Girls basketball: JCC Schoolgirl Classic selects its roster

Career's Tanaya Atkinson stretches for a rebound in 4th quarter action against Mercy on Feb. 19.  Melanie Stengel/Register

Career’s Tanaya Atkinson stretches for a rebound in 4th quarter action against Mercy on Feb. 19. Atkinson will play in the JCC Schoolgirl Classic on April 13. Melanie Stengel/Register

The 53rd Schoolboy/Schoolgirl Classic, which has moved to the JCC of Greater New Haven facility in Woodbridge, announced Wednesday the following girls to play in the Classic April 13 at 1:30 p.m.:


  • Karlee Alves, Ellington (Emmanuel)
  • Tanaya Atkinson, Career (Temple)
  • Olivia Bolden, South Windsor (undecided)
  • Cassidy Bundy, Montville (Hartford)
  • Chelsea Domain, Tolland (Assumption)
  • Janelle Harrison, Cromwell (Hartford)
  • Teneya McLaughlin, Foran (Assumption)
  • Jenna Schumacher, East Lyme (Amherst)
  • Alyssa Stewart, Culinary Arts (undecided)
  • Sarah Veileux, RHAM (St. Joseph)
  • Alyssa Velles, NFA (St. Peter’s)


  • Missy Bailey, Cheshire (Franklin Pierce)
  • Carly Fabbri, Lauralton Hall (Quinnipiac)
  • Anisa Fortt, Stamford (undecided)
  • Mikyla Jacobs, Sacred Heart (undecided)
  • Emma McCarthy, Lauralton Hall (undecided)
  • Kiera O’Donnell, Holy Cross (Assumption)
  • Shyla Osmond, Hillhouse (undecided)
  • Rachel Plotke, Hamden Hall (Muhlenberg)
  • Kelsey Santagata, Stamford (undecided)
  • Corrine Williams, Bloomfield (Boston University)
  • Taylor Williams, Capital Prep (undecided)

For more information or to purchase tickets please call Alison Lurie at 203-387-2522 Ext 313.


    • CCC Fan says

      CCC East is incredibly underappreciated. The top of that division is outstanding and has been for years. Unfortunately it hasn’t been well covered in recent years.

      All four of those kids are great. I will argue all day that Veilleux is the best in the state, and Worski is easily one of the most underrated players in the state IMO, she is outstanding.

      I think five teams in that league could make noise in the tourney and nobody is really talking about any of them.

      • A very proud parent says

        I think Rocky Hill is a sleeper, very well coached and they are better than their record. Speaking of the four, I have watched them all grow up and as far as I know none have ever been on the same team, different schools, different aau organizations. I know that they can all guard each other one on one with no help, seen it many times, they are all smart and talented. I may finally get a chance to see them all on the same team, win or lose it will be great.

        • Ballerfan says

          Just wondering if CCC Fan has ever seen Stephanie Jones (Loomis-Chaffee) or Daneesha Provo (Kent) play this season? I don’t want to take anything away from Veilleux, but she’s not the only outstanding player in the State.

          • hchoops fan says

            IMO the states best player is Gillespie. Vellieu is very good,but lets be honest, she put up big numbers beacuse she the only option on the team. If anyone one of these top kids put up 35 shots a game they would be averaging 30 pts too, and I’m not critizing her , thats what her coach wants/needs. She’s a great shooter, with great size, not the most athletic kid, but I’m sure she’ll have a great career at st joes

  1. Davis K says

    Don’t know how JCC selects players but don’t understand how Plotke is the only prep school player selected. She very deserving of a spot but Provo (Kent/Clemson) , Maxine Offiaeli (Loomis/ Brown) and Micaela Montini (Choate/Trinity) are great players in their own right but you never here anything about them. Steph Jones (Loomis / Boston College) is only a junior so maybenext year she’ll be the only prep star selected.

    • bballfan says

      I know that the players are selected very carefully; they watch girls playing during high school games and AAU games. They seem to do a great job overall. I agree that there should have been other prep school girls selected. Some kids get invited but for one reason or another can’t play in the game. NCAA rules prohibits high school senior from playing in more than two all star games.
      Steph Jones would be eligible next year as a senior. I don’t know if PGs are considered. Offiaeli may or may not have been invited, if not, you could definitely argue it was an oversight. Provo isn’t from Connecticut so that may have made her ineligible.

    • Commenter says

      > don’t understand how Plotke is the only prep school player selected

      Perhaps they are from out of state or were reclassified and are not true seniors?

  2. Anonymous says

    You should look into a great point guard by the name of Chelsea Byrd for next year’s all star game she is currently a Junior at KLHT (King) in Stamford, CT. The girl can play!

    • Fat Mike says

      We had this discussion a couple weeks back. I agree they should be getting more attention. I have no idea what the eligibility rules are for this game. Ct. natives who have not re-classified should be eligible for participation in this. I don’t think the out of state kids should be eligible.

      • sportsfan says

        Gillespie and Vellieu are both great basketball players – but how can you say Vellieu is “not the most atheletic kid”. Player of the year in two sports – Volleyball and basketball!. Also, Prep played 5 players most of the years against the GrassoRVT,WindhamRVTand NorwichRVT ect…, Vellieu played in the CCC and was doubled and tripled teamed most games. I even think you could have put up double figures in the Constitutiion League! I do agree the are both great players, but don’t agree that Vellieu is “not the most atheletic kid”

        • hchoops fan says

          because i have seen her play, and dont get me wrong here, shes very good, a very good shooter but she is not exceptionally quick, nor does elevate. I see her as a step out 4 in a10, not sure she can defend on the wing in a10 to be a 3. Player of the year in ct really means she has good stats thats all, like I said if she played on a more balanced team , with more than one option her numbers would be different. you should average 30 a game putting up 35 -40shots a game.

  3. Davis K says

    The JCC does a very good job of selecting boys and girls all star teams. And Mr. Fat Mike is right, all players in the state of Connecticut regardless of public , private or prep deserve equal attention from the press. This way someone deserving is not overlooked . Past rosters on the mens side including the Jersey teams have included deserving prep players. Because preps play by a slightly different set of rules should not preclude their participation in all star games or recognition by the New Haven, Hartford ,Waterbury or New London area news papers. All CIAC , NEPSAC teams play to accepted high school and NCAA standards. In all fairness reclassification is accepted by NCAA as long as the players are below a certain age threshold. This threshold is only slightly longer at a NEPSAC school than a CIAC school. Take a poll of the of the boys and girls teams next Sunday and let me know who’s already 19 years of age. Its ok for a 7 foot 19 year old from out of this country , who has in the past lived with his coach to receive all star recognition ( oh I forgot he’s a CIAC male ) but not say for instance a 17 year old young lady from north of the boarder that lived on campus in connecticut for 4 years. The point is their all great student athletes and with even a little effort on the part of the print media in Connecticut they should all be recognized. Quit trying to compare public , private and prep. They all serve a very role in the development of these student athletes.

    • Commenter says

      You are missing the point. Everyone wants recognition for these girls. We’re all for it. The discussion is simply whether the different school systems should be separated by group, like the CT Soccer Association does it. I think the private schools and public schools together is fine. But the prep schools are different. How can you say a kid that is playing his or her fifth year of “high school” should be grouped the same with the regular HS kids? I know some prep school kids are not reclassified, but the good ones – the ones that would get these awards – almost always are. They also play with different rules. Why is it so hard to give them their own category? You really think a kid that under normal circumstances would be playing in college should be voted player of the year? I don’t get it.

      • Fat Mike says

        Fifth year kids, I’m assuming this is where the term re-classified is applied, should not be eligible for any of these post season awards or games. Now you’re talking a whole different level of physical and mental maturity.

          • Bballfan says

            I think Atkinson would need to be considered for CIAC Player of the year and not taking anything away from Steph Jones, Plotke would deserve consideration for Prep player of the Year.

  4. BillyT says

    Mr. Commenter after much discussion over the course of this winter I agree the preps should be kept separate within their own category. I also believe that when the major regional newspapers come out with their all-state and all region teams within the next few weeks they should also set aside some “separate” space for the outstanding student athletes within their region and thru out the state competing at the prep school level. There obviously is a large following. As i mentioned sometime ago , its the information age and it wouldn’t take much of an effort by any of these newspaper reporters to determine who these student athletes are. The players, their families , schools , coaches and the general sports fans would appreciate it. Also as Mr Commenter states regarding the “good ones” weather or not they are international, re-classified or post graduate all have a stories of exceptional success behind them. These stories of success might just inspire some parents and younger student athletes in the future. They should be reported not compared. Its been a great basketball season. See you all next winter !

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