A Fairfield Prep student’s response to Jim Bransfield

Editor’s note: Tim Kiernan, a senior at Fairfield Prep, submitted the following response to a column written by Jim Bransfield

This past Saturday was an athletic whirlwind for the fans of Fairfield Prep as both the hockey and basketball teams competed in their respective state championship title games. The day was off to an auspicious start as the hockey team battled back from a 1-0 deficit to defeat the Darien Blue Wave 2-1 on an overtime goal from junior defenseman Vinny D’Amore. In a game with several lurching twists and turns, the Jesuits emerged victorious, hoisting the state championship plaque over their heads for the second straight year. However, the day did not end so well for the Prep basketball team.

After getting off to a fast start and establishing its dominance against Bridgeport’s Central High School early, the Jesuits were able to go into halftime with a 19-point lead. But it was after the break that the wheels began to fall off for Prep. Upon the start of the second half, Central began its relentless comeback from down nearly 20 points. The Hilltoppers’ stifling press rattled the Prep offense, forcing countless turnovers and fueling a comeback victory like none seen so far this year.

Fairfield Prep, a team that posted an undefeated record for the season and a number one rank in the state, blew a 20-point lead in the second half to be defeated by Central High School, a team from a reportedly weaker FCIAC conference. This high-octane, underdog victory should have offered enough fuel for any sports writer to craft a decent story; however for a few writers across the state, the game was not enough to satisfy their journalistic appetites.

Instead of offering accurate coverage of this comeback, David-and-Goliath thriller, a writer published a piece on the lack of sportsmanship throughout the Prep student section and team alike, blowing a couple of harmless mistakes and innocent indiscretions out of proportion and ignoring a few glaringly classless offenses on the opposing end as well.

For instance, a sports correspondent for the Middletown Press, wrote of the Fairfield Prep student section known as the “Bomb Squad” in his article just this Monday. With just 39 seconds left in the game, Prep’s point guard Keith Pettway drove to the basket hard and nailed a crucial layup to give his team a one-point lead, and was fouled in the process. In the excitement, a Prep hockey player— who was icing his hand in the front row of the student section— threw his hands in the air to celebrate. The bag of ice exploded and water incidentally splattered onto the court. The game was delayed for a short while to clean up the ice, and the event staff addressed the issue with the student section. The situation was explained, the staff understood, Keith’s free throws were taken, and the incident was forgotten—by most at least.

The correspondent wrote in his article this Monday: “In the celebration of the basket, water was thrown on the court from the area of the Prep student section. The game had to be halted for several minutes while the court was mopped. Did I see a Prep kid throw it? No. But there was nobody else in the area but white-shirted Prep kids. The guys on press row, including the guy next to me from Fairfield, were sure it was the Prep kids.”

Yes, there was water on the court. Yes, the accident happened at a crucial point in the game. But it was an accident. No student in their right mind would intentionally ice their own player. It’s senseless! Not only was this situation blown out of proportion, the writer didn’t even feign any serious investigation of the incident, citing sources such as “the guy next to me from Fairfield” and even admitting to not having seen the splatter himself.

The writer went on to bash the players of the Prep team for leaving the court before receiving their medals, writing “The players from the all boys, Jesuit-run, Roman Catholic college preparatory school from Fairfield walked off the court and had to be called back for the postgame ceremony. They straggled back, got their medals and walked off the court again, so there was no one except coach Leo Redgate to accept the runner-up trophy, even though CIAC protocol is for assistants and captains to accept said trophy.”

The writer, however, failed to mention the fact that the distraught, freshly-defeated kids from Prep waited for several minutes to shake the hands of their opponents before actually leaving the court. After the final buzzer, the Central players fled the court, stripped their jerseys off, and surfed their student section without acknowledging the Jesuit players they had just defeated. The Jesuit team should never have left the court. It was a display of poor sportsmanship to do so. Of course. However, it was equally offensive to leave the court and partake in a bare-chested celebration in your student section before showing respect to your opponent.

The writer then goes on to vilify the Prep team for causing damage to their locker room after the closing ceremony. “Multiple reliable sources say they were busy trashing the locker room. Sources say that tables of food provided to Prep by the Mohegan Sun were dumped on the floor. Damage was done.” The writer is intentionally vague as to what damage was done; however, after my own investigation, it has been concluded that the food dumped on the floor was one plate of cookies. The flipped plate did not even break; however, there are no excuses for any sort of destruction of property. Even if the said destruction was a flipped plate of cookies, destroying property is an unjustifiable offense—or at least it is unjustifiable if Prep is the perpetrator.

After bashing the Prep team for flipping a plate of cookies in their locker room, the writer goes on to rationalize the destruction of property from Central players and fans: “Central will also receive a bill, the source said, but the damage done by their kids was much more benign. In their joy at winning, the Central kids jumped into the arms of their joyous fans in the end zone, breaking chairs in the process. That they jumped over press tables, causing some dislocation is not acceptable. But the damage done here was clearly not malicious, rather the by-product of happy kids not thinking.”

Of course the Central players shouldn’t be attacked for their mistakes. It is entirely understandable to celebrate with your friends, families, and fans after such an incredible victory. If a few chairs and tables are banged up in the process, it is no big deal; however, it is also entirely understandable that the Prep players had lost their appetite for cookies along with the game. Flipping the plate of cookies is also a benign offense, a casualty of defeat. Many Major League water coolers have received the same treatment over the years. The Prep players shouldn’t be accused of “trashing the locker room” and disgracing their school just as the Central players weren’t accused of smashing up the arena.

The writer said, “actions of the [Prep] student fans were disgraceful”, citing the ice bag explosion and the booing of the opposing team as their two major transgressions. However, he did not mention the actions of the Central student section, a topic that was probably worth discussion. Sean Patrick Bowley, sports writer for GameTime CT, the site that this anti-prep article was found, tweeted, “Central’s celebration became a mosh pit. One of our reporters was bowled over and a Central cheerleader was carried off on a stretcher.” This violent outburst might be seen as disgraceful as well, but the writer did not choose to include it in his article. The writer also chose to omit the fact that the Central players swaggered over to the distraught Prep student section to taunt them after their defeat. An offense many high school athletes are guilty of. It’s not the end of the world; however, neither of these incidents are consistent with the picture of innocent celebration the writer previously described.

By no means do I excuse the Prep players for walking off the court before shaking the hands of their opponents and receiving their medals. As painful as it may have been for them to watch Central celebrate in their student section, they should have waited and lost with more grace. But the same goes for the fashion in which Central won. Prep should not have flipped the plate of cookies in their locker room, but Central should not have broken the chairs and tables in their end zone either. The closing ceremony was just as hectic as the game itself, and it got out of hand for both sides. However, this particular writer chose to only attack the Prep community when there was in fact much blame to go around. Neither team should have been chastised. At the end of the day, they are all just kids, and they made mistakes.

This writer chose to present one side of a very dynamic and exciting story. Whether it was because of his personal biases, I do not know. When journalism becomes personal, it becomes gossip, and gossip is not newsworthy. It was surprising to see a grown man accuse a team of kids of disgracing their school and town over a simple basketball game. When it was all said and done, Central mounted an incredible comeback and defeated a very talented undefeated Prep team. That story should have been enough for any sports writer. It’s a shame some men had to make it out to be more than that.


  1. gobballfan says

    As much as I have bashed FP, I also hate the amateur job that Bramsfield did. Kudos to this Prep student. Nice job.

  2. ACL says

    Very well done Tim. While it is easy to defend one’s classmates (justifiably so), it is difficult to hold them accountable for their actions, right or wrong. Congrats to you and good luck in the future.

  3. Prep'12 says

    Great piece here. The hack job done by the gamtimect reporter is simply a continuation of the years of media bias against Prep. Vilifying a student body for being from a prep, Catholic school is needless and simply there to create bias. I believe this reporter should have to come out and apologize for his poor reporting and go back and take a Media Bias 101 course.

  4. Student of a school says

    Couldn’t have said it any better! Neither side won or lost gracefully, but the actions accused by Jim Bransfield were very inaccurate and biased. The GAME should’ve been the topic of discussion as it was a great one.

  5. Janet says

    This high school senior has done a beautiful job here. Jim Bransfield, this is how to write. You should lose your job over your immature and unprofessional article.

    • Prep Graduate says

      Never hurts to have an on staff PR flack write and/or edit. This is not the Prep I went to. In those days they accepted responsibility, not hid behind the spin of a “director of communications” Tim crafted a very nice response but it boiled down to “they’re picking on us” and “look what the other guys did.” My five year old grandkids have grown out of that (most of the time).

  6. John says

    Gametime ct should fire branfield and hire this prep kid. Extremely well worded, and well written with facts and back able opinions. Well done.

  7. David Graham says

    Tim, I give you credit for responding but “David-and-Goliath”? Really? Central had one loss….along with a coach who would have been able to break a 2-2-1 press. Not sure you can claim Prep as the Goliath in your story.

  8. NDfan says

    Very well said. Couldn’t agree more. As an adult he should comment on the game and not chastise a group of kids.

  9. Prep Alum says

    Well written article. I’m guessing Jim Bransfield bitterness stems from the fact that he was denied admission to Prep. There is a large anti-Prep bias out there ammong journalists and fans. It usually stems from jealousy and the fact that Prep is an excellent academic instituion with a rich sports history.

  10. FP grad says

    This article really puts things into perspective. I enjoy that an eighteen year old wrote a more unbiased and informed article than a veteran reporter. Kind of shows how times are changing. Youthful exuberance is key, and this article exemplifies it. Kiernan not only recognized the faults of Bransfield’s article, but applied true journalistic ethics as well. Well done kid, well done.

  11. ciacfan says

    Poor journalism by Bransfield, and poor behavior by the Fairfield Prep team after the game. Perhaps some bad behavior from the Prep student section as well.

    That being said, great article by this young man. Prep kids are just that, kids. No need to bash the entire school after one bad moment. Bransfield should know better.

  12. unbiased says

    No matter what sporting event involves a Prep team the same can be said about their fans. They show a lack of sportsmanship, are vulger, unsupervised, and immature. As evidenced at the hockey game, the staff of Ingall’s repeatedly had to visit the Prep section and ask them to behave in a more mature manner. If we are to believe that a Prep hockey player, icing his hand, accidentally, in his joy, lost a bag of ice which landed on the court then I better put my boots on because it’s getting real deep.

    Let’s review the Nolan incident when, after receiving his medal, he tossed it into the second row of the stands. I guess in his excitement, it accidentally flew out of his hands. Coach went to retrieve it because he was embarrassed by what Nolan did and as he handed it back to the player was punched in the chest.

    Losing gracefully was not the plan of the players, fans, and arrogant parents of Prep. To say they choked is an understatement. I’m sure when the dust settles, the parents will get together and have this coach removed as was done with Tim & Rich.

    $$ rules at Prep. The arrogant & overprivileged players got a taste of reality. They forgot there was a second half to play. Congratulations on winning the first half. Too bad you lost the second.

    BTY – There were 3 different articles that reported the Prep lack of class and immaturity.

    Congrats to Central and their epic comeback. I hope you’re still celebrating.

        • Jim Bransfield is a little girl says

          Bransfield, as if you couldn’t sound more biased and immature as your original article; congratulations, you did it again. First off let’s discuss the “lack of supervision” in the Prep Bomb Squad. If you knew anything about Prep then you would know that the President was sitting directly in front of the student section while numerous teachers also sat in the area. To say they are completely unsupervised is an absolute lie, there is an administrative/faculty presence at every single sporting event. Second, why take such a direct shot at Tom Nolan, someone who’s a quarter your age? Grow up, he’s a kid. It would be one thing if you were someone who played with or against him, but let’s set it straight; while he worked his ass off to get Prep to its second straight state championship game you were writing for a shitty high school sports column. He has done GREAT things for Prep basketball yet you only feel the need to acknowledge the bad. Yes, what he did was immature, but is Central running into the stands ripping their shirts off any more mature? Stop holding him to the standards of an adult when he’s not even old enough to buy cigarettes. Lastly, how does money relate to any of this? Are you really going to say that “They forget there was a second half to play” because they are “overprivileged” and might have more money than the Central kids? What do you think they were doing at halftime, counting 20’s in the locker room? Give me a break, this was the biggest game of their lives, money was the last thing on their minds. These kids are athletes and dedicate themselves to the sport. This might be a shock Jim, but Prep does in fact have kids from Bridgeport and other inner cities, they don’t all come from money.
          BTY- You have been completely out-classed by a high school student, his article is the one that should have been published, not your cringe-worthy steaming pile of shit and lies.

          Tim, great job here. You have a bright future ahead of you, I look forward to reading your work.

          • Alum00 says

            As someone who was standing in the second row at the time, I can say that Tommy Nolan’s medal came no where near me. I saw him throw the medal and ribbon behind the bench, and once it hit the ground the medal became detached from the ribbon and bounced harmlessly towards the first row of seats.
            As a player that has been in a very similar position as this years prep team, I can easily understand the frustration and regret felt by the Prep kids, but they could’ve and should’ve shown some some more class especially when there are so many journalists out there trying to bring down Prep’s name.
            Well written article Tim, I’m glad you did this.

    • No, I'm not a Prep student says

      Contrary to your name, clearly you are biased. Stating that money rules at Prep and accusing the student body of being arrogant and overprivileged is hardly fair. There are multiple students who receive financial aid or scholarships, and many live in lesser communities themselves. However, this extreme generalization should not even be a factor in your message. Rather than simply criticizing Prep’s student body, you clearly should listen closer to what every single other boys high school team chants in the stands.

    • Go Prep says

      I am a Fairfield Prep grad who was not one of the so-called arrogant and overprivileged students that you speak of. I came from a modest town outside of Fairfield and received plenty of financial aid to attend Fairfield Prep. Before you start assuming things and generalizing the entire student body, you should check your facts. A good amount of kids like myself receive financial aid, so where you get the idea that Prep students are all overprivileged is beyond me. Prep students do countless hours of service in their communities along with other mission trips, so, again, overprivileged and arrogant might not be the best terms to describe Prep students.

      As for the remarks of vulgarity and immaturity, maybe you should take a step back and think of all the things that are directed at Prep kids as well. I can’t count the amount of times homophobic slurs were chanted at us. How does that sound for immature and vulgar? Do you ever hear anyone complain about it though? Of course not, because it is kids being kids.

      If you are going to point the finger at Prep, then there better be another finger pointed at everyone else as well, because everyone would be at fault. Again though, it is just kids being kids.

      You might want to change your name to something more fitting, such as uninformed, or biased. That would suit you just fine.

  13. High School Editor in Chief says

    Speaking as a unbiased high school editor in chief from new york, I have to give a lot of credit to Tim. Fantastic piece of writing that is more professional and is better written than the original piece. Keep up the very good work.

  14. Marcus Da Truth says

    Great article by the young man. It takes a lot to write something and present it to the public with your name attached to it. Great job and good points throughout the article!

  15. anon says

    I hate prep but I love a passionate student section even if theres some vulgarity here and there, thats sports man, the worlds too pc these days anyway and kids are kids. i also love a highly literate article beating down a biased snarky reporter more than anything, i’m not sure how it really went down but im with tim and prep on this one

  16. Anonymous says

    First off, Jim Bransfield is a Middletown Press reporter, not Gametime CT. Second, his article was a summary of all the games from his perspective, NOT the official article covering the game so the fact that he covered anything other than the game is completely acceptable. Not saying that his information was correct, but in a COLUMN, you can write your opinion and be biased. This article is not affecting anyone at Prep seeing as its from Middletown and it does not affect the outcome of the game nor is it going to affect any punishment or lack their of for prep kids. If anything, this article has shown how spoiled prep kids are seeing as they are taking their frustration and embarrassment out on an essentially retired local reporter from nowhere near their town. If prep did what he wrote they did, I dont blame him for condemning them. If they didnt, its obviously not that important because it was an opinion/column/summary article. Get over it and move on

    • Chris A. says


      First of all, why don’t you be a big man give your real name. I speak for most people when I can’t really take anybody seriously who is hiding behind the term “anonymous.” Pathetic. Second, opinions are based on facts. Without facts, who would take your opinions seriously? Nobody, and that’s why the unprofessional, speculative Jim Bransfield is getting much deserved criticism. When you publish something in the news, you expect it to be accurate, thought provoking, and relative the events at hand. Bransfield failed in all three categories.

      I love your comment that this article “is not affecting anyone from Prep.” What an ignorant comment. There are so many people up in arms from Prep about this article because false information was dished out on a website pertaining to high school sports for all of Connecticut! Trust me, you made his job description a top priority in your comment, and should know that he writes for both the Middletown Press and Game Time CT . So, in conclusion, you managed to completely contradict yourself in one sentence. Congratulations.

      Lastly, you mentioned how this article shows how spoiled Prep kids are. How is sticking up for yourself in an articulate, educated, professional manner show a person being spoiled? Wouldn’t a spoiled person whine and complain instead of rationally arguing their point? Your comment literally makes zero sense, and it is imminent you are completely unaware of the meaning of the word “spoiled,” and increasingly clear you know absolutely nothing about the school you are criticizing.

      Next time you choose to comment in the opinion column, something else you made clear, please make sure you are educated on the topic at hand. As a Prep alum, I know something like this is not a big deal, but it’s people like you who keep bringing it up and are unable to let it go…another paradox in your litany of contradictions. I would suggest you take over for Bransfield, whom you said was “essentially retired.” You’d be pretty good at his job. You can even write all your columns as Anonymous.

      • You Mad Doe says

        But yet you dont have a full name attached to your response….its a blog! everybody makes up names smh ive seen ppl post as anonymous over and over…..Chris A…sounds made up…..another salty Prep alum

        • Chris A. says

          Thanks, pal. I’ll be sure to take advice from someone who uses the name “You Mad Doe.” Go take your sorry — generalizations and accusations somewhere else.

      • noel says

        no wonder the kids are like this on match day.
        try parenting, its not the kids fault (17) its the parents its not the school, its the parents, take responsibility.
        I can only assume bransfield wrote, what he witnessed from his position in the press box ?
        tim, I hope that you get the lecturers that will listen to “U” in university.
        Nolan, does he have freckles and red hair. it all might be just the hot blood of the celts.
        move on…..shame on you bransfield for not naming those responsible, if your an old scribe, which I believe you are, you know the problem too well.
        its worldwide.

      • You Mad Doe says

        Everybody here posts anonymously including you ACL, if that is your real name….take pride in your response and write out the full name for whatever ACL may stand for….again its a blog and ppl always post with funny, interesting, different names…including anonymous which is seen over and over….get over it guy

        • ACL says

          My name is Alan C Longley. I use my initials to make it easier to post. What’s your name?

          I took exception to the anonymous post because of his name calling of high school kids that he doesn’t know. What was the point of your post?

          PS-I ain’t mad doe.

          • You Mad Doe says

            A person makes a knowledgable assessment of their view about the topic and you attack them bc they posted as “anonymous”…understand basically everyone one here has some sort of name they use that isn’t their real name!! Alan C Longley could be made up just as much as Anonymous…..so why attack them?? Just let it be and make your statements based off what they actually said not what Name he used….and really? name calling high school kids, I’ve seen much more ignorant stuff on here that didn’t get corny responses…..And the point of my post was to say how ridiculous of a comment you made (as well as person before you), I don’t post much on here especially with an annoyed attitude bc its a blog and its never that big a deal but this just got to me for some reason. Btw my name is You Mad Doe obviously since we all have to post with our legalized names Alan C Longley

          • ACL says

            I didn’t attack anyone. I simply asked why he posted without using his name or even a made up name.

            You’re right, I could have made up the name I put on here, but I didn’t. I still had the balls to put my real name to it. You, on the other hand, are still hiding behind a username. What confuses me the most is why the hell you care? Is it a friend of yours? I asked the question of the person who made the post and they have yet to respond.

            I am sorry that you are annoyed. It was a simple question to someone else. To quote you, get over it guy.

          • You Mad Doe says

            No he isn’t a friend, no idea who the person is…I’m just standing up for all that is right and just here on this blog. And yeah I’m using a username to hide my secret identity…sort of like a super hero. Till next time ACL, I know you post on here a lot….perhaps our next encounter will be more upbeat and joyous….just don’t be mad doe :)

  17. Al Carbone says

    Excellent job Tim.

    Unfortunately, while Mr. Bransfield’s so-called article is called a “column” – he still had to use unnmaed “sources” from the CIAC to present his one-sided opinion… So, in fact, his reporting (or opinion) is shoddy (several mistakes), and the CIAC is also a bit disingenuous if it needs to resort to using “unnamed sources” (rather than providing an official statement to the situation) to admonish a member school.

    Regardless of the wrong doing, a member school, and one that pays a lot of money in dues to the CIAC; and also one that made the CIAC a lot of revenue while playing in two high-profile championships in one day, should at least get the opportunity to present its case; not be relegated to an one-sided judge, jury and executioner.

    • willie says

      Excellent article Tim. Well done. This is jouranlism.
      Prep players and fans could have behaved better no doubt. And I suppose the same could be said for Central players at the end but I would not fault them for the celebration after such a great come back and win.
      But this article by Jim Bransfield was really shoddy, unlike Tim’s piece. “So we are left to wonder why. Maybe losing to an inner-city team was part of it.” A needless speculation or “opinion” with all sorts of baseless and unfair undertones that are not helpful for a variety of reasons..
      Actually, and unfortunately i suppose for their fans, teams like prep have alot of experience losing basketball games to great inner city teams like hillhouse and central, which tend after all to be the best. I tend to think it all had more to do with blowing a 20 point lead in an emotional game in the state finals for the only lose of the year, and not sure it would have helped if the opponent had been a mediocre program from the “suburbs”.
      Anyway- and to be clear this is just my “opinion” a la Bransfield’s brand of journalism-I am indeed left to “wonder why”? why Bransfield publishes this drivel? is it that the Middletown Press has no editors or that Bransfield is suffering from the latter acute stages of syphilis, or both?

  18. Portia Elliott says

    Much respect and Love to this amazing Prep youth! Mr. Kiernan you make
    us proud!

    Proud Parent of Your Student Body President, Tony Fox

  19. Fat Mike says

    I am shocked the SCC commisioner has chimed in on this subject. Is that really you? I have more than an interest in the SCC. This garbage is embarrassing enough for the conference. I’ve expressed my opinion. We know have the commissioner publicly involved.

  20. Brendan Lynch says

    Excellent writing Tim, I ‘ll miss your articles on Prep sports and random thoughts. Hope your majoring in journalism at the lucky university you select to further your craft.

  21. ct hoops says

    Great article, it’s about time someone called bransfield out for writing these types of articles which he is notorious for. He is a huge supporter of Middletown high school and usually xavier takes the brunt of his Catholic school rants while everything negative with middletown high is down played or just ignored by him. I could go on and on about this topic but I’m pretty sure everyone gets the point.the bottom line is anyway he could point out negativity (weather proven or not) he always writes about it especially for Catholic private schools and when they do something good it’s rarely a big topic. Kids make mistakes regardless where they go to school he should focus more on what went on during the game and less about digging up dirt. Way to go Jim

  22. JB says

    Come on Prep, time to move on. Jim’s story was basically accurate and your rationalizations for being a “poor sport” are getting old. Humble pie, please taste it.

  23. Observation says

    Bansfield is +/- 60 and still writing for a small town paper and this online forum. I guess he turned down the offer from Sports Illustrated.

  24. gobballfan says

    Just wondering… how come no input or answers from SPB, Joe M, anyone from GameTime, or gob forbid, the “COLUMNIST”

  25. Frank J says

    In the end Prep couldn’t finish! Great year but –
    Football- blown out 28-6 in second half by a better team. LL runner Up.
    Basketball – 27-1 with no ring. Also after game antics are inexcusable for both teams.
    6 assistant coaches and no supervision for Prep.
    Also does Murphy still think he is a D 1 guard. For his height he would get eaten alive in D 1 basketball.
    Nolan? Bumping players on the way to the bench all year? Taunting? Hey what goes around comes around.
    Lastly has anyone located Nolan’s lost medal in the stands? Clean up crew find it?
    Also would the head coach or Captains of Prep please make a public statement. Apology maybe?
    That is all.

    • ACL says

      Are you serious with this post? Stick to the subject at hand please. Let’s not make about anything else.

      On another note, do you enjoy bashing HS athletes because you couldn’t compete yourself? Or is it some other shortcoming that compels you to comment on something that you know nothing about (I am referring here to your knowledge of the game)?

      I’m glad your last post is all. Keep it that way.

    • mo $ says

      Frank J, Its all right its ok, you are going to work for us some day!!!!, shut up sit down….shut up sit down…NO ONE CARES…you are a joke……

    • Jerry H says

      Frank, the #1 problem with our youth is they don’t know how to compete. Thats not a problem with Tommy Nolan. He’s a kid and made a mistake in the heat of the moment and it’s kind of sickening when an adult vilifies 16 year old kids. Murphy and Nolan would both wipe the floor with you and I would pay to see that. Get a life. How many state championships did you play in?

  26. I heard... says

    I heard from a few people that Prep is banned from ever playing at Mohegan again, so maybe it’s just a rumor but if it’s true, I’m doubting is was only over a few stale cookies!

  27. TKL says

    “When journalism becomes personal, it becomes gossip, and gossip is not newsworthy”

    This line definitively ends the argument/discussion. A job well done, in reminding us of this most important, most basic concept of journalistic ethics.

  28. Ct High School Bball Fan says

    I think Tim did an excellent job with his article and he pointed out some great points to both sides of the story! Jim Bransfield didn’t write that article to bash Prep alone, he wrote it to take a shot at all catholic or private schools and really was a shot at Xavier. He has always been bias toward catholic schools ever since Xavier has been beating up on Middletown High! He has always accused Xavier of stealing players or recruiting players from Middletown High! Any chance he gets to take a shot at a Private or Catholic school he takes it! He has wrote article after article about all the unfortunate or dumb things kids from Xavier sports has done! Rarely have you ever heard about how Middletown High players or any other public school athletes have served consequences for off the court issues! It happens just the same in public and private schools, catholic or not kids are kids but in public schools it is not always dealt with in the same manner. However, I think the kid Tim did an excellent job explaining the entire story and how bad it could of looked from both sides of the contest. I agree it is ashame that a writer took the efforts and competiveness of high school basketball and tuns it into a negative! These athletes put in a lot of blood, sweat, and practice into this season they should both be commended on one hell of a season. If teams seem out of control on either side of the outcome than write about the coaches cause I believe is who should be held accountable! These are kids they do dumb things and act impulsively sometimes but as coaches it is their job to teach and guide these kids on how to win and how to lose with class!

  29. rodeen says

    Jebs right! Let prep make it case by having the AD or coaching staff explain in detail what really happened then we can let the story go away

    • swc dominates nvl says

      Frank J, still a hell of a year and it sounds as though it bothers you more than anyone else. as one has already said, somebody has to lose. There are 139 or so non champions in CT, I guess all of them should be razzled and depressed.

    • Jerry H says

      Frank J. Let me guess you were denied admission to prep and got your butt kicked by the prep bowling team. Have you ever been to central or Ridgefield and listened to their students. Are you related to bransfield.

  30. Willie says

    Happy to move on about sports but not without one last word. Jim bransfield is a hack and his stories should be dropped by gametime ct. These stories may come from Middletown press but gametime puts them on its site. And therefore has to take responsibility for the bias of this guy…and I m not talking anti catholic schools..a bias which is apparent. That is open game..hey smash the catholic schools..who cares we are only catholic. We can live with that. But this story crossed the line into a strange form of class prejudice and, what is truly unacceptable, racism.

  31. misunderstood_fanatics says

    This is just classic classism between Fairfield and Bridgeport. This reminds me when Prep played ND-Fairfield in the state hockey championship back when I was a senior, and rather than writing about the great overtime game, they decided to compare the two student sections: Prep fans wearing scarves and belts while ND-Fairfield fans were “more modest” wearing t-shirts. I find it distasteful that the Connecticut press covering high school sports loves to point out the irrelevant differences between a private prep school in a relatively wealthy town and a public high school from less wealthy area of Bridgeport. They appear to enjoy blowing the class differences of two student fan sections out of proportion when in reality, teams and fans alike would act similarly. If Prep had won the exciting basketball final, do you think the author’s article would have been any different? My guess is that it would be relatively similar; however, he would have described the distasteful celebration of a prep school that would have been acting in the same manner as an inner city public high school.

  32. cash money club says

    to New Haven Fans (frank J and gobballfan) its allright its ok you will work for us (Prep kids) some day…ha ha ha…why dont both of you try to educate yourself, study, and become something other than posting on websites….oh yeah…shut up and sit down…I am writing this from my audi on the way to country club, and then to a 4 year ivy league school….ha ha ha ha…and yup im a prep senior and have worked my tail off school wise…so shut up and sit down clowns. Garbage pick up is every tuesday and thursday…..see you then

    • Frank J says

      Very insecure I see to have to state you own a car or belong to a country club. They say people who have to say that usually have zero. Believe me assume all you want please of my background but you would be surprised and I don’t have to explain anything to you. So you are a senior and spoiled. That sums up why 2014 will be remembered as the Prep class that couldn’t finish. No points for second place clown! Also your school is known as sore losers and spoiled kids who don’t have a clue about the real world. At your ivy league school your will be a nobody. Probably a 145 lb dork. Good luck!
      Also show me where prep keeps the runner up trophy’s in school! Live to see that.

      • GO NOLES!! says

        Frank J-
        How old are you?
        I mean, you are entitled to opinions, ignorant or otherwise.
        But the immaturity of your posts, the apparent need for attention, and the perverse delight you take in the loss of a game by teenagers, suggests you write your posts in crayon and Mommy types them for you.

        You despise Prep, and all privileged enough to attend the school. Point taken. We get it. Give it a rest.

  33. wmabelina says

    Brilliantly written and well thought out response. We send our sons to Prep to educate as well as develop character. This young man is a perfect example of both.

  34. Prep parent - 2012 says

    Tim – Great job on this response – showing you’re a man for others. Bransfield should publish an apology with all the fanfare aggregated for his venomous OpEd previously printed. Great job.

  35. CJK Prep 80 says

    Maybe the writer went to St. Joe’s in the 70’s and 80’s? HA HA HA.

    AMDG….remember it, live it, love it…and you will never have to worry!

  36. Jonny Boy says

    Wow, no love for Bransfield here. What really surprises me is the complete lack of respect for a reporter that has been on the beat for longer that what seems like most of the commenters have been alive.
    While I don’t always agree with what JB writes, I believe that his so-called offensive remarks were in a column, not an official write-up of the game. He is entitled to speak his mind just as the anonymous posters have here with their replies. And he has to attach his name to it. That takes some guts and deserves a little more respect than what I’m reading in many of the immature comments posted here.
    The student who wrote the reply did a great job and was very thorough, but those that were at the game or watching on TV saw the same things JB saw and they weren’t on the court while it happened.
    Sorry kid, but you team didn’t exhibit the best sportsmanship in the waning moments of and after the game – JB called you on it. As an impartial observer of an exciting game with no allegiance to either schools, I have to agree with most of what Mr. Bransfield states. Take the criticism on the chin and hopefully you and your peers will be able to walk away from defeat with a little more grace and composure next time.

    • FP 82 says

      Speak his mind…yes, But when it is done with malice and little effort to get facts straight…no. If Bansfield has been reporting “for longer than most” then he should be better at his craft. Jim got show up by a 17 year old. Love it!

  37. Frank Russo- Trumbull says

    Tim did a nice job, he was eloquent and persuasive. I don’t buy the water on the floor was an accident. Anyway, Prep does have a Public Relations problem. Many folks around the state in positions of authority find their coaches, and parents arrogant and unsportsmanlike. That needs some attention.

  38. Henry Luce says

    Media these days is all about sensationalism… it drives more readers and impresses more advertisers, which in turn makes more money for the publication.
    I have no idea if Bransfield intentionally wrote this story to ignite emotions and create this whirlwind… but ask yourself who the real winner is every time this story is linked to… or when a promising young writer creates a piece like this. Every writer wants his pieces to get attention. Its an age-old trick to find the one part of a story that will cause controversy and dwell on it. This article is proof that Bransfield knew exactly what he was doing.
    When it comes to selling advertising and driving traffic to content, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” How many of you had even *heard* of the Middletown Press before this? They (and by extension, Bransfield) are the winner here. I bet the online analytics for this article on their site broke every record they’ve ever had. Why aren’t the commenting on this? Because they are thrilled with the outcome.
    Unfortunately, Prep is probably the loser as they could legitimately argue the “no such thing as bad publicity” phrase. They’ve been dragged through the mud on this one, rightfully or not, and its harder to wash off the mud at the end of the day than it is to sell advertising.

  39. Dr. Von Nostran says

    Well written response.

    Before condemning the entire Prep community, people should watch the video below.
    Rivals playing for the first time in years, spirited student sections, and an exciting (heart-breaking) ending.

    The Prep players and coaches handled the loss with dignity and class. The two sides, students and fans, all exited the same gate with no incidents….as it should be.


    My only questions is: where were the assistant coaches at Mohegan Sun?

  40. gobballfan says

    Too bad Leo doesn’t want football players on the basketball team. Perhaps some of that sportsmanship could rub off on his golden boys

  41. Jon says

    Come on bad article here by jim but lets be real the bomb squad has the WORST sportsmanship at all their games. Its embarrassing to see the kids act that way win or lose. So lets not feel bad for poor prep here.. oh and yeah ice was thrown by accident!!! Ok, we are gonna buy that bs

    • Reality Prep says

      it wasn’t ice you moron, it was water from an ice bag. I guess it is better to go to a NH game where one cannot even cheer or may start a fight with the home crowd because they don’t like prep boys coming in a cheering on their team. winning brings on jealousy, and that is what prep does, they win. Yes, kids want to go to Prep instead of their home public school, and can you blame most of them? The coaching is underpaid and it shows, the competition is usually horrid. If your kid wants any chance of going to college to play sports (ie lax, hoops, football, etc) then I suggest going somewhere where the coaches are paid professionals and not some former high school rb or linemen who they can get for minimal dollars. Look at the results and the signings this season alone for football? Look at hoops too?

  42. gobballfan says

    And whata fine job your overpaid coach did against a supposedly underpaid Bridgeport public school. The only reason your basketball player is playing in college is because he is 7′ tall. Had nothing to do with coaching. And he will not even be a factor in college. And only talk about D1 signings. DII and DIII
    don’t count. If you start for a decent HS program, there is always a school that you can play at.

    • Prep Sports says

      Let me just list the scholarships from the senior and Junior class:
      Football: Yale, Boston College, Fordham
      Basketball: Providence
      Lacrosse: UPenn, Princeton
      Junior: (remember these are just verbal commits)
      Football: 2 to Boston College
      Basketball: some on the way
      Baseball: Harvard
      These are all D1 schools so you might want to stop talking
      Some I have forgotten to mention like swimming/ diving
      Get your facts straight
      Team record of 27-1 I don’t think the coach did a bad job. If you still think so, then I would have to give you no credit for that comment.
      Prep for life

      • Fat Mike says

        I didn’t realize the Ivy League awarded athletic scholarships! One decent year from your football team doesn’t make them a power house. I’m sure Prep will gey back to their usual pillow fighting ways very soon.

          • Prep Sports says

            7 foot guys name is paschal and no we have the best guards, forwards, and centers in the league. Take a look at Ryan foley or Tom Nolan or Ray featherson. They are all great players. And does it matter that we are not a football school? No because we are number 2 in the state and Colton is going to do it again this year. Oh yeah sorry for the miscommunication on scholarships, some of those are and some not. I just know that princeton kid was committed verbally since his sophomore year. We did not get blown out by Southington, we were winning at half by double and then we lost momentum like basketball. We got too cocky and we kept on running the same plays. You shall never under estimate Prep’s ability. Lacrosse on their way too

        • 2015 Loaded says

          And what will you say after Prep does it 2 years in a row for football? Lots of players getting recruited from the 2015 prep class already. Not many schools will be able to compete with this loaded team.

          • 2015 Loaded says

            And NH football has zero chance of competing with Prep. It will be hand or prep as #1 next season.

          • Fat Mike says

            Does what? Get blown out by a public school in the championship game again? Safe bet they aren’t going anywhere near there. They lost the toughest kid to ever come come out of that group of tea toters. Not a football school and w/o the 7′ guy, soon to be .500 team in basketball.

          • JB says

            Prep is the team to beat in LL football next year. Greenwich will be right there with them. Longi is very special – best back in CT if stays healthy. Hand and Darien tops in L. FCIAC challenge week is right around the corner and will be awesome again this year.

            Prep b-ball coach / program could learn a few things from football coach. Prep football does it the right way. Humble, hard-working, tons of class.

  43. Fat Mike says

    52-34 is not getting blown out? Are you the same one commenting on Prep’s coaching being paid professionals?
    Also, Nolan is good, the other 2 are role players on a good team.

    • Wannabe Prep Guy says

      You must not have been at that game FM? it wasn’t a blow out and only 38-34 with 5 minutes left. But we see, you are one of the guys that just look at stats after games and make your conclusion from there. Too bad, as you are missing a lot in sports that way.

      It is really bothering you that prep has already been to 3 championship games and most likely, a 4th coming in lax. Who else can claim that?

  44. westport staples says

    relevant is where one wants to be in HS sports. Staples was down last season but we will once again be relevant again this season. Not much being said about this team but you heard it here first! After last season and not making the playoffs, it sucked watching some of these teams that do not play any competition make it while we were waiting for certain teams to play to see if we qualify, but I wouldn’t change it in a heartbeat with our schedule and league.

    Wreckers the team to watch in 2015

  45. BobR says

    Guess Bransfield might have been on to something…or the CIAC uses Bransfield as their sole source of info…Prep got what they deserved. They should really consider playing with the other Prep schools or stop paying for players.

    Justice is sweet!

    • fciac jr says

      if it was as bad as Bransfield said, Prep wouldn’t just get probation, they would lose out on next year’s CIAC tournament. But of course, they wont as probation is just slap of the hand.

      BobR, which school do you support since you have this jealousy thing going on with Prep? Maybe Amity? Shelton?

      • The Dude says

        I agree that the Prep hatred is a little much at times. But when you act like a bunch of […] be prepared to be called out on it. That’s the biggest problem with Prep and their supporters that they don’t accept that.

        It had to be bad to be placed on probation. I can’t remember any team in any sport being placed on probation for disciplinary reasons.

  46. JB says

    Message from the CIAC seems fairly clear and it looks like Jim’s article was likley accurate.

    Prep officials should have done their own quick assessment ahead of the CIAC … can’t believe the school apologized only after being handed-down with the official probation. Lack of appropriate immediate action makes Prep officials look bad and too focused on state titles versus the quality of player/fan character.

  47. AC says

    Yes the weak FCIAC conference that won 4 of the last 5 LL states championships and beat a SCC team all 4 times.

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