Football 2014: Jake Kasuba the one constant as Foran opens camp

Foran quarterback Jake Kasuba, shown here during a contest against North Haven last season, returns for his third season as the Lions' quarterback.

Foran quarterback Jake Kasuba, shown here during a contest against North Haven last season, returns for his third season as the Lions’ quarterback.

MILFORD >> When Foran opened fall camp Wednesday, the one certainty was the return of senior Jake Kasuba.

Projected to be one of the state’s top quarterbacks this season, Kasuba completed 192 of 299 passes (64 percent) for 2,918 yards and 27 touchdowns against just seven interceptions as a junior.

Kasuba, entering his third season as the Lions’ starter, led Foran to an 8-3 record last season, although the Lions fell just short of qualifying for a state playoff berth. Last season’s success came after Kasuba threw for 2,547 yards and 24 touchdowns during an auspicious debut season as a sophomore.

“Coming into this year he’s had two monster years,” Foran coach Jeff Bevino said. “I told him like I told him last year, you can’t expect to have those types of years every year. People are going to game plan and try to take it away.

“But what I expect him to do — what I know he’s going to do — is he’s going to be a leader. He’ll run our offense, he’ll change plays on the line of scrimmage to put us in the best situation. That’s all the stuff you don’t see in the box score. He’s fantastic when it comes to that stuff.”

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But this may be Kasuba’s most challenging season yet. Most of Kasuba’s top targets, including Nick Weissauer (74 catches, 1,098 yards, seven touchdowns), Sean Deegan (40-912-11) and Zach White (33-353-3), graduated.

“We have a lot of ability, we just need to get the mental part down,” Kasuba said. “I think we have a lot of good young receivers coming up. Hopefully they just take in whatever the coaches say and grow from there.”

Senior Colton Canelli, a basketball standout, joins the football team for the first time, while senior Dave Enders returns to the squad after a one year absence. Senior Steve Longley (11 catches last season) and junior R.J. Balado should also contribute on the receiving corp.

2014 top-returning player leaderboards

“We have kids, and we have a real good group of sophomore kids, but they have to grow up fast,” Bevino said.

Foran hosted a passing league for seven weeks during the summer where Bevino said Kasuba impressed. But the receivers are still a work in progress.

The Lions, though, benefit from the return of four starters on the offensive line in seniors Aniber Moras, Anthony Raccio and Esteban Velez and junior Luke Edmondson. Velez started the first five games last season before missing the rest of the year with injury.

Foran’s running game should be a nice compliment to Kasuba’s passing exploits. Longley and Balado are expected to handle most of the carries out of the backfield. Longley led the team with 97 carries for 581 yards and five touchdowns last season, while Kasuba added 84 carries for 440 yards and three scores.

“We’re going to be OK there,” Bevino said about his team’s rushing attack. “I think one of our strong points this year is going to be our running game. We’re pretty big up front.”

Kasuba said the experience he’s gained the past two seasons will certainly be beneficial this season.

“Since I have those two years under my belt, I can maybe show these younger kids how we’re supposed to be playing,” Kasuba said, “and how we’re supposed to be running our offense, and maybe get them to grow a little bit quicker.”

But the offense begins and ends with Kasuba.

“He knows our offense,” Bevino said. “He’s going to be the guy that we’re going to have to rely on.”


  1. JB says

    Foran should have been in the M playoffs last year ,,, but was “penalized” by the CIAC point system that does not reflect strength of schedule.. THIS MUST CHANGE … CIAC YOU ARE PENALIZING THE BEST TEAMS … PLEASE CORRECT THE INEQUITIES OF THE POINT SYSTEM.

    • JB says

      Foran at 8-3 with that SCC cross-over schedule last year should have made the M playoffs . Come on … what a joke. I am not a Foran homie, but that outcome totally blows.



      • ACL says

        As a Foran ‘homie’, thanks JB! Hopefully it will change. Even if it does, it won’t be in time for my son but that’s OK. As the PA announcer (and alumni), it will still be exciting if it ever changes.

    • ACL says

      That is the crux of the spread offense. There is a QB in Foxboro heading to the HOF running the same type of offense.

      And no, I am not comparing Jake to Brady. Just merely pointing out that the spread offense is all about the screen to set up taking your shots down field. Deegan averaged over 22 YPC the last two seasons and I can count on one hand how many screens were run for him.

      Last year, Foran’s strength of schedule was 4th in M according to Cal Preps ( behind St. Joe’s, Hillhouse, and Brookfield. Yes, there are weak teams on the schedule but that is a product of the conference schedule. All they can do is play the teams in front of them.

      • Coach Lil B says

        Cal Preps is an awful determination of “strength of schedule”, they had NDWH making playoffs last year with a 4-6 record!!!! So there can be no way that a system like that should ever be used to verify anything. I’m sorry but it just cant.

        • Matt Glasz says

          The CalPreps rankings aren’t a determination of who should make the playoffs, it’s simply a ranking of teams based on their record and strength of schedule.

          The fact that NDWH finished 4-6 is a product of their very difficult schedule that included St. Joe’s, Prep, Ridgefield, West Haven, Amity, Xavier, Cheshire and Hand.

          CalPreps had NDWH ranked 6th among Class L schools. Ahead of three playoff teams: Farmington, Platt & New London. If any of those three teams played Notre Dame’s 2013 schedule I think their record would be similar to 4-6.

          As for Foran, their strength of schedule was high because they played West Haven, Shelton and North Haven. The problem is that they were beaten handily by all three. As ACL said, they’ll need to figure out a way to beat one of those three this year if they want to lock up a spot in Class M.

          • Coach Lil B says

            I agree most of those games for NDWH were tough, except Amity and Cheshire (I feel they are much improved this season). I disagree with your assumption that all three of those teams would go 4-6…..I saw all four teams play last season and all three were better than NDWH. Would they have made playoffs with that schedule?? Maybe not, but all would have winning records. My opinion tho, I know many on this site would not agree

          • Just Sayin says

            @Lil B
            Not a chance in hell Platt would have beaten ND last year.
            They had no business being in the playoffs and their 35-0 loss to North Haven could have been a lot worse save for the fact that Coach Sagnella took his foot off the gas. Let’s put it another way. If ND played the schedules of any of those three teams they would have been in the playoffs.
            And for the record, I can’t stand ND so don’t think I’m a fan.

        • ACL says

          I am not saying that Cal Preps should be used for playoff qualifying or ranking teams for the playoffs. I think we should use it, or something similar, to determine strength of schedule and use that as a component of playoff qualifying. It has to be something unbiased and their formula is exactly that.

          • Coach Lil B says

            I agree there are teams who “don’t deserve to make it” but at the same time I understand the need for multiple conferences to be represented. Its not conference championships, its state championships. Teams from all over the state deserve a shot to make the playoffs without being penalized for being in what we as observers see as a bad conference. My point would be Valley Regional last year, blew out every team in their conference but might have received lower seeding due to Cal Preps. Without injuries they were definetly second best team in M last season. That’s really my argument against it. I get both sides but again no system will be perfect

  2. SCC Observer says

    While I sincerely hope the boys have a great year this year and make the playoffs, I hope that the coaches, media, etc., aren’t putting too much pressure on Jake or the other kids. Interesting that after 1 day of practice, they seem to already have a lock on who will be in all of the starting positions and treat some of them like superstars. Also, nice that a kid who hasn’t played until his senior year is mentioned in the article – the heck with the other kids who have been waiting in the wings for some of last year’s group to graduate and possibly get their fair shot. Hey, as long as they win its all good, right?

    • ACL says

      I completely agree but Jake has more support than the article would suggest. To be honest, the article can’t be too in depth after only one day of practice. Why they mentioned the two seniors they did, I couldn’t tell you. I will tell you that there is a lot more competition at WR that will become evident as the month moves on. There is only one player that was waiting for graduation and he is in the thick of the competition. All the others are rising juniors and sophomores.

  3. Coach Lil B says

    Foran was 8-3 and they “deserved” to make the playoffs? At 8-3 you don’t deserve to make the playoffs….you deserve to have a chance at making the playoffs (which they did) but not to be a lock. The only teams that deserve to make it are teams with either no losses or one loss. Everyone else with 2-3 losses deserve a chance and then let the chips fall where they may. If Scc schedule “too hard” then so be it. And lets face reality, SCC schedule is not some undaunting task, its a conference like any other. There cant be a strength of schedule in high school football because nobody truly knows how good a team is or how hard their schedule is, its all random comparison and assumptions with a lot of biases. Again, get through your conference and with 2-3 losses Hope to have a chance to make playoffs. Its like that for everyone in the state

    • JB says

      Coach I don’t think you are anywhere close to right. The point is most of the M playoff teams play M/S level schedules … only exception was St Joes. Brookfield got spanked by Newtown and Newtown wasn’t anywhere as good as hyped. Foran was better than Brookfield. Foran in the SWC would have definitely made M states.

      The first round of the playoffs needs the best teams, not the best teams from weak conferences.

      • Coach Lil B says

        Maybe they make the states if in the SWC, again same maybe as if in Scc but they still wouldn’t have won the state championship. So really I don’t feel bad for bad for them. Therefore its good to have different representation from other conferences around the state. Valley prolly would have gone to state title hadn’t it been for injuries last season in the quarter final and early in semi final game. Still St. Joe’s wins it tho obviously, by far best team in M last season

        • JB says

          Coach – don’t agree. that is a huge cop out. who knows, maybe Foran was the team. certainly better than the other 7 teams in the M playoffs.

          • JB says

            Sorry, Coach, read your post again … are you saying the SWC and SCC are the same. Really? Do you live on Mars? No really.

  4. Matt Glasz says

    Let’s all remember that last year Foran did not beat a single team with a winning record. They also lost their three games (to West Haven, Shelton and North Haven) by an average score of 40-18.

    Kasuba is a good high school quarterback and if this new receiving corps can come together then they’ll likely win against all of the teams that they should beat. However, if the Lions want to make states they will need to find a way to play defense against quality teams.

    • ACL says

      To be fair Matt, Foran shouldn’t have to play two games a year against teams they have virtually no shot of beating, and that goes for all of the D2 teams in the SCC (with the exception of North Haven). That said, that’s a whole other issue that has been beaten to death.

      As you said, it comes down to the same three games. They will have to play perfect in one of them to have a chance. A tall order to say the least. I hope they are up to the task.

      • Terrance says

        Why shouldn’t they play the Division I teams? It’s two freckin cross-over games. They want to be in the SCC, play everyone I say. Force your programs to train like the Divsion I kids do. Do you think it’s fair that the Division I SCC programs strength of schedule is off the charts. That’s why they win championships, battle tested my friend. My concern is that the Division I programs in the current system are going to get beaten up in the SCC Meat Grinder scheduling format and actually hurt their chances of making the playoffs. Their have been plenty of years that SCC teams didn’t make it due to Conference Strength of Schedule and they would have one their Class outright. SCC is the SEC of college format in terms of analogy.

        • ACL says

          Those two cross over games mean that most D2 teams start their season 0-2 before the first ball even is snapped. How is that fair?

          Training and/or preparation have nothing to do with this argument so we don’t have to FORCE them to do anything. Our kids work just as hard and just as long as anyone else. The difference is that the D! schools have TWICE as many players.

          It is about the size of the schools, plain and simple. The problem is a M school having to play a LL school which is similar to a D3 college team playing a D1 college team. Its a no contest right from the start. Why should the D2 schools get beaten up every year to ensure that the D1 schools get into the playoffs? What sacrifices do the D1 schools make for the D2’s? How is that fair? By your comparison, the D1 schools are the only ones worthy of making the playoffs BUT they have to beat the crap out of D2 schools in order to do it. Give me a break.

          The crossover games put the D2 schools at a HUGE disadvantage. If it were one game a year, I wouldn’t have a problem with it because a good M team like Foran could go 9-2 and make the playoffs. As it stands this season, Foran will have to play at least one perfect game against three top ten teams and, even if they do, it might not be good enough which means, once again, one of the best M schools in the state will not be in the playoffs. How is that fair?

          • The Dude says

            Saw Foran once last year (against Shelton) thought the QB was pretty good. Thought he had good receivers to help him out too. Foran has never impressed me on defense at all. The first four weeks will be telling with them (I’ve heard good things about Warde this year) if they can survive that. They have a chance to be very good.

          • Terrance says

            There not good if they can’t win a cross-over. You want promote players from Division II school like this article does, but you don’t want to face good competition, do you think that’s legit? So and So is the best RB or QB in the State, and they don’t play a soul. How many more Boys does Hand have than Foran, 25, that’s huge, like playing Michigan, nonsense. Make the commitment! The SCC is a Conference, why do they have to make sacrifices, you should be playing everyone over a 5 year period, regardless of strength of schedule. The Division I sacrifice is that play the best schedules in the State bar none: Here is Hand: NC, Xavier, ND, Cheshire, Shelton, Cross, House, Guilford, North Haven, Prep, and WestHaven, No sacrifice there.
            Get a clue!

          • Coach Lil B says

            Why complain about schedule being too hard, thats such a cop out. Schedule too hard but we should make the playoffs, cmon. I know Class S schools thats schedule tough LL games to gain more points (granted they get the victory) but thats the type of attitude any team should have if you gonna win or even compete for a state championship. I’m sure the players don’t complain about their schedule, I’m sure they enjoy challenging games and trying to compete and not just breeze through to make the playoffs

          • Matt Glasz says

            Out of curiosity, I checked the difference in male enrollment between Hand and Foran; it’s 140. Not huge but enough to make a difference.

            However, the difference between Foran’s male enrollment and that of their two SCC Div. I crossover opponents, West Haven and Shelton, is a massive 290 and 285 respectively. When you can draw from a pool of a nearly 300 additional athletes you will have a tremendous advantage.

            I give all the credit in the world to Hand. What they’re able to achieve in the SCC Div. I given their enrollment is incredible. That being said, they are the exception, not the rule when it comes to smaller schools competing with larger schools.

      • Matt Glasz says

        Yes, good catch ACL. Sheehan did in fact finish 6-5 with wins over Trinity Catholic (0-11), Law (4-6), Warde (4-7), East Haven (2-9), Branford (0-11) and Lyman Hall (2-9).

        The point still stands; when Sheehan is your marquee win you’ve got a long way to go before being considered an elite team.

        I’m not insinuating that you or Coach Bevino have made such claims but on another thread posters have projected the Lions as one of the top 15-20 teams in the state. I just don’t think they warrant that type of hype even with Kasuba and his considerable talents returning.

        Best of luck to you and your son this year… with the exception of November 7th of course!

        • ACL says

          Completely agree on that Matt. I have seen some polls that are completely unrealistic at this point.

          And thanks for the well wishes! Come up to the booth on the 7th and introduce yourself!

        • JB says

          Look at the competition of the M playoff teams. None, except St Joes, had a regular season competition even close to Foran’s schedule. NONE.

          We are talking M level not L or LL like the rest of the SCC D1 and D2. Most of the M playoff teams play small schools from weak conferences. That is the TRUTH. Look at the data.

        • is jb jeff bevino?? says

          foran’s win against hillhouse was pretty impressive. they completely steam rolled them and shut down Harold Cooper completely. Foran has improved tremendously on defense the last couple of years.

  5. Mike PucciMike Pucci says

    The athletes mentioned in the article were the athletes mentioned by coach Bevino, which is why I included them in the article.

  6. mike c. says

    A Milford school is ranked higher than West Haven in polls? Last year I believe it was 41-0 at halftime.Do you people realize the difference in skill level between these two towns?When was last time Milford team won 1965?

    • Bubba says

      Mike C relax, it’s just for fun. I did my poll in sidewalk chalk. WH will be good again, but many believe not like this past year, and people believe Foran will make the jump. It’s not a WH vs. Milford. Look beyond the words, quote from Robin Williams in Dead Poet Society. Carpe Diem!

    • ACL says

      While I agree that Foran should not be ranked ahead of WH in any poll, your memory of the halftime score last year is a bit fuzzy. It was 42-19 and Foran scored to start the third to make it 42-26. Did they ever have a chance in the game? Absolutely not. Was it ever 41-0 during the game? Absolutely not.

      Not one person in this thread mentioned WH, let alone putting Foran ahead of them in a meaningless preseason poll. You are confusing this discussion with another one. Keep it straight.

      Finally, Foran won a state title in 1994. The school didn’t open until 1973.

  7. ACL says

    @Terrance – You need to get a clue. You’re not even making a coherent argument. Why, in your opinion, should the M schools in D2 play two LL schools every year? I stated that they should play at least one D1 school every year but two is not fair.

    I didn’t argue that Hand doesn’t play a tough schedule. They always play one of the toughest in the state. They have a great program. It has been built over time using their youth football program as a feeder. Its an awesome model and I wish Milford would do the same thing. If Foran was the same size as Hand (btw-Hand has 140 more boys than Foran. Get your facts right), I would agree that it is about commitment and working harder. The fact of the matter is that they are NOT the same size.

    How can you say that a team is not good if they don’t win a crossover game? If a team, any D2 team, loses their two crossover games and wins the rest of their games, including a state title, are they not a good team? The crossover games do nothing more than give most of the D1 teams a two game scrimmage and pad their records.

    I am all for teams challenging themselves. To be forced to do it not once but twice a year is unfair. You have not come anywhere close to convincing me that there is any benefit to the crossover games. Last season, D1 teams went 17-1 against D2 (the only win was NH over Xavier) and the combined scores was 700-244. That’s an average score of 39-14. Explain to me the benefits of these games.

    I have a clue. Actually I have more than a clue, I have facts.

    • JB says

      ACL has a legitimate gripe. Foran isn’t hiding in a weak conference. Every state makes playoff point adjustments for size of school wins. EVERY STATE IN OUR COUNTRY. Except CT.

    • Matt Glasz says

      You’re close with your facts ACL, last season North Haven also beat Div. I Amity (in addition to Xavier) and Hillhouse beat Div. I Wilbur Cross. Your point still stands though. The SCC crossover games have been grossly one-sided since their inception.

      Time for a statewide overhaul and a shift from a conference model to a district model!

      • JB says

        MATT IS RIGHT … 16-team playoffs and a district model is the way to go, but sadly “Oz has spoken” … now all we can do is close our eyes and click our heals … repeat, after me, PLEASE CHANGE THE PLAYOFF POINT SYSTEM !

      • ACL says

        Thanks Matt. That’s what happens when you try to research for football and work gets in the way. lol

        You and JB both know that I am a HUGE fan of the district model. Unfortunately, the short-sighted AD’s across the state would never make a logical change.

        • William says

          It’s not AD’s, final say is CIAC Board of Control. Football committee makes recommendation to CIAC BOC, politics are done, and they vote. Very few AD’s or Coaches on either Committee. BOC is loaded with Principals, and a lot of Former Educators with nothing better to do. Most AD’s on board with their Football Coaches. CIAC works for Schools, not the other way around, but when it’s matters of potentially bad press, they make decisions in a vaccum and throw the safety and medical community in the mix.

    • Terrance says

      I believe I was very coherent. Foran’s part of a conference, the conference scheduling format has cross-overs. You don’t always play LL schools, your playing top schools due to the success of Foran over the term of the schedule. You agree with me that schools have to rise to the challenge. I subscribe to the belief that you need to get out of your comfort zone and play the best your conference has to offer. It’s H.S football on any given day, you know the rest. I can’t argue the lopsided games between D I and DII and the history proves it, however you take the good with the bad it’s a Athletic Program, not just a Football Conference. I used Madison as an example, only because they don’t back down from the big dogs, and they have found success in the post-season as a result.

      • ACL says

        Other than Hand and NDWH, every D1 team in the SCC is a LL school so, over 90% of the time you will be playing a LL school.

        So far, you’re not telling me anything I didn’t already know. I agree with playing outside of your comfort zone but it shouldn’t be a long term detriment to the success of the program. History proves that the crossover games are a waste of time, effort, resources, etc. They don’t do anyone any good. There is ZERO benefit. Why does it have to be two games? Why not just one?

        Hand does have success in the post season because of their schedule but they are getting into the post season. I know that Foran would have been a contender in M last year (except for St. Joe’s) but they never got that chance because of the crossover games.

  8. ACL says

    @Coach – I gripe about the schedule because it directly affects the playoff chances for teams like Foran. If there was a strength of schedule (SOS) component built in to the points system, I have nothing to say. Suck it up and get it done on the field.

    Since the district model will never happen (as much as it pains me to say that), and the SCC would never dream of dropping the crossover games, and the CIAC won’t force teams to play at least half of their schedules at or above their playoff class, SOS must be taken in to consideration. My proposal has always been to award teams the bonus points for playing up in class just for playing in the game. The teams get bonus points now but only if they win the game, which is a very rare occurrence. Same thing goes for a the point deduction for a team playing down in class.

    This goes beyond the crossover games in the SCC. The crossover games are merely the foundation of the problem, which is ultimately the point system. I also think a team should have to play at least half of their schedule against teams at or above their division. There are too many teams qualifying for the playoffs playing down in class throughout the season. I know they are playing in their conference but its ridiculous to see teams play as many as 6-7 games below the division they are trying to qualify for. That doesn’t make any sense at all. For example, Avon is playing six games against S teams, four M, and one L. They were moved down to M this year but half of their schedule is against teams in S. They get ten points less for each victory but they are still racking up points for the playoffs while Foran gets nothing for playing three LL teams and two L, unless they win. Berlin is playing 7 S teams, Coventry/Windham 6 S, Ellinton/Somers 6 S, Gilbert/Northwestern 6 S. Lewis Mills is playing TEN S teams!!!!! How can they qualify for the class M playoffs when they don’t play anyone in their division (their 11th game is against a L)!!!!! Do you think if this affected St. Joe’s there wouldn’t be a huge uproar? I didn’t look in L but I’m sure I can find similar examples (Platt comes to mind from last year).

    Bottom line is that this is not a cop out. It is a systemic problem throughout the state that affects teams like Foran and makes our football model a joke.

  9. ACL says

    Here is another example, Platt is playing in L this season. Here is their schedule breakdown:

    7 – S (E. Catholic, Plainville, Tolland, Rocky Hill, Bloomfield, Weaver, NW Catholic)
    3 – M (Waterford, Berlin, Rockville)
    1 – L (Maloney)

    And, just for the record, their first L game is their last game of the season. At one point, they play six S teams in a row. With their RB and this schedule, they could qualify for the playoffs right now.

    If Platt keeps one of the big boys (New Canaan, Darien, Hand, etc.) out of the playoffs with that schedule, the state will shut down, there will be state senate hearings, and the rules changed by next season.

    • JB says

      ACL … exactly. Platt should not automatically qualify for L states with that schedule … yes, even if they go undefeated. This is why people outside of CT football laugh at us … its like we live in the dark ages. They look at our playoffs and see lop-sided blowouts and conclude that competition in our state is weak. Its a bad rap given we all know its not true, but it won’t change until we develop a better way to qualify and seed the best 8 teams per division. We won’t be considered a football state until our playoffs are much more competitive.

    • Coach Lil B says

      Platt typically has not been a dominant program, they made playoffs last two years. But usually they’ve had an up and down program with good years and poor years. Barely made it two years ago and then undefeated last year. They had a very very good team last season with a lot of seniors and I think had a very off game and fumbles etc, got down and then they seemed to just tank it. They lost a lot from last year, yes RB returns along with a very good WR/DB and S/TE but otherwise idk how much experience they have. Bloomfield, NWC, Rocky Hill, Berlin, and even East Cath this year will all be difficult games. I’m interested to see how they perform this season.

  10. Terrance says

    @ACL: You know your stuff, I give you props. I don’t believe many coaches would be against the District Model, but AD’s and Principals won’t go for it because it’s non- inclusive, or a better word is it’s exclusive for Football. AD’s like their leagues, because they balance everything from a whole program model. Whoever came up with the idea, did their homework. The CIAC doesn’t want to be responsible for how you get there, they only want the revenue and hope it’s teams that travel well. Your example of Platt and Foran are perfect, except they will never bring home the hardware if they don’t play with the big dogs during the season. ” if your not first, your last”

    • ACL says

      Thanks. I know I am personally invested in Foran. I have never hidden that (although it does cloud my thought process sometimes). That said, we all know that if a state powerhouse had this issue, the tail would wag the dog. Since Foran doesn’t have the pedigree, its a non-issue.

      Besides my son, I have known all of the kids on the team since they were knee high to a grasshopper. Many of them have played basketball for me or in my travel league. I want all of them to at least get the chance to compete for a title. For many of them, this team will be the last chance they get. Putting my personal feelings aside, I know there are other teams out there in the same situation and I feel bad for them too. I hope one day the changes that need to be made will benefit another team. Have a good weekend.

  11. ray brown jr. says

    How did your milford boys fear against west haven seahawks lately when they were knee high to a grasshopper? MERCY RULED EVERY GAME AND TOO MANY ATHLETES ON BLUE sideline

    • ACL says

      That was a long time ago and has nothing to do with what we are talking about here.

      Not to mention that my son’s Milford team beat WH his last year of Pop Warner…by three TD’s. I have the video to prove it. Want a copy?

      • yep says

        since 2010 west haven midgets have lost 1 regular season game. To New Haven in 2011. so yes, i would like to have a copy

        • ACL says

          it wasn’t a midget game, it was junior midgets. There was no division specified when it was mentioned. Milford didn’t have a midget team that season so it would have been tough for WH to beat them.

          This thread isn’t about WH! No one here said anything about WH except people from WH! What part of that don’t you all get.

          • Yep says

            I apologize. You said his last year so i assumed you meant Midgets. Good luck to your son and the rest of the team this year.

          • ACL says

            @Yep – No worries, thanks, and good luck to you guys as well. See you at the field on the 19th. I am the PA announcer so come up to the booth and say hello! Have a good day.

  12. Eddie says

    Kasuba will throw more touchdowns to west haven defenders than his own you people go to games?Why is west haven most hated program in Ct.? Too urban for you guys?

    • ACL says

      Do you even read what is being talked about here? Nothing about WH was mentioned other than you and ray brown. Get a hold of yourself.

  13. justsayin says

    @ACL- did you look at St. Joe’s schedule? Played all LL and L schools with one exception. And oh by the way their out of league games- NDWH (L) and Prep (LL). Not sure too many teams wanted that schedule.

    • ACL says

      Absolutely. They are the exception. They play a great schedule but, to be fair, are they really a true M school? By the numbers, they are but, by talent size, speed, depth, etc. they are at least a L. How many other M schools in the state had two D1 linemen (Mestre & Hashemi), QB (Vazzano), WR (Pedersen), and RB (Abdul-Basir)?

  14. seth says

    acl. i agree that size schools should play there sized school or larger and not a majority of small schools but you need to relax in making foran out to be some mistreated school. it seems to me that you along with many other schools in larger conferences seem to think that the smaller schools shouldnt have to play the larger ones but the schools in m like brookfield, valley, bethel, should have to play larger schools to prove their worth. cant have it both ways

    • ACL says

      I don’t want it both ways Seth. I have said repeatedly that playing larger schools is fine but to be forced to play two LL schools every season is unfair.

      I have also said that the crossover games are the fault of the SCC and is only part of the problem. I have clearly stated that I use Foran as the example but I am sure there are other schools out there that are in the similar situation.

      Brookfield and Bethel fall in exactly the same category as Foran. They play a tough schedule playing larger schools but they are not rewarded for that schedule. While teams like Coventry, Berlin, and all the others I mentioned, pile on the points against smaller schools. I am quite sure that they aren’t too happy about tit either but don’t have anyone on here to talk about it.

      Please don’t bring up Valley’s schedule from last year. They played seven S schools to qualify for the M playoffs. Bad example.

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