Class S football playoff bracket and schedule

2013 Class S fb bracket


Quarterfinals, Tuesday, 6:30 p.m.

2013 S QF Bloomfield Cap Prep

No. 8 Bloomfield (9-2) at Capital Prep (11-0)

2013 Class S QF Ansonia Coginchaug

No. 7 Coginchaug (9-2) at Ansonia (12-0)

2013 Class S QF Rocky Hill Prince

No. 6 Prince Tech (9-2) at No. 3 Rocky Hill (10-1)

2013 Class S QF Morgan Woodland

No. 5 Morgan (10-1) at No. 4 Woodland (10-2)


Saturday, Dec 7, 2 p.m.

Sites TBA


Friday, Dec, 13 at 7 p.m. ORĀ or Saturday, Dec. 14

at Arute Field, Central Connecticut State, New Britain

2013 Connecticut High School Football Playoffs Class S


  1. Final Word says

    No disrespect,but s a complete joke.should be renamed the ansonia invitational.Ray Brown Ansonias schedule flat out joke.Cant make silly comments when Woody is the top team they played.NVL could be the worse league top to bottom this year.

    • Ken says

      Yeah but Ansonia beat up on Masuk as well. Theh prove themselves when in the playoffs. Is tue NVL a joke yes it is. But as I said they probe themselves in the playoffs.

      • willie says

        you are correct ken, ansonia definitely “probes” itself in the playoffs..every year in the playoffs I might add…. they also probe themselves during the regular season! be good if they could stop probing themselves and play with some other good teams….

  2. Rob (On Connecticut's East Coast) says

    East Coast Rob’s Picks
    Cap Prep over Bloomfield
    Morgan Over Woodland
    Ansonia over Coginchaug
    Rocky Hill over Prince tech

    Cap Prep over Morgan
    Ansonia over Rocky Hill

    Cap Prep stuns Ansonia
    (MVP Mike Jones)

  3. The Dude says

    Cap Prep over Bloomfield- Too much going on with Bloomfield
    Woodland over Morgan- Should be a good game either way
    Ansonia over Coginchaug- No chance
    Rocky Hill over Prince Tech- Again, no chance

    Cap Prep over Woodland- Payback from last year
    Ansonia over Rocky Hill- Rocky Hill is good enough to give them a game, probably should be the final.

    Ansonia over Cap Prep- Cap Prep is talented but not on Ansonia’s level

  4. says

    in a final one game scenario anything can happen.chargers have three things going for them—-big game experience—-best rb in state—–best o-line in state

  5. Woodland Dad says

    A preview of Woodland’s Holiday menu:

    Appetizer – Morgan
    Main Course – Bloomfield
    Dessert – Ansonia

    Bon appetit!!

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