Girls basketball beat: All-Southern Connecticut Conference teams


  • Maura Fitzpatrick, Mercy
  • Kendra Landy, Mercy
  • Sarah Gallo, Mercy
  • Lauren Davis, Sacred Heart Academy
  • Ava Gambardella, West Haven
  • Alivia Wilson, Hamden



  • Teneya McLaughlin, Foran
  • Presley Altieri, Guilford
  • Cassidy Wygonik, Hand
  • Shyla Osmond, Hillhouse
  • Alexis Beene, Hillhouse
  • Sophie Joel, Hand


  • Missy Bailey, Cheshire
  • Chloe Brinton, Amity
  • Mikaila Schmitt, Amity
  • Joelle MarkAnthony, Sheehan
  • Nicole Mierzejewski, Lyman Hall
  • Taylor Mierzejewski, Lyman Hall


  • Jenna Gaudioso, East Haven
  • Adrienne DiGioia, Branford
  • Jill Johnson, North Haven
  • Charleese Smith, Career
  • Tanaya Atkinson, Career
  • Brooklin Davis, Career


Who got left off? Post who you think was snubbed in the comments.



  1. pjm says

    Brooke mcCone was left off all- housatonic team was in top 15 of area 3 point shooter with 18 ,averaged about 8 1/2 ppg for a 3-17 Shelton Team as a Sophmore

  2. gobballfan says

    ok, I think you gave the case for why she DIDN’T make the team.. She made 1 three per game, and had 8.5 points a game for a team with 3 wins. There are probably 20 people with those stats on winning teams.

  3. InTheKnow says

    #3 on Career deserves it more then B. Davis I’m sorry. Playing only half the year and not dominating. Also #4 in my opinion is a better PG on the same team.

    • Henry ChisholmHenry Chisholm says

      I’m with you there. Kinda not fair to put someone on who didn’t play the whole year. I mean if that’s the case Ceballos should’ve made it. Played five games, played well, tea mfell apart without her. But honestly, Dejah Lanier and Lily Taylor got snubbed. If you haven’t seen Taylor play, watch her, you’ll be like daaaaaaaang she made that shot from there? lol

      • ciacfan says

        I haven’t seen much SCC…but Taylor and Krista Peterson stood out as snubs for me. Though LH getting three in their division would be tough.

        Davis making it is ridiculous. played less than half the season and from box scores, didn’t dominate.

  4. Facepainter says

    Lily Taylor not on this list??? She made it last year and had an even BETTER year this year, but doesn’t make the cut? Does this make sense to anyone?

  5. iceman says

    Not fair to many of the girls to put a player on that missed half the season, when many seniors deserve to be on. Too bad politics plays a part in the game.

  6. Commenter says

    Overall I think it’s a pretty good list. I wonder if all coaches in the SCC vote for each player or only the divisional coaches? There’s a lot of rivalries / politics within the divisions and I think the girls would be better served if all coaches had a say. Anyway:

    Quinnipiac: Seems pretty fair here. I think some of the Mercy fans will complain, but no one outside the first three Mercy players were consistent enough to warrant all-league.

    Hammonasset: I think Lily Taylor missing is the biggest snub. But you would probably have to drop one of the other Hand girls to find room. Teneya and Osmond are automatics, Beene was deserving and at least one girl from Guilford should have made it. Hand was such a balanced team this year. Also, Ceballos was hurt and probably would have bumped someone. I might have put her on anyway for being snubbed last year.

    Housatonic: Clearly the deepest division. Most obvious missing to me are Krista Petersen, Elise Graham, and Olivia Collette. I guess you could replace one of the Amity or LH girls, but Bailey and Mark anthony are locks. 5 seniors here so look for some new names next year!

    Oronoque: Career did not deserve four, so I would replace Davis with Lanier, since Davis played only 10 games. But those knocking Davis aren’t being fair, she’ll be the best player on Career next year.

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