GametimeCT / Register Top 10 Girls Basketball poll

Below is the GametimeCT/New Haven Register Top 10. Capital Prep remains the top team in the state with Mercy right behind them. Also, Amity and Cromwell and making strong pushes for a spot in the Top 10. Think someone got slighted? Vote in the poll below which closes on Wednesday at noon.


Team Points Last Class

1. Capital Prep (15-0) (16)

536 1 L
Last week’s games: Def. University 77-25; def. Prince Tech 82-33.
Bottom line: If only they could play Mercy.

2. Mercy (18-0) (2)

504 2 LL
Last week’s games: Def. West Haven 79-32; def. Sacred Heart Academy 54-29.
Bottom line: The Tigers are clearly the best team in the Southern Connecticut Conference.

3. South Windsor (16-0)

462 3 LL
Last week’s games: Def. Wethersfield 59-24.
Bottom line: The Bobcats play Weaver Wednesday, still one more test on the schedule.

4. Lauralton Hall (15-1)

436 4 LL
Last week’s games: Def. Pomperaug 65-47; def. Barlow 77-39.
Bottom line: The Crusaders are not losing any more games this year.

5. Norwich Free Academy (16-1)

376 5 LL
Last week’s games: Def. Fitch 54-39; def. Bacon Academy 44-27.
Bottom line: The Wildcats are going to make things interesting when the state tournament rolls around.

6. Danbury (15-1)

332 6 LL
Last week’s game: Def. McMahon 63-29; def. Ridgefield 44-38.
Bottom line: The Hatters’ winning streak has reached 14.

7. Weaver (14-2)

292 7 L
Last week’s games: Def. Manchester 80-38.
Bottom line: The Beavers need to beat NFA Wednesday, no ifs, ands or buts about it.

8. Wilton (15-1)

271 8 L
Last week’s games: Def. Norwalk 50-43.
Bottom line: The Warriors’ win over Norwalk was pretty close.

9. Career (15-2)

253 10 LL
Last week’s games: Def. Wilbur Cross 92-49; def. East Haven 61-28.
Bottom line: The Panthers just need to win out until the Mercy game.

10. Holy Cross (16-0)

226 9 M
Last week’s games: Def. Torrington 50-41 ; def. Wilby 74-36.
Bottom line: Crusaders close the year with Lauralton Hall. That game will validate whether or not Holy Cross belonged in the poll.
Dropped out: None
First-place votes in parentheses and points tabulated on a 30-28-26-24-22-20-18-16-14-12-11-10-9-8-7 basis.
Others receiving votes: Cromwell (15-1) 199; Amity (17-1) 174; Stamford (14-2) 101;Farmington (14-2) 67; Ledyard (15-2) 67;RHAM (2-4) 51; Lyman Hall (15-3) 41; Morgan (13-2) 39; E.O. Smith (13-3) 31; Kolbe-Cathedral (13-2) 27; New London (15-2) 26; Fairfield Ludlowe (13-3) 21; Avon (14-2) 7; Westhill (14-3) 7
The following voted: Mary Albl, Fairfield Minuteman; Jim Bombaci, Haddam-Killingworth; Doug Bonjour, Connecticut Post; Henry Chisholm, New Haven Register; Vinnie Cianfarani, Tolland; Dave Danko, Fairfield Warde; Eric DeMarco, Norte Dame-Fairfield; Scott Nails, Foran; Peter Paguaga, Register Citizen; Dave Phillips, Shoreline Newspapers; Lori Riley, Hartford Courant; Paul Rosano, Meridan Record-Journal Mike Suppe, Hersam Acorn Newspapers; Nick Velles, Franklin School; Fred Williams, Northwestern; Rick Wilson, Waterbury Republican-American; Richard Zalusky, Willimantic Chronicle; Jimmy Zanor, Middletown Press.
Poll compiled by: Henry Chisholm.



  1. XHS says

    Mercy in the SCC is required to play 18 league games. Per CIAC rule it can only play 20 games per year. Mercy plays Laurelton Hall and East Catholic in its non league games as they have been doing for years in a Christmas tournment. Hence, they don’t have any flexibility. As far as the 20+ comment thats just plain ignorance.

  2. jay says

    Capital didn’t beat a top 5 team.from NY. They beat a decent team from ny. Who gives a crap about that anyways. Why is everyone so fascinated by the fact that a team plays a team from NY. You can’t say cap would be mercy by 20. Just sounds dumb considering NOONE has beaten mercy by that mucin YEARS. Get off Cap PrEP jock jason

  3. jay says

    Jason your talking about Bergtram? The team from NY that cap prep beat by a pt? They r ranked 5th in their Division and top 40 in state. Max preps shows they r 35th in state

    • s21 says

      Jay, I grew up in NY and I went to a HS that was a rival of Murry Bergtraum. They have consistently been a great team since the 80’s, also consider when you are 35th or 5th ranked in NYC, that is among close to 1500 to 2000 high schools within the city limits. Also, the similarity between Mercy and CPrep is that both play in conferences that are pretty weak. In the SCC you have Career and Lyman and CPrep has no/zilch competition in their conference. CPrep is going to have problems in two years, their pipeline is weak. When Gillespie leaves after the 2014-2015 season, the only strong players they going to have is Elmore and Rodriguez. Mercy pipeline is just stronger so they will continue to be in the discussion.

  4. XHS says

    Jason, CPrep is an outstanding team. But using your logic out of their 15 wins, 9 were against class S, 4 against Class M, 1 L, and 1 LL teams. Is it right to say they are not good because they haven’t played anyone? I think not because they are a good team.

  5. hoopfan says

    Agree, should be a great class LL tournament – South Windsor remains me of Farmington last year. A “quiet” 16-0, no “trash talking”, “name calling” or “big name” players – Last year RHAM (Sarah) Pomperaugh (Gabby) and Bacan Academy (McLaughlin) got all the ink – but look what happened! Looking forward to the LL tournament – who know what could happen!

    • bballfan says

      Tournament is going to be crazy . I want to see mercy vs so Windsor, and cprep vs weaver. Everyone post your cindarella teams that could win each bracket.

      • ciacfan says

        Class LL – E.O. Smith is streaking right now. Not sure if they can compete with the juggernauts but they are very good.
        Class L – Ledyard with their size could pose a tough matchup for Gillespie, also Farmington is the defending champ, 15-2 and #2 in the Maxpreps computer poll. They’re challenged almost every night in the ridiculously strong and underrated CCC West.
        Class M – lots of sleepers. How about New London? Only 2 losses to Weaver. Also East Catholic, just beat South Windsor tonight. Has played one of the toughest schedules, if not the toughest schedule, in the state.
        Class S – Nobody is good, but maybe Canton? On a nice winning streak right now.

  6. XHS says

    Sleepers for me are Career and Ledyard. Why? Not sure I would ever bet against Mercy or Cprep but here it goes. Most Likely Career will play Mercy 3 times before the States so if one team is familiar with them it has to be Career. Why Ledyard? I don’t know but they have two girls 6ft 4 and 6 ft 2 so maybe pound it inside and someone gets in foul trouble.

  7. Jason says

    There is not a team in CT that could beat any of these NY Teams Prep beat…. Period. Get off Max Preps. Not official, Fly By Night type website

  8. hoopfan says

    Hi Jason:

    Just checked outmax prep – Vinal – 177, Grasso 180, Ellis, 182, Preston, 138 – you probably seen them play – do you think Max Prep is close with these or would you rank them higher – just wanted to get your thoughts.

  9. Rob (OCEC) says

    Wanted to chime in and say it again, the Ladies of Ledyard ended a 21-year drought against Norwich Free Academy on Tuesday night. As to the “Bottom line: The Wildcats are going to make things interesting when the state tournament rolls around.” Hopefully the Lady Colonels just made things interesting for the Lady Wildcats.

    Oh, and lets not forget the Boys broke out the broom for Norwich Basketball this year. See you in the ECC Tournament.

    Enjoy your Humble Pie Rose City Fans.

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