Girls basketball beat: NH County 3-point leaders

Three-point leaders
Player School 3s
Rachel Plotke Hamden Hall 38
Olivia Collette Sheehan 31
Sabrina LeMere North Branford 26
Adasia Beard Hyde 26
Taylor Mierzejewski Lyman Hall 25
Elizabeth Marshall Old Saybrook 25
Lauren Davis SHA 22
Trayneice Mims Hyde 21
Missy Bailey Cheshire 20
Alyssa Devin Hamden Hall 20
Rebecca Adanti Derby 20
Chloe Brinton Amity 20
Lily Taylor Hand 19
Corinne Ouellete Hand 19
Caroline Fortuna H-K 18
Justine Johnson North Branford 17
Shyla Osmond Hillhouse 17
Morgan Westine Ansonia 16
Sara Como Cheshire 16
Destanii Brantley Stratford 16
Krista Petersen Lyman Hall 15
Hayley Hergott Lyman Hall 15
Erin Koletar Bunnell 15
Carly Fabbri Lauralton Hall 14
Jillian Korwek East Haven 14
Katie Read Sheehan 14
Dejah Lanier Career 14
Jill Johnson North Haven 13
Laura Dulin Law 12
Lauren Singleton Hamden 12
Briana Wiel East Haven 12
Kristina Fiallos Ansonia 12
Jessica Bogdwicz Bunnell 11
Hannah Coleman Mercy 11
Tori Hopkins Morgan 11
Shantel Ratchford Hillhouse 10
Brooke McCone Shelton 10
Maura Fitzpatrick Mercy 10
Karolina Leszczynska Platt Tech 10 Kiera Integlia Branford 10 Jessica Benevento East Haven 10 Robin Norko Branford 10


  1. Liz Nolan-Integlia says

    That’s very unfortunate to leave out an athlete who has 27 3 pointers! The accuracy of the statistics leaves a lot to be desired.

  2. Henry C says

    Not sure if people know how these stats get totaled (and why should you, you don’t work with me lol) Ok, basically coaches call the game in, it gets logged into this software called jrc web exchange. The software totals everything, I grab it, format it, find a reasonable cut off point and post it. Any discrepancies can be reported, its not fool proof, but works well most of the time. So if anyone thinks I’m intentionally leaving their kids out or I’m not adding these correctly, you are incorrect.

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