‘Monday Night Football’ Class LL Final pushed to Thursday [updated]

250px-Thursday_Night_Football_LogoTonight is the Class LL championship game.

NOPE. Scratch this. Because of consistent ice at West Haven and a Tuesday snowstorm in the forecast, the Class LL final has ONCE AGAIN been postponed.

This time to Thursday at 6:35 at West Haven.

So much for Monday night football (and I worked so hard on that video…)

Anybody know if Priyanka Chopra is available to cut an ‘In My City’ Thursday Night Football vid for us?’


CHESHIRE, Conn. – Continued ice accumulation on the field and more weather issues in the forecast have forced the postponement of the CIAC Class LL football championship game to Thursday, December 19 at 6:30 p.m. at West Haven High School.

A review of the West Haven facility this morning indicated conditions are not suitable for spectators and players for the originally rescheduled time for 7 p.m. Monday evening.

With current weather forecasts predicting additional weather issues in the coming days, Thursday seemed the most likely date a site would be available to play. West Haven has brought in additional staff to work on the facility to try and insure the game can be played. If the game cannot be played on Thursday, Friday is the latest possible date the championship could be played. If conditions do not allow the game to be played by that date, co-champions will be declared.


It’s been a long season, excuse me while I have a little fun.

Just because.

(ahem – gets into Frank Gifford voice…)

Fairfield Prep.


They’re two of Connecticut’s proudest programs, but their schools and fans haven’t tasted state championship glory in decades.

But now that they’ve finally returned the pinnacle, they’ve had to wait a little longer. A vicious Saturday snowstorm pushed their state final to Monday.

The son of coaching legend, young Mike Drury has the Blue Knights in their first state final since 2006. His powerful offense is led by Yale commit Stephen Barmore at quarterback and an all-star receiver Alex Jamele.  Zach Maxwell leads a swarming defense that’s buried opponents all year.

Standing in their way is a star-studded class of future college athletes. In just four years as coach, alumnus Tom Shea has taken the Jesuits from 0-10 to their first final since 1988.  They, too, have a future Yale stud in fullback/linebacker Nick Crowle and junior quarterback Colton Smith has rapidly gone from bench warmer to one of the state’s most dangerous threats.

Both teams have flexed their muscles in the state playoffs, winning big and with clutch performances.

But who will come up biggest and finally bring a long awaited state title trophy back home?

Two starving behemoths collide in the Class LL championship at Ken Strong Stadium in West Haven TONIGHT…  On MON-day NIGHT football.”

Thank you. Now let’s do this before it turns into a soccer final.

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  1. CTFootball Fan says

    This is insane. How can the powers that be postpone this again? These kids must have finals to worry about. It is already Dec 16 and they are still playing? Crazy!

  2. PrepPal says

    This is horrible, CIAC needs to own up to the fact they really messed up on this one and find another venue. West Haven was beaten by Prep…TWICE, I highly doubt they are putting any effort into getting their field ready.

  3. Rob (On Connecticut's East Coast) says

    Someone needs to hit the Mega tomorrow and build a Dome. Gold Coasters? Anyone? Bueler? Anyone?

  4. uncleleo says

    I agree, could someone from New Canaan please build a dome so all the CIAC games could be played there in the future if bad weather is a facto.

  5. Rob (On Connecticut's East Coast) says

    If you build it they “Might” come.

    Sooo . . . Basketball is already underway, and Wrestling gets started this Wednesday night.

  6. says

    They have had 36 hours to clear the ice at Ken Strong and they still haven’t. And we are expecting more bad weather on Tuesday, so who is to say that they will have the stands ready by Thursday night? I guess I should clear my calendar for Saturday, because that is probably when they will finally get this game in.

    • says

      With the Cold air blowing in down there as well…..At this point play at Veterans in West Haven it’s not as cold The Westies can stop crying that FP owned them and ND-WH is always ready to help a fellow Catholic SCC asskicker to another title. That’s what we do at ND and SCC win titles!!!! Take a look at track and Hockey I think there’s 25/30 between the 2 sports.

  7. gobballfan says

    What a joke. I was on CIAC side when they wouldn’t change Darien/NC game site. But now they look like fools. Did they think the ice was going to disappear today from yesterday when temps are 30 degrees? And if there is ice problem now, how is going to get better with 3-6 inches of snow on it? There’s nowhere else to play this game? CCSU, Trumbull, hell, even Boyle at this point. Do we really have to worry about a centralized location. CIAC at it’s best.

    • says

      Channel 8 weather indicates only 1-2″ of powdery snow on the immediate Coast. Ken Strong is a stone’s throw from the Sound, so I think whatever the minimal amount is, that’s what they’ll get there. Temps at 40 on Thursday and near 50 on Friday, so my guess is they play.

  8. Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says



    Damn and Blast!


    • Kahona says

      Do not blame KEN STRONG CREW ONE OF THE BEST jn the STATE However do not go to J LAW OR PLATT in Meridan no score board clock working during CIAC games

      • JB says

        Should have played all games last Friday night … two at Arute (S&M) and two at Boyle (L&LL). The old twi-night double header. Next year someone needs to teach the CIAC how to read a weather forecast and contingency plan ahead.

  9. jeb says

    Just a note about the game between New Canaan and Darien at Boyle Stadium. I feel the CIAC did a good thing by moving the game to Stamford due to travel conditions and such. Boyle stadium is a perfect place to watch a game for all spectators..no matter where you sit you have a great view of the game. The problem is everything else at Boyle. Everytime I have been there for either the FCIACS or State games the scoreboard never works and the P.A. system is non-existant. This is very embarrassing for the city of Stamford and Stamford High School in general. Boyle was once the mecca of high school football and the field is named after it’s favorite son Andy Robustelli. Please honor this man and the teams that play here by getting the stadium in working order. Have an electrician available or test the scoreboard before the game is even played. What a bush league organization.

    • says


      Totally agree!!!! What could that cost to fix? I mean power aid and gator aid with practically build you a new field if you honor a couple of stips. Im sure if the right people knew they would have it fixed ASAP. I bet as well if it was the Supers salary in question or a principles these over paid clowns wouldn’t waste a second getting that corrected. Education the new big business if you yes the right people. Biggest scam out there.

  10. uncle leo says

    My sentiments exactly. It’s hard to enjoy any game when the scoreboard and the public announcement system doesn’t work. Here’s wishing that they never play any game of importance at Boyle until they get the scoreboard fixed.

  11. JB says

    My view is the CIAC needs to keep the revenue within the high school system and target the proceeds to schools that can really use the money. Maybe require each school to keep some of each gate to be used to maintain the facility, but all-in we need to keep our high-capacity high school football facilities strong. That means money. Why pay anything to Rentschler or Arute or any other non-high school venue? Pick sites that would benefit from the gate proceeds to keep football strong in their communities. Definitely Boyle should be on that list every year for semi-finals and finals. Then try to match games and regions so that we can maximize fan turnout. I don’t think the centralized venue has worked very well, primarily as a result of weather and complexity of contingecy plans. With high school venues, there is much more flexibility to re-arrange games than at a university where the employees are not volunteers.

  12. johnnybaccala says

    Electricians get time and a half on Saturdays. The scoreboard and public address at Boyle is one reason they move the Fciac championship game to Trumbull.

  13. says

    The CIAC is a bunch of dinosaurs who hardly know what year it is never mind how to organize correctly. For some reason the feel that they have earned the right to dictate why I can’t figure that one out yet and the honest truth is there time has gone and past 15-20 years ago. The decisions are always wrong and usually just a homer decision anyway. We know this guy for so and so years so he gets are vote. Hey old timers it a young mans stop collecting someone elses check and go play Parcheesi someone else. These old buzzards need to go and get guys in there that are 35-40 that know the game and how the new blood thinks and plays. I’m tired of How fast the guy was from Hillhouse in 38 and i’m not disrespecting any legendary CT athletes but 68 westies is a old topic and to be honest and the WESTIE faithful can cry all they want but there’s 10 teams since them that would embarrass that team just on speed alone. A few examples 02 Westies better team, the Bloomfield Teams, The 90′s Cheshire squads not all but the 92,93,94 teams were the best. If you want one 92 i guess. 05 Xavier had the best player out of the 4 that one. 03-04 Shelton not sure. 86 Trumbull nasty and a team easily in top 2 state history that people shouldn’t have forgotten about gave up 3 TD’s all year by starting D and punished teams like no other prob top D of all time ’91 ND-WH if you don’t know just ask. They beat people like nothing seen before and here’s a example. Holy Cross beats a State Championship Ansonia team 6-0 in NVL championship that same HOLY Cross team was down 49-0 at half time to ND at halftime. THey lost one game that year that one and they were NVL champs. Daniel Hand felt the wrath 32-0 #5 ranked West HAven 14-0 who else oh big bad Southington 28-0 and 48-0 the next year. Top team ever bar none

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