Final 2014 GameTimeCT / Register girls basketball top 10 poll: Capital Prep finishes No. 1

Capital Prep has topped their foes in and out of state, silenced the doubters and are the unanimous No. 1 in Connecticut. Photo: Peter Paguaga

Capital Prep has topped their foes in and out of state, silenced the doubters and are the unanimous No. 1 in Connecticut. Photo: Peter Paguaga

Capital Prep of Hartford was voted the No. 1 team in the GameTimeCT / New Haven Register Top 10 poll released Monday.

The Trailblazers, led by 2014 Gatorade Player of the Year Kiah Gillespie, ran the table, including victories over out-of-state competition and won the CSC and Class L state championship.

They received all 16 first-place votes.

Lauralton Hall, the Class LL champion, was voted No. 2.

Weaver, which led Capital Prep for a good portion of the Class L final was voted No. 3.

Class M Champion New London checked in at No. 6. Class S champion Thomaston was voted No. 10.

Final Wrap-ups:

 Final Top 10 Girls Basketball Poll: 2014

Team Points Last Class

1. Capital Prep (27-0) (16)




Last game: Def. Weaver 69-53 in Class L final
Bottom line: The fat lady has sung, and she’s got some pipes! The Trailblazers are the unanimous No. 1.

2. Lauralton Hall (26-1)




Last game: Def. South Windsor 68-53 in Class LL final
Bottom line: The Crusaders washed away last year’s crushing title loss with this year’s glorious LL title.

3. Weaver (25-3)




Last game: Lost to Capital Prep 69-53 in the Class L final.
Bottom line: The Beavers got the game they wanted, just not the result.

4. Mercy (25-2)




Last game: Lost to Lauralton Hall 52-43 in Class LL semifinals.
Bottom line: No late game heroics this year.

5. South Windsor (23-4)




Last game: Lost to Lauralton Hall 68-53 in Class LL final
Bottom line: The Bobcats just didn’t have enough to bring it home.

6. New London (24-4)




Last game: Def. Morgan 57-52 in Class M final.
Bottom line: The Whalers are going to be around for a while.

7. Career (22-4)




Last game: Lost to Mercy 48-43 in the Class LL quarterfinals.
Bottom line: The Panthers just couldn’t get past Mercy.

8. Danbury (23-2)




Last game: Lost to Westhill 55-54 in Class LL quarterfinals
Bottom line: After winning the FCIAC title, a conference foe did the Hatters in.

9. Morgan (22-6)




Last game: Lost to New London 57-52 in Class M final.
Bottom line: The Huskies are going to be here, too.

10. Thomaston (23-4)




Last game: Def. St. Paul 61-57 in double overtime in final.
Bottom line: The Golden Bears now have the golden plaque.
Dropped out: Norwich Free Academy (6), Cromwell (8), Holy Cross (9).
First-place votes in parentheses and points tabulated on a 30-28-26-24-22-20-18-16-14-12-11-10-9-8-7 basis.
Others receiving votes: Cromwell (25-2) 146; Holy Cross (25-2) 123; Farmington (21-4) 116; Norwich Free Academy (22-3) 105; St. Paul (21-5) 101; Ledyard (22-4) 95; Westhill (19-6) 50; E.O. Smith (20-6) 44; Amity (21-4) 30; Avon (23-3) 24; Fairfield Ludlowe (15-7) 12; Wilton (21-5) 9.
The following voted: Mary Albl, Journal Register; Jim Bombaci, Haddam-Killingworth; Doug Bonjour, CT Post; Henry Chisholm, New Haven Register; Vinnie Cianfarani, Tolland; Eric DeMarco, Norte Dame-Fairfield; Scott Nails, Foran; Peter Paguaga, Register Citizen; Dave Phillips, Shoreline Newspapers; Lori Riley, Hartford Courant; Paul Rosano, Meridan Record-Journal Mike Suppe, Hersam Acorn Newspapers; Nick Velles, Franklin School; Fred Williams, Northwestern; Richard Zalusky, Willimantic Chronicle; Jimmy Zanor, Middletown Press.
Poll compiled by: Henry Chisholm.


  1. hshoopsfan says

    seems reasonable except for thomaston. I know they won a state title, but its class S, imo class S is very weak, cromwell should be ahead of thomaston

  2. JT says

    No offense to any of the teams who made it or received votes, but do the people who vote actually watch games? The schools who play in the lower classes play there for a reason. Their enrollment prevents them from competing with the bigger schools. Watching the games this weekend you can just see how the game is slower and the talent level isn’t the same. Do you guys really think a team like Thomaston or St. Paul is remotely close to being as good as teams like NFA, Ledyard, Amity, Westhill, Danbury, Avon, Farmington, etc? Lyman Hall is 25 points better than them and they did not even receive votes. Those two teams would finish middle of the pack or worse in the FCIAC, SCC, etc.

    A team like Capitol Prep was the exception rather than the rule last year when they played Class S. Morgan and New London don’t deserve to be there either. You guys need to start using the eye test when ranking these teams. A state championship should not guarantee you get ranked. And you all wonder why people get sick of the media.

    BTW, major league kudos to the girl from Thomaston who made the three free throws with .2 seconds left. MAJOR, MAJOR kudos!!

  3. ciacfan says

    Nobody can really argue that Thomaston was better than Farmington, Cromwell, NFA, Ledyard etc.

    But they won a Championship and deserve some credit. I think #10 spot is perfect for them.

  4. Fat Mike says

    Agreed. They won a state championship, give them credit.
    Hurlbert (I hope the spelling is correct), that was awesome! If you take everything into account, there aren’t many people (men, women, college or pros) that could have done that!

  5. ILOVEHOOPS says

    Big THANK YOU to Henry for doing such a great job covering girls basketball. You are a fantastic reporter – your tone, your insight, your enthusiasm, etc… You must have been the hardest working man in media this past month – LOVED the live tweeting. Thank you again!

  6. says

    The most skewed poll ever. All the teams are good but Capital Prep has to start playing against better competition. The out-of-state teams are fair to say the least. The CSC is a weak league. Thomaston deserves a better ranking for winning a State Championship.

    • hchoopsfan says

      Coachg: Do you really think thomaston is better than cromwell or ledyard or nfa? we realize they won a state title, but the polls are top ten teams, not who won state titles. There is not one team in class S that is even remotely a top ten team in state, not even top 20. Thats not to tsake anything away from winning a state title, but lets not confuse the issues, they are not a top ten team

      • ciacfan says

        And just because Capital Prep only played 10 games this year (yes, IMO they went 10-0)…doesnt mean they weren’t the best team in the state. They were and it really wasnt even close.

        • Hchoopsfan says

          Yes 10 games , but they went through the playoffs pretty easily, beating a good weaver team by 15. The ny teams they played are good. The issue I have is that no other ct teams played the ny teams so it’s hard to gauge how good those teams are, but having said that c prep in my mind has put out a good enough body of work to justify no 1. I love the fact Thomason won, they should be celebrated, but as I said no team in class s is a top 20 team IMO ,it does an injustice to the better teams who play tougher games and didn’t happen to win a class s title. Celebrate the state champions, but the rankings should be the best teams , and the two issues should not be confused

  7. Henry ChisholmHenry Chisholm says

    The thing with the last poll is a few things…
    1) There hasn’t been a poll in like two weeks, so teams may jump high, get dropped down and come out of nowhere.
    2) The playoffs mean more than the regular season, so if a team goes 18-2, wins their conference, then falls in the first round of states, welcome to other teams receiving votes. Conversely, if a team goes 14-6, loses in the conference tourney in the finals then wins states, they’ll get “they won a state title” votes, and that may catapult them into the top 10.
    3) The C Prep shade must stop lol. They deserve to be where they are. The voters got that right.
    4) Lastly hopefully as newspapers look more to the web, which may or may not be a viable business plan, we’ll all as reporters get to see more games and teams. However for the time being, we don’t. So sometimes Mohegan is the first, last and only time some of us have watched a St. Paul, Thomaston, Morgan or New London. Had we watched them earlier, they probably would’ve had a more consistent presence in the top 10.
    Picking these is never easy, but I think the voters usually get it right.

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