Girls basketball: Capital Prep’s Kiah Gillespie picks Maryland

Kiah Gillespie verbally committed to the University of Maryland

Kiah Gillespie verbally committed to the University of Maryland

When Capital Prep coach Tammy Millsaps got a phone call from reigning Connecticut Gatorade Player of the Year Kiah Gillespie last night, the coach thought it was just a regular phone call. However, when the coach figured out what the call was really about, she was overjoyed.

“I got butterflies in my stomach,” the coach said.

That’s because Gillespie told her that she verbally committed to the University of Maryland. Gillespie averaged 22.4 points, 10.3 rebounds, 3.8 assists, 2.1 steals and two blocks per game last season. Gillespie, who is entering her senior year, was getting recruited by schools like Tennessee and Rutgers and she said 17 other Division I schools were also recruiting her.

Millsaps said Gillespie had a lot of pressure to pick the “right school.” The coach said there is no such thing as a “right school,” just the best fit for her. She said she is proud of Gillespie.

Kiah Gillespie is hugged by a teammate as she raises the Class L girls basketball trophy.  The Trailblazers are the No. 1 team in the state again. Photo Peter Paguaga.

Kiah Gillespie is hugged by a teammate as she raises the Class L girls basketball trophy. The Trailblazers are the No. 1 team in the state again. Photo Peter Paguaga.

“I’, happy that she made the decision for her,” the coach said. “There’s so many people throughout the process that said, ‘you need to do this or you need to do that. Why don’t you think of this school? You should play for that coach’ In the end, I really felt she made the decision where she wanted to go.”

Gillespie was a New Haven Register All-State selection, CHSCA All-State, All-Constitution State Conference and her team’s co-MVP. Gillespie led the Trailblazers to back-to-back state championships this past season as well. Capital Prep was voted the No. 1 team in Connecticut in the final GametimeCT Top 10 poll.



  1. basketball fan says

    Congrats to Kiah. Great player. Excellent incoming senior class in the CIAC. Meyer (Providence), Gillespie (Maryland), Landy (Fairfield), Fitzpatrick (Marist) all committed already. Snoop James has D1 offers, so does Hannah Friend who I hear is transferring to a CIAC powerhouse for her senior year

    • ciacfan says

      She’s played 3 years. 2 in Albany, 1 at Taft…she is a True Senior and is enrolled at Farmington High at the moment. My understanding is that she’s playing.

  2. Intheknow says

    Article in Albany said she started varsity 3 years in New York (Albany) and was transferring to prep school . April of 13 article. If that’s the case (8 semester rule needs to be investigated) she is done! Of course they will try to change things. I will try to send the link

  3. observer says

    Congrats Kiah on your commitment. Correct Ciacfan, This will be Hannah’s 4th year as a high school
    student. Playing 2 years in Albany and 1 at Taft. Hannah will absolutely be playing her Senior year.

  4. ciacfan says

    I believe she played varisity in Albany as an 8th grader. Went to a K-12 school. That explains the “3 year varsity player”. Rich getting richer, Farmington was already returning top 3 scorers from 21-4 Class L semifinalist team. Should be a top 5 team in the state this year.

  5. Concerned says

    Explain the Albany story? I thought you only get 4 years varsity ball per CIAC regulations. Whether it’s at High School or Prep it doesn’t matter. Story claims she played 3 in New York! I’m not saying she is illegal just don’t understand why.

    • Hoop fan says

      Here’s an example I’ve seen in Ct. before, A student attends a small K-12 school (Watkinson) plays Varisty basketball in 7-8 grade, then transfer to a publiic High School (Hall) and plays 4 years of a varisty sport. Could be a 6 year Varisty player!

      • bballfan says

        First and foremost I apologize to Kiah Gillespie for hijacking her story about the wonderful news of her commitment to Maryland, congratulations!

        This has happened many times in CT and have seen exactly what is being described by Hoop fan. it happens when a girl or boy for that matter plays as an 8th grader on varsity at a small prep school type, Masters in Simsbury for example and then transfers to public school, in my example it was from Masters to NWC a few years back. It happens, where I think people are getting confused about is that Friend is going from prep to public and assuming since they read the article in Albany and read she played three years she was done but she played as an 8th grader. As mentioned the 4 years is once you hit your freshman year and Friend is classified a senior.

    • ciacfan says

      She played a year of varsity ball in 8th grade. I don’t know exactly what the CIAC rules are but I’m sure they wouldn’t not let a kid play their senior year when they have only been in high school four years just because they went to a K-12 school where they could play varsity ball when they were in middle school.

  6. Playball says

    FYI Concerned. Many students at prep schools ( the norm) are repeats, playing past the 4 years. The 4 year rule once you enter in to your Freshman year and it isn’t necessary varsity, it’s high school sports is the same I believe in many states.

  7. Regulations says

    Taken from CIAC Regulations

    A student has eight (8) consecutive semesters or
    four (4) consecutive years of eligibility from the date of
    entry into the ninth grade to be eligible for interscholastic
    competition. No student-athlete shall participate in the
    same branch of athletics more than four (4) seasons in
    grades 9-12 at any school. Date of entry is defined as the
    first date of enrollment as a grade 9 student taking four (4)
    or more high school subjects.

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