UPDATED: Every roster you need for June’s ‘Super 100’ Senior All-Star football game


Sinclair O’Brian gets extra yards during the second quarter of the 2013 Military Bowl at Rentschler Field in East Hartford. The 2014 teams for the game, which has been renamed the Super 100, have been picked for the game on June 28. Photo: Peter Casolino / New Haven Register

Update, April 17, 10:54: According to John Ferazzi, the rosters previously published are incorrect, so we have reposted NEW final rosters below.


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The ‘Super 100’ Senior All-Star Football game held its Top 50 draft at Rentschler Field last week. A few days later, coaches John Ferazzi of Sheehan and Sean Marinan of Xavier filled out the remainder of their rosters.

Give or take some minor adjustments if players suddenly become unavailable for whatever reason, this is what the two sides will look like when the two sides clash in the ‘Super 100’ game at Rentschler Field on June 28 at 4:30 p.m.

2014 CT Super 100 Football All Star Team [PDF]

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 10.51.42 PM

Draft Result: Team picks

Team Nutmeg: (Coach John Ferazzi, Sheehan)

  • Ervin Philips, RB, West Haven
  • Norvel Stewart, QB/DB Bloomfield
  • Nick Roberts, QB, Trumbull
  • Tony Fox, Fairfield Prep
  • Keith Benjamin, DL, Windsor
  • Ryne Greisenhauer, WR, Naugatuck
  • Levi Fancher, LB, Woodland
  • Chris Young, LB, Rocky Hill
  • Logan Marchi, QB, St. Paul
  • Alik Bures, OL, Woodland
  • Ethan Suraci, North Haven
  • Geoff Skowronek, OL, Wethersfield
  • Tynique Woods-Culver, WR, Windsor
  • Sal Esposito, LB, NDWH
  • Brandon Gauthier, WR, Sheehan
  • Jimmy Murphy, LB, Avon
  • Erlin Colon, OL, Platt
  • Nick Boddie, LB, New Britain
  • Otilio Berrios, Hartford Public
  • Duane Gary, QB, West Haven
  • Mike Schuchmann, DL, St. Joseph
  • Octavio Thomas, WR, Hall
  • Jason Nelson, S, Platt
  • Darren Jackson, CB, St. Joseph
  • Jose Garcia, WR, New London

Team Constitution (Coach: Sean Marinan, Xavier)

  • Tuzar Skipper, DL, NFA
  • Harold Cooper, RB, Hillhouse
  • Antone Mack, Ansonia
  • Stephen Barmore, QB, Southington
  • Khary Childs, Ledyard
  • Kryan McKinney-Crudden, Glastonbury
  • Cole Harris, New Canaan
  • Ahmed Hourani, OL, Warde
  • Nick Cascione, QB, New Canaan
  • Andrew Meoli, RB, Xavier
  • Zach Maxwell, LB, Southington
  • Jalen Ollie, QB, Glastonbury
  • Kenny Jones, WR, Farmington
  • T.J. Hayduk, WR, Trumbull
  • Myles Goulburne, WR, Crosby
  • Will Garrity, LB, Xavier
  • Corey Barrett, LB, Norwalk
  • Diante Louis Jolley, S, New Britain
  • Godfrey Harris, CB, Hillhouse
  • Mike DiCosimo, CB, New Canaan
  • Anthony Carpenter, WR, Farmington
  • Joe Farrah, OL, Hall
  • Josh Rivera, OL, New Britain
  • Thomas LaRosa, OL, Norwalk
  • Nate Gonzalez, DB, Xavier
  • Tarrol Stafford, DL, Hillhouse

Draft Results: Pick-by-Pick

Team Ferazzi (Nutmeg) won the toss and picked first, taking West Haven RB and Syracuse recruit Ervin Philips.

  1. Ferazzi: Ervin Philips, RB, West Haven
  2. Marinan: Tuzar Skipper, NFA
  3. Ferazzi: Norvel Stewart, QB/DB Bloomfield
  4. Marinan: Harold Cooper, RB, Hillhouse
  5. Ferazzi: Nick Roberts, QB, Trumbull
  6. Marinan: Antone Mack, Ansonia
  7. Ferazzi: Tony Fox, Fairfield Prep
  8. Marinan: Stephen Barmore, QB, Southington
  9. Ferazzi: Keith Benjamin, DL, Windsor
  10. Marinan: Khary Childs, Ledyard
  11. Ferazzi: Ryne Greisenhauer, WR, Naugatuck
  12. Marinan: Kryan McKinney-Crudden, Glastonbury
  13. Ferazzi: Levi Fancher, LB, Woodland
  14. Marinan: Cole Harris, New Canaan
  15. Ferazzi: Chris Young, LB, Rocky Hill
  16. Marinan: Ahmed Hourani, OL, Warde
  17. Ferazzi: Logan Marchi, QB, St. Paul
  18. Marinan: Nick Cascione, QB, New Canaan
  19. Ferazzi: Alik Bures, OL, Woodland
  20. Marinan: Andrew Meoli, RB, Xavier
  21. Ferazzi: Ethan Suraci, North Haven
  22. Marinan: Zach Maxwell, LB, Southington
  23. Ferazzi: Geoff Skowronek, OL, Wethersfield
  24. Marinan: Jalen Ollie, QB, Glastonbury
  25. Ferazzi: Tynique Woods-Culver, WR, Windsor
  26. Marinan: Kenny Jones, WR, Farmington
  27. Ferazzi: Sal Esposito, LB, NDWH
  28. Marinan: T.J. Hayduk, WR, Trumbull
  29. Ferazzi: Brandon Gauthier, WR, Sheehan
  30. Marinan: Myles Goulburne, WR, Crosby
  31. Ferazzi: Jimmy Murphy, LB, Avon
  32. Marinan: Will Garrity, LB, Xavier
  33. Ferazzi: Erlin Colon, OL, Platt
  34. Marinan: Corey Barrett, Norwalk
  35. Ferazzi: Nick Boddie, LB, New Britain
  36. Marinan: Diante Louis Jolley, S, New Britain
  37. Ferazzi: Otilio Berrios, Hartford Public
  38. Marinan: Godfrey Harris, CB, Hillhouse
  39. Ferazzi: Duane Gary, QB, West Haven
  40. Marinan: Mike DiCosimo, CB, New Canaan
  41. Ferazzi: Mike Schuchmann, DL, St. Joseph
  42. Marinan: Anthony Carpenter, WR, Farmington
  43. Ferazzi: Octavio Thomas, WR, Hall
  44. Marinan: Joe Farrah, OL, Hall
  45. Ferazzi: Jason Nelson, S, Platt
  46. Marinan: Josh Rivera, OL, New Britain
  47. Ferazzi: Darren Jackson, CB, St. Joseph
  48. Marinan: Thomas LaRosa, OL, Norwalk
  49. Marinan: Nate Gonzalez, DB, Xavier
  50. Ferazzi: Jose Garcia, WR, New London
  51. Marinan: Tarrol Stafford, DL, Hillhouse


  1. swcbaby says

    so only 2 players were good enough from the SWC to make either of these squads? Brookfield was runner up in states and Newtown was #1 throughout the season in all of LL. They should have an all star team from each conference in a playoff format and then the SWC would show all what they are about.

    • Josh Boone says

      If by “show all what they are about” you mean losing to the FCIAC, SCC, NVL and CCC then you’re spot on, the mighty SWC!

      • seth says

        ya and some of the mighty tech schools as well. why cant you guys stop trying to prove what league sucks, which league is the strongest, its so boring. let the kids play and stop taking away the hard work they put in. if they lose they lose but thats why you play the games

  2. Nobody says

    Where’s Arkeel??? Would love to see him run against a real defense. This would be his first real test of the season.

    • Marcus Da Truth says

      Uconn told him not to play since last yr when Tim Boyle played the whole game running QB draws in the 4th quarter. Otherwise I heard him say personally that he would play in the game.

    • Truth says

      Your screen name pretty much says it all.

      Arkeel will be playing against D1 players soon. So yes, I’m sure he’s quite afraid of playing CT high school defenders who will never play college football.

  3. gobballfan says

    To be honest, why do they have these games? Why would any top recruit leaving for school/summer practice soon risk getting hurt in one of these games.

    • JR says

      Pride, Representing your town. Some of these kids may never play college ball because they don’t understand the recruiting process not because they are not good ball players. Hell you can get hurt in pre-season and not play a down as a freshman. For some of these kids it’s an opportunity to prove themselves against some of the top talent in the state. Who selects the Head Coaches? I understand the X coach but what was Sheenans record?

  4. Marcus Da Truth says

    Why isn’t mike jones not on the nutmeg roster. He got selected to play by the coaches I spoke with.

  5. Crimson Crusader says

    Why so many players??? Watering down the talent is no way to build good matchups…..I played in the former Nutmeg Bowl in Bpt. and we had 30 guys on a squad (from the East and West) and everyone got a lot of playing time (Not just on special teams) which kept everyone happy who participated…..It appears that money may have a lot to do with it these days….if so why play at the “Rent”…..it puts a lot of pressure on the parents to take out program ads (too expensive) and sell tickets to the game….who sets up this ridiculous game???….When I played, it was an honor to get chosen and we did not have to pay for anything….we even kept the game jersey…. the world has changed…..and not for the better……This is why our country is in such financial turmoil…..from Washington to CT.

    • Consigliere says

      Crimson Crusader…unfortunately no one knew what you were talking about on 4/18 w your comments about the $200 mandatory add and ticket sales…we all know now! Typical money-grubbing scam. Make everyone feel great, lots of praise, “CT’s most elite group of HS football players ever” a direct quote from a coach who commands (and deserves) too much respect for me to include his name as he and his own accomplishments are far above this current abomination, though, I wish he’d speak up and try to right the ship which is way off course.

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      This isn’t directed at anyone in particular, but please — once again — no disparaging comments about individuals. You will be banned. Thanks.

  6. Rob (OCEC) says

    Anyone else having difficulty reaching the CIAC site? I get the following when I try to go to the CIAC Football or other sport pages:
    Uh-oh, something went wrong! Error Code: 500

    I was hoping that next years football schedules would be up soon.

    More on topic though, I miss the CT VS RI game. I know that CT was downing the RI team so it wasn’t quite a competitive as some had hoped. What would it take to maybe set up a Home and Away series with Massachusetts?

    • Mike PucciMike Pucci says

      Not sure if the CIAC site is down or not, but the CIAC told me football schedules were going to be released in June.

  7. Josh Boone says

    So a little birdie just filled me in on a player-parent meeting that took place tonight. Guess they couldn’t get some major sponsor to put this game on, the players themselves are essentially funding this whole thing. first a $100 dollar “Sponsorship” then a mandatory 200 Minimum “ad” to be published in the game program. and to top it all off, the players have to sell 50 tickets a piece at 8 dollars a pop.
    And those Coaches wonder why Connecticut football doesn’t get enough respect, but then again, THIS WILL BE THE YEAR, WITH THIS ROSTER, THAT CT FOOTBALL GETS THE RESPECT IT DESERVES!!

  8. UBilly says

    This is a shame. If the players families are actually paying for this game no wonder the crazy large rosters. If the CIAC can’t find sponsors then either play the game at a school site or don’t play it.

    • Consigliere says

      Couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately have to now consider pulling my son from his team. As much as I’d love to watch him play one more HS football game among CT’s elite, I can’t see spending the money they’re asking for when I’m looking at a very steep debt to send him to college next year. Sorry coaches, but we all must prioritize.

      • footballmom says

        I also agree with you. Had we been told upfront about the costs involved which are passed onto the parents and athletes we probably would not have participated. Why can’t they play at a smaller site such as CCSU or SCSU? Also, the organization complains about athletes from some conferences such as the FCIAC don’t participate but they make it so difficult having the meetings and practices way up the line. During rush hour traffic yesterday it took a very long time to get to Southington for the 6 pm meeting from lower Fairfield County. I too have a steep college bill as my son decided to attend a private school that does not give scholarships to play football and I am not loving having to pay a mandatory $200 (min. ad fee) and sell 50 tickets in addition to paying the $100 last night.

  9. fciacfan says

    $700 for the honor of playing in this game — that’s crazy. If you don’t have a sponsor, reduce the scope of the game — play it at West Haven HS vs. The Rent…come up with a better alternative. As Consigliere said, you’ll probably see a bunch of kids tap out now due to the finances.

  10. taggert says

    are these the same idiots that decided to have 8 state champions for one of the smallest states in the US? If so, these guys are batting 1.000 this season.

  11. gobbalfan says

    What a joke. Typical CIAC. Again what is the purpose of playing a football game 6 months after most of these kids have last played, It means nothing, other than the CIAC trying to make a few bucks. These kids can’t play an extra round of playoffs, or 3 games in 2 weeks because of “safety issues”. But they want to run this meaningless game, where only bad things can happen.

      • Consigliere says

        Football Mom, unfortunately you’re already on the hook for $100. Good luck requesting a refund if you opt out. The more I read the forms and think about all the garbage we were fed last night, the angrier I get. Imagine if the original combine invitation included a statement that “seniors who are selected to a team will be responsible for a total of $700 to fund this prestigious event”. It would have been the quietest the Floyd Little complex had ever been. So, rather than be up front with everyone in the first place, they put our kids up on pedestals, tell them how special they are just for being invited to initial workout. Then 50 kids are invited up to the Rentschler facility on April 8th for the live draft…still NO MENTION OF A $700 INVESTMENT. In the interim, the remaining 50 players are drafted and notified, along with the initial 50, of last night’s meeting where the bomb was dropped. Thanks men, way to set our kids up for a big honor and exciting day and then put moms and dads in the position where they now have to say “no”. Hey CT Coaches Assoc., are any of you on this thread? How about some explanations? How about a nice HS turf stadium? Drop Rent. Does it really take $70,000 (100 players X $700 each) to stage a CT Senior All Star Football Game, or is this just an old fashioned “money grab”? How much are the coaches getting paid? Are there “scholarship All-Stars”? How about Fontana, who rolled out the finances last night? Unpaid volunteer or 10% of the take? Just asking. Final rhetorical question, was it explained to all the kids that are “alternates” that they may get a call to play….”but it’ll cost you $700″. Hate to say, but the brainiacs behind this atrocity should be ashamed of themselves, though their crass arrogance will most likely block such emotion. Sorry Sean, venting a bit…interested in your thoughts??

  12. HSFB says

    Just wanted to comment on the game. I was at the meeting and is my take on the cost. Yes we all on the hook for $100 right off the bat. The $100 covers a jersey that the boys get to keep, a t-shirt, 5 tickets to the game and a pre-game lunch for the boys at the Rent. At a minimum we then have to pay $200 for a picture/bio of the players in the add book. The players can get sponsors from friends/businesses to assist in paying the $200 for the picture/bio. You can also sell adds to business’ to generate money to assist with offsetting the cost of the game. Then we were given 50 tickets each to sell at the cost of $8.00 each. I believe it was made clear that we Do Not have to sell every ticket, which means we do not have to cover the cost of 50 tickets out of our pocket. The players were given 50 tickets each in hope that they could sell tickets to fill the stands with people to watch the game. In short, we paid $100 then we need to raise at least $200 for the add. As far as the tickets sales, do your best to fill the stands.

    • Consigliere says

      That’s very helpful. I will confirm w Mr. Fontana. I thought I heard that as well, however, the paperwork suggested otherwise.

  13. FYI says

    The coaches are paid nothing and volunteer their time, gladly. Fontana is the control on this, the money not used to put the event on is then donated to charities. Sponsorship opportunities have been presented in the past to cover the expenses, but he refuses to take the financial responsibilities off of the players and their families. Its very unfortunate how this game is setup especially for the players who can’t afford the $300 commitment it takes to play in this game. The players will be threatened throughout the process that if they don’t pay for the ad they will not be on the team. The ticket requirement is somewhat flexible in his eyes, but continually emphasized throughout the process. The uniforms are donated by sponsors and the quality of the jerseys aren’t worth $40. No money should have to be provided to play in a showcase game.

    • Steve Filippone says

      I have been involved with the game from its inception and agree that in the best of all worlds the players would not be asked to contribute anything but their talent to the game. Unfortunately very few if any games of this kind around the country can afford to do that. In today’s economic environment it is difficult to find major sponsors to support the effort although we are fortunate to have a few. The uniforms are of a very high quality worth far more than the $40.00 you suggested. We continue to play at Rentschler Field because we think it provides the players and fans with a unique experience and our long standing relationship with them makes it affordable. The game has consistently provided a great experience for players and coaches, and contributed thousands of dollars to charity. I would suggest to you that the only expense associated with a player and his family should be the $100 although a number of schools have offered to cover it. The ad should be from booster clubs, schools, or supporters in the community. The ticket sales are not mandatory and many schools are likely to want more to support their players and coaches. I can assure you that we all operate at some personal expense be it time or money, but that we are proud to be part of an event that showcases our great game and it’s finest players

  14. Rob (OCEC) says

    I have heard that there is to be a Youth Clinic prior to the game (12:00 PM to 2:00 PM). Is there somewhere I can look for more details on the Clinic?

    • Consigliere says

      You are correct. Check-in starts at 10:30 outside Gate C of Rentschler Stadium. Kids participating in clinic get into All Star game free, but must be accompanied by at least 1 ticket buying parent or guardian. Pre-game tickets are $8 ($10 day of game). Not sure if local town youth programs will be promoting the clinic (there seems to be a disconnect with game/clinic organizers on such details). You can call John Fontana at (860) 628-4122.

  15. says

    Word of warning for the parents. If your son was not picked in the first 50 picks and invited to the draft you may want to reconsider. The second 50 players is what helps finance this game. My son was in the second fifty and only played five plays on specials. My son was not alone there were numerous players that got in the game for two or three plays. These kids had to drive back and forth to Middletown for practice for two weeks. Of course I was a sucker and sold just about all my tickets. Another thing they also stressed they were very strict about attendance at practice. You were not allowed to miss any practices otherwise you would not be able to participate in the game. Yeah right my son was one of eight at his position and he was the only one not to miss a practice. You got it, all the others still played. Like someone said earlier it should be at smaller venue with 30 players on each team.

  16. Paul McKenna says

    All these players are very good indeed. But let’s not forget about those players that play on not so talented teams and have the heart and guts to run the ball behind a 165 pound linemen teammate or the linebacker that lines up behind a totally overmatched defensive line. These players, although very capable,will never make an AllStar team because they played on a loosing much less talented team. Their teams didn’t recruit players from the entire state or play in an area were they can get talented players from a cross town high school rival and build a power. Every loosing team has at least one of these big hearted outstanding players that really gave an outstanding effort that most of the time goes unrewarded.

  17. Rob (OCEC) says

    Thanks Consigliere, as you have responded to my query, I also got the info from my high school AD. He directed me to the following link which has the Game Information and schedule: http://www.cthssports.com/ That is the CTHSCA front page. On the menu bar near the top of the page is the link to the Super 100 Classic. The form there has a mix of dates on it. One is June 28th 2013, then in the body of the registration it is June 29th, 2013. I am fairly certain it’s this years form, and someone didn’t give it the critical eye it deserved. On the form is also listed Mr. Fontana, his address and his phone number. If you click through the links for the contest you will also find the mix of dates for this year’s contest along with last years dates.

  18. fciac jr says

    Wouldn’t it be better to have a coach from Central CT and one from Western CT head coach each team because they are more familiar with the players from those regions? I hardly see anybody from Fairifeld county and you get a coach from there, he will be a better evaluator than and coach from central CT who has never seen them play. He could also promote this game a little more by contacting local coaches.

    I like the idea of this game and to have the kids/parents pay some, isn’t a bad option along with distributing tickets.

  19. JB says

    I think a better set-up for this All-Star game would be a North vs South format. Combine leagues like SCC/ECC/CCC versus FCIAC/NVL/SWC, then assign coaches from each and draft players accordingly. Hold practices within each region … much closer for the kids and parents to commute. Probably would also get much broader player participation. Hold the game in a central location for better fan turnout from each region at a venue like West Haven’s Ken Strong. These college stadiums are too expensive and don’t need the money.

    That is my two cents on the subject. But I like the concept and congrats to this year’s participants. Organizers should offer an on-line site for tax-free donations in the future … I would kick in $50 to help the kids who are in need and other CTHSFB fans might do the same.

    • Marcus Da Truth says

      Well said! I agree about north vs south with different locations every yr. Southington, west haven, Middletown, Trumbull and new Britain as some location for possible playing sites.

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