Football: Guilford to host weight lifting competition

Do you even lift?

Well, there will be plenty of lifting going on when Guilford hosts its annual weight competition on Friday from 3:15 p.m. to 6 p.m. in its weight room.

The event is billed as the SCC Invitational, although it is not sponsored by the Southern Connecticut Conference.

Amity, Branford, Hand, North Haven, West Haven and the host school will participate. It’s open to football players currently in grades nine through 11. There will be five weight classes.

This is the sixth year that Guilford will host the competition under the direction of Indians football coach Tom Unger, who hopes the event can one day include all league teams. Unger said there’s been some discussion to hold a league-wide event at the Floyd Little Athletic Center in New Haven.

“We talked briefly about it (including all league teams),” Unger said, “and to hold it at the (FLAC), which seemed like a logical spot, but it just hasn’t come to fruition.”

SCC commissioner Al Carbone said there’s been some talk about having a league competition, but a formal proposal has never been pitched.

“Coaches talk about it,” Carbone said. “But the big issue is: Who is going to host it? Who wants to open up their facility? There’s some liability to it; a lot of logistics.”

The event is NOT OPEN to the public due to space limitations.

Past “SCC Invitational” Champions

2013: West Haven

2012: Hand

2011: Branford

2010: Branford

2009: Guilford




  1. Jay says

    Love it! More schools should definitely get involved with this, anything that builds “Esprit de corps” is a good thing.

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