Girls basketball beat: GametimeCT/New Haven Register Top 10 Poll


Team Points Last Class

1. Capital Prep (9-0) (16)

536 1 L
Last week’s games: Def. Cheney 73-28, def. Classical Magnet 86-34, def. St. Mary’s (N.Y.) 56-50
Bottom line: It’s getting harder and harder to write these bottom lines each week. They’re very, very good.

2. Mercy (12-0) (2)

508 2 LL
Last week’s games: Def. Wilbur Cross 64-19, def. Cheshire 72-41, def. Career 65-47.
Bottom line: The Tigers could win every game by double-digits until the state tournament begins.

3. RHAM (10-0)

423 4 L
Last week’s games: Def. Brookfield 56-49, def. Fermi 71-21.
Bottom line: The Sachems are on track to go far yet again in the state tournament.

4. South Windsor (11-0)

420 5 LL
Last week’s games: Def. East Catholic 57-50, def. Tolland 62-36, def. Glastonbury 63-57.
Bottom line: The Bobcats are winning the close ones, beating top-10 teams and blowing other teams out.
5. Lauralton Hall (9-1) 404 6 LL
Last week’s games: Def. Career 46-26, def. Masuk 47-27.
Bottom line: The Crusaders didn’t score much this week, but they picked up two nice victories.
6. Wilton (11-0) 350 7 L
Last week’s games: Def. St. Joseph 47-42, def. Trumbull 47-43.
Bottom line: The Warriors picked up two solid FCIAC wins.
7. Norwich Free Academy (10-1) 290 8 LL
Last week’s games: Def. Bacon Academy 71-37, def. Ledyard 53-41.
Bottom line: The Wildcats beat Ledyard in convincing fashion.
8. Weaver (9-1) 287 9 L
Last week’s games: Def. Glastonbury 75-58, def. East Catholic 63-43.
Bottom line: The Beavers’ Alyssa Stewart scored her 1,000th career point last week.
9. Career (8-2) 237 3 LL
Last week’s games: Lost to Lauralton Hall 46-26, def. Wilbur Cross 69-30 and lost to Mercy 65-47.
Bottom line: The Panthers had a rough week losing by double digits to two top-10 teams.
10. Danbury (9-1) 234 10 LL
Last week’s game: Def. Stamford 40-27
Bottom line: If only the Hatters didn’t lose to Wilton.
Dropped out: Trumbull (10).
First-place votes in parentheses and points tabulated on a 30-28-26-24-22-20-18-16-14-12-11-10-9-8-7 basis.
Others receiving votes: Holy Cross (11-0) 191; Farmington (10-1) 158; Cromwell (10-1) 127; Fairfield Warde (10-1) 103; Amity (11-1) 81; Fairfield Ludlowe (9-1) 74; Morgan (9-1) 40; Ledyard (8-2) 38; Kolbe-Cathedral (7-1) 9; Lyman Hall (9-2) 8; New London (9-2) 7, Tolland (7-4) 7; Lewis Mills (10-1) 7; Simsbury (9-2) 7.
The following voted: Mary Albl, Fairfield Minuteman; Jim Bombaci, Haddam-Killingworth; Doug Bonjour, Connecticut Post; Henry Chisholm, New Haven Register; Vinnie Cianfarani, Tolland; Dave Danko, Fairfield Warde; Eric DeMarco, Norte Dame-Fairfield; Scott Nails, Foran; Dave Phillips, Shoreline Newspapers; Lori Riley, Hartford Courant; Paul Rosano, Meridan Record Journal Mike Suppe, Hers-m Acorn Newspapers; Nick Velles, Franklin School; Fred Williams, Northwestern; Rick Wilson, Waterbury Republican-American; Richard Zalusky, Willimantic Chronicle; Jimmy Zanor, Middletown Press.
Poll compiled by: Henry Chisholm.


  1. says

    Not an argument how good Capital Prep is but until they play the Mercy’s, RHAM’s, South Windsor’s Danbury’s, Wilton’s, NFA etc., its hard pressed for me to even consider them for the top spot. Playing outside opponents means nothing, regardless of who those opponents are. Play the in-state teams first.
    That’s who fans want to see NOT out-of-state teams.

    • Marcus Da Truth says

      And that’s why the rest of the nation believes theirs no great athletes in CT!!! I seen and spoke with scouts from big schools on various sports and they say its hard to gadge a kid in competition that’s sometimes isn’t that great in the state. Granted we’re all humans but other states get more respect because of their mentality. To be the best you got to play& beat the best! And staying in a pond won’t get it done. It’s time now for the state of CT to start swimming in the ocean and letting the nation know! We’re just as good or better as some of these so call national powerhouses! And I mean that for all sports not just girls basketball. Great job C-Prep!! Let others follow your example!

  2. PK says

    They don’t have a single game against a “competitive” in-state team all season. The best in state team they play is probably either Classical or Prince Tech. What a joke.

    At least last year they played Career. Some of these out of state teams they play are a waste of time anyways. I’m sure any of these teams that got votes could handle Northampton (MA) pretty easily. It’s not like they’re playing Mater Dei

  3. XHS says

    St Mary has at least 3 losses in 7 games this year and it was six points. Two years ago they lost to Durham. Switch leagues. Laurelton just switched to the SCC stop playing tech schools and get some respect.

    • sportsfan says

      The state tournament will definitely end that CPREP hate after they win by 30 oh yeah by the way when they lost two yrs. ago Elmore was in 8th grade and Gillespie was a freshmen. According to the voters there the number 1 and 2 players in the state. Just except it. Also CT basketball is not that good. That 3 loss NY team will crush most of the teams in CT. Next your gonna probably say that’s not accurate either.

  4. XHS says

    What kills me about Cprep fans is they defend their out of state schedule using maxpreps rankings. The same rankings that don’t have them in the top 10 in Ct. You can’t have it both ways. Where is the truth? Usually somewhere in the middle probably around 4 or 5.

    • sportsfan says

      Good point but CT has them ranked numero uno, maybe you should be a sports writer and cast your vote since your such a great judge of talent. Any team can lose but there staring 5 is solid period and who is better that Elmore and Gillespie? waiting for a legit answer.

  5. XHS says

    I really don’t think there are 2 players on any team better then those two. I like the Mercy big 3 and the 9 deep they play is exceptional. Laurel ton also has two really good players and career will have a nice compliment when Davis returns. I still think that’s the best 4 teams in the state. It seems FIAC teams always fall apart come tourney time. The next group
    Probably start with Danbury and Weaver. South Windsor very good fundementals.

  6. sportsfan says

    I agree with you a hundred percent those are my top 4 as well and South Windsor is truly solid as well; happy they beat Weaver; hope they beat them again at the end of the season. Weaver displays poor sportsmanship by running about the scores trying to up their stats it ridiculous.

    • Commenter says

      Weaver is a disgrace. Winning 68-15 at the end of the third versus Buckley and THEN scoring 27 pts in the 4th, more than any other quarter, with ONLY the starters. The CIAC should do something about that coach.

  7. XHS says

    Don’t want to offend RHAM but one great player can get defended. Saw career vs mercy. Didn’t think career is in the shape they need to be in.

    • Henry C says

      Career needs a point guard, Mercy doesn’t need anything (and the schedule and SCC Div. they play in isn’t exactly loaded with top talent either) Capital Prep doesn’t need anything (Out of state schedule is more for recruiting purposes than proving to the state they’re good, you can’t have 3 DI players on one team and be bad, can you?) Lauralton is better than I thought they would be (Another team hampered by an easy schedule with not many challenges) I have not watched S. Windsor and when I don’t see you, I go off resume, S. Windsor’s got a great resume, better than RHAMs. Weaver I have not watched, but Snoop makes players better so they’ve got to be a tough team to stop. All-in-all I think the voters have gotten it right in most cases each week.

    • bballfan says

      I would have mercy first because they won ll last year. cprep second because have 3d1 players. south windsor because of fundamentals and they beat weaver in tough game. weaver fourth good guards and bigs. rham fifth because of sarah.

  8. jay says

    Keep talking about cprep having these 3 nasty players which I’m sure they do Iccan’t really judge since I have nauro Fitzpatrick for. mercy is legit mercy is legit. She’s a junior getting looks from d1 schools and.their pg Landy is nasty too. Great ball handling and handles pressure great. Like I said never seen cprep play but they would have to be pretty good to beat mercy.

    • sports advocate says

      Yes you have three very talented players . Unforunetly only two are ever mentioned .Taylor Williams should be mentioned in the mix .She is as good as the other two, but you never hear about her . Please tell me why.Further more she is the only one signed as of now to a division one scholarship.
      Now commenting on how good Capital prep is . I will tell you one thing . I will respect them once they decide to start taking games aginst quality teams in Ct . Pretty amazing teams have constently asked them to play them and they continously refuse. If you want to be the best in the state of Ct. then you need play the best in the state .Pretty amazing they have 5 open dates on the schedule and they choose not to play the best comp. in Ct You have proven nothing. You beat teams in class s STATE CHAMPIONSHIP div where you obviously do not belong. It saddens me to hear that they loose the state championship to years ago due to the fact that those players were either in experienced or not there . How about all the other athletes that were on that team. they get no credit for being on the team. All i can say is how sad

      • unbias says

        Taylor is a great athlete and why would the other girls commit early when they are bothe underclassmen. There is no need to when they have the option to wait for certain schools to bite. And what makes you think these so called CT powerhouses havent turned down the invite to play CPrep. If your not a coach or have no fact behind this please be quiet. Instead of appreciati g the fact they are putting CT on the map you have people like you who hate. Small minded people who cant see the big picture. STOP acting like CT is dominant in comparison to these larger cities and states. We are a small pond

  9. 80's Hoopster says

    You know what is great? The fact that people are arguing over which GIRL’S basketball team and players are the best. This would have never happened 10/15 years ago! The game has come a long way and it is finally getting the respect it deserves…..I love it. Best of luck to ALL the great teams in CT!! Keep up the good work!!

    • Henry ChisholmHenry Chisholm says

      You’re very welcome and yes the game has improved and a lot of these girls can really play. The state is filled with great athletes year after year.

  10. Hoopfan says

    Henry, (and Lori) What do you think of the Weaver-Buckley box score – is it correct? Looks like Weaver outscored Buckley 51-3 in the second half – since only one bench player scored two points it appears the coach played the starters the whole game – Looks like the AD has his work cut out for him at Weaver! Never thought I’d say this but go Capitol Prep! (If the box score was incorrect I apolize)

  11. PK says

    They’ve been doing that the whole year. By my count they have 3 bench points all season (all from Mack). It’s just a joke. They are so blatantly just trying to run their kids stats up. Surprised the coach/AD hasn’t been warned yet.

    My one request to Lori and the Courant (if possible) is to stop including all of their stat lines in the “Of Note” section of the box scores of these games. It looks ridiculous.

  12. says

    So I have a question for the voters – if Rham loses to South Windsor or NFA next week, will you drop them down to where they belong? Maxpreps has them in 18th. Lori Riley has them in 10th, which is probably where they should be. Their schedule so far has been weak. One player, even as good as she is, can’t do it all against tough competition.

    On another note: don’t let your frustrations with the Weaver coach affect your voting. It isn’t fair to the players who are working hard to win games. They are doing what their coach tells them to do. They are a very good team and shouldn’t be punished because their coach is running up the score! Clearly he has lost the respect of the CT basketball community, but his players shouldn’t suffer because of that.

  13. PK says

    Agree with this: In the CCC South Windsor and Weaver are 1a and 1b…Farmington and RHAM are 2a and 2b.

    After that there is NWC, Simsbury, Newington, Tolland, and E.O. Smith all pretty close. The whole South is horrible. Hall is as talented as anybody but inconsistent.

    • A very proud parent says

      I have never understood why people get so worked up over polls they what they are, opinions. Personally I like the max preps mathematical formula, it is usually pretty close in most sports, but there are intangibles that it cannot take into consideration, it appears to be close again. RHAM is more the just one girl, every time you folks make that statement you disrespect the girls that show up everyday to practice and give it their all. Finally, last year the media wanted to tar a feather the RHAM coach over a score against Hartford Public but this year it seems to be a non issue, why? Honestly it is being swept under the rug by the media. I agree the players should not be punished but I would think that the players and parents would be uncomfortable enough about what is going on to say something to the coach or at least to the administration. Prep and Weaver are probably going to meet somewhere down the road and I for one will be at that game because it is going to be a good one, probably at the Sun.

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