Hand wins SCC weightlifting invitational

John Russell Photography

John Russell Photography

Hand won the SCC Invitational weightlifting competition Saturday at Guilford High School.

As a team, Hand lifted 12,545 pounds, the most of any team in the six years of the event.

Complete results

1. Hand – 12,545 pounds
2. Guilford – 11,115
3. North Haven – 10,835
4. West Haven – 10,625
5. Amity – 10,055
6. Branford – 9,570

Weight classes
under 160
1st overall – Michael Sampson from Hand – 790 lbs total, 225 lb bench, 355 lb squat and 210 lb power clean.
1st place bench – Jake Lundberg Guilford 235lbs
1st place squat – Michael Sampson Hand, 355 lbs
1st place power clean – Gargone Hand, 235 lbs

161 – 180
1st overall – Hunter Carlson Guilford, 785 lbs, 225 bench, 385 squat, 175 lb power clean
1st place bench – Cole Pecora North Haven, 240 lbs
1st place squat – Hunter Carlson Guilford, 385 lbs
1st place power clean – Ryan Kaufman Hand, 225 lbs

John Russel Photography

John Russel Photography

181 – 200
1st overall – Brian Twohill Hand, 975 lbs, 300 bench, 425 squat, 250 lb clean
1st place bench – Tommy Wilson Hand, 305 lbs
1st place squat – Bryan Twohill Hand 425 lbs
1st place power clean – Bryan Twohill Hand 250 lbs

1st overall РCory Walsh, Hand 985 lbs, 290 bench, 415 squat, 280 clean
Runner up – Zach Kastenhuber North Haven, 950 lbs, 300 bench, 415 squat, 235 clean
1st place bench – Zach Kastenhuber North Haven, 300 lbs]
1st place squat – Mike Chapman Guilford, 435 lbs
1st place power clean – Cory Walsh Hand, 280 lbs

over 220 lbs
1st overall – Nick Moscato Guilford, 910 lbs, 270 bench, 405 squat, 235 lb power clean
1st place bench – Nick Moscato Guilford 270
1st place squat – Photos Amity, 475 lbs
1st place power clean – Tommy Durkin Hand, 240 lbs

Note: Updated with corrected results from the 201-220 overall champion. It was Cory Walsh of Hand.


  1. Coach Pigskin says

    This competition has grown from a two school get together to a six team event. Guilford’s Coach Tom Unger is the organizing force and puts a lot of work into the competition. Congrats to all the participants – that winter work pays off in the fall.

    • SCC Pride says

      Huge thanks to Guilford Coach Tommy Unger for making this event happen. This is a really positive event for our league.

      • The original X FAN I AM says

        Dear X Fan I Am,

        I agree with you that the X will dominate next season (per usual). Coach Marinan has his boys working hard this off season. However, I am upset that you stole my handle. I am the real and original X Fan I Am. Please use the creative juices that our Xaverian Brothers have taught us and come up with your own handle.

        • X Fan I Am Too! says

          Dear Original X Fan I Am,

          Forgive me for stealing your brilliant name. Clearly we agree on what really matters–that xavier is the best team ever and will easily win all their games next year en route to their 5th state title!

  2. CTFB04 says

    Other SCC schools requested to participate but were told that they only wanted 6 schools because there wasn’t enough room for any more. Hand or X would have won it even if all the schools were invited, although I did hear that Cheshire has been showing back up with a new weightroom coach, they probably aren’t readyt to lift with the big boys but i have heard some good things.

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