GametimeCT/New Haven Register Top 10 Poll: Waterford holds at No. 1

Team Points Last Class

1. Waterford (9-1) (10)




Last week: Lost to St. Bernard 2-1, def. Montville 5-4 and Fitch 9-0.
Bottom line: St. Bernard picked up a good win, but Waterford has still been impressive.

2. Bunnell (11-1) (3)




Last week: Def. Masuk 8-1 and Newtown 7-3.
Bottom line: Make it 10 straight victories for the Bulldogs.

3. Montville (9-1)




Last week: Def. Tourtelotte 10-0; lost to Waterford 5-4; def. Woodstock Academy 7-2.
Bottom line: The Waterford game was a huge test, Montville came up just short.

4. Fairfield Prep (10-2)




Last week: Def. Hamden 3-2 (8) and Amity 10-7; lost to ND-West Haven 5-2
Bottom line: The Jesuits got shut down by John Amendola.

5. Darien (10-1)




Last week: Def. Trinity Catholic 18-6, Bridgeport Central 8-1 and Bassick 13-0
Bottom line: Light week for the Blue Wave, but still impressive.

6. New Canaan (9-3)




Last week: Lost to Ridgefield 7-5, Danbury 5-4; def. McMahon 9-0
Bottom line: Life in the FCIAC: Not easy.

7. Seymour (11-0)




Last week: Def. Crosby 11-0 and Wolcott 5-3.
Bottom line: Class S has a new favorite.

8. Cromwell (10-2)




Last week: Def. Hyde 14-0, Old Saybrook 6-2; lost to Portland 3-2.
Bottom line: They lost to Portland? Well then, the Shoreline just got a little more interesting.

9. Notre Dame-West Haven (10-2) (1)




Last week: Def. Xavier 3-2, Cheshire 5-2 and Fairfield Prep 5-2
Bottom line: Most underrated team in the state?

10. East Hampton (9-1)




Last week: Def. Haddam-killingworth 1-0
Bottom line: H-K could also be Cromwell’s competition, if it can get past the Bellringers.
Dropped out: Northwest Catholic (5), Southington (8).
First-place votes in parentheses and points tabulated on a 30-28-26-24-22-20-18-16-14-12-11-10-9-8-7 basis.
Others receiving votes: Berlin (9-1) 177; Southington (6-2) 177; Northwest Catholic (7-2) 155; Law (9-2) 132; Staples (9-3) 85; Thomaston (9-0) 73; Plainfield (10-0) 49; St. Joseph (6-4) 17; E.O. Smith (6-1) 10; Sheehan (8-4) 10; Maloney (6-2) 9
The following voted: Mike Anquillare, West Haven; Marc Allard, Norwich Bulletin; Bill Bloxsom, Hersam-Acorn; Henry Chisholm, New Haven Register; Scott Ericson, CT Post; Mike Madera, Elm City Newspapers; Phil Orbe, Montville; Dave Ruden, Ruden Report; Peter Paguaga, Register Citizen; Dave Phillips, Shoreline Newspapers; Marc Robbins, WFSB/CPTV Sports; Derek Turner, GametimeCT; Tom Yantz, Hartford Courant; Jimmy Zanor, Middletown Press.
Poll compiled by: Henry Chisholm.


  1. PapaDags says

    What a joke–New Canaan ranked over Seymour……Life in the FCIAC-not so easy is the explanation in the caption—always some excuse for anything FCIAC in any sport—guaranteed the writers WAKE up and take notice NEXT WEEK

    • Henry ChisholmHenry Chisholm says

      Nobody is making excuses for the FCIAC. Believe it or not, us writers are not biased to conferences or schools. However, the FCIAC is stronger than the NVL, so voters won’t penalize FCIAC teams as hard as NVL teams for losses.

  2. Ryan says

    How is Cromwell ranked higher than East Hampton? They both lost to Portland and East Hampton no-hit Cromwell when they played earlier this year. I guess people don’t actually look at results when they vote for teams.

  3. PapaDags says

    I understand there are some tough teams in the FCIAC, but give credit where credit is due…First off, I would put Seymour’s 2 pitchers with any 2 tandems from ANY team in any league. Unfortunately the only fciac team on Symr’s sched this year was St. Joes.–looking for Symr to be ranked 1st-3rd next week. With a #2 spot likely

    • SCCDAD says

      Zach Hart and Brandon Rentas with Sheehan, John Amendola and Anthony Rovasio with Notre Dame-West Haven either would give them a run for their money.Pitching in the SCC is probably a little tougher than the NVL.

    • Just Saying says

      if Seymour is considered a top 3 team then there are some real issues in this rankings. West Haven beat them in a scrimmage that was never close, and the pitchers for them are not elite as any in the SCC

      • PapaDags says

        that was the first scrimmage of the year for Seymour, probably WH’s first also, where the bench was utilized. Don’t judge Symr on that 1st outing on a very cold day in March–and to say these 2 pitchers are not as elite as any in the SCC is either ridiculous on your part or you most likely never saw them pitch which makes your statement that much more ludicrous. ( Sounds like something from an FCIAC fan who feels no sport comes close or can compete with that stuffy region of CT) that’s right, I said it…

  4. patty boy says

    Hopefully this week Plainfield will get some respect. In the last seven days they won four games. One against the number 1 team and one against the number 3 team. Their record is 13-0.

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