Football: Cheshire wins state weightlifting competition

Shelton junior Mark Piccirillo was the overall winner in the 161-190 pound division at the state weightlifting competition held on March 22.

Shelton junior Mark Piccirillo was the overall winner in the 161-180 pound division at the state weightlifting competition held on March 22.

Cheshire won the inaugural state weightlifting competition hosted by the Nutmeg State Games on March 22 at New London High.

The event drew 19 of the top teams in the state, and was open to football players in grades 9 through 11. Each team assigned three participants to compete in three events (power clean, bench press, squat) across five weight classes.


1. CHESHIRE, 12, 490 lbs
2. HAND, 12,205
3. SHELTON, 12, 140
4. SOUTHINGTON, 11,905
5. WINDSOR, 10,995
6. CROSBY I, 10,980
7. WEST HAVEN, 10,750
8. BRIDGEPORT, 10,485
9. NEW LONDON I, 10,400
10. BERLIN, 9,990

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160 and Under

1. Keith Prior (Shelton), 800

2. Peter Majchrzak (Southington), 780

3. Mike Sampson (Hand), 765


1. Mark Piccirillo (Shelton), 945

2. Tom Wilson (Hand), 915

3. Robert Thomas (New London), 895

181 to 200

1. Matt Kozcera (Southington), 940

2. Tyler D’Errico (Cheshire), 905

3. Mykel Morris (Bridgeport), 895

201 to 220

1. Dan Williams (Southington), 990

2. Chris Hillburn (Cheshire), 950

3. Rod Clement (Bridgeport), 945

Over 220

1. Cullen Clairmont (Cheshire), 1,100

2. Malcolm Robinson (Bridgeport), 910

3. Alex Conrod (Cheshire), 905


 160 and Under


1.  Keith Prior (Shelton), 345

2.  Isaiah Huff (Windsor), 345 lbs.

3.  Mike Sampson (Hand), 335 lbs.


1. Alessio Diana (Southington), 240

2. Andrew Fiocco (Cheshire), 235

3. Peter Majchrzak (Southington), 235


1. Alessio Diana (Southington), 240

2. Keith Prior (Shelton), 230

3. Connor McShane (Hand), 225




1.  Wayna Meclveen (Hillhouse), 405

2.  Robert. Thomas (New London), 405

3.  Forel Kouroma (Hillhouse), 405


1.  Mark Piccirillo (Shelton), 330

2. Tom Wilson (Hand), 295

3.  Matt Maxwell (Southington), 265


1. Mark Piccirillo (Shelton), 260

2. Matt Maxwell (Southington), 255

3. Jeroderick Richardson (Crosby), 250




1. Mykel Morris (Bridgeport), 425

2. Tyler D’Errico (Cheshire), 405

3.  Andre Patterson (Hillhouse), 405

4.  Tony Marcucilli (Cheshire), 405


1. Dan Chesmar (Wilcox Tech), 315

2.  Matt Kozcera (Southington), 305

3. Zack Spooner (Southington), 275


1. Matt Kozcera (Southington), 260

2.  Rudy Krowski (Shelton), 250

3. Tyler D’Errico (Cheshire), 250



1. Dan Williams (Southington), 460

2. Chris Hillburn (Cheshire), 445

3.  Rod Clement (Bridgeport), 420


1. Jay Rose (Southington), 300

2. Ray Martinez (Crosby), 295

3. Brian Twohill (Hand), 280


1. Cory Walsh (Hand), 275

2. Dan Williams (Southington), 255

3. Wes Sekelsky (Shelton), 245


OVER 220


1. Cullen Clairmont (Cheshire), 500

2. Alex Conrod (Cheshire), 445

3. Kye Pettway (Bridgeport), 440


1. Harrison Infante (Shelton), 335

2. Joseph Minard (Woodstock), 300

3. Cullen Clairmont (Cheshire), 300


1. Cullen Clairmont (Cheshire), 300

2. Malcolm Robinson (Bridgeport), 275

3. Noah MacDonald (Southington), 250



  1. SCC is strong says

    I learned that the mighty SCC is mighty on the field and in the weight room.

    I learned that the FCIAC teams that stayed home (every single one except Bridgeport Central) missed a great event.

    I learned that the Nutmeg Games people know how to put on a great event. I am looking forward to next year’s event already.

    Congrats to all lifters and keep working hard!

  2. CTFB04 says

    I will eat my words now. It looks like Cheshire is back full force when it comes to the weightroom. I was talking to some of the coaches that attended and they had nothing but praise the way the whole event was run. Many of the coaches also commented on how technically sound all of the Cheshire lifters were in the squat. I had one quote of “I may have seen more weight lifted in the past but never did i see anyone get as low and parallel as the Cheshire squaters were”
    Unfortunately for Cheshire that doesn’t mean they will be able to play football any better, but stay tuned I already ate some crow about the lifting aspect.

  3. Roll Gaels says

    I was there. Great atmosphere. Hand and Shelton looked good. I was surprised at the drop off in totals after the top 4.

  4. Finn Fanatic says

    Roll Gaels,maybe now shelton can translate some wins with the success the team had in the weightroom?The past Gaels have been getting rolled by the rest of the SCC elite squads.Need to bring back Joe B to resurrect this dying program.

  5. The truth hurts says

    The Gaels have not won a so called big game since 2007.Kids and coaches not committed anymore.Need Dunaj to take over the team for future success.

  6. CTFB04 says

    Can you tell us exactly what “big game” Dunaj won at Torrington?? I recall him “not” winning the big game in the NVL and you want him to try his luck in the hardest league in the state. You must be his family

  7. Reggie says

    Dunaj brings enthusiasm and energy to practice and games something that relates to the kids.Coach Roy’s enthusiasm now is what time do we get to porkeys

  8. Roll Gaels says

    Great job hijacking a positive thread fellas. I’m sure you are all highly successful high school coaches and the coaches you are bad mouthing are horrible, unintelligent , lazy people. I commend high school coaches because they have to fulfill work, family and coaching responsibilities as well as dealing with blog heroes. Stay positive people.

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