Football: Pierce Brennan resigns after one year at Maloney



Add Maloney back to the coaching search.

Pierce Brennan, who came to the Meriden school from Trinity Pawling (N.Y.) to replace Bob Zito a year ago, has resigned to take a job as an assistant at Avon Old Farms, the Record-Journal of Meriden reported Wednesday.

Brennan, whose wife Danielle is an assistant women’s basketball coach at Quinnipiac, was 1-9 as head coach at Maloney, where he taught math. His new gig at Avon Old Farms includes residence on campus, which he said was a deciding factor. The Brennans have an 11-month old daughter, Michaela.

From the Record-Journal:

“It’s the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my professional career. It was not easy at all”

“The stability at a boarding school makes things a little bit easier for my wife and the baby. When a kid enters your life, priorities change. My wife and I talked about it a lot. We went back and forth. We felt it’s better for us in the long run.”

“I know the decision hurts a lot of people. That’s a tough thing to do as a coach.”

Brennan got the job last year over Weaver’s Kevin Quinn and Middletown assistant Kevin Frederick.

His resignation brings the statewide vacancies to seven eight as of Feb. 26 out of 11 12 total.


  • Hamden – The interim contract for Todd Dowty expired, opening the position.
  • Pomperaug – Dave Roach resigned after three seasons
  • Law – Mark Robinson resigned after 13 seasons.
  • Rocky Hill – Dave Coyne retired.
  • Watertown – Mike Verroneau resigned in January.
  • Maloney — Pierce Brennan resigned on Feb. 26 to go to Avon Old Farms.
  • Newington — Roy Roberts resigned to take the head coaching job at Manchester
  • Danbury — Dan Donovan resigned after four seasons.

No Vacancy

  • Masuk — Joe Lato
  • Stratford — T.J. Cavaliere
  • Manchester — Roy Roberts
  • Conard — Matt Cersosimo

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  1. Commonsense says

    Pretty much used Maloney to get into CT with a job for the year before finding something better. He’d make a great used car salesman with the way he scammed the school board. Whoever hired him obviously knows nothing about high school football.

  2. perspective says

    Hey SPB any news about the Pompy job whatsoever? Its sad how far they’ve fallen in such a small time period, also shows what a great job Chuck Drury did there

  3. perspective says

    Heard Jamie Reed, Ridgefield Off. Coordinator got Pompy job, also heard Guyon from X got Hamden HC

  4. CTFootballFan says

    Is it true that Law appointed two coaches from within the league to find their replacement?
    How many people were interviewed? Was Derrick Lewis the Committees choice from the start? Did anyone else realistically have a shot? From what I hear that program is going to be down for years to come.

  5. DaBears says

    CT Fan, yes there did have a committee. It was Coach McCarthy and Coach Fillipone. It is funny because the Law job is far from desirable and they had those two on the committee? It was said that Coach Lewis was McCarthy’s choice from day 1. Best of luck to Coach Lewis because Law is probably one of the worst programs in the state right now. Low numbers, no support and a culture that does not show them improving anytime soon. It is sad because they were good a few years ago and then were run into the ground by awful coaching.

  6. MilfordResident says

    This proves the Law Athletic Dept has no clue. Call in outsiders with no ties or history to the school or program to hire your next coach. I truly feel bad for the kids that are part the program.
    I hope Milford goes to one high school in the near future.

    Also if someone on the committee has a hand picked person…why have a committee? why have a hiring process? why not just hire that person and not waste anyone elses time with the “process”?

    Its also been mentioned that Law is going to have some down years ahead…when were there ever good years? they had one great season in the past decade + if I am correct. Program has been down for a long time with no bright future.

  7. ACL says

    I wish Coach Lewis a lot of luck with his new position at Law. He has an uphill battle ahead of him. Between kids choosing to go to Foran and kids going to catholic high schools, Law has not been able to put a freshmen team on the field four out of the last five years and, from what I have heard, its only going to get worse. The kids from Milford Pop Warner who went to nationals a couple of years ago are primarily from Law’s district. While attending an open house at Foran in the fall with my daughter, there were at least five kids from that team taking the same tour because they did not want to play for Law.

    This is one of reasons that Milford is looking at going to one high school. No one wants to go to Law if they don’t have to.

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