Game on! The CIAC state football playoff field is set and approved

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The playoff field is set.

The 32 teams that have advanced to this year’s state tournament has been decided. Woodland’s 22-19 comeback victory over Seymour on Friday morning gave the Hawks the No. 4 seed in the Class S tournament and completed the  state playoff pairings, which were approved Saturday by the CIAC football committee.


The quarterfinals are set to begin Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. at the home sites of the high seeds. Teams that do not have lights are required to find a site that does.

McMahon will be the home site for Darien when it takes on Hand in the Class L quarterfinals. St. Joseph hosts Ledyard at Trumbull. Barlow is hosting Gilbert/Northwestern at WestConn. Platt is hosting North Haven at Falcon Field in Meriden.

The Semifinals will be held Saturday, December 7 at 2 p.m. at sites to be announced. (there are no 7 p.m. games scheduled)

The finals at Arute Field at Central Connecticut State will be held Friday, Dec. 13  at 7 p.m. and on Saturday at 10:30 a.m., 2 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

When Thursday began just one SCC team, West Haven in Class LL, had officially clinched. When the day ended, three other league members (Fairfield Prep, Hand, North Haven) stamped their ticket to the postseason.

[Thanksgiving Week scoreboard and story links]

Fairfield Prep earned the right to play in Class LL by defeating West Haven 29-20 Thursday.

Hand (which defeated Guilford on Wednesday night) and North Haven, a 41-14 winner over Amity on Thursday, both qualified in Class L.

Hand and North Haven benefitted from Naugatuck losing to Ansonia. Hand then earned enough bonus points to edge Bristol Eastern for the final spot.

Other area teams that will play in Tuesday’s quarterfinals (6:30 p.m. at the site of the higher seed) are Valley Regional/Old Lyme (Class M) and Ansonia, Woodland, Morgan and Coginchaug in Class S.

In Class S, if Woodland defeats Seymour, the Hawks will be the No. 4 seed and host No. 5 Morgan. If Woodland loses, Morgan would get the No. 4 seed and host Prince Tech. Woodland would drop to No. 6 and travel to Rocky Hill.

In Class L, No. 5 New London will visit No. 4 Middletown. New London won the regular season contest over the Blue Dragons 23-21 on Nov. 8.

Another rematch will take place in Class M when No. 5 Brookfield visits No. 4 Bethel. Bethel defeated the Bobcats 20-0 on Thursday in their annual Thanksgiving Day rivalry game.


WHAT HAPPENED? — Fairfield Prep’s comeback win vs. West Haven dropped the Westies to No. 6 and vaulted Prep into the Playoffs. New London’s upset of NFA dropped the Wildcats into the No. 5 seed. Ridgefield’s win and losses from Staples and Trumbull put the Tigers into the state playoffs vs. Newtown.

Quarterfinals, Tuesday, 6:30 p.m.

QF LL Ridge Newtown

No. 8 Ridgefield (9-2) at No. 1 Newtown (12-0)

2013 QF LL Prep Glastonbury

No. 7 Fairfield Prep (9-2) at No. 2 Glastonbury (10-1)

2013 QF LL WH Hall

No. 6 West Haven (9-2) at No. 3 Hall (9-1)

QF 2013 South NFA

No. 5 NFA (8-2) at No. 4 Southington (9-1)

Saturday, Dec 7, 2 p.m.

Sites TBA


Friday, Dec, 13 at 7 p.m. OR or Saturday, Dec. 14

at Arute Field, Central Connecticut State, New Britain

Who will win the Class LL Championship?

  • 7. Fairfield Prep (9-2) (25%, 143 Votes)
  • 1. Newtown (12-0) (23%, 130 Votes)
  • 8. Ridgefield (9-2) (15%, 87 Votes)
  • 6. West Haven (9-2) (13%, 75 Votes)
  • 2. Glastonbury (11-1) (9%, 52 Votes)
  • 4. Southington (9-1) (5%, 28 Votes)
  • No Idea (4%, 21 Votes)
  • 5. Norwich Free Academy (8-2) (3%, 19 Votes)
  • 3. Hall (9-1) (3%, 18 Votes)

Total Voters: 571

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WHAT HAPPENED? — Darien’s 28-24 comeback upset of New Canaan vaulted the Wave into a tie with 11-0 Platt. The Blue Wave won on tiebreaker points. New London’s victory over NFA eliminated Naugatuck with its loss to Ansonia.  North Haven outpointed Hand to earn the No. 7 seed.

Quarterfinals, Tuesday, 6:30 p.m.

2013 QF L Hand Darien

No. 8 Hand (8-3) vs. Darien (10-1) at McMahon

QF L NoHaven Platt

No. 7 North Haven (9-2) vs. Platt (11-0) at Falcom Field, Meriden

2013 QF L Farmington NC

No. 6 Farmington (9-2) at No. 3 New Canaan (10-1)

2013 QF L NL Middletown

No. 5 New London (9-2) at Middletown (10-1)

Saturday, Dec 7, 2 p.m.

Sites TBA


Friday, Dec, 13 at 7 p.m. OR or Saturday, Dec. 14

at Arute Field, Central Connecticut State, New Britain

Who will win the Class L Championship?

  • 3. New Canaan (11-1) (33%, 233 Votes)
  • 8. Hand (8-3) (16%, 113 Votes)
  • 1. Darien (10-1) (14%, 97 Votes)
  • 4. Middletown (10-1) (12%, 82 Votes)
  • 7. North Haven (9-2) (10%, 69 Votes)
  • 2. Platt (11-0) (6%, 43 Votes)
  • No idea (6%, 40 Votes)
  • 5. New London (9-2) (4%, 29 Votes)
  • 6. Farmington (9-2) (1%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 712

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WHAT HAPPENED? — Quinebaug Valley’s win over Killingly eliminated Stoington. Bethel’s 20-0 victory over Brookfield gave the Wildcats their ninth-consecutive victory and put them into the playoffs. BUT Bethel’s tie with Barlow in playoff points, and Barlow’s Week 1 victory over Bethel helped Barlow leapfrog into the No. 3 spot. That means Brookfield and Bethel are set for a rematch at Bethel in the quarterfinals.

Quarterfinals, Tuesday, 6:30 p.m.

2013 M QValley Valley

No. 8 Quinebaug Valley (9-2) at No. 1 Valley Regional/Old Lyme (11-0)

2013 M QF Ledyard SJ

No. 7 Ledyard (9-2) at No. 2 St. Joseph (10-2) at Trumbull

2013 M QF Barlow GNW

No. 6 Gilbert/Northwestern (9-2) at Barlow (9-2) at WestConn

2013 QF M Brookfield Barlow

No. 5 Brookfield (9-3) at No. 4 Bethel (9-2)

Saturday, Dec 7, 2 p.m.

Sites TBA


Friday, Dec, 13 at 7 p.m. OR or Saturday, Dec. 14

at Arute Field, Central Connecticut State, New Britain

Who will win the Class M Championship?

  • 2. St. Joseph (10-2) (54%, 264 Votes)
  • 1. Valley Regional/Old Lyme (11-0) (18%, 87 Votes)
  • 3. Barlow (9-2) (12%, 61 Votes)
  • 4. Bethel (9-2) (4%, 19 Votes)
  • 5. Brookfield (9-3) (3%, 17 Votes)
  • 7. Ledyard (9-2) (3%, 15 Votes)
  • 8. Quinebaug Valley (9-2) (3%, 13 Votes)
  • 6. Gilbert/Northwestern (9-2) (1%, 7 Votes)
  • No idea (1%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 489

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WHAT HAPPENED? — Woodland’s 22-19 comeback victory over Seymour on Friday secured the No. 4 seed and a home quarterfinal vs. No. 5 Morgan. Coginchaug’s rout of Cromwell sealed the door on the rest of the field. Coginchaug’s reward: a trip to Jarvis Stadium and two-time defending state champion Ansonia.

Quarterfinals, Tuesday, 6:30 p.m.

2013 S QF Bloomfield Cap Prep

No. 8 Bloomfield (9-2) at Capital Prep (11-0)

2013 Class S QF Ansonia Coginchaug

No. 7 Coginchaug (9-2) at Ansonia (12-0)

2013 Class S QF Rocky Hill Prince

No. 6 Prince Tech (9-2) at No. 3 Rocky Hill (10-1)

2013 Class S QF Morgan Woodland

No. 5 Morgan (10-1) at No. 4 Woodland (10-2)

Saturday, Dec 7, 2 p.m.

Sites TBA


Friday, Dec, 13 at 7 p.m. OR or Saturday, Dec. 14

at Arute Field, Central Connecticut State, New Britain

Who will win the Class S championship?

  • 2. Ansonia (12-0) (64%, 295 Votes)
  • 1. Capital Prep/Classical/AF (11-0) (11%, 50 Votes)
  • 3. Rocky Hill (10-1) (9%, 43 Votes)
  • 5. Morgan (10-1) (8%, 36 Votes)
  • 4. Woodland (10-2) (2%, 11 Votes)
  • 6. Prince Tech (9-2) (2%, 11 Votes)
  • 8. Bloomfield (9-2) (2%, 8 Votes)
  • 7. Coginchaug (9-2) (2%, 7 Votes)
  • No idea (1%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 464

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  1. Jen says

    First let me state I am a huge new Canaan high school fan but Darien went toe to toe with the rams today and beat them. This was not a fluke..though NCAA could have won Darien played a solid game and took advantage of all their opportunities. New Canaan must keep their eye on the prize which is a state championship. By losing somehow they improved their position for the class l title. Instead of playing hand in a first round game and then playing Darien in the semis, they now must face Farmington and then the platt..north haven winner. A far more easier task for sure. Nc has not played well since the first st.joes game five weeks ago.

  2. Jeb says

    One mans opinion.

    Predictions on the tourney. Class ll Fairfield prep
    Class l. New Canaan
    Class m. St.joes
    Class s. Ansonia

    • JB says

      Sean, is there a NH Register top 10 poll this week?

      Big changes on a bitter cold T-day … My top 10:

      1. Ansonia
      2. Newtown
      3. Darien
      4. NC
      5. St Joes
      6. Prep
      7. Glastonbury
      8. Middletown
      9. West Haven
      10. Southington

      Waiting: New London, NFA, North Haven

      • Mike PucciMike Pucci says

        There will be a Top 10 on Tuesday.
        Will be a tough vote, but I like your poll. I am struggling with Darien-NC-St. Joe’s but think I have to vote them the way you did.

          • conferences are ridiculous says

            Valley Regional and C/C/A would like a word with you as well, by that metric.

          • Gfre714 says

            Platt has not played anybody all year and have no right being in the class L playoffs. North Haven will walk right past them

        • JB says

          I think Joes and NC peaked a few weeks ago. Darien’s win over NH and NC is impressive and current. I actually struggled with Prep at only 6 … my gut feel is that they will take LL title and could beat anyone right now. However, IMO, body of work goes to how I placed them. At the end of the season? Prep could be #2 if they run the LL table, which is proving to be the most competitive division this year. Not sure if any L or M team (or Ansonia) could match the way Prep is playing right now.

  3. Turkey rules says

    How I would vote…

    1. Newtown
    2. Glastonbury
    3. New Canaan
    4. Ansonia
    5. St. Joe’s
    6. NFA
    7. Southington
    8. Darien
    9. Fairfield Prep
    10. Valley Regional
    11. West Haven
    12. Middletown
    13. Hall
    14. Southington
    15. Platt

        • Turkey rules says

          Eaaaasy killer, I was multitasking when I posted. I intended to put Hand at 14. No idea why I wrote Southington again.

          Second off: Yes, NC gets to go five slots ahead Darien. Why? Because NC pounded Joe’s twice, Joe’s beat Darien by a couple touchdowns, and Darien eked out a win over NC. No matter how you order them, you’re going to have a Team A above Team B even though B beat A situation. But look at the results and season PF/PA totals, and its evident that NC is the best team by a pretty reasonable margin.

          The way you’d have it, Tampa Bay would be ahead of Detroit after last week if you were voting in an NFL poll.

      • Tom says

        this is the worst top ten ive ever seen. Newtown and Glastonburry would have 4 losses in the FCIAC. Although Ansonia would have a loss or two in the FCIAC, they would still beat Newtown and Glastonburry you clown. Watch some film.

        • Turkey rules says

          So I don’t know what I did to incite such vitriol, but… I feel pretty safe saying that the ‘clown’ remark was unnecessary.

          I didn’t base my top 10 off of last week’s overall poll or what the consensus thinks. I started with a few sets of objective rankings and then tried to estimate where I felt the objective rankings were off. As for why Newtown was #1: I debated between leaving NC at 1 or sliding them [NC] down. I decided that teams probably deserve credit for going undefeated, and plus, their performances in winning all of their games was impressive.

          Re: Glastonbury. The first week of the season was bad, but their rest-of-season performances have all been fantastic. And improving. So they got credit for that in my poll. Teams progress, and they get credit for looking better and better as the season goes on. Did I rank them too high? Well, I certainly wasn’t considering them for 1. In retrospect, I agree with that criticism. It just *felt* wrong for NC to only slide one spot down.

          So, NC 2 and G’bury moves down to 3, but I’m not convinced that there’s a super solid case for moving them lower than that. Sorry. I’m even happy to entertain leaving NC at 1. I personally choose not to do so.

          The rest of it… I feel quite comfortable with. I really don’t think Darien should be much higher than 8. One nine-yard completion at the end of the game and Darien’s not even in the discussion for Top 10. How does one play tell you SO much?

          • wave says

            That was the basically the first time NC was actually able to move the ball down the field really the whole game and you know what, they didn’t complete the pass. QB had 40% completion and they averaged under 2.5 ypc and Darien was in a no big play defense that last drive.
            Darien also scored 28 on the state’s best defense and they beat the no. 8 team in the state the week before by two scores.

          • Dan says

            But Ansonia 4th? Have you heard of Newsome? Kid ran for 406 yds and 7 touchdowns yesterday. D-1 talent.

          • Potato head says

            Hey Turkey Rules-NC Darien. …you have an interesting view of sports…how does ONE play ie stop on last pass by Darien tell you SO much? That is the way the game is played. If one could take away a play or two for each of the teams in the state, the rankings would be a lot different. For example one play is the difference between prep being 10-1 rather than 9-2…2-3 plays is the difference between prep being 11-0 and number one the state vs 9-2. Ansonia losses to Seymour if you change one play etc etc. if you change one play, Xavier is in the playoffs and ranked in the top ten. Shelton is 8-3, 9-2, 10-1, or 11-0 and number one in the state-rather than 7-4-if you change 1,2,3 or 4 plays respectively…and I have no idea about Glastonbury, southington, Nfa, hall etc but I bet if everyone got to change ONE play things would be different in the won loss column.

  4. D Money says

    This is perfect.

    Middletown gets to “right the wrongs” from their first meeting with New London. New London better bring the officials from the first meeting.

  5. Dave says

    You have to see these teams before you can rate them. I do not care who Platt played I saw them with my own eyes and they are a complete team, Very solid at the skill positions with strong lines on both sides of the ball. I have not seen NC so I have no idea how they stack up. Hall lost to Glastonbury in the first game of the season a game in which they gave up a 14 point 4th quarter lead, Since then they have won 9 in a row including a thrilling comeback win v Southington, They are the class of the greater Hartford area very well balanced. I have not seen West Haven so again who knows, Do not be surprised if Platt wins the title despite their lack of pedigree ditto for Hall.

  6. High School Football Fan says

    @ Dave.You mention the “LL” and “L” Divisions.Although I disagree with both Platt and Hall winning a first round game,both Divisions are well represented by all 4 big conferences.Thusly these 2 divisions especially will be a true test of conferences strength and will be decided on field of play .

  7. Hsfootballobserver says

    Ughhh, so all Ansonia has to do is finish undefeated with a subpar schedule and in a subpar division in the state tournament and they will be voted #1 in the state. Very well played Ansonia, but you will not be # 1 in my book until you start to challenge yourself with some top competition. Travesty…

    • One Who Knows says

      HSFOOTBALL has it right, Ansonia, continues to play a not so tough schedule therefore getting into tournament all the time. They do have a class organization, but if they want to counted amongst the best in the state, they need to play consistently outside of their league and play some tougher programs. I would rather lose to the best than beat everyone 50-0.

  8. Surfer Dude says

    Congratulations Darien! You proved what we all knew all along – that we were the best team in the FCIAC all year long. Now we have the chance to show the state we are #1. Best lines, best QB, best kicker around.

    Ride the Wave!

  9. GHS fan says

    You guys really don’t get it. Glastonbury will post 35 on fairfield prep. ffp will score two and a field goal so Ii will give them 17. Too much speed on D and a offense that’s finally healthy. LOL! Can’t wait.

    Get out and see a game.

    Bu the way Hall and Southington will beat most every team as well. Get out and see some scores.
    You bloggers actually thought Chesire had a chance against Southington – they destroyed them.

    • says

      I photographed Glastonbury in the snow last Saturday, and they were very impressive. I also have shot Prep a couple of times. You are fooling yourself if you think GHS will score 35 and only allow 17. This should be a very good game – 1 score difference. Something like 28-21.

    • Willie says

      GHS Fan- I can assure you of one thing. Prep will not score a field goal. Prep would have beat WH by 3 TDs if they had someone who could kick farther than I can spit. WH started virtually every drive inside the prep 50 after an appalling kick off and 20 yard return. It was like WH was playing on half a field! Not the kind of advantage one should give WH with the three-and I mean three- excellent explosive backs they have.prep has to suit someone up from the soccer team and they will win LL.

  10. The Truth Hurts says

    CCC has not exactly excelled the last few years in the playoffs.We will see what 2013 brings starting Tuesday .Pretty bold statement about the 3 CCC teams you mention.

    • Based Task Force says

      What about Berlin in M championship, Windsor in L championship last season? I’d say that’s excelling compared to all other conferences, SCC obv had best conference last season with 3 champions but otherwise CCC looks pretty good….just an observation

  11. P-Daddy says

    Darien caught New Canaan playing its 3rd game in 10 days and just 4 days removed from re-match FCIAC championship game with St. Joes (Darien did not emotionally in invest in a game or even play a game the weekend prior). They won and deserved to win, i just wouldn’t knock NC too far down. They put up 50 on Hand. Either way, who cares everyone is 0-0 now.

    The CCC has an impressive 8 teams in the hunt (twice that of everyone else). They rarely have a team survive the first week (except when Gbury plays Southington like last year). We’ll see if this marks the year where the CCC starts catching up to bottom half of the state. I’m dubious.

  12. Rob (On Connecticut's East Coast) says

    Couple observations, 1) Earlier in the year, Platt was knocked verbally on some of the forums for having played a schedule that wasn’t tough enough. What better way to see what they’re made of than a first round match with SCC D-2 darlings North Haven? Should they win that game they get to face down the team everyone in the state, Except Ray Brown of Course, had pegged as #1 New Canaan. We’ll know soon enough how to address the folks from that Platt team, I like them for at least one win. 2) I question the seriousness of the comment that says the CCC put in 8 teams. What that tells me is that the CCC should be 2 and possibly 3 Divisions/Conferences/Leagues rather than one. What I take from that is that they are spread out so much that the top teams in the Conference don’t face enough of each other. 3) The Darien VS New Canaan game illustrates how the Conference Championship games might be hurting it’s participants. If New Canaan had the time to prepare for Darien without having played St Joes would the outcome been different? We’ll have to see if they can get together at Arute Field in a couple weeks to answer that.

    Finally, it looks to me that St. Joes football field has no lights, did I read somewhere that they are going to play at Trumbull High School on Tuesday? Trying to get my directions right as we head down into the “Belly of the Beast” to watch the Colonels face off with the Cadets.

    • Big Daddy says

      @Rob, I don’t know how to take your comment “SCC D-2 darlings North Haven”? What are you trying to say about North Haven team? They don’t play dirty. They play a hard tough game. They are strong, powerful and good on their feet. They all play with heart. I have seen them knock down an opponent and then at the end of the play, turn and help them up.
      Platt is at 11-0 and I am sure they played hard to get there. North Haven will play their game like they would against any other opponent. The outcome is up to the each team’s players. Each one will need to want it bad enough. As Kahona said “You aint seen nothing yet”.

      • Rob (On Connecticut's East Coast) says

        I don’t mean anything bad regarding North Haven, and extend to them the best wishes. When some of the other teams in the SCC fell short of their goals, there was N H chugging along carrying the banner. For all those that want to pound their chest and say the XXX conference is soooo much better than the YYY conference, well, . . Here it is. SCC D 2 North Haven VS CCC Top Dog Platt. That’s all, there were folks that said all year long SCC is the best, and teams like Platt got no respect or a second thought when it comes to how well they have performed. Now you get to see 11-0 “Untested” Platt VS North Haven, Slayers of Giants like Xavier. As to whether or not they “Play Dirty” I said nothing regarding their character. When I say D2 Darlings, I am speaking as though the people from the SCC are like I am with the ECC, I will be routing, whether in vain or not, for New London, NFA and Ledyard, I would think that North Haven would be expected by it’s peers in the SCC to carry the banner, thus making them everyone in the SCC’s Darlings.

        On another note, does anyone have the answer to my St Joes question? Game on Tuesday at Trumbull HS?

        • UBilly says

          I expect Platt to experience a true Class L welcome from hard hitting smash mouth, 4 yards and a cloud of dust North Haven. By the second half I think NH pulls away due to Platt having feasted on Class M and S teams all year. NH too battle tested for the CCC D3 top seed.

  13. JB says

    LL Predictions:

    #8 Ridgefield (9-2) at #1 Newtown (12-0) … Newtown 28 Ridgefield 21
    #7 Fairfield Prep (9-2) at #2 Glastonbury (10-1) … Prep 35 Glastonbury 14
    #6 West Haven (9-2) at #3 Hall (9-1) … West Haven 42 Hall 21
    #5 NFA (8-2) at #4 Southington (9-1) … Southington 35 NFA 28

    Southington vs Newtown … Newtown 35 Southington 24
    Prep vs West Haven … Prep 49 West Haven 42 (2 OTs)

    Prep vs Newtown … Newtown 38 Prep 31

    The entire Nation celebrates.

    • Sean Patrick BowleySean Patrick Bowley says

      @JB – That would be *incredible* — Newtown v native son Colton Smith and Prep for the Class LL championships on (presumably) the night before the anniversary. There might just as many TV/magazine/newspaper coverage as fans at Arute.

  14. The Truth Hurts says

    With that scenario,which would be a GREAT story,and Ansonia goes undefeated,who is your vote for the final #1 spot ??

    • JB says

      Me? I couldn’t vote against Newtown if that scenario played out. It would be like divine intervention and one might get hit by lightening or worse for voting for anyone else.

  15. Turkey rules says

    Look… #1 is inevitably going to be Ansonia in this poll, but before the voters actually put them there, I wish they’d consider what question they’re trying to answer.

    Is it which team is best in the state? Because if so, then New Canaan should still be #1. I bet given the opportunity to put $1000 on a hypothetical game, almost every voter takes NC.

    Is it which team that won all of its games tasked with the hardest schedule? If so, that’s Newtown.

    What is the question that has “Ansonia” the answer? Which team has won a whole buncha games many years in a row? Something?

    • Dan says

      Just the back with 176 career TD’s, almost 10,000 yards rushing. That and a dominant O-line that gives him running room, and a more than decent QB in McKnight. That kinda something.

    • Fciac jr says

      Newtown played all class M teams and struggled somewhat against them! They haven’t played any top 20 teams all year so how is that the toughest schedule! Talk about being clueless just compare NC to newtown and the avg football wife would be able to see the difference.

  16. says

    If Newtown can beat the field in LL and win it, they will have remained unbeaten like Ansonia sould they win S. Considering strength of schedules and all opponents beaten, Newtown should then be ranked #1 in the state. If Ansonia wins S, I think this is the only scenario in which they will not be voted in as #1.

  17. Rob (On Connecticut's East Coast) says

    @Turkey, your writing almost seems mad. Relax, “They’re Opinion POLLS” they mean Zero. Sure there are some chest thumping prideful types that take solace in their team being #1 in the Day or Register but at the end of the day, 4 teams are best, The LL, L, M and S Class Champions. Every player on those four teams get’s a Title no other player in the state does, CHAMPION. You need something more concrete to hang your hat on? Get into the mix with the CIAC Football board, get your AD’s ear, talk to your Conference Commissioner and try to get the “BEST OF THE BEST OF THE BEST” (Credit MIB), on the field regardless of their class affiliation. Track does it, most times the L and LL teams are winning the Opens. Wrestling does it, same thing, last 13 years, Danbury or Xavier. Until that, #1 is subjective and affected by Humans who are fallible and opinionated.

  18. GHS fan says

    @P-Diddy, @JB

    Gbury, was stopped only by great Xavier teams- by the way so was every other team that faced them. Those Xavier teams were good. But that’s it. If I recall 08 we blew Newton out, and beat Chesire by two TDs for Championship. 09 we lost to eventual champ Chesire. 10, 11, 12 lost to Xavier. So I’m not sure what you base your comments on, but if not for Xavier GBury would have three Championships.

    When we come out on top do me a favor and admit your flaws and biases and then judge based on caliber of team. Newton plays who exactly? Yet you rank them higher than teams that have proven they win. They will lose the first round, yet they have been ranked in the top 5 throughout the year.

    Do you really think NFA will score more than 14 against southington? Really?
    Gbury, Southington- these teams are not Newington, South WIndsor etc.. Where was ff prep all year? they win a game against West Haven now they will win LL. Really.

    • fciac jr says

      Ridgefield over Newtown (sorry, not just your avg class M swc team)
      Prep over Glastonbury (GHS may be big, but you haven’t really seen big yet)
      WH over Hall (Philips runs wild)
      Southington over NFA (passing game is the difference here.

      Prep over WH again (this time, Philips doesn’t tweet before the game “who is Colton anyways”)
      Southington over Ridgefield (after all, Ridgefield did finish 6th in the fciac)

      Prep over Southington in a nail biter. Southington does the ccc proud and Prep wins the only state title for the SCC. FCIAC gets the L and M and NVL the S.

      Yes, fciac is back on top again.

      • JB says

        Watched that Prep v WH game … a fat old man could have gained Colton’s yards. That OL and FB are old school fabulous. Student body left – 15 yards. Student body right – 20 yards. Watch the film on MSG … frick’n freight train good. Erv Phillips would gain 500 yards behind that force. Let’s give credit where credit is due. Colton is good but his OL and FB is All-State.

        Good luck GBury.

        • Fciac jr says

          JB, not one linemen from prep even made all scc, so I think the statement of all state for their OL is exaggerated by far. The FB is special though

          • JB says

            That is truly amazing … that OL manhandled the entire SCC biggest and best. Should have beat St Joes. Best OL / DL in the state. Look back at my Sept post on the subject. Not one program comes close. If they had a pure RB like an Erv Phillips, we would all be saying New Canaan who?

      • fciac jr says

        Looks like my predictions were right on the money. 4 out of 4 for LL. Some of the other predictions here are just redonkulous. Newtown by 3 TDs? GHS says their D is just too fast for FP but watching the highlights, Smith was too fast for their D.

        There should be a criteria when making predictions, like having somewhat knowledge of the game and the 2 teams playing in it. just kidding, all fun stuff and really much enjoy all the comments, even Ray’s delusion of Ansonia taking on the world.

    • P-Daddy says

      GHS fan,
      Pluuueeeeze. Gbury is an enormous high school – one of the biggest n the state and top 2 in the CCC. Plus, they have all the trappings of rich suburbia. They are like NC or Staples with 50% more kids. They play a very weak schedule that features Southington and either Hall or Conard (but not both as they take turns being good and below average). They did add (for the first time) NFA this year, but still they have 7-8 cupcakes.
      WIth their demographics and school size they should be in the finals every year and have at least 4-5 championship to their name in the last 20 years (1/2 of what NC and Hand have generated playing schools bigger than them during the year).
      Referencing Xavier reflects the reality of being a Tomahawk — always have an excuse. Prep will win by 14.
      I do like Hall over WH though.

      • ct-hs-football fan says

        All the talk about prep a gbury is crazy. Yes gbury lost to 3 great xavier teams, yes if not for that they would have atleast one more championship. The reality is the game still has to be played. Gbury is a big school but that means nothing you still have to get kids out for the team. Prep on the other hand imsure represents atleast 7 other towns getting the best of the best. Just like xavier. Size of the school does not matter but “recruiting” does. All prep and catholic schools should have their own conference own class. There comes a point where public schools are at a disadvantage verse them. With that being said i think gbury may surprise some people. Either way its going to be the best first round match up in LL.

    • UBilly says

      GHS sounds like a NFL Bills fan, we would have Four Superbowls if not for the NFC! I like GHS this year, but they are hurt by playing a typically “lite CCC” schedule with maybe 3 challenging games a year. Until you actually win you will be doubted due to the way the CCC protects its teams chances for the playoffs instead of matching up their top teams.

      I also see Platt, Farmington, Hall and Bloomfield falling in the first round

  19. mom says

    Ansonia should be number 1…they have to be looked at differently then an NVL team because they are in a class all by themselves!!! Especially with Newsome they are hard to beat. A playoff between the divisions should be highly considered.

  20. dave says

    The problem is the arguments will never be settled due to our four class structure. I watch as much high school games as I can locally which is Hartford. The truth is we have pretty good football here but year in year out no programs to compare to Xavier or Ansonia. I saw Platt, Hall, Southington, Rocky hill, Bloomfield and the like and I still believe Ansonia would have the upper hand on any CCC team because they are simply tougher. Is Ansonia better than the bigger schools downstate, I could not say. However, as I have said Platt is for real but what I say means little we shall see. Hall plays in my town, I have no idea if they can match up with west Haven but I do know if West Haven sits in their basic D without adjustments they will be in a world of trouble.

  21. Based Task Force says

    LL: Newtown over Ridgefield, Glastonbury over Fairfield Prep, Hall over West Haven, Southington over NFA
    L: Darien over Hand, Platt over North Haven, New Canaan over Farmington, Middletown over New London
    M: Valley Regional over Quinebaug Valley, St. Joe’s over Ledyard, Barlow over Gilbert, Bethel over Brookfield
    S: Bloomfield over Capital Prep, Ansonia over Coginchaug, Rocky Hill over Prince Tech, Morgan over Woodland

    Ansonia and St. Joe’s I feel are majority picks to win a title in M and S, but LL and L should be very interersting. It will be a title for either FCIAC or CCC in L and I feel CCC will have one of its 3 win title in LL.

      • Based Task Force says

        Laughable is extreme, have you watched any games outside the SCC?? I’ve seen a lot of these teams play especially from CCC and NVL, have also seen a few of the teams from SCC/FCIAC play who not in playoffs, so making choices based off how playoff teams did vs teams I saw. Which ones do you feel are laughable?? My hardest pick was West Haven vs Hall, I’ve seen Hall but not West Haven live, only what I’ve seen on films/videos etc. Its hard picking against Irvin Philips, he may be the most explosive/shifty runner in the state, they have other great runners as well at West Haven. I feel like one of the 3 CCC teams will win LL, they are all very good teams and expect one of them to come out on top. L also very hard to pick, I honestly like New Canaan bc I know they played a lot of tough games in short amount of time so that could part of reason for loss (Darien obv played a part in it), but don’t sleep on Platt. Darien and Middletown also both definitely in the running. Again no idea which picks are laughable, its the playoffs….everyone has a legit chance to win it all.

  22. SCC Runs The State says

    Don’t be to quick on Darien kicking Hand’s ass Ray… No one wants to play Hand in the playoffs even when they are in a “down year”. With the best coaching staff in the state, I see Hand stepping up and shutting down Darien. Darien will be still thinking of their win of New Canaan and I believe will overlook Hand. And we all know what Hand can do when they are the underdog.

    • P-Daddy says

      NC put up 50 on Hand. The Tigers fans should be underground this year. In all events nobody does and nobody should fear the Tigers this year – most especially NC who BTW has the best coaching staff in the state (let’s just say NC and Hand are tied in that department along with Ansonia).

      Separately: I do agree that catholic schools have advantages, but that does not diminish the fact that a big school like Gbury has advantage over less populated schools. Imagine if you combined NC and Darien into one HS?? It would be about the same size as GBURY. Imagine that quantity of athletes competing for starting positions.

      4 divisions is appropriate for the same reasons, but there is no reason Ansonia can’t schedule out of conference games.

      Perhaps there should be more out of conf games in football. Why do teams get the same points for a win against a lower division school that is “in conference?” If Greenwich or Staples beat Trin Catholic they get the same points as if they played Xavier

  23. jeb says

    Though newtown winning the title in class ll would be a great story..I don’t see it happenning. They should beat a very average ridgefield who did not beat anyone this year but that’s it.. new Canaan had the darien game won but a roughing the passer call onfourth down with under two minutes to go led to the winning td. It was definitely a correct call as the nc kid hit him late. It cost the rams an undefeated season. Ansonia would beat any Ccc team by at least two scores. Prep might meet newtown in the finals…prep wins easily. Still trying to figure out how rcapital prep manhandled new London. Bassick mauled Hillard haven who led cap prep by two scores in the fourth quarter…what gives?.. north haven should beat Platte..they beat Xavier didn’t they. How about a nc vs darien out for a dangerous hand team though. Of all. The stunts pulled by coach cocheran over the years leaving Harding high and dry takes the cake. This guy has no shame. Good riddance!!!

  24. Gfre714 says

    Platt has not played anyone this year and gives North Haven a near buy week. North Haven will walk over Platt and probable give their JV team some plays in the 4th quarter.

    Ansonia is another false champion: They have a good program but stay in class S and play schools that can barely field a team. Schools like North Haven and Hand are class M by definition but play up in class L because they can compete at that level. Ansonia should Man up and move to class M.

    • Based Task Force says

      North Haven and Hand by definition are actually both L schools, just something to remember. North Haven lost two games and now they are suddenly gonna walk over an undefeated Platt team?? Not gonna happen, I’ve seen Platt and they are filled with athletes across the board and they’re big…yeah not the toughest schedule but their talent is there to beat anyone in L. I think it’ll be a very competitive game. Ansonia is an S school and should stay in S because that is their class. This year not one of them but there have been years where Class S was the toughest class to win a state championship and had the best teams so it all depends on the year and who is good that year.

      • Gfre714 says

        Platt went undefeated by playing S and M schools. With the exception of maloney who only won one game all year. They have not seen a real team and when they get hit like they have not been all year they will stop playing. North Haven by three scores.

        North Haven and Hand both qualify for class M status in the CIAC, just something to keep in mind.

        • Based Task Force says

          You say M and S schools like class makes your talent….you could play all S schools but if they’re good then its still a tough schedule (not saying theirs was the toughest but they played some pretty good teams). I’m saying that their talent is such that they can beat anyone in L. Also why do you keep saying that North Haven and Hand are M schools??? They aren’t at allll, they are L schools! Teams can’t choose to move up, it doesn’t work like that so you are incorrect on that front. Maybe some sports they are M but not football, all sports are different. Also, just looked at North Haven’s schedule, they had an easier schedule than Platt!! The only good win is beating a sub par Xavier team that would have had same record in CCC.The good thing is we’ll see the true result on Tuesday,again should be a good game to watch.

    • Kyle says

      They did and they beat ledyard 35-0, Class M is a joke. St Joes runs through that just like Ansonia will class S. Man up and know something before you post it

  25. anotherfan says

    @ One Who Knows nothing…NVL has bottom feeders just like all of the other leagues ,that doesn’t make the NVL a bad league, and don’t tell me about Max preps power ranks that some geeks use because they’re a joke as was proved this year.

  26. The Dude says

    LL- West Haven vs. Southington: West Haven wins
    L- New Canaan vs. Darien: Darien wins
    M- St. Joes vs. Brookfield: St. Joes wins
    S- Ansonia vs. Capital Prep: Ansonia wins

  27. Matt Glaszmattglasz says

    Even if I wasn’t a diehard North Haven fan I would think the NH – Platt game is one of the most compelling quarterfinal match-up. A two-loss SCC Div. II team against the undefeated Panthers who have dominated a schedule of almost entirely Class M and S schools.

    Platt has beaten two 2013 playoff teams (Bloomfield & Rocky Hill), while NH lost their two games against playoff qualifiers (Hand & Darien).

    If the Indians find a way to beat Platt it will speak volumes about the quality of the two leagues and the advantages of playing a schedule comprised of schools in your own Class or higher.

  28. TexasHSfootball says

    Would absolutely love to see these teams face off against the best texas has to offer – highland park, southlake, trinity, lake Travis etc. think NC could hang within 60? Darien could probably keep it entertaining til halftime from what I’ve seen

    • Kyle says

      Apples and Oranges, go lose recruits to all SEC schools. Mack Brown on death row. Buy another TV station for your pathetic football teams. AAC might be better than the Big 12. Worst Texas teams I’ve seen in a while. Hows it feel seeing all your guys playing at Bama and Florida. Way to keep them in state. Clown

  29. Kyle says

    I hate to sit on here and talk down about any program in the state because once CT kids get to the next level, I do nothing more than root for them. Just like I am sitting here cheering for Casey Cochran and as I was for Boyle when he was the respective QB for the huskies. But, as an Ansonia guy its hard for us to keep our mouth shut when 20 of you mopes sit on your computer bash an Ansonia program and attack one guy, Ray Brown.

    Why is it so hard for you smug people to just accept an opinion. Your mothers and fathers probably coddled you and told you how great you were when you were kids and that you were always right, but please, let it go. Its a blog with an opinion. You dont see 80 Ansonia people on here bashing the SCC and FCIAC. There’s one guy with a voice and he takes on all of you. I mean jeeze you people are so sensitive, lay off the juice (Hand Joke).

    First things first. As an Ansonia guy, we know our league stinks, but that is the worst argument when judging Ansonia’s team. To use it as an argument to say Ansonia shouldn’t be #1 is fine.

    2nd – To say Ansonia would have 5 losses in the SCC every year is quite a joke, and shows you have no knowledge about the game.

    3rd – SCC fans, stop worrying about the NVL, the FCIAC has kicked you @$$ this year. Hand, North Haven, West Haven, all your primetime SCC teams were beaten by FCIAC teams and Xavier barely beat a weak Staples team. Please stop saying come play with the “big boys” when you can’t even play with the big boys. You’re SCC conference has 20 teams, you have 1 team that would give Ansonia trouble. Saw Xavier and Hand, way too slow, we play at a whole another speed. West Haven only team that has speed to keep up

    4th – Newsome would be the best player one any team you have, except maybe for Phillips who I absolutely think is a stud. And if you say West Haven and Ansonia dont take that scrimmage seriously, you are nothing but a bystander who has never played in that scrimmage. It’s a war.

    5th – Ansonia has a GREAT coaching staff, Assistants such as Butchy Marazzi who is an Ansonia Grad and coached in the SCC at Amity with Czepiga and Sheppard and knows how good Ansonia is and will tell you we can play with anyone. Steve Coughlin played at Stanford, Sponheimer who played at Cornell, Lisi who’s been around 30 years. They know how to coach and then Brockett who has highest win percentage ever. They know how to coach PERIOD

    I love CT football and I love nothing more than to see the success of CT kids at the next level. But you rich folk really make it hard. Please enough with the teaming up on Ray, he’s entitled to his opinion just like you all are. He takes the absue far better than any of you whinning cry babies on here.

    Go Get ‘Em Ray

  30. The Truth Hurts says

    All League do have”Bottom Feeders” but only a few Leagues have top dogs and many Leagues have only 1 top dog

  31. aok says

    Ansonia backers[both] of you from wonderland, all we hear is what you would or could do;; no where do you have a single win where you can factually examine a game. All acknowledge the NVL cannot compare to the fciac/scc or even the overblown and managed ccc. the ccc arranges schedules so teams like platt do not play anyone yet make playoffs. the scc top teams from both divisions play, teams like Nh have to play X and Hand, yet undefeated Valley and platt don’t get top ten,,why because of their schedules.Please look at the teams Ansonia has played and measure that in.Holy cross/Torrington/wilby/Crosby/ not 1 team that made playoffs?? woodland?? If you don’t play a top 20 team how could you possibly be considered for top team.. Newsome is a great back, Coach Brockett did a Heisman like campaign to get his program noticed and inflate numbers. In the big leagues starters are taken out because the next week will be tough, Ansonia has no such worries, 40-50 carries because he was never hit in a bad game, with another easy opponent the next week.

    • Kyle says

      Okay, so platt and valley play the same weak opponents yet Ansonia gets in the top ten at #2, thats how good Ansonia is. I mean you people think theres some computer that rates the top teams based on record. It’s a poll compiled by a majority of sports writers and in the New London poll, coaches vote as well.

      Where’s the hate against Newtown? Masuk went 7-3 in that poorus conference. I’m suprised NVL won 6 or 7 games in that league. Why should Newtown get #1 the So Weak Conference ain’t all that great!

      You professional bloggers from the SCC, I forgot know more about football than the coaches that watch and coach the games. You guys have just make no sense. Again to my point, in Ansonia’s case its not about who you play, its about the team. Get this fraud CIAC to maybe get a good playoff system and let it happen.

      Newsome would be the best player any of these programs ever seen in their history. He has to be put in a 10 person discussion at Ansonia, enough said.

      I watched a highlight of Hand’s RB take a 50 yarder to the house, I typed out a tweet all 140 characters of it and looked up and he was still running into the endzone. HEEEE COOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLLLLDDDDDDD GOOOOOOOOOO ALLLLLL THHHHHEEEEEEEE WWWWW…… ( ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ)

      PLease our Soph. RB would be the best player on any SCC team. And he’s our 3rd option lol…. you mommas boys are funny

  32. Bubba says

    Ansonia is a good program with good players and coaches. These arguements would not exist if the NVL was a top league. Ansonia would win plenty in Division II SCC, and they would represent the Class S with many more State Titles. However they would be battle tested, lose games, have more injuries, and would be forced to prepare at a higher level, all good things for life.

  33. Bubba says

    That kid, was the anchor of the Class L 4×100 relay track team. First carry of the season, he is a defensive player. Hand would absolutely beat Ansonia, and this is a not a superstar Hand team this year.

    • Kyle says

      Oh man he won a relay race! HAHA half the fastest kids in CT don’t run track. Ansonia would run all over those little guys. Please Hand would get destroyed

      • SCC Runs The State says

        Too bad you can’t back up that statement and the way Ansonia fans on this blog act, you never will. Ansonia may have more state titles than Hand and a longer history but you can’t go bashing a program who has the 2nd best history and state titles in the state (You could argue that its actually the best). If Ansonia ever want’s to get the respect they deserve they should join a better conference. The SCC has a spot open and would more then willing to let Ansonia join. Don’t make up excuses about leaving old rivalries ( Shelton still plays Derby don’t they? ) or that Class S would make it unfair because the way all Ansonia fans talk you make it sound like your the best program of high school football in the state. Prove What You Say. Also Ansonia Football is good everyone knows that but I can’t remember the last time I saw them play Hand. Last years Hand team and Next Years Hand team would’ve and will kick Ansonia’s ass. Oh ya by the way… does Ansonia even have another sport team that has even made a state championship?

        • Kyle says

          Yes, we almost won the triple crown in 95, got beat in baseball in the state semi finals, have you even done that? won in football, beat Dwight Freeney, won in Basketball beat big bad St Joes and lost like I said in semi’s in baseball. On top of it we have one third of the sports you have with a small budget. Last years team would not have kicked our ass. Thats assanign.

          Won the baseball championship the first year CIAC existed, any other questions smart guy?

          Wait so you’re going to sit here and try to say Ansonia people act ridiculous on here? We have one guy Ray Brown talking taking on all you people bashing Ansonia, until I came to back him. Please tell me where all these Ansonia fans are acting stupid? It’s all you ignorant fools acting like clowns

          ‘ll go all day, just quit while you’re ahead because I will make you look stupid

          • SCC Runs The State says

            Actually I’ll be the one laughing when your playing Coginchuag in the first round. Just sums up how much of a joke Ansonia’s schedule is that they are not even the top seed in Class S. For christ sakes their behind a tech team! If you think Ansonia’s the best then fine keep thinking that but the truth is I and most people will still be laughing when your playing teams like Sacred Heart every year ! I honestly don’t see why Ansonia claims their the best when they don’t even make there schedule competitive. I’ll admit there a good team but not number 1 sorry not a chance. Any team in the SCC D-1 and North Haven would go undefeated with Ansonias Schedule.

          • Kyle says

            The fact you’ll be laughing at who we play, is that supposed to be some kind of insult….if so… not the greatest trash talk, you could do a lot better.

            You people just don’t get it. Hand Xavier West Haven North Haven, would all go undefeated most likely in the NVL, I wouldn’t debate that. But that doesn’t mean they would beat Ansonia. You’re whole schedule argument saying Ansonia isn’t good cause the NVL isn’t good, just isn’t valid, and the comments that Ansonia would go 5-5 in FCIAC and SCC is just pure lunacy and people looking just to get a response. And then you say oh well kids would get beat up and get hurt playing with the big boys? What major players in the SCC get hurt. Phillips lasted and tore up teams just fine, what makes you think Arkeel would get hurt? That’s just a dumb argument. You guys aren’t some NFL players that are so massive and intimidating.

            I know the NVL is horrible, I’ve watched it, I’ve played in it. We do have some very good teams some years. Just a few years ago in ’10 Naugy gave New Cannan a tickle, score was 21-12. Hell, St Paul almost took down New Cannan I think one year. We have points where we have good team, I’m not going to go through the teams but some years we get maybe 3 good teams, just like the SCC and FCIAC have maybe 1-2 good teams, and I’m measuring it on a scale say 1-2 good teams that would give Ansonia trouble. Let’s not get carried away and say theres 5 teams better than Ansonia in each conference.

            In ’98 – ’99 we were destroyed by Bloomfield, the best team ever to play in this state. You guys think these FCIAC and SCC teams are good? HAHA, those bloomfield teams would have your kids crying. I’ve seen plenty of good teams. There’s no impressive team in this state that I don’t think Ansonia can play with.

            Look it’s all opinion, you may not think ours is right but we don’t think yours is.

  34. D Money says

    I am not an Ansonia hater. But the fact is, Ansonia plays in a weak conference each year, and then plays the best Class S teams each year to compete for championships.

    The problem is, typically, the best Class S teams are average when compared to the best Class LL, L and even Class M teams.

    In the past, when Ansonia did move up to play the Best LL teams, they lost. I do not believe 2013 would be any different.

  35. P-Daddy says

    Ansonia is a fantastic program and team. I’m a NC guy, but have nothing but immense respect for them. That said, I live in Cent Conn and all i hear (before Darien loss) is how NC could not beat Ansonia. “Before” Darien loss there was no comparison to what NC accomplished in comparison to Ansonia.
    Now I concede that Ansonia – or maybe Platt or another undefeated team – should be ranked #1. IN the end the arguments are for fun. If any of these teams win their respective divisions then they are state champs – CHAMPIONS!!
    I can’t stand Hand, but I’m proud of them. I think Conn football is vastly improved over the last 15 years and NC and Hand are leading the way. They are not alone. Ansonia, Xavier, Staples and plenty of others are going year round and getting every athlete in their school to play football. We have a ways to go and the concussion issue looms large, but I’m convinced that boys from New England can play this game as fiercely and competitively as anywhere else in the country.
    So — yes let’s challenge Ansonia to beef up their out of conf schedule. Let’s challenge NC to play Ansonia. Let’s get rid of the meaningless Conf championships. Let’s pack Arute and get this stuff on TV.
    Thank GOD for this new statewide outlet!!!!!!!!

    • Kyle says

      No? Where would you get that from? They lost 5 games in the NVL. Seymour would do just as par as Amity in SCC.

      They played Ansonia tough recovered 3 straight onside kicks and Newsome fumbled 3 times. 6 possessions without the ball.

      100% would have been blown out by a good team if that happened

      And again why are you SCC guys trying to stic your chest out FCIAC owns you

      When North Haven is one of your better teams it makes me laugh to think you don’t think Ansonia could win. Comical

      This Ansonia team isn’t even a top 12 team AHS ever had. And we would go .500 every year BAHAHA.

      Is hand making any trips to Mexico soon? I have interested friends

      • aok says

        Again, Ansonia would do this or could do that, but actually has done nothing to prove they are the best, grow a set and ,move on to the SCC, we need a little brother in the “class S”… come play D1 since your the best, stop hiding behind mom’s NVL apron and play big boy football every week, Even Branford would win 3 games in the nvl this year, oh wait don’t agree? but you can claim would do this or could do that ! SCC and fciac play each other to prove who is better, any given game day. Ansonia knows just winning their games not enough that’s why the campaign to run up scores and stats against very bad teams

        • Kyle says

          Yes and FCIAC definitely proved that this year! All you SCC people do is say Ansonia would do this and that and lose 5 games in the SCC. Hell Derby has same record in NVL as they did in SCC most years.

          No need to get all testy your league is overrated! FCIAC far better and they proved that for sure.

          North Haven a top SCC team? HAHAHA

          HILLHOUSE was last year! Give me a break people! YOU’RE NOT THE BIG BOYS

          Mothers apron? I like it, I’ll have to use that sometime

          • aok says

            Funny how you compare the fciac vs Scc but don’t use your own league, fairfield county won this year, but the fciac then scc then the ccc then swc then ecc then nvl,,Nh is a very good team and the scc has a few more teams that are better than the teams that did make it. Join the scc and we’ll see. I’m sure Xavier, Shelton,NH,Hand,Prep, WH,would welcome the competition. If the scc is not the big boys, what does that make the nvl?Ansonia to the Scc, Div 1 then go undefeated and your number 1 will be highly deserved but not by claiming what you “would” do against real competition

      • TigerPride says

        Kyle, you coming on here trying to rep your team is actually hurting the states view of Ansonia. It is also sad that people still talk about hand and steroids. It happened roughly a decade ago….and honestly if you have ever seen this years Hand team they are much smaller and weaker than 90% of their competition. Their QB is 135 pounds and 3/5 o lineman are under 200 pounds… But I guess if you didn’t have the steroid thing, there really wouldn’t be anything else to use as an excuse. So hold on tight to that excuse. 20 years from now you’ll be telling your kids that Hand only has success because in 2004 two kids made a very dumb decision. I wish Ansonia good luck in this years playoffs, the tigers shared locker rooms with them at Yale camp and they are good guys. Quite unlike yourself Kyle.

        • Kyle says

          You think I care about a rep? You people on here relentlessly bashing Ansonia and were supposed to sit here and let you guys shoot off your mouth.

          Oh I forgot us valley folk can’t say anything! Shut up! I don’t care what the rest of the NVL is like that doesn’t make a team good or not. If Ansonia people were caught with steroids you people would destroy us! Hand has 3 kids under 200 LBS on the OL but they would beat Ansonia, the jokes keep getting better!

          I’ll shut up when you do. I welcome all critics. You think I care it you like me or not? Not in the worst way. You all can dish it but can’t take it.

          • TigerPride says

            If you aren’t on steroids but everyone thinks you are isn’t that basically a compliment?

  36. PrepFan says

    Glastonbury logic: “If not for all those playoff losses, we would have won more state titles.”

    Can’t argue with that.

  37. GHS fan says

    @Prep Fan,
    What’s your logic? When did you lose a a playoff game again?
    Glad to see you made the party.
    Win a playoff game then talk spack.

    • JB says

      GHS – we all understand that Glastonbury is a strong program that always makes the playoffs, but then losing every year is just evidence that the CCC level of competition is not equal to the other conferences. There should not be 3 CCC teams in the LL playoffs every year, sorry. Your league needs to up its level of competitive scheduling and add cross-over games to better qualify its teams for the playoffs. Look at what the SCC and FCIAC did this year … that is what your league needs to do. Competitive cross-over games and tough regular season scheduling. Then you can talk all the smack you want.

      • Based Task Force says

        One year of an FCIAC/SCC crossover and suddenly people assume they schedule like that every year haha first time its happened, and most CCC teams did schedule out of conference games actually…11 game season so everyone needed an extra, Fciac and Scc obv filled that one game with the big conference crossover, so CCC teams went out and played Ecc, Csc, Pequot, whatever schools from other conferences had openings since obv no Scc or Fciac team would have that opening (same with Nvl/Swc). The more I read the more I see how much people don’t understand how scheduling actually works. Teams DON’T decide who they play unless like this year there happens to be a schedule opening (even then you’d have to match up with other teams same open date which in football isn’t easy) Plus last year Ccc had two teams in state championship….Fciac zero, Scc obv had 3 champs, Ecc had 1, Pequot 1, Nvl 1 champ. Other years its different but all in all Ccc is definitely one of the better conferences in the state.

        • JB says

          We all understand how the scheduling works. The CCC committee schedules its teams away from too much competition to ensure it maximizes playoff participants. Too cozy. Only one of Glastonbury, Hall and Southington should be in the LL playoffs this year – why didn’t all three play each other? Xavier of Shelton could beat any of those three teams by 2-3 TDs. If you don’t think so, then schedule some cross-over games with them and prove it. This happens every year and only Glastonbury ever does anything. The CCC needs to qualify its playoff teams better.

          • Based Task Force says

            Glastonbury, Hall, and Southington all played each other haha what are you even talking about??? Ccc schedules games based on school size and what division they are in (based off size), might have to do with previous records but only to a small extent when doing divisional crossover games….again schedules don’t always workout so that you can just automatically schedule a game with a Xavier, Shelton, etc…both teams would need the same open date….regardless Scc teams don’t mark anything special in my opinion, they are just regular football teams like in the Ccc…its all down state hype

  38. aok says

    Is Platt a CCC team, thats scheduling at its best, why didn’t Platt play one top school ?? or a LL school, Middletown not that far, Southington close??? Does the CCC have a formula like the top from each division play each other ??

    • Based Task Force says

      Platt is in CCC III East….they are in this division because of their numbers (boys in school) compared to the other schools in the Ccc on a regular basis (obv every year changes in exact #s but its a base average #) So therefore they play all teams in Ccc III West (S teams) and all teams in their Ccc East (mostly consisting of M and S teams). This is because Platt falls on the bottom end of L number wise compared to the other Ccc schools. They then also play a cross over into Ccc II West which consist of L teams. Of these teams they play Maloney obv because its their Thanksgiving in-town rivalry game. Maloney been down recently but usually had been state playoff contenders. So thats how their schedule came about. Its a system that makes sense and works in my opinion. They play teams that are closest to their class size in comparison to the rest of Ccc….sorry but this does not make them a “cupcake” team as I’ve heard people proclaim. Hope that cleared it up

  39. Kyle says

    Don’t let these SCC people complain about top teams in the league playing each other. In 2011 the SCC blew the chance for X and Hand to play each other in regular season to see who would be #1!

    Here I am getting crap about say what Ansonia could or would do yet they’re all over this saying shelton and X would do this and that but when I say what Ansonia would do I’m the dummy!

  40. Big Dog says

    You have about as much knowledge of HS football as your clonies do on the NVL Blog…Stop your whining and get out and watch some real football games this week.Also,how did your soph rb do against the only legit team he ran against this year from the SCC?Remember the game half of Varsity play 14-0?How did he do in that game?

    • Kyle says

      Ansonia’s JV line played! I believe I have a lot more knowledge than you, I’m throwing out facts to back up my arguments. All you SCC hypocrites are on here complaining about Ansonia every day! Let it go, you’re doing all the whining! Tell me which facts I’ve thrown out that aren’t true.

      At least my arguments make sense. You guys all say that we’re saying we’d do this and that when you’re the fools who started it saying that Ansonia would do this and that in the SCC! You folks from the southern part of the state haven’t stopped talking about us since the beggining of the year! I’m sticking up for my town! What’s the matter you can’t take a little back talk! I’m not whinning you guys are the biggest clowns on here! Someone is giving you a little lip, you sound like a bully that gets smacked in the face and tells on the teacher, which I don’t doubt a lot of you did as kids!

      You beat a JV Ansonia team 14-0, CHEERS to you!

      And how many clonies are on this blog? 1, RAY BROWN. Oh man so many Ansonia guys on here doing a lot of talking! There’s 10 of you to our one so what in the hell are you talking about! Come back with something good please, I need some competiton I’m sick of shutting you “Big Dogs” down.

      • Kyle says

        Big Dog is that you or is that aok? Didn’t know if you forgot to change your name on here.

        If you’re hanging your hat on half of a scrimmage where Newsome McKnight and Hovan didn’t play that’s got the be the worst argument I have heard on here. The kid was running behind a JV OL! Jeesh, of all the arguments, that made me laugh the most so thank you for that.

        One half of a JV game, that’s what your argument has come down to? It’s getting watered down

    • bgarf says

      Big Dog, your post is pure irony…on a related note, when Ansonia and Shelton did play each other in the regular season, one team dominated the series 53-10-2, that would be the S school.

  41. AOK says

    Kyle,4 SCC teams made playoffs…..2 teams Xavier and Shelton go 10-1 at worse in NVL.Not puffing out chest just stating a true fact….NVL worse league in state this year.Congrats for being Ansonia ambassador

  42. Kyle says

    Yes it is I won’t deny that and i’ve said that on this blog before, I have yet to come on here and say that the NVL is a quality league. Are you guys not reading correctly? I said it once, I’ll say it again.. You ready? Lets read slowly and understand it this time. Just because the NVL is bad doesn’t mean Ansonia is bad. When using that as an argument to say Ansonia isn’t good is ridicuous, it you want to use it when making your argument that Ansonia shouldn’t be #1 is fine with me, I will grant you that.

    Oh …. and that one loss would be tooooo…

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