David Brennan out as Masuk football coach after one season

Dave Brennan

Dave Brennan

Dave Brennan is out as Masuk’s football coach after just one season.

Brennan, who faced the enormous task of replacing John Murphy and his legacy of three state titles in 16 years, finished 7-4 in his first year. He confirmed he would not return as coach in a text message.

It was not immediately known whether he resigned or had been dismissed, though Brennan did say he “wished to continue.’”

Athletic director John DeGennaro did not return a phone message seeking comment.

“It was a difficult year from the start as there were a lot of issues,” Brennan wrote. “Some were resolved and others were not.

“In spite of them, we had a 7-4 record and I’m proud of our efforts under those circumstances and wished to continue. I’m disappointed that didn’t happen, so I will be looking for another coaching opportunity and the challenges high school football brings.”

Brennan, a former Ridgefield assistant who teaches in Monroe, was hired to replace Murphy last spring.

His tenure was beset with discord in the preseason. Players reportedly walked out from practice and some parents voiced their concerns in public and to DeGennaro and Principal Joe Kobza throughout the year.

Masuk started the season ranked and won its first four games. But a three-game losing streak in October, first to Pomperaug, then Ansonia and Bethel, derailed the team’s hopes at qualifying for the postseason for the fourth-consecutive year.


  1. Whattt?! says

    If he was fired, what did the administration (and the locals) expect from him? Okay, they lost to Pomperaug. Other than that, they went about their business and beat the teams that they should have. There was no way they were beating Newtown or Bethel this year. They won’t do much better in the next couple of years, no matter who they replace him with.

  2. Fred Wilkerson says

    you need more than a year to right the ship. Murphy didn’t leave the program for no reason. Sounds like too much parent involvement. Good luck finding a quality replacement, quality coaches not lining up to take these jobs anymore.

    • perspective says

      True there is much too much input from parents these days however I heard the unhappiness from both the parents and coaches had to do with the lack of time and commitment he gave compared to his predecessor

  3. Wasted my life playing for this moron says

    None of you have any idea what you’re talking about. As a masuk player who had to play for him, not only was he a huge drop off from coach Murphy, but he was by far the worst coach or leader I’ve ever known. Never was he prepared or knew anything about the game of football other than the rules. There were instances when showing game film he showed last years film and when we told him he was showing the wrong film he had too big of an ego to change it. His solution to every problem ever was “go run” and he payed more attention at practice to freshmen than the varsity so before you clueless ignorant people talk you should have a clue

    • William says

      What do you think your paying him? After taxes their time equates to about 15cents an hour. The players on this team, didn’t give them a chance, they whined, so their mommies and Daddies got involved. Fact of the matter is there are very few people willing to give that amount of time commitment and then to have a bunch of babies to coach. Why do you think 36 coaches vacancy had to be filled last year. Masuk will be the only one to fire after one year.

      • Wasted my life playing for this moron says

        Pay means nothing if you actually care. Murph lived at masuk for days at a time, Brennan didn’t even know a single blocking scheme. And don’t give me the “mommy and daddy” argument We tried taking everything in our own hands but not a single person who was responsible for this took us seriously so when we came home from terrible and unorganized practices depressed and with no hope, parents are disgruntled that they’re paying this mans salary. he had his 6 months leading up to the season and did a terrible job in the offseason too as he lied to players consistently and had no feel for the team so once again none of you have any right to talk

        • says

          Coaches that care about the kids and the game don’t even ask what the salary is. These kids kept there mouth shut and played for this dope for a full year even though it was miserable. I don’t think they were wrong since the clown was axed after one year and enough time come on!!!!!! This guy couldn’t get his first team to buy in he’s was done from the start. There are a ton of pretenders out there that say all the bs to get the job but if you don’t know the game you will be exposed quick. Your out guy

  4. Jesus Q says

    Not that you are not telling the truth and I’m sure was a drop off from Murphy but he had to have a clue seeing you won 7 games. I know the standard at masuk is better than 7 wins but Newtown and Ansonia were head n shoulders better than you and your 2 other losses werent against terrible programs. How did pulling a mutiny help anything?

    • Wasted my life playing for this moron says

      We won 7 games because we had most of our offensive starters returning. He offered nothing as a coach. His brilliance in the film room was never much more than “good catch” or “there are 12 minutes in a quarter”. No exaggeration. We genuinely felt like we had no head coach

  5. Waste of a season says

    It’s funny how old know nothing washed up unathletic football “critics” feel as though they know the truth about the program and what actually happened this past season. He was the worst coach a team could ask for and it was not that the talent wasn’t there, no team can win 9 or 10 games when the head coach never says a word throughout the game and the players and coaches have no desire to dedicate any time to the sport. In addition, if “talent” truly mattered to coach murph he wouldn’t be at new milford, learn to make more educated inferences you waste

    • Jake says

      Not old, not unathletic, coached and played at higher level than a H.S. Your desire to not dedicate yourself has nothing to do with a coach. Self motivation, and the desire to be the best you can. That’s the coaches fault? Take a look in the mirror. Who are you going to blame for your next failure?

      • Anonymous says

        He is not the blame. The players are clearly the blame they were out on the field. But it sure doesn’t help the cause when the coach doesn’t even know the blocking schemes, reads or anything to do with the sport besides hustling. It seemed like masuk had nobody left who was qualified for the job so he was their last option in first place.

    • Spade says

      Waste, you made everyone’s point with your comment. You said if it were just about “talent” then Murphy would have never left. So what is left then. Cry baby kids and parents who go ballistic if they don’t get their way? An administration that has no backbone and caters to the pompous kids and parents who stomp their feet scream and yell because the silver spoon wasn’t given to them. Maybe like it was also stated, the ASSISTANTS who were left behind by Murphy played a role. But keep blaming everyone else because the actual talent level on the field had nothing to do with anything. It is not like you were State Champs the year before. You didn’t even win your conference. So the only difference from last year is this year you didn’t get blown out in the playoffs. Suck it up and work harder, not cry louder.

  6. Forfeit Win says

    PS..1 win was a forfeit against Immaculate.Another 2 wins were against ND[FF} and Stratford which are very weak teams

      • Burt says

        That’s funny, let me quit my job as a college coach, so I can earn 5,000 for the season. Wake up People, these jobs are for teachers in the building, but teachers don’t want the headaches or exposure, can you blame them?

        • SWC Alum says

          A lot of college coaches are certified teachers. No college coach would leave unless a teaching job was also available. Since Fairfield County teachers are well paid, I am sure it would be more then what most college assistants earn.

          • Frank says

            That’s true, but it does appear like a hornets nest from the outside the new coach would be walking into. Don’t forget it’s not easy following a guy like Murphy, he put in the time, and got the results

  7. Masuk 2014 says

    Masuk admimistration knew from the start he was clueless, was told by players he was clueless, and still kept him on when he drove other coaches to leave the team. tell me who is at fault here

  8. Jon says

    I am a coach who scouted a couple masuk games and this team had very little talent. The effort was atrocious and that goes to the heart of the players., biggest mistake was keeping the old staff on.. all they are going to do was to say how they used to do things.. not going to work out. The o and defensive scheme was horrible so the d and oc were not very good so hopefully they are gone. Murphy didnt bring them for a reason and they showed why this year.

  9. comeoncrybaby says

    This is awful time for hs sports. Parents and average players are ruining good coaches. Watched Masuk and know alot of fb, Masuk was an average team period! The rich little kids didn’t get their way and cry? That’s what happens in real world right? BTW, don’t know any of parties involved just watch and know fb. Not sure what college coach wants this job, unless it comes with teachers salary.

    • Wendell says

      Your right. In order to build a solid program you need to attract a quality person, they will have to be in the building, so you would smart to look at the potential candidates and your future openings, not easy. They don’t hire football coaches in CT with a teaching salary attached, it’s not Texas.

      I believe the kids at Masuk just want a guy that believes in them. Coaches that prepare and dedicate their time and energy are demonstrating to their kids that they care and want to be successful. I don’t consider that a crybaby attitude.

    • mike says

      They didn’t let Murphy go, he left on his own. The AD didn’t support the football program, making it hard to stay. Bet he regrets not trying to keep him now.

  10. coaches in town... says

    There are NO coaches in that town fit for the HS job. They all had their short and they all failed. The quit, were selfish, degrading etc…

  11. Bert says

    Whoever they bring in. They need to let the Head Coach build his staff, nobody from the past should be there. Unless you want the undermining to continue.

    • SWC Alum says

      The program hasn’t always been strong the two head coaches before Brennan built it up to where it is. Get the right guy in the building and Masuk will win again.

  12. fciacfan says

    Jeb — I think that would be a good name. Here is a question for all the local high school football fans — who are the current assistant coaches who have the makings of a good high school coach? Silvestri is one — how about Mac DeVito from Staples? Chris Sadler from St. Joes? Who else ya got?

  13. Mr.FCIAC says

    Chris silvestri would be a good choice but would need a PE position in the building. Also, he lives in New Canaan/Stamford. Will he be willing to make that commute?

  14. Mr.FCIAC says

    Idris Price is a good assistant ready to make the move to being a head coach but would also need a PE position in the building. He lives in Norwalk and would also have to commute.

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