sorry, Staples is a good team but they’re over rated. They weren’t a real test for New Canaan last week and either will St Joes. NC by at least 3TD’s is my prediction this weeknd.

  2. Big Dog says

    Mike has started the media process I have mentioned several times on board here…They[media]have been waiting for the showdown between N/C &Joes before they shake up the polls.If NC wins it will be hard to deny the Rams from taking over the #1 spot…Schedule strength,league ect…will be hard for the writers not to do the right thing….Mike has been around here for a long time and he is very well respected…If he says this is the best N/C team in a long time and would beat ansonia by 3 or 4 scores no reason to question.

      • The Truth Hurts says

        Unfortunately a majority of Sports Writers that vote on this poll are not able to disseminate the difference between the top teams based on opponents talent levels.They view the scores from afar and disregard the opponent. Occasionally they will see a team that passes the eye test against a much inferior opponent and judge that is the #1 team in the State.Not much hope when other States Sport Reportes take shots at you,like in this case.

  3. says

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! The guy just said what any real football fan and knows the game has been saying all year. That is if you live outside Ansonia!!!! The truth hurts but so true!!!!! Keep beating up on Watertown and scheduling Masuk to brag lol. Masuk what a joke the good teams are bad. Thanks Mike for putting a face on the TRUTH!!!!!

  4. Roy Brawn says

    Tell Mike Quick and the guy next to him (is that Mike Francesa?) that Ansonia would give Bosco, Catholic-this, Prep-that and all those other schools that start their names with Saint something-or-other a run for their money too!

    Run, Arkeel, run!!

    • says

      You can’t be serious with that comment!!!!!!!!!! If you think that Ansonia could play with Bosco then you know absolutely nothing about this game. ZERO. Your talking about a program that turns out Pros not guys who get D1 scholarships because of accumulating stats against lesser opponents and can barely crack a special team when they get to D1. Enough is enough here someone needs to get these bozo’s off the blogs till they learn personnel and talent on the gridiron. If New Canaan beat Ansonia by 4 then surely Bosco’s coach would be suspended in Ct the next game he coached because I have a hard time seeing the score be any less then 63-0, 70-0 Bosco and anyone that sees this post and knows anything about the game will agree. Please do your homework and learn the game before you post again. I can’t take another valley homer that doesn’t have a clue to have a opinion.

  5. CT HS Fan says

    What a cavalier statement. Been at games for both teams and this would be a very close game – coin flip. Ansonia has a lot more than just Newsome.

  6. SCC fan says

    I think most on these message board agree with Mike. You cant play a DIII schedule and expect everyone to see you are #1. Not quite sure how or why some of the voters continue to rank them as high as they are but maybe this is the persuasion they need.

  7. GO NOLES!! says

    New Canaan is a very good, maybe great team. But like the argument made about Ansonia, how do you know? They beat a young Hand team out of the gate, but I doubt whther the Rams would like to play them again now. Walloping Warde, Bassick, and Chicopee (there wasn’t a better team in massachusetts to play?)isn’t impressive. And while whipping Greenwich and Staples is always impressive, those teams are clearly not at their usual strength this season.
    St. Joeph’s will be a better test but, let’s face it, except for a miraculous (and controversial) finish, the Cadets were beaten by Fairfield Prep.

    Ansonia’s defense is vulnerable, but it would take a team scoring into the 30’s and 40’s to keep pace with their offense (which is much more than just Newsome). Can New Cannan do that? Possibly. It would be an entertaining game; most definitely not a rout either way.

    But I think the criticism of Ansonia carries over to the FCIAC. Does anyone think that New Canaan would survive the guantlet of a SCC D1 schedule unscathed? Given the current state of the FCIAC, New Canaan and Greenwich were lucky to catch Hand and West Haven early. The Tigers may be playing as well as anybody in the state right now.

    • GETaCLUE says

      What game were you at on 9/20 Go Noles? St. Joe’s had a dominant game. SJ won every side of the ball for 3 quarters, followed by a catastrophic collapse in the 4th q only to pick it up on the last drive and score as time expired. Let’s not be ridiculous. By no means am I on the SJ bandwagon or fan for that matter, but the Prep SJ game was anything but close until the 4th q and if SJ picks up a kicker it’s 42 points instead of 36. Also, you can’t be serious with that SCC D1 comment either. Your reputable SCC teams (Hand, NDWH, West Haven, Prep and so on) were dominated by the strong of the FCIAC. Minus Staples and Trumbull (who hasn’t been good for three years) every other FCIAC team handled the SCC. I mean even a down Greenwich team beat supposed powerhouse West Haven.

      Also, who has NC been tested by? Hand was embarrassing. Greenwich lost to Trumbull, a team that barely beat Warde and Staples, a team that almost lost to Wilton. This game is a better matchup then most think. NC wins, but SJ shows some heart. Closer than most think. NC 49 SJ 40 (figured they’d miss at least two extra points).

      As for Ansonia. Just save it for the NVL or SWC. Any time Ansonia has been tested by an above average team they have lost. If they’re so good they should join the juggernaut SCC, but chances are they’ll be staying put. No wonder why Masuk ran speed outs for touchdowns for about 8 years. It’s a shame. And NC would get smoked by Ansonia? I don’t think so. Go mind your own business and play Masuk, Derby and Woodland and have fun beating up on them and don’t get carried away. And while we’re bringing up former superstars, what happened to Dobbs?

      P.S. not a single one of these teams would’ve lasted against a 2010 team. That generalization includes NC. They would’ve lost to the 2010 and `11 Xavier team by 50. As for Ansonia, they would’ve lost by 100 respectively.

        • GETaCLUE says

          That’s a false statement. How many speed outs would Graham Stewart had to jump to make everyone realize. Also, Cochran? Come on. He broke his ankle celebrating. If he took one hit from that Xavier team he would’ve been done.

          • Hannibal Barca says

            Not a false statement. Look at that season. No one had a chance against that crew. Field position for their opponents was always bad thanks to Testani, the OL was very big, the wideouts would’ve spread X. X was good, but recall that the consensus for those who saw both was that the Panthers were better, certainly the best team in the state that year.

        • DOM says

          get a clue- hey new londons ’07 team was well above average the biggest team in the state that year and ansonia shut them out 35-0 ! and that was pretty much without thomas dominating . the 2010 chargers were just dobbs thats it they had no one else just a bunch of sophmores and freshman but they still almost got the win untile the final few minutes when st.joes pulled away .

  8. HandFan says

    New Cannan is just so much more talented as a group. And so much more athletic. No disrespect to Ansonia they have an amazing program but I’m sorry they haven’t played a school anything close to there ranking in quite sometime now and if NC beats St. Joseph’s then there’s no reason why NC shouldn’t be #1 in every single pole. I just don’t see how you can make a good argument of why Ansonia should be #1. Sorry Ansonia fans… and poor ray ray but New Cannan is just a wee bit too much for the chargers.

  9. GO NOLES!! says

    RAY BROWN (don’t forget the upper case!) posts outrageous stuff all the time. I think it os often tongue-in-cheek, and intended to get a rise out of other posters. Congratulations, Stanley, for taking the bait.

    You hammer RAY for an apparent foolish comment, but post a similarly biased, fact-challenged comment above, while calling yourself a “real football fan”. LOL!

    And you ought to go easy on the exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Vinny2201 says

    Mike Quick has never believed in Ansonia. His car shuts down on 95 as soon as he gets to Bridgeport. New Canaan and St Joes are very good teams, but they don’t have a player comparible to Arkeel in the speed department. No defense is stopping him for a full 4 quarters. McKnight changes the whole dynamic as well being a duel threat.

  11. Football fan says

    Has Mike Quick seen Ansonia play? No one will ever know who is better, but stop knocking teams for who they play or what league they play in. A good team can play with anyone. It is a shame that every year Ansonia has a good team and the kids have to hear all their critics. They have a winning program every year no matter who they play. I didn’t even see them reconized in the tri-state polls, that is a shame. No one is doubting how good NC is, stop doubting how good Ansonia is. Who will it be next year that will beat Ansonia by 3-4 TD’s. We all should wait to the season is over to see who the writers number one team is. It is a shame it isn’t decided on the field.

    • Hs football lover says

      If they don’t want to hear it…PLAY SOMEBODY…..Like somebody said earlier, you can’t play a DIII schedule and expect DI respect. Just doesn’t work that way…Seeing is believing….Show us

  12. Dr. Von Nostran says

    Week one losses don’t seem to count here. Apparently New Canaan, Greenwich and SJ were lucky to play those games early…but Shelton hammered Trumbull. That last one counts, right?
    West Haven may very well win LL this year, but at this point in the season they have played two decent teams. They LOST to Greenwich and barely beat Xavier..(and the Xavier/Staples game was only close because it was week one, correct?)
    Prep was beaten by SJ for three quarters. If SJ kicked their extra poitns they kneel on the ball and win 35-34. (Their fourth quarter was, however, awesome…and if these teams play ten times they split 5-5).
    Based on what I’ve seen, SJ and Darien would compete every week in Div I, and I believe New Canaan would run the table.
    We’ll see how good they are when they face Hand again in the tournament.

    • UBilly says

      Dr V – I think you are being a little sensitive when you imply only the Shelton win counted but the SCC losses didn’t. I haven’t read that here.
      The FCIAC won the challenge this year, although I am biased and think most years I would take the top of the SCC over the top of the FCIAC, but that’s not what happened so you tip your cap and acknowledge the scoreboard.
      Most fans look at the NC schedule and compare it to the WH, Hand, Shelton, NH, FP and Xavier schedule week to week and say no wonder they are winning. NC and SJ are both playing awesome this year (as is Ansonia) so I believe they would do well this year playing anyone’s schedule. We just wish they DID play a comparable type schedule. It is time the FCIAC starts modeling their scheduling like the SCC does and stops setting up the top programs to not have to play as many tough games, thereby helping the records for CIAC seeding. And I am not even going to start on the CCC schedules!
      I would love to see Hand get another shot at NC. That would mean they survive the next two games and then win out. I don’t think this Hand team has the talent of last year’s or of the current NC squad, but I think they have learned to play Hand Football and would have a puncher’s chance in the rematch!

  13. DOM says

    newsome and mcknight are better athletes then everyone on nc roster plus sophmore tandem bagley and baily are very fast and athletic . add a OL and DL that averages 6’3-6’6 and well over 200lbs and experienced they would beat nc in a very good game . A nc win by 3 to 4 tds ? lmao freakin crazy nobody beats ansonia by that much especially this year when their averaging 50 or more pts a game . nc will lose to st.joes and then they will lose in class L playoff which will prove alot . and a ansonia like team from platt will prove it !! just remember where u heard it first ..

    • says

      6’3-6’6 over 200lbs on the line? What line is that the free throw line? Dom you broke the story!!! We heard it from you first but the next time you decide on freelance journalism please make sure it’s in English. Nobody beats Ansonia I think is what he was saying. OK this person (How can I put this lightly)?? I’m not sure if someone’s 5 year old didn’t get on the computer on this one so I will be delicate. Dom there’s different league’s with different talent ok. Like Ansonia’s conference is basically all JV teams JV-Junior Varsity playing. They score 50 each week because I’m sorry to break the news ” you heard it here first Dom” but the teams are really bad. This year is also a really really really really down year in the state for HS football probably the worst in the last ohh 15-20 years across the board. The person that said Ansonia is faster and are much better athletes than New Cannan and who ever else he said well as you know you do look fast when the teams you are playing are A. Run like they are in mud B. Are standing still and C. ARE THE SLOWEST TEAMS IN THE STATE EXCEPT FOR THE TECH LEAGUE. I cant take it!!!!!! They are not fast they look fast because everyone is slow playing them. How do you know how fast they are. 4.85 is what was printed on the RB, I myself think it was a misprint but 4.65 is a gift on his top speed. OK say Hi to Santa for me

      • DOM says

        well if it wasnt in ENGLISH then you understood my language pretty damn well !! Ansonia plays who their scheduled to play if you knew enough you would know that they have been turned down by many teams that we all would like to see them play . Dont believe just ask the coaches yourself . If they couldnt stand with a scc d1 school how do you explain them beating west haven by a few tds in the preseason game that was played every bit like a real game !! of course it didnt count but they still beat up on them pretty easy . not to mention that the hands xaviers and nc schools are like 3 to 4 times bigger then ahs . so if they were to lose to ansonia it would be ugly that schools of that caliber loses to little ‘ol ansonia . im sure you didnt notice that you sounded just as dumb responding to me with a bunch of b.s . ansonia would beat your favorite school and in the back of your head you feel the same and thats where your hate comes into play . P.S – i could give a shit about freelance journalism nor would i try it . all whom are not stuck in the stone age with a rock up their ass understand what i was saying just fine

        • DOM says

          people really must of forgot about ansonias 2002-2003 teams that would of beat the 2011-2012 xavier team . ansonias ’03 squad would of beat every team of the last decade and if you dont believe you must not remember or your on something seriously . even seymours ’03 team would kill most teams of the last few years .

        • Just Sayin says

          All that bad grammar, yet you used the word ‘whom’.

          all who are not stuck

          those not stuck- both ok

          all whom- not so much

          I’m sure that’s an SCC education, not Ansonia right?

          SCC is fun to play in, who cares what Ansonia does?

          • DOM says

            what are you a divorced english teacher ?? who cares about the grammer thats not what were here for right ??

          • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

            I care about GRAMMAR (and spelling).

            The next person who uses YOUR in place of YOU’RE gets a swift kick.

            Honestly, I get issues with remembering IT’S vs ITS. But people missing the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE is a contagious disease.

    • Rob (On Connecticut's East Coast) says

      To your point regarding “Nobody beats Ansonia by 3-4 Touchdowns”, their last loss was in the 2010 State Finals to St Joes 49-28, that’s 21 points or 3 touchdowns. You are wrong.

  14. RAY BROWN says

    mike quick picks new caanan—-no kidding——thats like mikchael kay picking yankees—-quick knows where his meal ticket is—i love the way the scc clowns jump on fciac bandwagon—-you gotta pick aq winner somewhere down the line—-its incredible that classS ANSONIA is still the program everyone tries to emulate——ansonia can beat anyone in state

  15. RAY BROWN says

    has anyone noticed any comments from amity,ndwh,west haven or shelton fans? theyre a ll mighty d-1 teams that played ansonia this year.of course scc coaches told their teams not to play hard because its only practice,but thats ok—its tough getting it handed to you by S team—we understand

  16. George says

    He’s so full of it-
    There’s no way on earth New Canaan could stop Ansonia!!!!
    Ansonia would have beaten Masuk 77-14, and newsome would have had 550 yds. if they left him or the other starters in for more than 3 quarters.
    He was just getting warmed up when they took him out- and anyone who was there will tell you- that’s no exaggeration. Anyone who was at that game or the other Ansonia games knows that the main reason most teams get within 40 of Ansonia is because they are playing the JV team for half the game.
    I’ve seen everybody play this year, and st. joe’s should win the New Canaan game..
    St. Joe’s would also get smoked by Ansonia too.- and I’m from Fairfield County.

    • says

      Yea George um they played a couple years back and ST JOES had the game won by halftime. They won by 30 i believe!! George let me let you in on another secret Masuk is AWFUL!!!!!!!!! They lost to Pomperaug the week before so keep patting yourself on the back for that win. Most likely anyone that was there was either drunk from the bar in the woods like you sound on this post. George really what knowledge do you have to make a statement like that? 77-14 and 550 yards against Masuk!! wow quite an accomplishment. The fact is all the Ansonia homers still can’t let the playing speak for itself because deep down they know the truth.. You can’t compete with the big boys. It’s a proven fact

  17. CT_YANKEE_in_NC says

    Mike’s comparison of Arkel’s to CT’s finest might be spot on. However, he neglected to mention the finest high school running back to ever come out of CT and it’s not even close. Montville’s Doug Dubose was a complete beast. He was the first running back in Nebraska history to run for 1,000 yards in his sophomore and junior seasons. A leg injury cost him his senior year. Being the starting I-Back in Nebraska in 70’s and 80’s may have been the premier position in all of college football. Sadly his injury and drug/alcohol issues cost him. Good luck to all teams and players playing this week.

    • says

      Very True Like being the QB at Notre Dame. Great call he’s up there but lost in tghe shuffle of names some how. Still leading a troubled life the guy can’t catch break. Steve Taylor 4 year starter at Nebraska QB had said ” If he didn’t get injured he could have been the best TB in Nebraska history. Here are a few stats and players he is compared to at Nebraska. I can’t wait to hear the “Ansonia’s backs are that good ” comments. Please Charger fans don’t embarrass yourselves

      He averaged 6.2 yards in becoming the 10th Nebraska player to post 2,000 career yards.

      He also became the third—after Jarvis Redwine and Mike Rozier—to have two different 1,000 yard seasons. After DuBose—Keith Jones, Ken Clark, Calvin Jones and Ahman Green performed the feat.

  18. RAY BROWN says

    —-hate to break your bubble but floyd little was the best ever to come out of ct—–followed by nds nick pietrosante–played for notre dame and NFL lions——also he was fom ansonia—thought id throw that in there

  19. Sal says

    I saw Ansonia play Masuk. You are not going to stop Ansonia without a gun. This kid has no peer in this state. Anyone know who knows football knows speed kills, couple that with an outstanding OLine they are not going to be stopped pure and simple. Seeing is believing.

  20. D Money says

    I say Middletown beats either Ansonia or New Canaan.

    I saw Ansonia play last year. Middletown is a bigger and faster team. Highsmith is bigger and more explosive that Newsome. Highsmith can score anytime he touches the ball. The only difference, is that Middletown does not run up their scores, as Highsmith is typically finished offensively by half-time.

    Middletown should make it to the L Championship, looking forward to seeing New Canaan.

    • GO NOLES!! says

      D Money-
      You should have seen Ansonia play this season before posting. The Ansonia line is huge and strong. And there is speed all over the field.

      I’m sure Highsmith is a terrific player. But faster and more explosive than Newsome? Seriously??

      And you lose credibility completely when you suggest that Tommy Brockett and Ansonia runs up scores when the facts demonstrate that the exact opposite is true. Newsome has played only a quarter and carried the ball 10 or fewer times against overmatched teams. He played only 28 minutes against Masuk to gain 396 yards.

      Feel free to do a little research, get some facts, then come back and post.

    • The Dude says

      I’m one of the few Middletown believers this year but easy on that one. They had trouble slowing down Bristol Central. They aren’t even close the same level as Ansonia is.

  21. CT_YANKEE_in_NC says

    I stand corrected. I forgot about floyd and wasn’t familiar with Pietrosante. Looked him up on the web and Pro credentials speak for temselves. Thnks for pointing it out. Always good to learn something new. Any truth to the rumor that Santa Claus was born and raised in Ansonia before he begrudgingly headed to the North Pole?

  22. says

    Noles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if anyone takes this blog seriously they need there head examined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and exclamation points as well. It’s great to see all the FSU fans are out Exile. The big question is are they real fans or some goober who jumped on board this year. I hammer Ray because the statements he makes are ridiculous. He doesn’t give any other team credit at all and he is dilutional about the NVL and Ansonia football.

  23. jeb says

    Just a reminder to all of those football fans that may have forgotten Bobby Valentine of Rippowam High School was regarded as the most outstanding runner in the state of ct. He was recruited to replace O.J. Simpson at Southern Cal but opted to play baseball instead.

    Arkeel Newsome is an awesome runner but everytime I see him play he never gets touched….the offensive line is opening holes I could run through. Montrell Dobbs ran through people and so did Pietrosante and Little. The jury is still out.

    As for the states best team…let the season play out and let the experts decide who should be the voted number 1.

    • reality realist says

      That is because they don’t play any defense in the NVL. It is amazing that people could even think Ansonia could be as dominate if they played in the FCIAC or SCC. They are the Class S champs for a reason while the NVL is class S oriented. SWC is class M champions while FCIAC and SCC run the L and LLs out there.

      When and if Hall, SOuthington and Glastonbury gets in, and when Newtown faces an opponent outside of their little class S and M divisions, everything will fall into place. They will get dominated as usual. Just too bad these teams don’t have any competition for the first 10 weeks of the season, and I mean too bad for the kids.

  24. Big Dog says

    Ray Ray,I know 8 weeks ago is such a long time but let me refresh your memory on the WH/Shelton scrimmages b/c I saw you there….WH played a full game vs Ansonia minus special teams….Score at half was 7-7…2nd half Ansonia wore down the Westies in route to a 27-15 final…In this game Newsome carried the ball 30+ times and McNight the rest…There was one forward pass completed in the game.All but one play was by Arkell and McNight…Nice bwin for the Chargers but if Mac loaded up PHillips 30+ times WH in my opinion scores at least one more…Water over the dam…Nice win!The following week Ansonia goes to play Shelton in annual Varsity half scrimmage..I brought fellow Uconn alum down from upstate to watch Arkell play…Low and behold Chargers hold out Newsome and McNight along with a few O lineman…..Shelton holds out All state candidate tailback Jason Thompson…Final score Shelton 14-0…I am not saying shelton is a better team my point being if your two skilled people got banged up week to week Ansonia would be in big trouble in another league…Your O line is good but have seen better and the defense is very vulnerable to a great spread team…Examples NC,Hand,Joes,Xavier…As far as Amity…well they are what they are a great baseball school….ND is good every 5 years or so.SCC coach’s wish you would come on board…..Play the big boy’s every other week and enjoy football the way it was meant to be played…….BTW-I really do enjoy your comments here and on the NVL blog.

  25. JD says

    OK, I read these and never post anything but my sone plays on Masuk so I saw Ansonia and we also took a few of his friends to see the Bosco/Miami Central game. Miami Central beat them but their two startiung backs are going to U of Miami and U of Florida. Bosco would beat Ansonia by the 50 point margin allowed in CT and by more if the game was played in NJ. Two weeks ago Bosco shut down J Peppers (2nd ranked player in the country) from Paramas Catholic. They would eat up Newsome. Paramas (I think) scrimmages X this year fand put up 45 like it was nothing…

  26. Bubba says

    The game is won at the POA (point of attack). NC D-Line schemes would box Newsome in. NC vs. Ansonia would not be close. In Fact, Ansonia would not be compete with an upper Tier FCIAC or Division I SCC team, that is close to fact.

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      @Bubba – That’s because Ansonia’s offensive line is no more than a Pop Warner or JV-caliber outfit, I’m assuming.

          • DOM says

            yea bubba really just said ansonia would get outcoached ??? bubba stop with the comments please you have NOOOO knowledge at all if you believe that load of elephant … !! ansonias staff has always been amongst the top respected in the state . Im sure bubba doesnt even know that coach hunt existed .

  27. Dr. Von Nostran says

    I agree that the FCIAC should change their scheduling. But take a look at SJ, Darien and NC and compare their schedules with WH, Prep and Shelton (and NH if you insist). Personally I think they are comparable. (McMahon, on the other hand does not have a tough schedule, and the polls reflect that).
    As for Ansonia, they are a good fit for the size of their school. They filled their open date with MASUK. It’s unfortunate that they don’t play the same schedule as Hand, but you can’t fault them for it. They can’t choose to play in another conference for football…or move up to another division. It is what it is.

  28. says

    I’m usually a bit more for the articles than the commentary here, but I feel the need to chime in today. I haven’t seen NC play this year, so I don’t think I’m qualified to comment one way or the other about who I think would win if they did play Ansonia. That being said, I’d like to make a few points.

    Concerning Ansonia:

    1. Arkeel Newsome is more than just speed. His running strength and maneuverability deserve some praise as well. I’ve seen him put the pads to a number of defenders (unafraid I might add) and either bowl them over or bounce off only to spin/juke and take off completely across the field before heading down the sidelines for a score. The kid is tremendously talented and regardless of the strength of schedule, you can’t take that away from him. There’s a reason why he’s considered by many to be the best RB in the state today.
    2. McKnight could still use some polish. Don’t get me wrong, he is athletic and he can throw, but he lacks accuracy. Ansonia could have had a couple more passing TDs on the year had McKnight not put so much arm into the ball.
    3. Supplementing McKnight’s accuracy issues is the speed of Ansonia’s receivers. I think Bailey and Bagley have bright futures ahead of them. But you can’t compare them to Finney and Matos from last season. The two of them would beat defenders by numerous running strides on a regular basis. That being said, Bailey and Bagley are sophomores so I do expect to see the speed pick up in the future.
    4. Ansonia’s line is a WALL. It may not be what it has been in past seasons, but it is a wall. I’ve seen teams send blitz after blitz on their O-line only to break on every attempt. The kids up front deserve a lot of credit.

    Concerning New Canaan:

    1. My only point of about New Canaan is on that which Mike Quick seems to me to be raving loudest about; the defense. From the video, NC seems to have some big kids on D. But I am not all that impressed. Highlight footage isn’t really enough to make an accurate assessment on them, but take for instance the OLB Mike talks about, Zach Allen. Yeah, he gets sacks in the game but in all of the clips, Allen comes through untouched. That doesn’t say a lot to me about a defenses true ability either.

    I’m definitely one for debate, constructive criticism and education so if you’ve got something credible to add, by all means please do.

  29. RAY BROWN says

    d-money you must be related to stanley or bubba——i lived next to the pietrosantes——-moot point but its unknowlegable idoiots like you that permeate these blogs.Stanley after your AA meeting you should check stats on ansonias line and i dont recall ansonia—st.joes game being over at halftime,but when you drink vodka for breakfast it may have seemed that way

    • says

      Statboy Ray DOO-DOO Brown please don’t try and make your personal life and your booze bag tendencies part of mine. AA meetings and Vodka?? Man no wonder why you have so much Diarrhea flowing from your lips your a drunk!!!!! I don’t drink much Ray DOO DOO never have but nice try. The got destroyed Ray nice try though.

  30. JB says

    Ansonia and NC would be a great matchup, but I would give the nod to NC. Why? Special teams and front seven on D. That NC kicker is a true D-1 prospect. Pins you deep and then that strong front seven shuts you down. Result … 3-and-Out with NC’s spread option starting at your 45 yard line and going to score in 5 plays. NC’s dominance comes from that field position. No one has come close to solving the equation – watch the film – same for Hand, Greenwich and Staples – none could get out of the shadow of their endzone versus NC’s first team defense (well, Staples did once). Yes, Newsome will break through and score a couple of times because he is so awesome … but not enough to overcome the ensuing field position deficits on every other trip. NC just has way more athletes, swarming down the field on special teams looking to rock you from a towering, NFL-quality kick. Then the Men come in and dominate the line of scrimmage. Ansonia is big and tough upfront, but not Ram tough. Buck, Allen, Root and Harris are all D-1 college players. They arrive in your backfield “untouched” because they are untouchable. Mike Quick may be prone to hyperbole, but in this case not by too much.

    Can St Joes dent the equation this week? I think they have a better shot than would Ansonia. Joe needs to spread them out, chip away with the pass and try to gas’em. It is the only way anyone has a chance. If not, its lights out in the 1st quarter for St Joes as well.

  31. SCC says

    So Mr. Brown, why doesn’t “the mighty ansonia” move into the SCC??? Take a look at the back end of Xavier, West Haven, Hand, Prep and Shelton’s schedule, case closed. Its like Adrien Broner saying he could knock out Mike Tyson. Doesn’t even make sense. And another thing, Arkeel scoring touchdowns on low quality teams in the third quarter and then guys like you and the media boasting about greatness, well, i’m old school and stick with the reality that great backs make great plays against great defenses. Don’t get me wrong, I think Arkeel is a very good back, but how good, WE WILL NEVER FIND OUT. So come ANSONIA, join the SCC D1. And don’t bring up scrimmages, that’s just pathetic.

    • DOM says

      scc- before arkeel got to highschool he showed greatness against some of the best up and coming defenders in the all-american game even taking back a kick return . he is the real deal just face it . they beat up and wore down a LL school in the preseason {west haven} in a game that was played every bit like a real one . you only say dont bring up scrimmages because of the outcome lets be foreal . if that was a week 1 game they still would of won . your hate for the chargers comes from the fear of a class s team being capable of beating scc d-1 teams and im sure deep down you agree

      • says

        Before he got to high school(two words)???? Now we are bragging about pee wee football. Scrimmages are to get looks and find out what players can do in. Good coaches look at the players first to get a gauge on them not the score of the game. If that were the case the team that goes 4-0 in the preseason would win the SB every year on your watch. My God how do you not know this? Thats about a rudimentary as you can get when it comes to football and you don’t know. You shouldn’t make another post if your football IQ is that far behind the rest of the football world. I mean that’s something a players mom makes a mistake on not a guy pleading his case on a blog. That just gave me the answer that I already knew. YOU ARE CLUELESS

      • The Truth Hurts says

        And the West Haven team through 7 games has 1 loss,a 1 point win in overtime and games remaining @ Cross,vs Hand ,vs Shelton,@ Prep.What competetition has Ansonia had through week #7 ?

  32. Here's a suggestion says

    How about having Ansonia petition the CIAC to play up in L or LL division? If I recall correctly Ansonia did this back in 1978 and moved up to LL to face Amity. We all know how that turned out (see article on Amity’s 35 anniversary) and that was with with Sandy Osiecki at QB for Ansonia and the Bill McAllister coaching. Would be great to allow that option for teams, other states have Open divisions that all divisions can qualify for.

    • DOM says

      ansonia is one of the smallest schools in the state and they could compete with any L-LL school in the state . if ansonia was the size of a L-LL school they would destroy a scc d-1 schedule . but compare the size of ansonia to alot of these other schools i mean it would look bad for a xavier hand or nc to lose to them .

      • says

        Again post makes no sense what so ever. First off they have 70 kids on the team just as many as a LL school. If they were the size they would destroy them?? What? If my mother had a d&*k she’d be my father. That makes no sense so you would automatically generate all great player because um your Ansonia? I have question did you ever play football? You talk so cavalier about it that you could not have played. Your to much of a idol worshipper groopie type guy. You didn’t play so therefore your opinion right now is meaningless. Your lack of knowledge is to much to overcome you just have no clue and it shows in your moronic idol whoshipping statements.

  33. PapaDags says

    In response to a previous post, I’ve seen Ansonia and St. Joes play more than twice each this year-No way St. Joes beats Ansonia-Absolutely NOT

  34. willie says

    the question is not whether ansonia would beat new canaan. the question is how would ansonia do if they played oh lets see notre dame west haven’s schedule? now we dont know the answer to that question and never will. and it is not ansonia’s fault that they are a small school playing in a lousy league. clearly a very good team.however, it is grind to play good teams week after week. are they the best teams? dont know but maxprep ranks ndwh’s schedule the toughest in connecticut. what is ansonia’s schedule ranked? is it in the top 50 ? lets face it. they dont play anyone, much less a week in and week out grind schedule. again, not their fault but it is what it is. and a team that doesnt play anyone should not be ranked number one. not sure it sends the right message to the kids.
    it is like arguing whether the best team in the canadian football league would beat the super bowl champs. well maybe. could they play an NFL schedule. well hmm maybe. the jets beat the colts in 69 of course and proved folks could play in theAFL. but until we have some proof it is fair to assume ansonia might find ndwh’s schedule a bit of chore. now you may say this is pure speculation which it is. but the burden of proof has to be on the team that is not playng anyone good, correct?
    there was a time when these rankings took strength of schedule very seriously. in 1970 for example stamford and prep both finished 9 -1. stamford finished number 1 in the final new haven register poll, prep number 3. the thing is prep BEAT stamford fair and square 14-6 on a goal line stand in the last minute in the last game of the year on thanksgiving morning in one of the greatest high school football games ever played in connecticut.why did stamford finiish first? because they played a grind schedule in the fciac and prep played in the weaker and now defucnct mbiac. you can look it up. that is tough medicine.
    one question i have re the fciac. how can LL teams like brian mcmahan cruise through the first seven or more weeks of the season without playing anyone good?

  35. hawkpride says

    Newtown would wipe the snot out of Ansonia and they aren’t even in the top 5. No way Ansonia could stop Newtown’s passing and running game. The defense would stop Arkel in his tracks. Look how we have been dominating the SWC teams over the last 5 weeks. nuff said.

  36. JB says

    Folks should read this … … and watch the Hand, Greenwich and Staples film. Only way to contain Buck is off a double-team. If you don’t he will blow up every play you have – powerful and fast. That leaves one of Allen, Root or Harris in your backfield “untouched”. And all three of these guys are D-1 college players – big, fast and smart. Hand, Greenwich and Staples have pretty tough OLs and are well coached; but the NC combination of defensive players makes a match-up almost impossible – none of those good programs could come close. Now Ansonia and St Joes have maybe the best OLs in the state, but I don’t see D-1 college-level speed from the film on those OLs. NC will win everyday when those 4 guys are on the field together. The packages they bring in-and-out of the 3-4 and 4-3 is a thing of beauty. You have to really study the film and see it in person to appreciate its speed / power.

  37. Dr. Von Nostran says

    Who did you see SJ play? What did you see that brings you to that conclusion? Offense/Defense?

  38. jeb says

    Both NC and Ansonia are top flight programs..lets stop the bashing….they won’t get a chance to play each other so determining who would win is fun but that’s all it is. NC has a very tough game this week against Joes. If they beat Joes they most likely will play them again in three weeks for the FCIAC title. It will be a great game no matter what.

    An interesting game is Hand vs. Xavier. If Hand wins then they will most likely secure a birth in the CLASS L tourney with a possible rematch with NC. A loss by Xavier eliminates them from the Class LL.

    Naugatuck willgo a long way in possibly determining who has the best team. They have a date with Ansonia and maybe a game with NC in the tourney. If Naugy has only two losses they should gain the eight spot in the class L.

    • hawkmen says

      Didn’t Naugy barely beat Wolcott in OT? And Newtown wiped its hiney with Wolcott and had a 50-6 lead in the 2nd qt! If Naugy gives Ansonia a game, just think what Newtown would do to Ansonia.

      • DOM says

        Ansonia beat the snot out of wolcott just as bad as newtown did . but ansonia this year would beat newtown by atleast 3 scores . newtown reciever dunn would get shut down by 2q and chargers run away in the 3rd . next year might be a different story i mean i love my chargers but i think 2014 newtown gets the win

  39. SCC says

    Hawkpride, are u serious!!!!!!!!!! SWC might as well be another NVL. Come on, get real. Only SCC and (perhaps) FCIAC can really comment on Ansonia. 5-5 teams in either league would run through the Newtown schedule unscathed. I would love to see Newtown play West Haven, Xavier, Hand, Prep or Shelton, I guarantee you would have 50 point blow outs BY THE HALF. Hopefully we will get the opportunity to see in the LL playoffs. But u might get lucky, the SCC teams may all knock each other out. That would be a dream come true for every team in the LL school in the chase.

  40. Steve Sanders says

    St Joe’s seems to have nothing to lose in this game. They are playing the greatest New Canaan team ever right? On 3 consecutive plays i saw #44 sack Masse from Staples on the highlight reel. Sure that’s a great job, but it’s not hard when no one attempts to block you. Fair to say Staples and Masuk have both taken a few steps back. Staples was on the verge of losing to Danbury a week ago. Saying Ansonia would be outcoached doesn’t deserve a response. The fact that Ansonia is in this conversation every single year shows they can beat anyone. Special teams in high school is brutal. I haven’t been to game this year where I haven’t seen a kickoff return or punt return for a td. New Canaan is a quick screen, zone read team that doesn’t see the speed that Ansonia posseses on the corners all year. St Joes showed a passing attack that hurt a young Charger team 3 years ago, but St Joes at No point stopped Dobbs. Ansonia and New Canaan at no point this year will face a team comparible to each other. St Joes is very good, but a completely different team then Ansonia.

  41. RAY BROWN says

    scc——-scc doesnt want ansonia unless your the so called commissioner—–in 05-06 when chargers won back to backs titles nobody knocking the door down—-who wants too see a class S school embarras the scc big boys? p.s. if scc is so strong why no out of state games ?:lol if they are that flexible it shouldnt be a problem

    • says

      Yeah because Ansonia is making Long distance calls to play out of state. There’s 21 teams in the conference why would they play out of state. Horrible post guy it’s not Hockey season.

  42. jeb says

    Steve Sanders….excellent point about Dobbs but in fairness Ansonia couldn’t stop Joes either by run or pass. This is a much better Ansonia team but I think Joes and New Canaan are much better then they were three years ago. Joes has a much better offense with a talented running back and great receivers. Nc and Joes have a QB that can pass and run. Like Ansonia

    Ansonia is in a no win situation because if Joes wins they can point to the schedule they have been playing vs. Ansonias schedule. Ditto for New CAnaan.. Each team will have a legit gripe about being Number 1. Ansonia should steamroll everybody else on their schedule and the class S tourney.

  43. GO NOLES!! says

    Some bloggers seem to stake out one extreme or the other. And some of the comments are simply ridiculous.

    Ansonia is not the second coming of Dom Bosco Prep-the defense is good but not great, unlike last season’s squad. And the special teams are average. But the offense is big, very fast, and prolific with multiple weapons, even conceding that McKnight’s accuracy is inconsistent, as one blogger correctly pointed out. I’m sure there are other great backs in the state, as there are every year, but Newsome is a special, perhaps once-in-a-lifetime player. Football fans should go see the kid play, rather than disparage him from behind the anonymity of a keyboard.

    From seeing Ansonia live, and New Canaan on tape, I think it would be a fascinating and close matchup. Both teams are big, talented and well-coached. Ansonia has more speed, but the Rams have played better defense so far this season. The game would not be one-sided either way.

    I love the SCC as a league, top to bottom. But fans of that conference on this blog get carried away. Some of the top teams play punishing schedules (unlike the FCIAC), and there is something to be said for a team surviving that meat grinder without injuries or getting worn down.
    But a team like Ansonia is as big and physical as any large school. Could they survive a SCC D-1 season unblemished? Don’t know. But they can certainly match up with and defeat any 2013 SCC team. A blogger points out that a strong West Haven team held Newsome in check for a while during their preseason scrimmage with Ansonia. True. But Newsome ultimately got his yards and Ansonia wore down the Westies, the starters winning by two TD’s (after a late Blue Devil score).

    To bring up St. Joe’s S Championship win over Ansonia a few years back is also foolish. That was a loaded, experienced and talented Cadet team led by Tyler Matekevich. Ansonia was Montrell Dobbs and a bunch of inexperienced, undersized underclassmen, who had a number of close calls calls during the regular season, were pounded by Naugatuck on Thanksgiving Day, and improbably made it to the S final. St. Joe’s was heavily favored, and should have whipped Ansonia. Because the Cadets could not stop Dobbs, despite a huge size advantage on the line and stacking tten defenders in the box, it was just a one score game with 6 minutes to play before St. Joes put it away.

    So the exchange of opinios is great on this site. But let’s all keep it real and fact-based.

  44. SCC says

    Excuse me Mr.Brown, Ansonia has been asked to join the SCC ever since Derby dropped out of the league, it’s no coincidence that they joined the NVL and are doing very well compared to the days of old. And by the way, what would be the point of playing out of state games when our schedule is so grueling as is. I am trying to understand your point but I can’t because you don’t have one. How many titles have SCC teams won during that time span, oh by the way, we all play each other. There’s an open invitation into the SCC and there has been for quite a while now but you probably wouldn’t even know that, your most likely a spectator on the outside and everything that poofs into your imagination really has no validity. You just blurt and blow out irrelevant information and hope that it catches a sail. Your no more than a parent who argues and wants coaches fired because their kid doesn’t get enough playing time. Or maybe it was you. Bottom line is, EVERYONE KNOWS but apparently you don’t, here’s some advice, GET A CLUE. By the way, can you tell me what towns Ansonia’s last three running backs are from??? Here’s a clue, not ansonia………GOOD LUCK TONIGHT AGAINST A REALLY POWERFUL OPPONENT. Arkeel 560 yards, 5 touchdowns (2 in the third quarter) just my prediction Ansonia 62 – Watertown 13

  45. GO NOLES!! says

    “SCC says”-

    You’re a SCC homer and Ansonia hater. We get it.

    But just don’t throw stuff out there that has no basis in truth (then accuse others of doing the same LOL).

    Ansonia was a member of the NVL long before the SCC existed. The school did not join the NVL in lieu of the SCC. Derby dropping out of the SCC to join the NVL reestablished Ansonia’s longstanding rivalry with their next door neighbor. There never was any consideration of Ansonia taking Derby’s place in the SCC. Traditional rivalry games with the likes of Seymour, Derby and Naugatuck reamin important in the Valley.

    Alos, affiliatng with a new conference has implications for ALL sports.The number of and type of athletic programs a school offers for boys and girls has great importance in deciding whether a school is a fit for a conference.

    Not as simple as you make it out to be. But keep on hating if it makes you feel good.

  46. SCC says

    Being in the SCC had no effect on the ansonia/derby rivalry. Prove any of what i say is false. Please do. Call me what u want, I know the truth hurts, im just sick of people who walk tall but carry a little stick (fans and teams alike)

  47. Dr. Von Nostran says

    Can you give me a quick, “objective” analysis of the schedules below?
    While the programs on each schedule can be up or down, it seems each team plays about 5 highly contested games, a few easier games, and a few layups. The inclusion of the Bpt school somewhat sways the bottom end, but Coach Cochrane is/was/might be working on that.

    West Haven:
    Wins Over: Foran (M-5w), Cheshire (LL-3w), Guilford (L-3w), Notre Dame-West Haven (L-2w), Xavier (LL-5w), Hamden (LL-3w)
    Losses To: Greenwich (LL-4w)
    Games Remaining: 11/1 @Wilbur Cross (L-3w), 11/8 v.Daniel Hand (L-6w), 11/15 v.Shelton (LL-5w), 11/28 @Fairfield Prep (LL-5w)

    Wins Over: Trumbull (LL-6w), Guilford (L-3w), Amity (LL-4w), Foran (M-5w), Wilbur Cross (L-3w)
    Losses To: Fairfield Prep (LL-5w), Daniel Hand (L-6w)
    Games Remaining: 11/1 v.Hamden (LL-3w), 11/8 @Xavier (LL-5w), 11/15 @West Haven (LL-6w), 11/28 @Derby (S-4w)

    Wins Over: Stamford (LL-1w), Notre Dame-West Haven (L-2w), Branford (L-0w), Shelton (LL-5w), Cheshire (LL-3w)
    Losses To: St. Joseph (M-7w), Daniel Hand (L-6w)
    Games Remaining: 11/1 v.Amity (LL-4w), 11/8 @Hamden (LL-3w), 11/16 v.Xavier (LL-5w), 11/28 v.West Haven (LL-6w)

    Wins Over: Notre Dame-West Haven (L-2w), Fairfield Prep (LL-5w), Ridgefield (LL-5w), Darien (L-6w), Wilton (L-3w), Bassick (L-1w), Trinity Catholic (S-0w)
    Games Remaining: 11/1 @New Canaan (L-7w), 11/8 @Fairfield Warde (LL-2w), 11/15 @Brien McMahon (LL-6w), 11/28 v.Trumbull (LL-6w)

    Wins Over: Daniel Hand (L-6w), Bassick (L-1w), Greenwich (LL-4w), Fairfield Warde (LL-2w), Danbury (LL-3w), Chicopee (MA) (M-3w), Staples (LL-5w)
    Games Remaining: 11/1 v.St. Joseph (M-7w), 11/8 @Wilton (L-3w), 11/15 v.Trinity Catholic (S-0w), 11/28 v.Darien (L-6w)

    80 Wins Over: Hillhouse (M-3w), Greenwich (LL-4w), Bassick (L-1w), Fairfield Warde (LL-2w), Trinity Catholic (S-0w), Ridgefield (LL-5w)
    Losses To: St. Joseph (M-7w)
    Games Remaining: 11/2 v.Wilton (L-3w), 11/9 @Harding (L-2w), 11/15 @North Haven (L-6w), 11/28 @New Canaan (L-7w)

  48. GO NOLES!! says

    Hey Doc Von Nostrand,

    Even though the SCC doesn’t have a team the caliber of Xavier in 2011 and 2012 or Hand in 2012, the round robin slugfest between Prep, West Haven, Xavier, Hand and Shelton (though the Gaels need to beat an upper echelon team to truly be included in that mix), stands out. Cheshire and ND-WH are in the midst of down years, so that takes a little luster off of the remaining games of some teams.

    Greenwich and Staples are down this season, so its hard to assess the FCIAC until some of the top programs square off. New Canaan/Hand at midseason would have been a much more compelling matchup, as the young Tigers have steadily improved. I still think NC is a cut above the rest of the league, but Darien may turn out to be the best team getting the least recognition.

    Bottom line: The SCC (D1) and FCIAC are the top leagues in the state (in that order). Can great teams like an Ansonia or a Middletown from weaker conferences defeat any school in those leagues? Absolutely. What is always less clear any given season is whether a great team from a weaker conference could survive an entire slate of powerful teams. That is always the fuel for debate.

    • wave says

      Did the FCIAC top tier not dominate the SCC top tier for the most part this year? I don’t see how you can say the SCC is better, at least this year.

      • says

        1 year out of 15 and I wouldn’t use the word dominate. The WH game was a joke. You don’t ppd a game when a team is about to go in and take a two score lead. Year in year out the SCC is the best league no argument they beat FCIAC teams head up. You didn.t even hear the FCIAC blabbing that much because it took a fluke for them to win 9-8 knowing this is probably the worse the SCC has been in a year since it’s inception.

        • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

          The West Haven game was ppd by refs when we saw a pretty bad flash of lightning. They’re supposed to do that. Then the skies opened up. So….

      • HandFan says

        Look at how much those scc teams have improved since week1… if the fciac – scc challenge were to happen now the scc would dominate due to the hard schedules the scc teams play

        • GETaCLUE says

          Hand fan, your comment doesn’t make sense. It’s okay though. Go ice up, I’m sure you’ll hurting from week 1’s bruising.

  49. Dr. Von Nostran says

    I agree with a point. Statements such as this “Some of the top teams play punishing schedules (unlike the FCIAC)” if said enough become fact.
    This is an overly simplistic argument, but hear me out. Shelton has a difficult schedule because they play Prep, Hand, WH, and Xavier. If you replace those teams with teams that BEAT them, they would play SJ, NC, and Greenwich. So, by virtue of the on field results, Shelton’s schdule would be MORE difficult if they played FCIAC teams instead….Or Darien’s schedule.
    I get that McMahon or Trumbull are the coutner-argument, but it’s just a little food for thought.

  50. yeah says

    Hand plays: Hillhouse, NorthHaven, Shelton, Prep, Xavier, WestHaven, ND,Cross, Cheshire, New Canaan, Guilford. 6 of these schools are top 15 in the state in any poll. The rest are no slouch. #1 Strength of Schedule. Any Arguements?

  51. joe zone says

    Mike Quick. greatest sportscaster in tri state area. I assume, Sean Patrick, you mean New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      @joe – Haha. ‘Tri-state’ as in ‘Greater New York,’ the crux of Jersey-NY-CT (which is what they down yonder call Tri-State area.)

      You and John Holt combine to form what I call THE VOLTRON of CT sports media proper.

  52. Love your pizza says

    1. Danbury 1468
    2. Greenwich 1366
    3. New Britain 1338
    4. Glastonbury 1077
    5. Norwich Free 1071
    6. Trumbull 1049
    7. Westhill 1039
    8. Southington 1009
    9. Stamford 989
    10. Staples 953
    Not one SCC school in the top ten schools by boys enrollment.
    Hey SCC guy you ever get out of new haven ?

  53. XHS says

    Hand guy, we play 7 of the same teams (if you include ourselves) the other 3 are NC, Guilford, Cross vs Staples, Amity and Hamden. Pretty close just plain brutal compared to most. And by the way, middletown has no shot against either of us. Seen them 5 times. No worries for you in the playoffs just worry about NC as that should be the final.

  54. Football fan says

    What do all the writers do if St. Joe’s win’s tonight? I know Mike Quick may say they would be a 3-4 TD favorite over Ansonis. I hope it is a good game for all the football fans out there. Have fun and enjoy something special hopefully.

  55. jeb says

    Football Fan

    The writers have St. Joes a close third which isn’t bad. Mike Quick said that NC could beat Ansonia by 3tds,,,if Joes wins that means that they could beat Ansonia by 4 tds…Doubt it on both points. All three teams are great football teams and should be recognized as such. Let’s enjoy tonights game and may the best team win. Rooting for NC but ST. Joes is one good team. I’m sure Ansonia would love to be playing in this game.

  56. CT_YANKEE_IN_NC says

    FCIAC’s Top 9 teams in the standings season to date (Staples, Greenwich, Trumbull, McMahon, Ridgefield, Ludlowe, St. Joes, Darien and New Canaan) are a combined 8-2 against the SCC this year. That’s a .800 winning percentage. That’s pretty dominant. Next year it may be a different story. However, one loses credibility when they argue passionately (and at times condescendingly) based on conjecture and anecdotal evidence. Then when faced with facts and empirical evidence they make excuses make justifications.

  57. RAY BROWN says

    scc======because you know so much—-the scc wont accept ansonia because of their lack of sports programs such as track,swimming,cross-country,volleyball etc,——-prior to joining NVL ansonia played indy schedule which included ndwh,shelton ,cross,hillhouse,west haven. i suggest you look up records before mkaking false statements.AND please give us year they were invited to scc.

  58. anotherfan says

    New Cannan looked awesome tonight …snoorrr….couldn’t watch after halftime, St. Joe’s needs a lesson on covering receivers.St joe had a better run game and decent pass game and should have kept it close. NC could be # 1 after St . Joes handed it to them with turnovers and poor coverage in seconary.

  59. anotherfan says

    Mike lives in Fairfield County land of the bloated FCIAC top tier.Enough said…Jeez, threders talk about only fans from ansonia believe in ansonia crock o sh….t

  60. Football fan says

    What do you mean by your,Jeez statement, hard to understand…

    I guess NC is for real, let’s see what the writers do this week…
    I thought Woodland may have given Ansonia a chalange, but now they go and lose to HC???

    • says

      I saw the Ansonia Scrimmage with West Haven, Ansonia treats this like its their Superbowl. West Haven treats it like a Scrimmage . Trying out various players in different positions and so forth. Ansonia scored 4 times and West Haven scored 5 times with one called back on holding. West Haven did a pretty good job Physically as well . I don’t know what scrimmage Dom was at?

  61. tom says

    Who did New Cannan beat this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Naugy 9 and 1……..Newsome 400 yards and 7 TD only played 3 quarters.
    Number one in the state again!

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