• UBilly says

      Not nice language, but a great upset by South Windsor! I was not expectng that one after Mercy showed none again piling up 20+ runs in the first round. I think there are girls from other teams out there that feel the same way those South Windsor players felt. When a score is run up against a team, there are often bad feelings left behind that linger long after the game is over.

    • Dan says


      You obviously were not at the Kennedy game. The starters were pulled in the 3rd inning, and prior to them being pulled they DID NOT ADVANCE more than one base at a time.
      If you think the score was run up, your wrong. It would have been more than 30+ runs before the 4th inning was over.
      You must not be a UConn Husky woman’s basketball fan. Like Geno does you play the game and run your plays! Mercy laid down!

      It was a great upset for the SW girls. Hats off to them!
      The language was still uncalled for on the internet.
      If it was my kid that posted that. She would be looking at a public apology as well as me not allowing her to play!

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