GameTimeCT / Register Top 10 football poll: Ansonia still No. 1; No love for North Haven

Ansonia retained the top spot in the GameTimeCT/New Haven Register Top 10 heading into Week 3.

The Chargers picked up 10 first-place votes with Xavier’s loss to North Haven. New Canaan earned five votes and moved to No. 2 while Norwich Free Academy moved up to No. 3 with one first-place vote.

Xavier (1-1) did not drop out of the poll, coming in at No. 9, and voters didn’t drop the Falcons below the team that beat them: North Haven. The Indians (2-0) defeated the Falcons 42-28 in Week 2’s biggest upset.


Expect some upset feelings hereafter.

On to this week’s poll:

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Dropped Out: Greenwich (9).
The Following Voted: Mary Albl, Fairfield Minuteman; Marc Allard, Norwich Bulletin; Bob Barton, New Haven Register; Bill Bloxsom, Hersam-Acorn; Doug Bonjour, Connecticut Post; Sean Patrick Bowley, New Haven Register; Don Boyle, SportingNewsCT; Jim Bransfield, Middletown Press; Kyle Brennan, Waterbury Republican-American; Chris Brodeur, Danbury News-Times; George DeMaio, WELI; Gerry deSimas, The Collinsville Press; Mike DiMauro, The Day of New London; Scott Ericson, Stamford Advocate; Tom Evans, Norwalk Hour; Francesco Graziano, CPTV Sports; Ned Griffen, The Day of New London; John Holt, WFSB-3; Mark Jaffee, Waterbury Republican-American; Ken Lipshez, Meriden-Record Journal; Mike Madera, Elm City Newspapers; Joe Morelli, New Haven Register; Kevin Nathan, WVIT-30; Pete Paguaga, Torrington Register Citizen; Dave Phillips, Shore Line Newspapers; Mike Pucci, New Haven Register; Kevin Roberts, Bristol Press; Dave Ruden, The Ruden Report; Tom Yantz, Hartford Courant; Jimmy Zanor, Middletown Press

1. Ansonia (2-0) (24) 882 1 S — Last week: Def. Sacred Heart 54-6; This week: at Holy Cross, Friday, 7 p.m. Bottom line: Holy Cross defense is decent, but it may be no match for the potent Chargers offense.

2. New Canaan (2-0) (5) 834 3 L — Last week: Def. Bassick 42-20; This week: at Greenwich, Saturday, 4 p.m. Bottom line: The Rams visit a talented Greenwich team, which defeated West Haven in Week 1 and lost to Darien last week. Could be one of the better games this weekend.

3. Norwich Free Academy (1-0) (1) 754 4 LL — Last week: Def. Montville 48-21; This week: at Fitch, Friday, 6:30 p.m. Bottom line: The Wildcats scored 30 points in the first quarter against Montville.

4. Middletown (2-0) 634 5 L — Last week: Def. Wethersfield 28-0; This week: Bristol Eastern, Friday, 7 p.m. Bottom line: The Blue Dragons should be tested by the 2-0 Lancers, who have defeated Berlin and Hartford Public.

5. Southington (2-0) 626 6 LL — Last week: Def. Manchester 41-8.; This week: Simsbury, Friday, 7 p.m. Bottom line: Stephen Barmore threw four touchdowns in the first half as the Blue Knights built a 34-0 lead by intermission in last week’s win.

6. St. Joseph (2-0) 579 7 M — Last week: Def. Fairfield Prep 36-34; This week: Ridgefield, Saturday, 1:30 p.m. Bottom line: The Hogs have been tested early this season in victories over Notre Dame-West Haven and Fairfield Prep. Now 2-0 Ridgefield comes to Trumbull for what should be an afternoon classic on Saturday.

7. Newtown (2-0) 466 8 LL — Last week: Def. Bethel 22-14.; This week: at Brookfield, Friday, 7 p.m. Bottom line: The Nighthawks have been less than impressive but are still 2-0, although another tough opponent awaits this week in Brookfield.

8. Masuk (2-0) 411 10 L — Last week: Def. Notre Dame-Fairfield 55-6; This week: Bunnell, Friday, 7 p.m. Bottom line: The Panthers have scored 126 points in two games.

9. Xavier (1-1) 365 2 LL — Last week: Lost to North Haven 42-28.; This week: at Hamden, Friday, 7 p.m. Bottom line: Odd that Xavier is the team that’s 1-1 and Hamden the one that’s 2-0.

10. Windsor (2-0) 362 NR L — Last week: Def. Bulkeley 52-6.; This week: at Bristol Central, Friday, 7 p.m. Bottom line: Senior defensive lineman Keith Benjamin has made six sacks through two games.


  1. Just Sayin says

    As for Xavier over North Haven, for the people that actually saw the game, they know North Haven didn’t get lucky, they beat them all over the field. For those who didn’t, you missed a great game. Maybe the Indians can sneak up on East Haven this week, LOL

  2. cthsfbfan says

    Ok…I am not usually one to argue about polls – until maybe the last one. However, this is the most ridiculous poll ever produced by the NH Register. How could ANYONE vote Xavier ahead of North Haven? For old times sake? It was a very solid win – not a last second fluke. North Haven blew them off the line and ran it straight at them all game. It is insanity (good word, Sean) that any voter would even put them close to each other on the ballot. There is not a single scenario I can imagine that could justify voting Xavier ahead of North Haven. Anyway, it’s good to see some different teams mixing into things this year.

  3. hsfan says

    Swc is terrible this year. Should not have team in top ten. And I’m a swc fan. Shelton and nh would beat any team in league by 3 tds

  4. No Axe to Grind says

    Not to “lump”….but seriously…some of these writers. Wow. It just makes NO sense. It isn’t like North Haven “squeaked by” Xavier…it wasn’t like it was on questionable calls…they beat them soundly…fair and square. It wasn’t a fluke. And they have been good for a couple of years. How ANYONE can put them behind Xavier for ANY reason is just playing favorites. There is literally no other reason. It is ver similar to the refing up at Palmer…Bunch of kiss asses. Shelton has a little work to do. They beat 2 BAD teams. I am a resident and was at both games. In my eyes they need a couple more wins. If they beat Prep I will be a believer. They are good….but I’m not sure if they are Top 10 good.

    • says

      Remember this is the Poll that had one guy vote for Xavier #1 at the end of the year ahead of Hand who beat them 40-20.. at Palmer.. and took a knee at the 10 vs running up the score.. So, never be shocked by how this poll looks..

  5. Dave Phillips says

    I had North Haven above Xavier as well. You just can’t have Xavier higher. I guess some people don’t have any respect for a SCC D-II team.

    I also expected Darien to be in the Top 10 after big wins over Hillhouse and Greenwich. As for Shelton, I’ll say they are probably about where they should be.

    Interesting that Hand wins and drops 7 spots.

    • The Truth Hurts says

      Voting Ansonia #1 is a disservice to any team that plays a competitive schedule.Maybe an * next to Ansonia in the polls that denotes it has a very good team but plays about as bad a schedule as exists in Connecticut.

      • Hannibal Barca says

        You may be right. I’ve criticized their ridiculously easy schedule too. That said, I can’t think of anyone better right now. It hurts to hit the figurative #1 button but the cookie has apparently crumbled their way.

      • bgarf says

        The NVL has some terrible teams, yes, but it’s not nearly as bad as some of the haters on here claim. Watch the Naugy-Wolcott game on CPTV, anyone that knows football will see there is legit talent all over the field (caveat: you have to be objective enough to believe what you see rather than see what you believe).

        Lastly, this year’s Ansonia team has arguably the best O-line in the state in terms of size, strength, technique, and experience AND arguably the best QB-RB combo in the state – both D-1 players.

        There are reasons Ansonia is being voted #1 by 24 of 30 writers and 6 of 13 coaches.

  6. High school football says

    Can’t believe shelton isn’t even top 10. Played 2 games and blew both teams out. Can’t wait until they get the recognition they deserve

  7. NED says

    To review, SOME voters believe that reality, i.e. North Haven’s two-touchdown win over Xavier, means less than their hypothesis that Xavier would win the majority of the games if it and North Haven played 10 times


    Cue Homer Simpson:

  8. The Truth Hurts says

    @Bgarf……True ,now lets see how Naugatuck and Wolcott do in the postseason against non NVL teams.The last few years the NVL has done NOTHING in the post season outside of Ansonia which played in ,by far,the weakest of the 4 Class Playopffs.

  9. Rob (On Connecticut's East Coast) says

    More hate and discontent for exceptional teams playing in Class’ or Leagues/Conferences that don’t support their talent. Top 4 or Open Division state championships would be a tremendous step toward solving the stench of these arguments. Can’t say it’s about money, because 3 more State playoff games means a Gate for the CIAC and Concessions for someone. You also promote 4 more teams to class level playoffs from the absence of the 4 that go to the Open Championship series. Possibly create a formula that takes stock of The Coaches Poll, the Media Poll and the Point System used by the CIAC to determine the 4 that are invited to the Big Dance. Stop arguing and effect a change; or continue arguing and sound like a bunch of spoiled brats that don’t get their way. Either way, I would love watch Ansonia play any team in the State regardless of their size because I think Ansonia would give them fits. Because it wont happen, I predict that Ansonia would be in the mix with any team in the state deep into the 4th quarter. Might they come up short? Sure but they certainly wouldn’t be getting blown out. I assert that they would likely win, even against any of the best in their class right now or in December.

  10. fciac jr says

    Might as well not have a media poll if they cannot have a realistic view on the whole HS season. We should just have Ray do his own rankings as I can live with him and Ansonia being number 1, but to have X ahead of NH and to have Newtown and Masuk ahead of Shelton and north Haven is a joke. Just eliminate the media poll and go by the Coaches Poll as I stated before.

  11. aok says

    why do they bother to play the games, no football experience reporters could just tell us who is best, right now Giants best team in NFL, games don’t matter, why isn’t Louisville #1 in NCAA, BECAUSE THEY DON’T PLAY CONTENDERS! Ansonia is a good team but we will never know how good. Teams in New Haven and Faifield knock each other off and the #1 team plays maybe 1 playoff contender. Sad for the young men who give everything out on the field to be disrespected by the “experts”. NH beats X on the field, only loses last year to champions and is 12th????. We may never get a true playoff or true champion but counting strength of schedule is a factor in every other ranking. Ansonia you are a good team but should be embarassed with your schedule and call yourself the best.

  12. RAY BROWN says

    if you think ansonia plays a bad schedule—–look at north havens the next 5 weeks—-gimme a brek
    thank god some idiots voted xavier no.9(lol) or the scc wouldnt have anybody ranked

    • Just Sayin says

      North Haven plays 2 defending state champions in their next 6 games not to mention they just beat the 3 time LL champ. Ranked #4 in Hartford Courant and #6 in The Day. Do you think at all before you write or does it just come to you in some sort of dream state?

    • ray charles of football says

      Ray, name the 2 top teams Ansonia plays, Masuk and Naugatuk? your comparing them to Xavier, Madison, Hillhouse, Darien which are are all on NH schedule along with Amity. Keep playing teams HOly Cross, Wilby, Sacred Heart, Mercy next ?

    • Matt Glaszmattglasz says

      Ray, I have no problem with Ansonia at #1 (although personally I’d give the nod to NC). However, you cannot argue the merit of North Haven’s schedule: Three Class LL schools in Bridgeport Central, Xavier and Amity. Two Class L contenders in Hand and Darien, plus reigning Class M champ Hillhouse. Add to that, the two preseason SCC Div. II favorites, Foran and Guilford.

      I’d argue it’s one of the more difficult schedule (outside of the SCC Div. I) that a team will play this season.

      There’s a long way to go but if NH makes it into the Class L playoffs they will be as battle tested as any team in CT.

  13. Daniel says

    Just wait to see how Bunnell whoops up on Masuk and that will be a true indicator how the SWC is. Masuk has played no one as of yet. Bunnell bulldawgs gonna bite the panthers this friday.

  14. Big Dog says

    @Rob[East Coast]Some excellent points on Ansonia…I do believe they can beat anyone on any particular night this year….The question that no one ever brings up is what would they be able to do on week to week basis if they were to play an SCC D1 schedule….Take last year for instance…There is no way that they would of beat Xavier or Hand[Sorry Ray just being real]so they lose to them two teams and also have to play say WH,House,Prep,ND in back to back games….There is that possibility they could of lost 3 games last year…This year they play a 4 qtr scrimmage war with WH which will be their hardest game of the year by far….The following week they are banged up and sit their two stars only to get shut out in a Varsity half by a good Shelton team….See where I am going here.One more thing….The poll is an absolute joke this year Mr Pucci…Please get guy’s to vote that actually get off the coac and go watch games….A total injustice to North Haven after their big win!

    • bgarf says

      Big Dog, agree on North Haven of course, X lost a lot but they still looked very good to me against Staples so an impressive win by NH.

      Disagree on people never bringing up how Ansonia would handle a tougher schedule week to week, we see that on the blogs annually. No doubt Ansonia would have to be fortunate on the health front so I do see it as a legitimate argument. But keep in mind, you could make this point against any top team from the ECC, SWC, CCC, etc, etc, etc…it really only applies to the SCC Div. 1 grind (and the FCIAC in some years).

      I completely disagree that Ansonia would’ve had no shot vs. X or Hand last year (remember Hillhouse gave both of them fits – actually lead X by 3 scores late in that game) and while Cooper and their QB were excellent I was not impressed with Hillhouse’s line play at all vs. Berlin at Renschler. Andrew Matos made it so defenses could not just stack the box against the run, making it very difficult for ANYone to stop Ansonia’s O.

      Finally I’m surprised you brought up scrimmages but I’ll bite. I was at the Ansonia-WH game and it was extremely competitive in the 1st half (and a blast to watch) but Ansonia scored three straight TDs in the 2nd half – coaching and conditioning ftw – and led 28-8 before WH scored the final TD (SPB’s video can verify)

      As for the Shelton scrimmage, it was far more starters (on both teams) that didn’t play than Newsome and McKnight – and many were not dinged up, it’s just that Coach Roy and Coach Brockett do NOT play it as a 3 1/2 quarter game for starters like Coach Hunt and Benanto did in the past (and how Coach McCarthy and Brockett still do because of the better timing of that game).

      All that said, I’m hopeful the NVL will continue to improve with Bruno at Naugy and Pace doing a good job with Wolcott so there are more measuring sticks for us high school football fans to use.

      Respect to all the great teams in CT this year, looking forward to some fun and intriguing matchups.

  15. says

    My Top 10.
    1. New Canaan- Very talented team, 2 very easy wins
    2. Ansonia- Newsome is a beast.. wish they played someone
    3. North Haven- They are legit. Hand in 2 weeks should be interesting
    4. Darien- Two blowouts vs very good programs
    5. Shelton- Piccirillo and Thompson look formidable. Amity will be test on Fri
    6. NFA- Outlow should carry them
    7. Windsor- After escaping Manchester, they are starting to gel.
    8. Middletown- Looking to get back to the 80’s glory days
    9. St Joes- two wins vs top programs. a gift from Prep
    10. Southington- Always seem to play well until the playoffs. Schedule?
    Xavier, Hand, WH, Greenwich etc.. let’s see how they go

    • Rob (On Connecticut's East Coast) says

      New Canaan and Ansonia at 1/2 in either order is appropriate despite “weak schedule” arguments.

      North Haven is a solid pick at 3 and I see them higher if they continue beating teams the way they handled Xavier.

      Darien, hold judgment until they finish playing St. Joseph, Ridgefield, North Haven and New Canaan.

      Shelton deserves credit for their start. They’ll have their proof if they can run out Amity, Hamden, Xavier and West Haven. Some of those don’t seem so bad after week 2.

      NFA, last years Cinderella to Xavier’s ball? Marcus Outlow is certainly a game changer/breaker/maker but he’s not their only option. Keep your eyes to the East ya’ll. The Wildcats should be taking a page from Sherman Hemsley’s character George Jefferson and “Movin’ on Up”.

      Windsor may be living on last years accomplishments a bit, I’m excited to see if they can handle the tough teams on their schedule; Glastonbury, Farmington, Bristol Eastern and Middletown.

      Middletown had a great season last year and have performed well this year, I see them moving up. They have Bristol Eastern, Farmington and Windsor for solid competition.

      St Joes is 2nd in State Championships since 1976 at 10. They still have 3 teams that are tough in Darien, New Canaan and Ridgefield.

      Southington has 2 wins, granted, but for all of you who hate on Ansonia for their schedule . . . Go take a look, you will not have a read on Southington until they play after Thanksgiving.

      As for the final line you got there, X-Men, returning 3X Champs better recover or they’ll be buying tickets to CCSU in December, Hand still has to navigate Shelton, Xavier, West Haven and North Haven as well as Fair Prep and a resurging Cheshire team, Greenwich is another candidate for “Pillow Fighters of the Year” with New Canaan and Staples as the significant teams on their schedule. Last Years fall from grace by the Wrecker leave them out of peoples’ top teams, they have New Canaan and Greenwich for signature games.

      No One is talking about 2-0 Ridgefield, 2-0 Farmington, 2-0 Masuk (Guess we’ll reserve judgment until after Oct 17 VS Ansonia right?)

      Very hard to pick just 10 “Top” Teams when you look at it like that now isn’t it people?

      • John says

        The thing is….if ANYONE goes undefeated and wins LL or L, ESP an SCC or FCIAC team, they deserve to be ranked ahead of ansonia bc of the schedule, that seems clear….

        We’re holding judgment on Darien after soundly beating Hillhouse and Greenwich, but Ansonia #1 bc of Torrington/sacred heart???

        If Amity is a test for Shelton, they suck OR seymour is a good test for Ansonia…I was at Amity/Seymour and Seymour should have and would have likely won if their coach didnt make the unfathomably dumb decision to NOT punt and ran a dive on 4th and 8 from the 50 with 115 left in first half and a 14-3 lead!!!! Yes, That really happened

        The thing about Southington’s schedule is (unlike ansonia’s) it doesn’t matter if it sucks all year because they play in LL and must beat 3 top 5-10 teams to win it…

        Bottom line, unless Ansonia beats Masuk and then Masuk goes otherwise undefeated and wins L, I can’t see how Ansonia can justifiably finish the year #1

  16. doogiejb says

    The early season polls do not mean anything. It’s the end of season poll that is the important one. Being a Xavier follower, there is no way X should of been #1 or #2 in the pre season polls. North Haven did not upset X because No H had a better team to begin with. They lost so many players to graduation. It is obvious the media hsfb sport writers did not do there homework. The polls is a popularity contest for the most part. Good ole boys club. Just because a team is number 1 the previous year should not automatically make the team number 1 the next year.

  17. RAY BROWN says

    let me reply to the scc idiots on north havens schedule
    bpt central—havent won anything since P.T. BARNUM was mayor
    east haven—-just lost by 45—-8th place team in nvl
    sheehan—-just lost by 34—-havent won anything since mannion left
    amity—beat nvl weak sister by 3
    hand——r u kidding?”
    hillhouse—-0-2 i can remember defending champs playing ansonia once
    foran—all of a sudden theyre a power?
    darien—-good team but jurys out
    most of you guys are pretty ignorant when it comes to truth
    p.s.—-fciac—last year when fciac was irrelevant you werte blogging under different name—stop being a coward

    • Matt Glaszmattglasz says

      Ray, your posts remind me of the old SNL “Super Fans” sketch.
      Q.) Who wins, New Canaan versus a team of miniature Ansonia Chargers?
      A.) DAAA Chargers!
      Q.) Who wins, Ansonia versus a hurricane?
      A.) DAAA Chargers! (Unless the hurricane is called Hurricane Brockett)

    • Just Sayin says

      Thanks for that stroke of genius Ray. Guess North Haven should schedule Yale and UNH to satisfy you. Now can you break down Ansonia’s schedule like you did NH’S for us. I really enjoy your insight.

  18. RAY BROWN says

    doogie i have to disagree on one point–i believe no.1 team should be ranked 1 untill they get beat—-on other hand i thought hand and ansonia were both better than x last year

  19. sober91 says

    Ray you make sense to me. I do believe North Haven is very good but the jury is still out on the quality of who they beat and who they play. Coach Sagnella is the big plus, but so far, they may have been beating paper tigers. Ansonia should not be criticized for their schedule. For now they play who is in front of them. With the emergence of Naugie, Wolcott, Derby, and Oxford, the league is getting better. I am sure that the last two years Ansonia could beat anyone in any class they played in

  20. Schedules says


    Fri., 9/13 Torrington Home – Nolan Field, Ansonia W 52-7
    Fri., 9/20 Sacred Heart Away – Municipal StadiumW 54-6
    Fri., 9/27 Holy Cross Away – Municipal Stadium (Wtby)
    Fri., 10/4 Wilby Home – Nolan Field, Ansonia
    Fri., 10/11 Derby Away – Ryan Athletic Complex-Deflippo Field
    Thu., 10/17 Masuk Home – Nolan Field, Ansonia
    Fri., 10/25 Wolcott Away – Wolcott High School, Monroe Field
    Fri., 11/1 Watertown Home – Nolan Field, Ansonia
    Thu., 11/7 Seymour Away – Seymour High Main Field
    Thu., 11/14 Crosby Home – Nolan Field, Ansonia
    Thu., 11/28 Naugatuck Away – Naugatuck High School

    North Haven

    Fri., 9/13 Bridgeport Central Away – Kennedy Stadium
    Fri., 9/20 Xavier Home – Vanacore Field
    Fri., 9/27 East Haven Away – East Haven High School
    Fri., 10/4 Daniel Hand Away – Surf Club
    Fri., 10/11 Sheehan Home – Vanacore Field
    Fri., 10/18 Branford Away – Branford High School-Turf Field
    Fri., 10/25 Guilford Home – Vanacore Field
    Fri., 11/1 Hillhouse Away – East Haven High Field
    Fri., 11/8 Foran Home – Vanacore Field
    Fri., 11/15 Darien Home – Vanacore Field
    Thu., 11/28 Amity Away – William Johnson Football Field

  21. jeb says

    In my opinion throughout the years the writers poll has been more accurate in rating the teams. The coaches rarely get to see everyone who is ranked and go by reputation many times.

    Ray Brown, even though an Ansonia lover, makes a great deal of sense. In most years Nortrh Havens schedule would be brutal with the teams they play …but Hand, Xavier and Hillhouse are down this year. A good reading will be the Darien game.

  22. Dr. Von Nostran says

    Xavier is 1-1 with Hamden, Hillhouse, Amity, WH, NDWH, Hand, Shelton and Prep remianing. They won’t be 3-8, but is 6-4 out of the question?

    • bgarf says

      IMO many are underestimating X…they still have size, depth, great coaching, and 3 very good skill players (love Meoli). This tells me that North Haven is completely legit. I see Xavier finishing regular season 8-2, 7-3 at worst with West Haven and Philips most likely to beat them.

  23. Matt B says

    Compared to a Division 1 SCC team or any FCIAC team Ansonia’s schedule is a joke. But this argument it moot, because if a team goes undefeated in either of those leagues, then runs through class LL or L they will be #1 over Ansonia in the final poll. Only way Ansonia remains #1 at the end is if all LL and L teams lose at least 1 game, which seems to be possible this season.

  24. Matt Glaszmattglasz says

    I’m not sure how this conversation spiraled into a debate over Ansonia vs. North Haven. Well, actually I do (thanks Ray!).
    Regardless, I agree that the Chargers do have a legit claim to #1. I also have no problem with North Haven being outside the Top 10. I just cannot fathom how so many voters could put Xavier ahead of NH after the Indians soundly beat them.

  25. Raff says

    Agree Matt! NH from viewing the stats and winning 42-28 isn’t some fluke game in the rain or a last minute win. Voters that voted on Sunday voted on reputation and that Xavier is 38-2 in its last 40 games and has won 3 straight LL titles. When Xavier gets kid’s from 40 different towns in CT. and the North Haven team has been playing together since youth football and drops 42 points on the Xavier defense that deserves at minimum 7-10 place in the top 10 in front of Xavier. I mean its been said over and over some media get to vote each year and they barely see the games. Voting on reputation and what a team did the year before is ridiculous. The poll that matters is Tuesday December 16th after the finals at Arute field. Class L is going to be tough and any game in December is tough.
    @ Ray Brown- Ansonia with the talent they have is #1 in my mind until some knocks them off but when you want to compare schedules and classes it’s not even close. Name me 1 team on paper that is within 5 td’s of Ansonia in class S? It’s not Ansonia’s fault but don’t act surprised when voters and fans break down an argument. As I have said before Ansonia is a small school that comes to play each week but when you play Sacred Heart- Torrington and Holy Cross and fans say what if they played Xavier- West Haven- Shelton and Hand. True Ansonia can beat all of those teams but to play them in consecutive weeks? That is the question. Injuries happen when you play a physical team each week. I mean Ray are you telling me Sacred Heart was physical?

  26. RAY BROWN says

    again for the millionth time—never said nvl was a tough road—-but dont tell me scc is loaded——when you have two divisions ,one for the competitive thats telling you something.sacred heart is bad because they are suffering from tuition dilemma and student enrollment is way down—they are a private school.whats a viable excuse for east haven lyman hall branford law sheehan-all public schools?

  27. Chief Crazy Horse says

    The North Haven Indians will scalp all poachers and encroachers on their way to the Class L Finals starting this week against the Yellowjackets. And next week they will tomohawk the timid Tigers! Go Indians!

  28. Raff says

    @ Ray Brown- The SCC has 19 schools and for each school to be consistent each year is impossible. Yes certain teams like Lyman Hall, East Haven and Branford have struggled but when you look at the overall picture the conference has won Multiple titles with various teams winning titles.
    Hillhouse in 2002-2006-2010 & 2012- Branford in 2005- Notre Dame in
    2001- 2009 Cheshire 2009- Hand – 2003- 2004- 2005- 2011- -2012- West Haven 2002.
    It’s not just 2 teams winning titles very few years. Comparing the SCC vs. the NVL is tough because the NVL overall has schools with very small enrollment.
    Also as I said earlier Ansonia can beat anyone but when you play physical teams 5 weeks straight there is no rolling. Injuries happen and teams get tired. As I said to you before if Ansonia played 5 top teams are they still 5-0 after that span? With the current Ansonia team I would say 4-1. It’s hard to stay consistent when you are tested. of Ansonia’s current 11 team schedule only Masuk & Naugy they have to get up for. The other 9 games they just have to get off the bus.

  29. Raff says

    Woodland won Class SS in 2004-05 when CT. had 6 Classes. SS? That isn’t a unusual tough task.
    Holy Cross won Class SS in 2006 with a talented team with Mulrooney. 2006 Crusaders were one of the best teams in the last 10 years of CT. football. Holy Cross has 2 titles though in last 13 years. You would think a private school like that playing in small divisions would have more.
    As I asked you if Ansonia played the following 8 games are they 8-0?
    West Haven- Hand- Shelton- Notre Dame West Haven- Hillhouse- North Haven & Xavier.
    Say now Ansonia loses 3 starters in 1st 4 games? How the does the next 4 look?
    Ansonia as I said is #1 and I have seen there team for many years. Just saying there is no way we will ever have the answer. If CT. had an open division in December for 8 teams that wanted to enter I am sure Ansonia would. The problem is CT. is so structured and the class you are in you have to stay in. Basketball teams move up from L to LL every year. For football the CIAC puts more restrictions I guess.

  30. The Truth Hurts says

    It is also a big plus when a team can get a game plan and practice it for a team in week 5-6 as your first 4 games you are not tested and have no chance of losing.

  31. RAY BROWN says

    raff your argument is confusing——you downplay nvl state champions as watered down,but you list scc champs under same format?you say holy cross should have had more titles.xavier,prep and ndwh with their huge enrollments and financial resuorces should be contenders every year—-they are far from it

  32. Raff says

    downplay? I just asked you if Ansonia played that 8 game schedule and if they had injuries what would there record be? Why won’t you answer? That is 8 physical games in 8 weeks.
    Also ND- Xavier and Prep can’t win titles every year. Xavier won in 2005 and in there last 40 games there 38-2 with three LL titles. That’s contending pretty much every year and they lost in the 2009 Class LL semi’s. ND was #1 in 2009 and each year they compete. ND and Prep also have outstanding hockey programs so to say all three teams every year should win or be in the finals is crazy. Holy Cross won in 2006 & 2010. Besides that there program has been very quiet.


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