The GameTimeCT / Register Top 10: Middletown takes a dive; More support for New Canaan

Middletown QB Dario Highsmith (6) attempts to avoid the New London defense on Friday, November 8, 2013 at Canamella Field in New London. Middletown would go on to lose their first game of the season, 23-21, on a final-play field goal by New London. Photo Mike Connors / For the Middletown Press

Middletown QB Dario Highsmith (6) attempts to avoid the New London defense on Friday, November 8, 2013 at Canamella Field in New London. Middletown would go on to lose their first game of the season, 23-21, on a final-play field goal by New London. Photo Mike Connors / For the Middletown Press

With its 23-21 loss to unranked New London, Middletown dropped out of the GameTimeCT/New Haven Register Top 10 poll for the first time this season.

The Blue Dragons fell from No. 3 down to No. 11.

Moving up to fill the vacuum is unbeaten Platt, which debuts in the poll for the first time this season.

Not only did New Canaan retain the No. 1 spot, it picked up five more first-place votes from Ansonia for a total of 25. Ansonia remained at No. 2 with four first-place votes.

Newtown took the No. 3 spot vacated by Middletown. West Haven leap-frogged Glastonbury and into the No. 4 spot.


Dropped out: Middletown (3).

The following voted: Mary Albl, Fairfield Minuteman; Marc Allard, Norwich Bulletin; Bob Barton, New Haven Register; Bill Bloxsom, Hersam-Acorn; Doug Bonjour, Connecticut Post; Sean Patrick Bowley, New Haven Register; Jim Bransfield, Middletown Press; Kyle Brennan, Waterbury Republican-American; Chris Brodeur, Danbury News-Times; George DeMaio, WELI; Gerry deSimas, The Collinsville Press; Mike DiMauro, The Day of New London; Scott Ericson, Stamford Advocate; Tom Evans, Norwalk Hour; Francesco Graziano, CPTV Sports; Ned Griffen, The Day of New London; John Holt, WFSB-3; Mark Jaffee, Waterbury Republican-American; Ken Lipshez, Meriden-Record Journal; Mike Madera, Elm City Newspapers; Joe Morelli, New Haven Register; Kevin Nathan, WVIT-30; Pete Paguaga, Torrington Register Citizen; Dave Phillips, Shore Line Newspapers; Mike Pucci, New Haven Register; Kevin Roberts, Bristol Press; Dave Ruden, The Ruden Report; Tom Yantz, Hartford Courant; Jimmy Zanor, Middletown Press.

A Closer Look

  • 1. New Canaan (9-0) (25) — Last week: Def. Wilton 45-7. This week: vs. Trinity Catholic, Friday, 7 p.m.
    Bottom line: The Rams have clinched a spot in the FCIAC championship game, to be played on Nov. 22 at Trumbull.
  • 2. Ansonia (9-0) (4) — Last week: Def. Seymour 21-20. This week: vs. Crosby, Thursday, 6 p.m.
    Bottom line: A closer than expected finish against Seymour is the likely reason the Chargers lost six first-place votes this week.
  • 3. Newtown (10-0)  — Last week: Def. Stratford 34-0. Next game: SWC championship, Nov. 21.
    Bottom line: The Nighthawks earn a forfeit win over Immaculate this week. Newtown will face the winner of Friday’s contest between Barlow and Brookfield for the SWC title.
  • 4. West Haven (8-1) — Last week: Def. Hand 46-35. This week: vs. Shelton, Friday, 7 p.m.
    Bottom line: Westies need to win at least one of their two remaining games to reach the playoffs. West Haven hosts Shelton this week and then visits Fairfield Prep on Thanksgiving.
  • 5. Glastonbury (8-1) — Last week: Def. New Britain 34-6. This week: at Windsor, Friday, 7 p.m.
    Bottom line: The Tomahawks have won eight in a row since losing their season opener to Southington.
  • 6. St. Joseph (8-1) — Last week: Def. Fairfield Warde 47-27. This week: at McMahon, Friday, 7 p.m.
    Bottom line: The Hogs will clinch a berth in their first FCIAC title game, and earn a rematch with New Canaan, if they can defeat McMahon.
  • 7. NFA (7-1) — Last week: Def. Killingly 56-12. This week: vs. Stonington, Saturday, 1 p.m.
    Bottom line: Beware, Wildcats. Stonington surprised Ledyard last week and will seek to pull off another upset.
  • 8. North Haven (8-1) — Last week: Def. Foran 28-14. This week: vs. Darien, Friday, 7 p.m.
    Bottom line: The state’s biggest game this week takes place at Vanacore Field. Huge (huge!) playoff implications in this one.
  • 9. Southington (7-1) — Last week: Def. East Hartford 55-20. This week: vs. South Windsor, Friday, 7 p.m.
    Bottom line: Stephen Barmore completed 8 of 10 passes for 188 yards and three touchdowns in the Blue Knights’ latest win.
  • 10. Platt (9-0) — Last week: Def. Rockville 53-7. This week: at Northwest Catholic, Saturday, 1:30 p.m.
    Bottom line: The Panthers will be challenged when they visit the Indians (7-2) this week.

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  1. Jeb says

    Pooch, Good poll but I think you rated st.joes way to low. They would beat every team in the state . If new Canaan doesn’t.t get cascione back or their second string qb back then they will be playing joes and I think joes could beat them with a third string qb.

  2. RAY BROWN says

    for what its worth RAY BROWNS top 10 and 5 waiting
    1—-new caa nan
    5—-west haven
    6— st.joes
    10—north haven
    5 waiting——-xavier,hall,cap/prep,darien,middletown

    • says

      Stat Boy is it me Ray or do you purposely move SCC teams down in the polls. You show them so much attention by trying to knock them but it’s as obvious as it gets that the Juggernaut that is the SCC consumes your thoughts with the question ” I wonder what it’s like to be that good?”

      Kawalski OUT!

    • JB says

      Xavier is for sure a top 10 team. They would beat Newtown and Platt by 3 TDs. Just a matter of time until the pretenders are exposed. But the crowding out of better teams for the playoffs is really bad for CTHSFB. Need a better point system and more cross-over games. This process still too weak to qualify for states for my taste – wins against S opponents shouldn’t count for LL playoffs even if in conference.

      • Mookie says

        Honestly, the real problem is that the current class system is ridiculous. Two is reasonable. But I’d bet if you asked the players, they’d even prefer one – the better teams in class S and M would be thrilled to take a shot at New Canaan or Newtown or West Haven or whoever. Take a poll of Joe’s, VR/OL, Ansonia, Barlow, C/C/A and see what they have to say about it.

        Second – if you’re going to HAVE classes, why are interclass games cool in the regular season but to be avoided under all circumstances in the regular season?

        Third – if you’re going to make beating a team in a higher class worth actual playoff points, shouldn’t you at least make more of an effort to put the consistently stronger programs in higher classes?

        Has anyone SEEN Capital’s schedule, chock full of M and L opponents? Dear God.

        • says


          I believe you were trying to say cool in postseason but avoided in regular season games but yes good point.

          To whoever can answer correctly,

          Also I know there a magnet/tech school and it’s not about the top ten but why is New London ranked 17th and Capital Prep ranked 19th. They played each other on September 21, 2013 Final Score:
          Capital Prep 53 New London 14 . Call me crazy but that score tells me that C Prep is a little better than New London. Way to many non-football people on these polls. Sorry if anyone is offended but how can you rank teams that you know nothing about or never watch and on top of it how much do they actually know about the game of football. That’s not talking about stats from the 1985 Housy season or what kid went to what HS it’s knowing about the game so you can talk about it to anyone on any level. That’s a big part if your going to start ranking teams.

      • UBilly says

        Platt top 10??

        I guess you need to recognize that they are undefeated, but…4 wins against Class M, 5 wins against Class S…No wins against their own Class L with only 1 game scheduled all year! (and no games against any LL teams.)

        Total scheduling has a Class L school playing 6 Class S, 4 Class M, 1 Class L – Got to love that CCC scheduling! (And people wonder why most everyone doubts the strength of CCC contenders)

  3. SCC fan says

    X vs Prep, biggest game of the week. Both teams could beat any of the top 10 but unfortunately, they play an actual schedule against other teams in their Class. My question is, if X or Prep had Newtown, NFA or Ansonia’s schedule, what would their record be? Both would be undefeated and ranked in top 2.

    The stadium at Fairfield U will be rocking on Saturday. Or you could go see one of the above play Immaculate, cough cough forfeit, Stonington or Crosby.

    XMen will be tough to beat even at home for Prep.

    • RAY BROWN says

      can u imagine ansonia with prep or xaviers boy enrollment? or ansonia being allowed to draw from 12 towns? or giving out “so-called scolarships-so that the low-income atheletes can attend the school? for all their resources both teams are very average—-ansonia would beat both by 2 tds

  4. ACL says

    I encourage everyone to check out the following link:

    Ned from The Day tweeted about this website a couple of weeks ago. While I don’t understand all the math behind it, it does take out the subjectivity of the polls. According to Ned, this website has predicted the winner of each class correctly 8 out of the last 10 years (I am trying to verify that info but I can’t find the tweet from Ned). SPB can you confirm?

    This site gives much more weight to schedule strength and quality of wins (or lack of quality). For example, the M playoff standings has Putnam/Tourtelotte/Ellis at #9 and Bullard Havens #11. On the Calpreps ranking, they are ranked #21 and #23 respectively because they have the two weakest schedules in the entire division.

    Another good example is in L. Hand is ranked #2 because it has the toughest schedule in the division but it is on the outside looking in for the playoffs (currently #10). ND-WH has the second toughest schedule and is ranked #8, even with a 4-5 record.

    I am not saying that Calpreps is the answer and that teams with records of .500 or less should be in the playoffs. The point is that the playoff system needs to include a strength of schedule. Bonus points should be given to teams who play up regardless of the outcome of the game. This should encourage schools to schedule more crossover games in order to separate themselves within their division.

    Teams like Hand, Prep (#7 on Calpreps, #12 for the playoffs), and Foran (#6 and #12 respectively) are good enough to be in the playoffs but may not make it because they played tougher schedules than some of the teams in front of them. With the make up of other conferences in the state, it isn’t anyone’s fault. Its just the way the system is.

    This may seem like a case for the SCC but that’s not my intention. Those three teams are just the best examples I could find. I am sure there are other teams out there that fall in the same category.

    Before rushing to judgment on this post, take a good look at the link I provided, read the methodology (if you can understand it, please explain it to me), and then present your conclusion.

    Lets have at it…

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      I love it, that CalPreps link you just has received more clicks than any other external link on our site.

      Remind me to post it more in our weekly recaps.

      • ACL says

        Nice and will do. With where Foran stands right now, I wish it was relevant! LOL

        And be sure to give Ned some props. I got it from him.

  5. Rob (On Connecticut's East Coast) says

    I continue to be both amused and offended by the arrogance of some people’s posts.

    Regarding Xavier and Fairfield Prep: “X vs Prep, biggest game of the week. Both teams could beat any of the top 10” So you are saying that Xavier could have beaten North or West Haven? I suppose they got together and collectively made a decision to make their effort for a 4th LL Title a little more interesting? Prep, made the same decision regarding their game VS Hand right? No, of course they didn’t! They went out, played the game and came up on the Loss side of things. So clearly your statement is W R O N G.

    Regarding “Platt top 10?? ” – Hey, all they can do is what Ansonia has done all year and beat every team placed before them. If they are pretenders, they’ll be shown that in the playoffs right? Last year they were a playoff team, fought through a couple early season losses, made the playoffs then ran into an outstanding Daniel Hand team at the Surf Club. An excellent team and effort to end the year, and continued that into this year.

    Regarding New London and Capital Prep. It would seem to me that New London got it’s Excrement together. (this statement applies to Stonington also) Early season losses are brutal and will bite you in the rear at the end of the season, HOWEVER, a win over previously unbeaten Middletown should put everyone on notice, INCLUDING NFA (Thanksgiving Day Rival) that the Whalers are intent on making their way into the mix for the Class L’s. As for their loss to Cap Preps, could have been some match ups that favored Prep or they used Mike Jones and some line size to take advantage of inside mismatches in the trenches.

    Regarding the very First Comment to “Pooch”: ” I think you rated st.joes way to low. They would beat every team in the state .” See Xavier and Fairfield Prep statements above. While St. Joes is excellent, I don’t think they went to New Canaan and handed the Rams the game. Based on how NC got the win, it proves that St. Joes is vulnerable, as is any team, to a well executed and well played football game.

    Furthermore, bashing the CIAC for their playoff system is ridiculous. Not too long ago, undefeated teams were left home after Thanksgiving (Fitch late 90’s early 2000’s) because they didn’t have enough credibility with the “Polls”. Then we had a system where 4 teams from 6 Class’ were selected to play Championship Football meaning that 24 teams in action after Thanksgiving. Not bad, HOWEVER, today 8 teams from 4 Class’ qualify and lay siege on each other in pursuit of a State Championships. For all you “Math-Letes” that’s 32 teams playing post Thanksgiving football. So it appears to me that the CIAC is doing a pretty good job promoting and delivering a decent football product. Next improvement IMHO is the Open Division 4 team playoff for a “True #1” .

    • ACL says

      I didn’t bash it. I am merely stating that more consideration has to be given towards strength of schedule and used Calpreps as a way to compare the two systems. How is that bashing?

    • UBilly says

      Agree with ACL on not bashing but rather simply pointing out questionable methods or decisions. As far as Platt goes, obviously they can only play the schedule given to them, and their athletes and coaches are doing a very good job at it. All I asked was should we look deeper than an undefeated record and consider a very generous schedule when voting Top 10 polls? They are 10 in NHR poll and 7 in the Day poll.

      • Rob (On Connecticut's East Coast) says

        To clarify, I believe ACL and I were typing at the same time, I saw your post after I hit “Post Comment”. So, I wasn’t talking to you specifically, but rather stating that anyone who bashes CIAC for their playoff structure needs to review how we got here. The last 2 evolutions that led to what we have today is leaps and bounds better than say mid-1990’s where “Opinions” mattered.

        As for how the polls are done, it’s an “Opinion”, not a “Formula”. Sometimes the writers do a better job than the coaches, sometimes not so much. When a team is Undefeated though, you have to at least acknowledge that they are “In-Fact” without a mark in the loss column. Conferences and Leagues have their own way of doing things, which is what makes the FCAIC better or worse than say the SCC depending on who you ask or how you evaluate what they are doing or why. Example, some people think League / Conference Championships are relevant, some people disagree. I couldn’t care either way but I will not say a conference is better or worse for having one or not. Understand also that the CIAC doesn’t set a team’s schedule. Those are done at the School and Conference/League level. Most times by the schools’ Athletic Directors or their representative like the Head Coach. You want better competition between class’, go buy your school’s AD a cup of coffee and discuss.

        Additionally football fans, the BCS uses a “Computer System” and they’re moving a little away from that next year with the incorporation of the +4 system.

        • ACL says

          Gotcha. Its all good.

          Obviously nothing is perfect and the system is what it is. The current system is the best we have right now because there is no subjectivity, its all pure numbers based on wins. I will take this system over people in polls making the call.

          Admittedly, I am biased to Foran (I went there, my son goes there (starting RB), I am the PA announcer, and I know all the kids on the team very well) and this suggestion is because of the position they are in currently. That being said, I can see the same thing happening to other schools in other conferences, regardless of class.

          You are correct that scheduling is in the hands of the conference, AD, and coach (in that order) and that’s not going to change. Conferences are made up geographically, not by class, so this is going to be an ongoing issue. Given the fact that the system is based on points, I think this is a small tweak that would improve what we have without a complete overhaul (although I am a proponent of SPB’s class/district idea).

        • roto says

          Rob (OCEC)– there was never an element of opinion in the CIAC playoffs since they were introduced in 1976. Everything was completely objective, if unfair, and produced many suspect champs in a six-class setup. If we are going to have leagues with mixed enrollments to save on travel expense and we are going to keep Thanksgiving rivalries, this is as good as it will get.

    • ACL says

      Actually, it lists state titles back to 2003 and takes historical data in account.

      Besides, for the purposes of this discussion, the past does not matter. I know the history of the program is important to you and you are proud of it, as you should be.

  6. RAY BROWN says

    stan v——its bad enough your polish—–but your ignorance is amazing—–the scc juggernaut has 19 teams and needs 2 divisions to hide how overrated the conference is.youd think getting beat up by fciac and pequot leagues would send message, but obviously your still hitting that morning brandy

  7. ACL says

    @SPB I think a point system similar to what we have now would be the best thing to use in order to determine playoff seeds and wildcards. Use the current point system but include a kicker for schedule strength (I’m not letting that one go…LOL). Seed the district champs based on their points. The wildcard teams are the teams with the next highest point totals. After that, let fate take its course!

    • UJake says

      There IS a moderate strength-of-schedule factor. You keep missing that. NDWH a few years ago got in with less wins than the next team. They proceeded to lose by a touchdown to a Windsor team many folks thought only made the playoffs due to a weak schedule.

      I think, because you’re passionate about this, you maybe should go through the last few years of calprep rankings (if you go to the first link, just change the year in the address bar, and you should be able to access them), and make a list of which teams would have made playoffs vs wouldn’t have under the two systems. From there you can see if any of the less-deserving teams won games that year.

      That’s really the first step in comparing the systems.

      Also, the second tiebreaker takes into account strength of schedule in a more in-depth way, but to reach that you obviously have to tie with points, and not have played head-to-head.

      • ACL says

        What is it that I am missing? It is very possible for a team with less wins than another team if the team with less wins beats teams in the class above them. In your example, if NDWH beat a couple of LL schools, they would have gotten bonus points for it which does make a difference. The key is that they would not have gotten extra points if they didn’t win the game.

        What it doesn’t do is reward a team for simply playing a game against a team in a division or two above. Points for a win are great but the chances are very slim. My point is to reward the team for scheduling the game, regardless of the outcome.

        Thanks for the suggestion in comparing the rankings. I had planned to do it but work got in the way! LOL I plan on doing it very soon.

        • UJake says

          Right – if you win a game, you get extra points for your opponent’s wins. That’s an adjustment for strength of schedule. I wasn’t sure you understood that. If you want an adjustment for the teams you lose to, then that’s what the second tiebreaker is (and I think I understand now, that’s what you’d like to see merged somehow into the main points calculation).

          I would love to see the comparisons of who would have made it vs who did make it, etc, but yeah – unfortunately it’s not what I get paid to do all day!

          Another thing I’m curious about regarding calprep is – if it is true that it predicted 8 of the last 10 seasons champs perfectly – does that mean that at the end of the regular season the champ was #1 in their system? Or does it mean that the night before the final it had the winner ranked above the loser? If they predicted class champs prior to the playoffs based on their method, that would be a VERY strong argument to factor their calculations into the playoff decisions.

          One of the arguments I came up with for you, though, is that Foran hasn’t beaten any >.500 teams yet. They’ve lost to stiff competition, but so have other teams. Basically, you can state that they’re somewhere between the best and the worst…is that really enough to go on to bump another team from the playoffs?

          • ACL says

            That’s a very good argument. Here are the opponents records for the M teams ranked 1-12 (Calpreps rank after record):

            1. Valley Regional 42-25 (2)
            2. St. Joe’s 42-39 (1)
            3. Gilbert/NW Regional 35-32 (10)
            4. Barlow 38-44 (3)
            5. Brookfield 34-49 (7)
            6. Bethel 43-37 (4)
            7. Ledyard 37-39 (5)
            8. Stonington 31-38 (9)
            9. Putnam/Tourteloutte/Ellis Tech 35-43 (20)
            10. Wolcott 43-39 (8)
            11. Bullard Havens 38-40 (23)
            12. Foran 33-47 (6)

            Only five of the teams opponents’ have winning records so Foran is far from alone in that regard.

            If you break the schedules down a little further, it gets more interesting (I am only .

            Stonington 1 LL, 3 L, 5 M, 2 S
            Putnam/Tourteloutte/Ellis Tech 0 LL, 2 L, 5 M, 4 S
            Wolcott 3 LL, 2 L, 1 M, 5 S
            Bullard Havens 0 LL, 4 L, 3 M, 4 S
            Foran 3 LL, 2 L, 5 M, 1 S

            Based on this information, the only teams that Foran should be fighting for the last spot with are Wolcott and Stonington. I can make the argument that Putnam is barely playing a M schedule! Wolcott has benefitted greatly from beating two LL teams and one L team (combined record of those teams is 6-21) but their other three wins came against S teams.

            I believe the Calpreps site had the class champ as #1 in their rankings prior to states but I have to verify that somehow.

          • ACL says

            Just a FYI…

            Gilbert/NW schedule breakdown: 0 LL, 1 L, 4 M, 6 S.

            I know they have to play who is on their schedule but this is a joke! Six games against S schools and one of those will be a forfeit. How are they going to fair against Bethel (if the playoffs started today)? I will take Bethel -20 and the over. smh

          • ACL says

            OK, last two.

            The #1 ranked M school is Valley Regional and their schedule breaks down like this: 0 LL, 1 L, 2 M, 8 S. That is NOT a typo.

            Now compare that to the #2 team, St. Joe’s: 5 LL, 5 L, 0 M, 1 S.

            Who do you think is better prepared for the playoffs this year?

  8. JB says

    @Rob – there is always room for improvement. One thing the CIAC should consider would be to allocate playoff points a bit differently. Playoff points for LL and L teams would be “division adjusted” for league games, like they are for out-of-league games, to try to reflect strength of league scheduling. Teams can stay in their cozy league environment, however, that may penalize them in regards to state playoff points. Thus, having a 1-loss season, or even going undefeated, will not necessarily be a “sure thing” into the state playoffs. Also, this would benefit the M & S schools that post wins against higher level opponents to earn more points that today.

  9. XHS says

    Ray Ray please stop with the overrated conference BS year in and year out. The last four years all 4 LL champs from the SCC, 3 out of 4 L champs, 2 of 4 M champs and forget the tech school league class S we don’t have any of those. Overrated ? Give me a break.

  10. Dan says

    That sectional system is exactly what they do in New York State. Except they hav 8 regular season games and a sectional champion that would move onto states. I think that would be excellent for the state and even the playing field because way too many teams are going to miss out on the playoffs this year that could beat most teams that will be there.

  11. XHS says

    I don’t know why the CIAC moves successful teams up in basketball out of their class (sometimes S schools play the state tournment in L divisions)but not in football. Those teams get their divisions before the season starts.

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      @XHS – the CIAC’s ‘success’ thing for ‘schools of choice’ in basketball soccer et al is ridiculous. Just… ridiculous.

      If they really want to do it right, large catholics/privates in LL, smalls in L, then large techs in M and small techs in S. Done. And Done.

  12. Matt Glaszmattglasz says

    SPB, love the District idea but how is the rest of the schedule comprised? Playing 5 games against the teams in your district still leaves 5 open dates. Why not condense into 4 districts of 9 teams? Also, would this format mean the end of the traditional Thanksgiving Day rivalries? That would be the toughest pill to swallow.

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      @matty – crossovers man. You cross over. Maybe one to each division. …your other idea isn’t too bad 4 of 9. then take top 2.

      And yes, basically no more thanksgiving. But who’s really North Haven’s Thanksgiving rival. As an Amity grad, I think I can say you aren’t really ours.

      • ACL says

        How about play-in games to determine the last two seeds in each division and they play on Thanksgiving? Playoff football on Thanksgiving Day! Giddyup!

      • Matt Glaszmattglasz says

        I actually didn’t have the NH-Amity Thanksgiving game in mind. Although, it’s a huge game for me, both as and NH alum and someone who has very close friends on both coaching staffs.

        I think there’d be considerable push back from people who love the NC-Darien game, the Green Bowl, New London-NFA, and virtually all of the games in the Valley, etc.

        Couldn’t Thanksgiving games pitting out-of-district opponents (Derby-Shelton for example) be exempt from playoff implications in the same way that the current system accounts for out of state opponents?

  13. SCC fan says

    Here you go, straight from the CIAC rules. But I believe it is only for out of state games. This would make more sense for the smaller schools playing up and would give some incentives for the LL schools picking on the little M and S schools to schedule out of conference games.

    A school will receive 100 points for defeating a school in its own class;
    90 points for defeating a school in one lower class;
    80 points for defeating a school in two lower classes;
    70 points for defeating a school in three lower classes;
    110 points for defeating a school in one higher class;
    120 points for defeating a school in two higher classes;
    130 points for defeating a school in three higher classes

    • ACL says

      This applies to all games played by CIAC member schools. The key is that the bonus point are only awarded if the team in the lower division wins the game, which is fairly rare in the larger divisions. It is much more common in the CSC (tech league). I think the smaller schools should be awarded points for playing the game. Why not award them the bonus points they would get with a win upfront?

      For example, Foran has played three LL schools (Warde, Shelton, WH) and two L schools (North Haven, Guilford). Award them 20 points for each LL school and 10 for each L school. If they win the game, give them an additional 100 points. If they lose, they only get the bonus points (for lack of a better term).

      I don’t think this is an outrageous idea and its easy to implement. The points get added to the total and are factored into the team’s average. I applied this logic to the teams ranked 8-12 in M and, while it didn’t change the actual rankings, it did close the gap between the teams in that group. Here is what it would look like if the teams were given the bonus points, regardless of game outcome:

      8. Stonington 108.75
      9. Putnam/Tourtellotte/Ellis 100.00
      10. Wolcott 93.33
      11. Bullard Havens 86.67
      Foran 86.67

      As you can see (if you compare it to the current rankings and averages), it tightens the race but still forces the teams at the bottom to keep winning to close the gap further.

      What do you think SPB?

    • says

      Ray you are so football illiterate it’s 2 things borderline pathetic and comical. Your a joke and you know absolutely nothing about the game. It is completely obvious in your post as all you do is insult with no substance what so ever. It’s obvious you went to Ansonia high school as they are at the bottom of the state in testing and everything else academic. Maybe thats why half the kids don’t get in the colleges that recruit them and the other half is college coaches can see through garbage. If your going to attack something get a clue and write something of value not SCC no titles bla bla bla. That’s a joke your pathetic you try a go raw on the BEST conference by far and yes by far because it’s proven you moron look at the results. We don’t even want Ansonia garbage involved with us that’s why we threw Derby out and yes they were thrown out because there DOO DOO brown stank like your breath and stop calling people cowards unless your down to show your face. Keep your pathetic ignoramous clueless mouth shut before someone shuts it for you. Your a joke the NVL is a joke we play real football in the SCC you play touch. Here’s an idea NVL/SCC massacre i mean showdown that would be fun and no Ansonia can’t play Lyman Hall. Truth be said the NVL would not win 1 GAME not 1 YOU MORON.

  14. Pat McGroin says

    FCIAC & SCC = Pac 12, SEC, Big 12
    CCC = ACC
    Pequot=THE MAC

    Anyone… Anyone?

  15. JD says

    Ray Brown…

    I love the fact that you support Ansonia but you always ignore the suggestions/statement/facts that your RB is not legally an Ansonia kid. He is great but for purposes related to education he really does not belong. As far a SOS goes…you have nothing to stand on. I understand you play your schedule but you sound foolish on these blogs. At times I think you must be joking because you make no sense. Support your team, you should, but be realistic. Please, for the betterment of mankind, be realistic.

  16. Down South Kat says

    Ok. I continue to hear of these so called dominate teams. Xavier, ansonia, staples, Glastonbury, Middletown, and others. But the question I come up with is where are their good players going to college at. I know of newsome and Xavier past kids but for me if your team is as dominate as u say they are. That team should have more then one scholarship kid on the team. How can u promote these programs and send no kids off to schools on scholarships. Once again I’m not knocking a few of them but come on. Where are all the CT athletes going?? Juco or prep school really?? To me CT doesn’t do a good enough job of promoting their kids. And that’s sad!!

    • PlayPastHS says

      This is so true! Why are all these so-called great programs not producing any college talent? I understand not every kid is going to Alabama or FSU but why not SCSU, UNH, CCSU, Trinity, or any of the other 100s of D2 or D3 schools?? Let’s forget about HS wins/losses and get these kids an education while continuing their playing careers a little longer. Only about 0.005% of HS players become a pro so let’s get them an education so they are not 27 years old, unemployed and building up their flag football team on Facebook!

      • ACL says

        I think there are more kids playing in college than anyone realizes. Since most of our best players are 3 star recruits or lower, the hype is not that big. If I recall, SPB posted a list of kids who signed NLI’s in February. While the list of schools was not impressive in regards to football, it was OUTSTANDING in regards to the quality of schools academically. It was chocked full of Ivy’s , NESCAC, Patriot, etc.

        For example, my son is being recruited by four NESCAC schools and is on the radar for a couple of Ivy’s and Patriot’s. He is a junior and a solid player but its his grades that is attracting these schools so your not going to hear about any recruiting frenzy surrounding him. I think that describes a majority of the players that come out CT, with notable exceptions. Others may know better than me but I don’t remember a senior class of RB’s like we have right now in Phillips, Newsome, Cooper and Outlow. I would guess this year is a rarity.

        The bottom line is, I agree with you that we don’t do a good enough job promoting the kids playing at the next level.

        @SPB – do you have that list of kids that signed NLI’s in February?

        • Gregg says

          From Ansonia: Last year Andrew Matos – URI. Heze Duncan – Western New England, Rashaun Finney – Lackawana. From the 2011 team, Vano & Williams – SCSU, Larovera – Union, Martin – WCSU, Chudwick – WCSU.
          I know Brandon Basil (QB for N. Branford last year) is playing at SCSU too. Jeff Groth (Shelton) is the kicker at SCSU. These are the ones I know of. Not D-1 (except Matos), but kids are still playing. I am sure there are many more.

    • RAY BROWN says

      kat—-i get were your coming from—–its easy to get recruited but to actually play is another story——-if i were to post a list of ex—ansonia p[layers that went on to play bcs and even NFL ball it would outnumber a lot of the so called “biggies”

      • ACL says

        Post the list. I would be curious to see your definition of success as compared to the biggies. As PlayPastHS stated, its about getting an education. Is Ansonia producing student-athletes or just athletes? Not being confrontational, just wondering.

        • RAY BROWN says

          theres not enough room here——trust me——ansonia has had more players down thru the years play at schools like BC,YALE,STANFORD,—-Idoes that answer any questions? there are loads of kids that played d-1 and NFL ball that only guys like SPB would know—i dont blame you for being unknowledgable most bloggers on here are.

          • ACL says

            I asked for examples so, no, it doesn’t answer anything.

            Saying I am unknowledgeable is fair…when it comes to your program. I am quite knowledgeable in a number of different areas. The difference between you and me is that when someone asks me a sincere question, I give them a polite response and continue the conversation. I don’t accuse them of being unknowledgeable when I don’t know them or don’t have a reason to say that.

            I could very easily do some research and find out the answer to the question I asked. I figured I would ask you since you know the program so well. I thought you would rattle off a half dozen kids and the schools they attended. For instance, I know Alex Thomas went to Yale and Arkeel Newsome is going to UConn.

            I admire the passion with which you talk about your team.

          • says


            Ray is the most unknowledgeable person to ever post on a blog. Most Ansonia kids don’t get into the schools because there grades are so poor. One kid went to Yale and had a mediocre career at best. He didn’t get any real offers because they knew his records were the product of a bottom feeding league. He cannot give you a list because A. He does not know and B. there is no list and he knows it. It would be to long get a life you clown. They can’t play at these big schools and Matos is 1AA not Division 1 huge difference as you should notice that UCONN who is dreadful beats Rhode Island 52-0. Its funny how the states all time leading rusher got how many D1 offers 2/3? Don’t make yourself look any dumber and say he could have went were he wanted because he wouldn’t be going to a team that’s 0-10 this year in UCONN. Ray you out of your league hear buddy. Your dealing with someone who knows everything there is to know about college football and CT HS football so really either answer intelligently our i will continue to tool on you for being a joke.

            STAN OUT!!!!

  17. willie says

    calpreps computer system is the same as maxpreps system. it is objective. it does not tak account of class, league, who won the state last year, polls, uniforms. it does not take account of style points like running up a score. it is based on strength of schedule ie opponents wins and opponent of opponents wins. i have nothing against ansonia and i am not a big fan of SCC D1. however, according to calprep ansonia has played so far this year the 116th toughest schedule in conn and 80th out of the top 100 ranked teams. in contrast, so far this year 8 of the 10 toughest schedules have been played by hand, x, wh,ndwh, shelton, prep, cheshire, amity. by the end of the year the regular season the top ten toughest schedules will have been played by the SCC D1 teams. one can see that this is the case. for example, prep has to beat X-ranked 8 in coaches poll, 6 by maxprep/calprep-and wh-ranked 3 and 2 in same polls- to make the LL playoffs. you dont hear any whining from prep. in fact, the coach is quoted as saying “we wouldnt have it any other way..we are right where we hoped to be” hmmm…who do the other non- scc bubble teams play to get in to the playoffs? i guess southington plays cheshire (below 500 in D1)..hmmm.. and this is not an anomaly that applies to the SCC D1 just this year. it does seem to me that in the interest of fairness the playoff points system should be tweaked to take account of strength schedule. and so should the above media poll. for example, north haven is number 7 in the media poll. i like north haven. 8-1. they beat X. good for them. but they are 8-1 because they play a D2 schedule. add wh, shelton and prep etc to the schedule and what happens? well they are not 8-1.

    • Just Sayin says

      North Haven played Xavier, Hand, Hillhouse, won 2 out of three, still has Darien on the schedule and D1 Amity. Last year went 7-3, all 3 losses to State Champs. They have half the enrollment of D1 teams. They are a Class L school playing a Class L schedule, right where they should be.

      • Matt Glaszmattglasz says

        To say that NH has half the enrollment of SCC Div. I schools is a bit of an exaggeration. The average male enrollment for SCC Div. I schools is 781. This year, North Haven (625) actually has slightly more male students than Div. I schools Hand (617) and NDWH (616).

        And while it’s true that three of NH’s 2013 opponents Xavier (870), Amity (844), and Bridgeport Central (923) are significantly larger than NH, the Indians’ other opponents (4 Class M, and 3 Class L) all were smaller with the exception of this week’s opponent, Darien.

      • ACL says

        Actually, NH is in the top half of enrollment in the SCC:

        Hamden – 944
        Fairfield Prep – 896
        Xavier – 870
        Amity – 844
        Cheshire – 798
        West Haven – 794
        Shelton – 779
        Wilbur Cross – 653
        North Haven – 625
        Hand – 617
        Notre Dame-WH – 616
        Guilford – 551
        Branford – 531
        Hillhouse – 510
        Foran – 491
        East Haven – 468
        Lyman Hall – 468
        Jonathan Law – 466
        Sheehan – 437

        They are the only school with enrollment over 600 playing a D2 schedule. Heck, Cross only has 28 more kids but they are playing D1. NH has won the D2 East title 7 out of the last eight seasons (the last five in a row). They have only lost one division game in that same time frame (2008 vs. Foran, who won the division that year).

        I am not trying to bash NH here. Kudos to them for their accomplishments and sustained success. However, that kind of dominance should be noted and adjustments made.

        • ACL says

          And I forgot to give mattglasz the credit for the above list. He posted it the other day when proposing a realignment on the SCC divisions on a different article. Thanks Matt!

  18. willie says

    btw, i know taht the current ciac play off point system takes account of strength of schedule in the sense that teams get credit for the number of wins by opponents. this is simplistic because the system does not take account of the strength of schedule of the opponent. if the ciac system were tweaked to take this into account, it would encourage leagues and teams to be more flexible in scheduling crossover games, particularly the teams and leagues in the north. as with the fciac-scc shoot out this year, this would be great for connecticut football.

  19. anotherfan says

    @willie…you mentioned WH, and did you know Ansonia spanked them this year?,and don’t give me no excuses they both play serious football.

    • Westie says

      And since Shelton beat Ansonia, that means Ansonia isn’t even a top 20 team, because in the world of Ansonia fans scrimmages are real games.

  20. willie says

    @anotherfan..wake up! i think you are dreaming that ansonia is actually playing someone good in a real game of football..before it becomes a nightmare!!!!
    the reality of playing Seymour, 66th best team in the state according to maxprep,is scary enough.

    • mr potato head says

      @anotherfan..ha ha….wake up!!!! seymour.. boo!!!! ….. isnt that scary enough for ya???? not time to start dreaming about actually playing anyone good in a real game

  21. swcbaby says

    another fan, WH was spanked by Ansonia? Oh the scrimmage. But didn’t Ansonia get spanked by Hand and Prep at the Yale camp? Oh, that doesn’t count as a scrimmage because the only scrimmage that matters is the one that they played well in? Ignorance is bliss in Ansonia land.

    I think Ansonia would be about .750 if they played Newtown or Masuk’s schedule.

  22. Big Dog says

    Westie-Don’t forget that scrimmage dont count b/c Newsome and McNight and some lineman were out.Rumor has it Shelton dropped Seymour next year from their annual scrimagge b/c of Seymour not being competitive enough the last 5 years.

    • Westie says

      Play real games against real teams. Scrimmages never count and mean nothing. But that is really all Ansonia fans can point at. What else do they have? Those big wins over Sacred Heart and Kennedy? All of those Class S state “Championships”?

      • Gregg says

        Any team would kill to win 18 State Championships in ANY division. And two of them were in class M Championships. Not too bad of a record to point at.

        • Westie says

          I know Ansonia is a great program and I don’t want to put them down but you guys keep bringing up scrimmages. They don’t count in any sport at any level. Now Greenwich beat WH in game 1 and that certainly does count. See the difference?

          • RAY BROWN says

            they only count when scc wins—–i also see the difference of west haven losing to aprogram that got beat by 50 vs new caanan

    • Josh Boone says

      That’s great and all, but doesn’t explain Newsome if he is there illegally, Ansonia schools are covered in that plan

  23. RAY BROWN says

    no he has a ansonia address and goes to school there. did he live in waterbury? yes. dwight freeney lived in east hartford and played for bloomfield.lets not even bring up casey transfer to ansonia for a reason my friend

  24. ciacfollower says

    Here’s a motivational clip that oughta be seen by the remainder of NC’s opponents this season ;

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  25. Man Up says

    On the CT Post…lets get it done. No more talking. One game – great fundraiser.

    As the debate rages on as to who is the better team, New Canaan or Ansonia, Rams coach Lou Marinelli tossed a little gasoline on the fire before taking the field for practice on Wednesday.

    “I know it’s going to sound presumptuous, but I’m not being that way at all, “Marinelli said with emphasis. “If we are both undefeated and it came to that., let’s do it one more time. Let’s give it one more week. We’ll play Ansonia at the Yale Bowl or anyplace and play on December 21.”

    Added Marinelli, “We’ll give all the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project. If we are still number one or number two in the state and people are still torn, let’s go to the Yale Bowl on December 21 and do it. Play the game and give the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project. Why not?”

    Marinelli admitted that he doesn’t think the CIAC would ever go for it, but said it’s something they should really think about because the showdown game would raise a lot of money for a great cause.

    New Canaan and Ansonia are both 9-0 and ranked one and two in the state, respectively.

    When reached by phone for comment, Ansonia coach Tom Brockett said Marinelli’s proposal is a great idea, but not likely to ever happen.

    “I think something like that would be perfect for the area. But from our standpoint, you have to make sure you get there first,” Brockett said. “We won by a point last week (21-20 vs Seymour) and I think they were tied 7-7 at halftime (against Wilton).

    Like Marinelli, Brockett didn’t think the CIAC would ever go for an extra game the week after state championships are decided, but did admit he’d be up for the challenge against New Canaan.

    “As competitors, we’d love to play in a game like that. It’d be fun,” said Brockett.

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      (rolls eyes)

      Another year another bout of “let’s play one more.”

      No, the CIAC would never do it. I tried getting Greenwich and Ansonia together after 2007, I tried getting Masuk and Xavier together after 2010, but no dice. They all said the same thing. We’ll do it on a car, we’ll do it on a train, we’ll do it on a plane… We’ll do it for charity. And then nobody ever did anything. Etc. Rinse. Repeat. (Yawn)

      • JB says

        Bluster Time… Lou, let’s first see how you do with a 3rd string soph QB in the FCIAC finals. We haven’t seen no fat lady singing at Dunning, have you?

  26. anotherfan says

    the only scrimage that both teams tried thier best was the West Haven scrimage where the staters got to play .Shelton did not see Ansonia starters and niether did Ansonia see thiers.

  27. willie says

    just saying- i actually take back waht i said about north haven. i think it is perfectly justifiable to rank them 7 in the state. not because tehy are an L school playing an L schedule. but because the most logical school based on various factors to put in there place a 7 or so is X. (this is what the coaches poll has done.) and NH, while its schedule may not be as tough as X’s, did of course beat X. I would like to see NH beat darien. should be a good game

  28. swcbaby says

    oh of course. Ansonia, king of the selective scrimmages. Did you know Newtown crushed Seymour in their full scrimmage? Just think what the Hawks would have done to Ansonia since they struggled mighty hard against a team Newtown absolutely destroyed.

    Newtown should be ranked #2 in states, Ansonia more like 7.

  29. RAY BROWN says

    why didnt marinelli propose game last year? reminds me of old cheshire days —-“we’ll play anyone” then they dissappeared for years—–same for greenwich,new london,etc.etc.etc.

  30. GHS fan says

    What players on GHS team is from Hartford John?

    There is one kid on GHS from Hartford and he doesn’t even start.
    Have you even seen GHS play? If you did that’s not a question you would have asked.

  31. Open Choice says

    Open Choice is a program that allows inner city kids to attend school in surrounding suburbs. I am not sure Ansonia would fall into the category examples…

    The Open Choice program was established by legislation and is intended to reduce racial, ethnic, and economic isolation among students. Through Open Choice students who are residents of Bridgeport have the opportunity to attend school in participating school districts when space is available. At Cooperative Educational Services we serve the Bridgeport region and currently six suburban districts participate with Bridgeport. They are:

    Fairfield, Trumbull, Stratford, Westport, Weston and Easton

    I do not believe Waterbury participates in an Open Choice program but cannot confirm

  32. ak says

    Not wanting to be an uniformed blogger, went to my second Ansonia game, along with maybe 50 other people, their own community doesn’t even come out! The NVL is BAD football. Ansonia is over rated by far. THe fact that there is even discussion is embarassing to CT. football in general. Ansonia would do this or could do that, actually DO something !! NVL is minor league football, Crosby, Torrington,Sacred Heart, Wilby, HC etc.. Hillhouse would go undefeated every year there and Cooper would have the record nevermind what Phillips could have done in that league! Ansonia is good team and undefeated means top ten , but no where the top 5, no depth, no kicking game if those kids ever had to play a full game[ never mind season] no way top team in state. D2 SCC branford, EH, Lyman Hall would have 3-5 wins in the NVL..

  33. says

    The entire subject of ansonia football is a joke. There people are clueless and have no idea what goes on outside the valley. NVL is a joke and so is Ansonia. I’m so sick of these Idiots like Ray who know absolutely nothing voicing his idiotic opinions on matters he knows nothing about. West Haven would wipe the toilet with Ansonia. I don’t want to hear about some bs scrimmage. What about when ND beat Ansonia and Brockett 56-0 in a scrimmage. The only thing ND said was lets go take the Number 1 ranking and a class L state title because Ansonia is irrelevant to those SCC schools. They laugh at them like we laugh at you Ray

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