MSG Varsity announces “All-Connecticut” football team

urlMSG Varsity announced its 2013 All-Connecticut team on its website today. New Canaan linebacker Cole Harris was named team MVP and Fairfield Prep coach Tom Shea was named coach of the year.

Now, before you start firing off comments, it should be noted that MSG Varsity’s ‘All-Connecticut’ title is a tad misleading.

…Actually, that last sentence is actually misleading, too. The ‘All-Connecticut’ title is totally misleading from our point of view deep in the Nutmeg State. The players selected for the team only hail from the FCIAC and a few SWC and SCC towns from the Cablevision/Optimum coverage area.

Still, worth a look at who made it.

Read their full capsules and second-teamers here.

MSG Varsity All-Connecticut Team

PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Cole Harris, Sr., New Canaan

COACH OF THE YEAR: Tom Shea, Fairfield Prep



  • QB — Jordan Vazzano, Sr., St. Joseph
  • QB/RB — Nick Cascione, Sr., New Canaan
  • RB — Mufasha Abdul-Basir, Jr., St. Joseph
  • RB — Will Bonaparte, Sr., Ridgefield
  • WR — Nick Lombardo, Sr., Darien
  • WR — Shane Miller, Sr., St. Joseph
  • OL — Joao Rocha, Sr., New Canaan
  • OL — Jordan Ewud, Sr., Joel Barlow
  • OL — Nick Ward, Sr., Staples
  • OL — Pete Mestre, Sr., St. Joseph
  • OL — Steve Hashemi, Sr., St. Joseph
  • ATH — Colton Smith, Jr., Fairfield Prep


  • DL — Connor Buck, Sr., New Canaan
  • DL — Mark Evanchick, So., Darien
  • DL — Mike Schuchmann, Sr., St. Joseph
  • DL — Jack Wynne, Sr., Greenwich
  • LB — Cole Harris, Sr., New Canaan
  • LB — Nick Crowle, Sr., Fairfield Prep
  • LB — Zach Allen, Jr., New Canaan
  • LB — Michael Root, Sr., New Canaan
  • DB — Jack Shaban, Sr., Joel Barlow
  • DB — Lars Pederson, Jr., St. Joseph
  • DB — Griffin Ross, Jr., Darien
  • ATH — Austin Longi, Jr., Greenwich
  • K/P — Peter Swindell, So., New Canaan

Read the full bios and second team at MSG Varsity


  1. says

    Is the producer of MSG Varsity a St. Joe’s alum? WAYYYY too many Cadets on here for a team that didn’t win their conference and was a miracle pass away from 3 losses.

  2. Mike says

    All Connecticut or All FCIAC? What are there like 4 kids that don’t play in the FCIAC on the list. I guess there are no other talented players outside the southern part of the state. I know MSG covers that area, but don’t call it the all-connecticut team if it’s only got kids from one conference in it.

    • Matt Glaszmattglasz says

      Well, this is just ridiculous.

      Even if the “All Connecticut” team only includes the 58 schools from the SWC, FCIAC and SCC, are we to believe that the top players at each position come from a mere 8 teams?

  3. UBilly says

    I guess I can understand why the rest of the state thinks we don’t believe there is any football north of Fairfield County!

    No way they should title this an “All Connecticut” team. It is clearly an “All MSG viewing area” team.

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      Again, I it’s ‘all-connecticut’ as viewed from the MSG Tri-State area world. Just like their all-New York team would be just the Section I and whatever else they cover.

          • PapaDags says

            Excuse me SPB, but it is a big deal to those of us who respect the game and it’s athletes…..Don’t say it is not a big deal as I am offended by this garbage journalism. Who the hell is MSG to call this an all CT team. OBVIOUSLY they are kissing their fan bases butts. By the way, it is their ONLY fan base in this state of OURS, and your fan base is the entire state so don’t you patronize their sell out..I read you all the time and enjoy, respect , and look forward to your intelligent articles.. Don’t dare sell out to this garbage firm unless you have ideas of someday working for them…then I could understand, we do what we have to do for our future….Just say it ain’t so Joe, I mean Sean

          • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

            Who the hell cares? It’s their all-star team. We post all-star teams. And it was mentioned at the top it’s only for their coverage area. But it’s still an opinion based on their coverage area. It’s just interesting, to me, to see what it is.

            When the CT Post/Hearst et al post theirs, we’ll post and link to it too. When Walter Camp and CHSCA put out theirs, we’ll post it. This has nothing to do with journalism per se, it has to do with just posting information. You can rip it all you want, but to suggest it is anything beyond what it is, is taking it a little too seriously. Reeeeelax.

            Add: And, honestly, I really don’t think they’re trying to pass this off as a ‘Connecticut team.’ But it is — from what understand — part of its all-metro team from the Connecticut area.

          • ciacfollower says

            I didnt get either when I first started following the CT_Blog.

            It took me half the 2011 season to finally simmerdown & figure out that it only covers that viewship’s region.

          • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

            Right. It was a regional thing, created for the paper back before online stuff was big. I just picked it myself and actually that’s how my regional teams ranked in my state ballots, minus the out of region teams.

            I was going to make it statewide, had I stayed.

  4. PapaDags says

    The biggest piece of garbage I have ever read in my life…MSG is now a disrespectful piece of journalism(if one can even consider this journalism) in the northeast. and quite frankly who the hell is MSG.. they are garbage in my eyes to call this the all CT team…stay in NY and screw that up where you belong. Not saying that the kids they picked are not deserving in their own right. but all CT. we already saw the all Fciac team. they pretty much repeated what we already knew…. how can some organization disrespect the rest of the state…MSG–go to hell. (and they didn’t have Newsome on the team) They obviously don’t know football or are just plain sucking up to their fan base.. which is EXACTLY what they are doing. I am now glad I don’t get that garbage station on my TV.. you have GOT to be [...]

    [msg truncated by administrator]

  5. PapaDags says

    I just can’t believe that I actually read such shoddy journalism….Guess anyone can be a journalist based on this… to the real jounalists, you all must and better be somewhat embarrassed and offended by this… any REAL journalists care to comment as I would love to hear a response.. Come on, speak your mind. what do you feel as a journalist by this DISRESPECTFUL piece of garbage which YOU are supposed to protect. I read these stories cause I respect what you guys do all year. I realize the amount of time , effort, and most importantly compassion and pride you put into your work….I call for a response. If none is given, you are no better than them…Speak out and take a stand..or lose credibility from not only myself but many others of YOUR constituents.. How bout you FCIACers. Do you find this STUPID article worthy??? Quite frankly I am MOST definately offended. I put my faith and trust in reading accurate and true statements based on fact or at least the opinion of the writing party. I can accept one’s opinion but this goes way out of line. How dare you idiots

      • PapaDags says

        Kidding bout WHAT??? when I said idiots I was strictly referring to the MSG people, not you or any other journalists in this state. I may disagree with some things written but that is my opinion. So what do you think I might be joking about??? I have never been more serious. and please don’t defend MSG

        • PapaDags says

          Apparently SPB you have taken my remarks as an attack on you or gametime which I was not. However it WAS most DEFINATELY an attack on MSG. I fully understand you are just reprinting a story from some other party which is somewhat newsworthy albeit comical and disrespectful at the same time from the writing party,that being msg. I’m not going off on you or gametime as I OBVIOUSLY spend more time on these blogs than need be. I enjoy reading all your articles, in fact look forward to them..but for them to call it what they did, did it not make you cringe or at least say Am I reading this correctly? What did MSG just say or write or call this ?? You must agree they have no right to call this an all CT team. perhaps they could have called it the all FCIAC team…(of course they would be sued by the FCIAC had they done so) Perhaps they could have called it the”All MSG CT Fan Base team”. Now that would have been appropriate considering that is their ONLY fan base.

          • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

            Yea, I think it’s silly. But hey, it’s interesting to see what they did and who they picked for their all-MSG tri-state region Connecticut team (which is what I think this is).

    • Henry Chisholm says

      Used to work for Varsity back when it was a TV station. That’s their coverage area b/c its the area where they have cablevision customers. They should change the name of the team to the All Fairfield County Team, or All-Southwest CT team, or something like that, that’s the only real error. Also, doubt that decision to name it “All-Connecticut Team” was made by any journalists, it was prob. made by the higher ups for SEO (search engine optimization, google/bing/yahoo) reasons. The guys left at MSG V are good journos and work very hard.

  6. Is Misleading says

    An old college buddy from New Jersey text me asking how didn’t the kid from Ansonia make the all-CT msg team. Guess it Definitely is misleading. The world IS bigger than the 1%ers down in Fairfield county…

  7. D Money says


    I would not get all excited. Typically, these teams are statistically based. Remember that Steve Young was not all-state his senior year at Greenwich.

  8. Football Fan says

    Best two RB’s in the state, Newsome and Philips…It is a shame MSG doesn’t recognize our whole state…Oh well, like SPB says, no big deal.

  9. u kidding lilpapa says

    hey lilpappa msg varsity doesnt cover ansonia , i think everyone realizes newsome would be on it if they did .

  10. Just Sayin says

    Swindell 79-85 PAT 12-17 FG 115 PTS Long FG 45 Touchbacks 10
    Hebert 43-51 PAT 9-14 FG 70 PTS Long FG 47 Touchbacks 32
    Luth 36-41 PAT 4-8 FG 48 PTS Long FG 40 Touchbacks- Doesn’t say.

    These are the stats, how is Luth better than either one?

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