CPTV Sports’ Game Time show: Our own Jim Bransfield weighs in on No. 1 (plus Brockett, Della Vecchia)

GameTimeCT and Middletown Press writer Jim Bransfield on CPTV Sports' 'Game Time'

GameTimeCT and Middletown Press writer Jim Bransfield on CPTV Sports’ ‘Game Time’

The 2013 fall season’s Game Time on CPTV Sports show with John Holt and Joe Zone kicked off last night, right as Southington was battling Fairfield Prep for the Class LL championship.

Guests included two of the state championship coaches, Ansonia’s Tom Brockett, and St. Joseph’s Joe Della Vecchia.

Best line of the show? Brockett on he and Arkeel Newsome being awarded the Keys to the City of Ansonia: “One loss and they change those locks quick.”

Naturally, with three finals in the books and the season at an end, all the talk was over who was No. 1.

Now, this was taped a couple of days before the writers and broadcasters voted Ansonia No. 1 in the New Haven Register/GameTimeCT Poll, so it was still up in the air.

Joining the guys to talk on this topic were our own Jim Bransfield, who discussed his thoughts on who he’d vote for No. 1 (hint: it wasn’t Ansonia), and The Day of New London’s Ned ‘Polecat’ Griffen who — like me — went with Ansonia.

Brockett also touched on his thoughts on an Open Division, which seems to be a big topic for the CPTV Sports guys.

(I’m with Tom: Mixed feelings. Yeah, it’d be great. But then we’d have a No. 1 team, and then four state champions that — quite frankly — really aren’t true state champions so why bother playing them at all?)

And I love Joe still beating the ‘You can’t drop a team from your votes if they don’t lose’ drum. I vehemently disagree, as seen on CPTV Sports’ Beyond the Beat show the week before the state finals.

Whatever, it’s all good and everybody’s entitled to their opinions. Here’s to great debates that will never end.

Speaking of which, now that the LL final is over:


  1. anotherfan says

    Take that Mr. Bransfield.Did you even see Ansonia play this year ? Ansonia was and is unstopable, why do you think blue chip players want to move to Ansonia.Build a GREAT program and in the words of a great coach Mr.Cocoran “they always have and always will find a way” to get to a Great program.

  2. charger nation says

    when you have have 90 kids on a team it easy!!! Ansonia players play both ways NC. does not!!
    take your best 30 kids come down to class S!!!! they will go home with the L they would be a average TEAM come on 2 D LInes 2 Oline if Ansonia had 90 kids on a team newsome would be the greats highschool football player alive!!!NC had it easy!!! play both ways never coming off the field then come talk me about Ansonia”"” MSG said they could beat anyone in the tri-state (they dont!!!)
    now everyone make excuses!!!! NOW its the schedule (take your best 30 come down )silence i know

  3. anotherfan says

    Special thanks to: Seymour for not making that field goal that would have won the game vs Ansonia, I held my breath long enough to keep Ansonia high in the ranking.Special thanks to Darien “Blue Wave” for upseting New Cannan and knocking them out of a #1 ranking on Thanksgiving(Staples did this to Greenwich a few years back) giving it back to Ansonia who had held it for 9 strait weeks.Secial thanks to the 27 voters who voted Ansonia #1 (very solid!)Special thanks to Mike Quicks and MSG’s TRI- State all star Waterboy from the FCIAC “Billy, aka Jim Bransfield.Special thanks to Ray who made me lol…Took me a while but I realized all the negative comment towards Ansonia were probably due to Ray and his comments here on the blog.Thanks to Pat McGroin for disapearing .Thanks to Willy, bgarf, Latxguy,etc. now we can relax till next year.

  4. FauxRealism says

    Is it far-fetched to think that playing the FCIAC title game – thereby forcing New Canaan to play arch-rival Darien with only a short week to prepare – may have cost NC the #1 ranking? Maybe that will give impetus for cancelling the meaningless county championship…

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