John Murphy resigns at New Milford after one season; was under investigation (updated)

John Murphy

John Murphy

Update: The NewsTimes reported Wednesday night that the New Milford school board was investigating former New Milford coach John Murphy at the time of his resignation on June 20. 

Superintendent JeanAnn Paddyfote did not tell the paper what the investigation entailed. “We were following up on some issues, but before we could conclude our research, we received (Murphy’s) letter of resignation,” Paddyfote told the NewsTimes.

The paper said school board members were aware of the investigation but would not speak on the record of their conversations with Paddyfote.

Murphy resigned one day before New Milford’s graduation. “I have been given a new opportunity and I will be leaving New Milford,” Murphy wrote, according to the NewsTimes. “Thank you for everything and I wish New Milford the best.”

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Original post:

The John Murphy project has lasted one season at New Milford.

The former three-time state championship coach at Masuk who coached New Milford to a 4-7 record a year ago has resigned for what he called “personal reasons.” Connecticut Post first reported the news on Monday. Murphy also resigned his position as girls lacrosse coach and position in the school.

“Right now it’s just personal reasons,” Murphy told GameTimeCT Monday evening. “It was a good experience and I coached a lot of great kids. But right now, I’m going to march on and see what else is out there.”

He declined to give further details.

Murphy left Masuk in December 2012 after compiling a 153-33-1 record. In addition to his three state titles in 1998, 2008 and 2010, Murphy won six SWC titles in Monroe.

New Milford hired him in 2013. Murphy and the Green Wave famously faced off vs. Masuk in the 2013 season opener, but lost 71-34. New Milford finished the season with victories over Weston, Watertown, Notre Dame-Fairfield and Stratford.

The St. Joseph graduate previously coached there under Christy Hayes and, later, Bob Zito at Newtown before taking over at Masuk in 1997.


  1. I wonder... says

    gonna be tought to get a job now…left Masuk with questions and now one year at New Milford and he is gone already. Soon schools will have to ask why and is the hire worth it.

  2. Vern says

    Any chance Murp and Jack partner up and find a school that will let them run the show and dominate the state?

  3. Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

    Easy now. Reminder to all: retort by all means, but name-calling isn’t going to fly here.

  4. Nutmegger says

    He will end up with a better job. They have been and always wiil be bad. Starts at the top. You can’t fix stupid.

    • Mike says

      The funny thing is you’re trying to call New Milford stupid when you can’t even spell “will” right. You just wait until you see those boys shock the state this year with the work they’ve been putting in.

  5. CTFB14 says

    Vern, Jack and Murph hate each other with a passion.
    Rumors and speculation should be left out until confirmed.

  6. swcalum says

    New Milford has never qualified for the state playoffs,New Milford has posted only four winning seasons since 1994. 2nd biggest school in the league next to Newtown. All of this points to a bad job. He probably never should have taken it in the first place.

  7. says

    New Milford was 4-7 this past year under Murph. What was their record in the last 4 seasons? Did they even combine to win 4 games in 4 years? This past year they had 4 wins which was improvement. This year they will win less than 4.

    • Mike McGee says

      MaxPrpeps shows them at 5-5 two years before arrival of Murph. They had some .500 seasons years under previous coaches, but have never won. Why? Who knows. Some good players over years, some not so good, maybe never ennough good ones at same time. Maybe they have some good athletes that don’t want to play football there. They dominate in wrestling, compete very well in track, but not much else. Basketball, Baseball, and Football have never been very good, despite having some decent athletes, always seem one or two kids short. One of 2 schools left in SWC without turf, lack of support from town/admin? Thought Murph could bring in some $$ and winning ways, but it takes more than that. Good news is Frosh team was undefeated last year, and JV was something like 6-2, so maybe they have some players coming up. Now they just need a coach.

  8. says

    What did Murphy do? What visual evidence? People on here need to stop making up stories and tell us what your trying to say. If it was so bad why didn’t the police get involved?

  9. Joke says

    This is not about wins or losses, winning or losing. It is about what happened. Any idea why he left Masuk – because they were down??? If he was there last year they are looking at 9- and a trip to the playoffs. New Milford gave him two head coach positions and a job in a school. Do you really think he just decided to leave with no where to go? Wake up people. Jobs are not easy to come by and there are no FB jobs in the state right now. Amazing this comes out right after school ends. In school systems people are usually given a choice…resign or be fired. Either way resigning/leaving/being forced to leave 2 jobs in two years is not a resume builder. Schools want good football programs but not at the expense of their integrity. We may never know what happened and there will always be speculation but on the surface this does not look good for coach Murphy.

  10. says

    Rumors around Monroe are indicating that Murphy is going to St. Joes to be offensive coordinator and Lacrosse Coach. From what everyone is saying its a done deal.

  11. Murphy's glasses says

    Its kind of a mystery why he left. I know the commute was tough for him (1 hr each way), I also know that its tough being the only person in the whole athletic department with recent state rings. It seemed to me there was some jealousy. But still, the JV team was 8-2 last season and Frosh was 8-1. He was getting athletes to play who otherwise wouldn’t have and he was also playing the right kids. He was trying to get the youth programs on the same page (they are currently split and fighting). Those have all historically been problems with New Milford competing. Finally, his offseason program was great and nothing like New Milford had ever seen in the past. Seems like they had some talent for the next few years. Murphy gave my son an enjoyable and rewarding time in the one year he was here. I wish him good luck. Very sad that he couldn’t finish it up though.

    • Really says

      I wonder if ALL parents in New Milford feel the same as you. I bet some are very glad to see him go.

      Good football guy but you need to be the full package now.

      • Murphy's glasses says

        I can’t speak for everyone – but after speaking with the other parents, I feel that the general feeling is the same as mine. The only anger is that we all felt we had all the pieces in place to be competitive over the next few years. Perhaps the other teams he coached felt differently than us, and perhaps it would have worn on us over time. You have to remember that his program was so overwhelmingly better than anything New Milford has ever had. I’m not sure what you mean by “complete package”. The only comment on the “innuendo’s” I will make is that it appears that it runs rampant in school systems today. He is not alone in that area and never was. It was a problem when I went to school, and it seems worse now. In New Milford we have had similar rumors and even worse about coaches (treatment of players), without even a decent program in place. Murphy was never accused of treating players poorly here. A kid made our JV basketball team two years ago because his dad bought the program a rebounding machine. lol Kind of depends on perspective I think. lol

        • Murphy's glasses says

          You all need to realize where New Milford was before he came here. The program had 3 wins total the year before. That is Varsity, JV and Frosh combine. JV scored 28 points total, the whole year combined. They also gave up about 600 points. Twice on JV the opposing team had to stop scoring in the first half. It was Rich Kotite bad. I could also add some fun stats – but that may give away my identity. Lets just say there were players who never saw the field the year before, being important parts of a winning team. It was a total 180.

          • sorry for our boys says

            Glad to see him go after what physical evidence I have confirmed they have in their possession. I am on the inside and know what happened. All i can say to any school that takes him on…PROTECT YOUR GIRLS and DON’T HIRE HIM…how’s that for innuendo. The “opportunity” he is talking about was the opportunity to resign vs. getting fired.

  12. Bubba says

    At Yale: His is my evaluation: Darien, Ansonia Hand Fairfield, performed the best in that order. I’m a Hand supporter.

      • On the field at Yale says

        Greenwich not there.

        Darien was big up front. Weak on offense. Good on defense. Missing some studs.

        Ansonia has a fast running back (again), but short and stocky linemen are not that good. Their coach gets a lot out of a little. He is a tremendous motivator.

        Hand looked okay on O and on D – nothing great, but not horrible. Blah.

        Fairfield Prep was large up front. Skill players were good but slow.

        Maloney was most impressive with their enthusiasm and toughness.

        Warde was eh. QB not bad.

        Guilford ran option with fast QB. Small but quick and tough.

        New London looked to have best talent but were not impressive.

        I know it is still early and everyone is substituting kids everywhere and teams are experimenting, but if this was the best CT had to offer, then this year will not produce many good football players or teams.

        • scc fan says

          were you really at the Yale Camp? I thought Darien looked small but their offense moved the ball well.

          Ansonia looked pretty good but didn’t sub much compared to others.

          Hand looked ok but had a lot of players there. They will be just fine.

          Prep looked ok but hard to tell since they subbed every like 3 plays with 4 or 5 players.

          Maloney and Warde – both the most intense teams at the camp.

          New London, struggled against the rest.

  13. old school says

    The new Guilford QB is going to be a very good player. From the looks of things very early on, it looks like it’s Hand with everyone else playing for second place.

    • sick of foolish coaches says

      perhaps college coaching would fit him better, after all , the students are at least 18( BOYS AS WELL AS THE LITTLE GIRLS)—DO THE MATH—AND perhaps he can get rid of his cell phone–after all that has a traceable history chart—dumb ass

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