Class LL final preview capsule: Prep vs. Southington

Class L championship

Update: The Game has been moved to Monday 7 p.m. at West Haven.

Now it’s Thursday, 6:35 p.m.

Where/When: Monday, Ken Strong Stadium, West Haven, 6:35 p.m.

Seeds/Records: No. 7 Fairfield Prep 11-2; No. 4 Southington 11-1

On the air: (ALL TBA) MSG Varsity (live stream) | CPTV Sports (tape delay) | WELI 960-AM

Tickets: $10

Fairfield Prep's Tony Fox

Prep’s Tony Fox

Southington QB Stephen Barmore

Southington’s Stephen Barmore

Prep's Max Trudeau

Prep’s Max Trudeau

Players to watch: Fairfield Prep: Nick Crowle, Sr., RB/LB; Colton Smith, Jr., QB/DB; John DelliSanti, Jr., WR/S; Max Trudeau; Sr. LB; Southington: Stephen Barmore, Sr., QB; Alex Jamele, Jr., WR; Zach Maxwell, Sr., WR/DE

Championship game appearance: Fairfield Prep: 5 (3-1, last title in 1988); Southington: 7 (1-5, last title in 1998)

You should know: This is a contest between two of the state’s hottest teams. Fairfield Prep has won seven in a row, including two victories over West Haven. The Jesuits ended the Westies’ nine-game winning streak with a 29-20 victory on Thanksgiving and then earned a 29-28 win against West Haven in the semifinals. Southington has also won seven straight since losing to Class LL quarterfinalist Hall on Oct. 19.

Still, it’s been quite some time since each program captured a state title. Fairfield Prep hasn’t won a championship since 1988, while the Blue Knights last won a title in 1998. Southington has lost the last three championship games it has advanced to.

The Fairfield Prep senior class has helped the Jesuits climb back to relevancy. The Jesuits went 0-10 in 2009 but then won three games in 2010, five in 2011 and six last season under current coach Tom Shea.

Crowle, who will attend Yale, and fellow senior Tony Fox, a defensive lineman headed to Fordham, lead a tenacious Fairfield Prep defense that has allowed less than 20 points per contest. Crowle is also one of his team’s top offensive threats and ran for 95 yards in the semifinals.
Offensively, the Jesuits are balanced. Smith is a threat to both run and pass, while DelliSanti is one of the state’s best receiver. Smith (above, right), in his first year as a starter, has run for nearly 1,800 yards and 27 touchdowns and has passed for over 1,600 yards and 9 TDs. He ran for 100 yards against West Haven in the semifinals.

Southington has been explosive in the playoffs, scoring 52 points in a quarterfinal victory over NFA and 45 points against Ridgefield in the semifinals.

The Yale-bound Barmore has completed 171 of 269 passes for 2,742 yards and 38 touchdowns against just five interceptions this season. Jamele (69 receptions, 1,393 yards, 26 touchdowns) has been Barmore’s top target. Senior Tyler Hyde (above right, running for a touchdown) leads the Southington ground game with 158 carries for 1,052 yards and 18 touchdowns.

Pooch’s Pick: Fairfield Prep.
SPB’s Pick: Fairfield Prep 34-31

2013 Class LL final Southington Prep

Who will win the Class LL championship? Southington vs. Fairfield Prep

  • Fairfield Prep (11-2) (62%, 359 Votes)
  • Southington (11-1) (38%, 222 Votes)

Total Voters: 581

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  1. JB says

    SCC power football … built for a cold December day.

    Prep 28 Southington 21

    MaxPreps Tale of the Tape:

    Prep Southington
    277.2 Rush Yrd/game 159.4
    133.8 Pass Yrd/game 230.8
    410.9 Total Yrd/game 390.2
    77.3 Tackles/game 70.8
    2.3 Sacks/game 3.8
    35.7 Points/game 43.1

  2. Hawk says

    Once a knight always a knight. Good luck guarding jamlee prep. He’s going to leave you tripping over your own jock. As long as the OC calls his game knights 44 prep 20

  3. P-Daddy says

    Southington is very physical.
    Prep is very big and strong.
    I’ll take the most physical (Southington) in the game of football.
    Prep would kill them in squash though.

      • willie says

        should be a good game.
        most of the pundits seem to be picking southington in fact.
        southington is really good. balanced offense.
        they have had a bit of a cake walk to the finals. watched the NFA game. was NFAs top running back hurt or are they just not very good? ridgefield. hmmm. beat cheshire by a point, ndwh by a touchdown. pretty easy to see that buzz saw coming. not close games obviously.
        no one can accuse prep of having a cakewalk. X, WH, glastonbury, WH again. all in what three weeks? hmmm. now they have a normal week between games. get a bit of rest.
        have to wonder how much of a difference this will make in what should be a close game ie whatever doesnt kill you makes you stronger…

        • willie says

          to put a bit of gloss on this. best 15 teams in conn based on merit. the list will not change after the finals but the order will.
          st joes
          north haven

          one can quibble a bit with the order.
          obviously this differs from the coaches and media polls because it is based on merit, not kabuke theater. and loosely based on maxprep which is much better than the polls anyway.
          what teams are missing?
          hall? they did beat southington. maybe should be in rather than ridgefield (fairly weak regular season schedule) or middletown (exceedingly weak regular season schedule, and had to drop thanksgiving game with xavier).
          NFA? no.i dont think so. farmington? platt? no. greenwich would be a better choice than any of these schools.
          does shelton belong on this list? absolutely. remember this is merit based.
          prep will have played 8 games against these 15 teams, significantly more than any team in the finals. st joes (5), darien (5 also i believe), southington (2, 3 if we add hall), nc (6 i believe). and in fact more than any other team in the state eg hand is at 7 and xavier at 5 i believe. (one has to admire hand by the way. rebuilding year and they play 7 of the 15 best teams and give it a real go in the playoffs. now this is a great program..and i dont even like hand. i do like north haven and they played a solid schedule)
          ansonia? well, let me try to put this politely so i dont get called an ansonia hater, no one will ever accuse ansonia of playing teams that are over-rated. does that sound benign enough? they play their schedule as they say… really what more can one ask… i mean really? well, here is an idea as a starter: be fair to the other 14 teams listed above who actually do play each other in real games and dont rank ansonia number 1. anyway, kabuke theatre,but i digress.
          of course prep lost to st joes and hand. you can say based on talent they should not have lost those games, if they played again, hail mary blah blah blah. it all counts for nothing. i sense that if they did not lose at least one of those games in the regular season, they would not have made it this far in the playoffs. some teams need to lose a game as a wake up call to make them better. (it is no coincidence by the way that new canaan has not been the same team since they were undefeated and we had all the nonsense press about how they are the greatest team, could play in new jersy, play ansonia anywhere (the nc coach made a big mistake here by going on about this nonsense:should have focused on st joes and darien at this point) blah blah blah…nc players started started reading their own press clippings as they say, their play fell off and they got wacked in the head. and i am also not impressed at all by st joes in the latter part of the season..almost lost to mcmahan, giving up points like a pin ball machine etc, what is going on? they are dialing it in in class m)
          anyway i believe this sort of tough schedule – and the losses-should help prep in the finals.

  4. ct-hs-footballfan says

    Southington wins this game. Prep has been very lucky. without smith they are just average. they barely get by gbury in the first roud. take away the 13 points gbury spots the first 4 min, prep loses. DL best in the state, doubt it, they are big and thats it. OL is good which is why smith has run well. Southington is a balanced team. their receivers are not fast but solid, barmores last game, i dont see him holding back and letting his team lose. he is a dual threat qb. Southington blue knights beat Fairfiled Smith, 30-20.

    • FP-footballfan says

      1. Lucky teams don’t win 11 games and make it to the final.

      2. Smith is playing tomorrow so I guess you admit that Prep is abover average.

      3. Your vaunted Southington receivers will have fun in the snow tomorrow.

      Bottom line…I think you have the score backward. Prep 30 – Southington 20.

    • PrepFan says

      Using ct-hs-footballfan logic:

      Prep has been very unlucky. They barely lost to St. Joseph. Take away the points they spotted Hand in the first half and they win that game. Take Barmore off Southington and they are not a playoff team.

      • Football wiz says

        St joes handled Prep all game…SJ left 5 points on the field from blown extra points….linebacker, turned extra point kicker. Last play was a pattern run all year by single receiver who beat his man. SJ wins over and over….#2 in the state to NC

    • willie says

      got to call you on this one. prep has been many things over the last few weeks, mate, but lucky is not one of them. you dont beat xavier, west haven, glastonbury, then west haven again based on luck, sir. sorry that is just not on. fine to say if we hadnt gotten in a hole or this did not happen or that didnt happen, things would be different . prep lost to st joes on a hail mary. they went two tds down on hand in the first minute of the game. that is a hole.. well they accept they screwed up and didnt make the plays. you did not hear any excuses. and i have alot of respect for that. that is scc football. people said well if west haven played prep again they would beat them. well guess what they did play them again and they did not beat them. is that luck? two times? no sir that is called character.

    • JB says

      Prep’s only weakness is the secondary. Both losses were not from front 7 … Hail Mary was just the glaring evidence. Not a great passing day tomorrow, unless Barmore is the next Bart Starr.

    • Preston says

      Stop responding RAY Brown, you don’t make sense, and can’t spell for beans. Spelling is a sign of intelligence. Your not intelligent with your views on this subject, simply because your not objective. You sound like my 8 year old most of the time, when I don’t agree with him.

  5. Casual Observer says

    Thank goodness the KIDS will get to play the game tomorrow…then all you FORMER high school all stars (aka ‘know-it-alls’) can stop the nonsense.

  6. FCIAC fan says

    Call me crazy for saying this, but if smith goes down I do not believe that preps in any danger. I’ve seen both their backup quarterbacks play and must say that they’d be starting at most high schools in the state if they didnt have arguably the most elusive qb in the state. However, they are also very valuable on defense. Johnson (sr) starts at linebacker and makes running backs want to go home and Carroll(jr) starts at safety who recorded the big interception against x. Oh, and they were both in on that safety against WH. Back to my point, if smith goes down things will be interesting.

  7. big ansonia fan says

    prep-southington? come on! these teams are all over rated! please tell them ray! ansonia does not play any over rated teams! prep’s motto: “start fast finish strong”. Our motto: “you are over rated!” and “Why play actual games when you can watch film?” Enough! tell them ray..

    • JB says

      Ansonia’s defense couldn’t stop most SCC D1 team this year. Ansonia would struggle to .500 with Prep’s schedule. Sorry, but your opponents are about as weak as it gets. not sure Newsome or the QB could play both ways in the SCC and finish the season.

    • The Joker says

      Are you seriously crying for Ray to come and help support you? Pathetic. Do you realize his opinion means jack around here…

  8. Frank says

    Would Ansonia beat: Prep, WestHaven, Xavier, NC, Shelton, NorthHaven, The answer is No. That was a taste of the Hand Tigers Schedule. They would lose 4 of those, and maybe lose 1 or 2 to Chehire, ND, Cross, Hillhouse, and Guilford. So How can they be #1?

    Yosemite Sam Brockett knows it too, they would never journey to join another league, but this will happen. Open Division will happen in 2 years, and we will see if they opt out or in.

    • bgarf says

      news flash, frank, not everyone – especially those who watch football statewide – agree with your rather extreme assumptions…but good to see some of the old haters come out of the woodwork, lol

  9. big ansonia fan says

    are you an ansonia hater!!!
    there is an ansonia hater in my kitchen cabinet you know.
    i think you must be an ansonia hater!
    because you disagree with me!!
    only an ansonia hater would disagree with me!
    ray? where are you man?
    we are number one!!!
    if you dont think that then you are an ansonia hater!
    ip so facto

  10. Crocodile Devlin says

    These guys are gonna freak when Ansonia is ranked 1 again. All the cute ball breaking in world will not change that. If any one cares, Ray is an articulate ex super athlete in 3 sports and is just a little crazy when he is on here. Just ask Joe the Shot.

    • JB says

      Ansonia had a mediocre playoffs. Defense is not very good giving up 60 points to teams that couldn’t score a SINGLE POINT against New Canaan if their life depended on it. Sorry, not sure Ansonia is even in top 5 this year. Arkeel is awesome, but offense is one-dimensional with average defense and poor special teams. Body of work is not good enough to be voted #1 in my opinion.

      • Crocodile Devlin says

        JB the body of work by a historical program is why they should be #1. Unlike you I study not only watch football. I saw New Canaan against North Haven, they did not look like a world class defense. They only had 4 possessions in the second half. Their defense could not get off the field. NH had multiple opportunities to score but self inflicted mistakes killed them including a long run for TD called back.

        • big ansonia fan says

          Crocodile-Precisely! you got it! NC? NH? over rated! Darien? frankly, also over rated. Also, these teams all play each other, which makes things really confusing..How are you supposed to know who would win when the teams are playing each other for goodness sake???
          Ansonia has 6 and a half players who are faster than anyone on any of these teams! How do we have half a player?? only an ansonia hater would ask such a question!

          • voice of reason says

            Well, i would have to say i agree with Coach Brockett at Ansonia. There is too much negativity concerning high school football in conn. And adults should just grow up. And really as Coach Brockett and the kids at ansonia have said if you dont make ansonia number one it would be a real shame and would reflect alot of negativity. as well as jealousy….and hate. I know “hate” is a strong word..and “jealousy”, too, is a strong word. But coach brockett is an adult and adults use big words like this, usually when they are talking about the second world war or their first marriage and stuff like that, but whatever… And really why do we even have to wait for prep to play southington? this is the thing: if you are number 1, people target you. look at new canaan. remember all the people (…from ansonia..) who accused NC of not being good enough to be number 1? Remember all the people (..from ansonia..) who wanted to cut them down? You say only the people from ansonia said nc was not good enough to be number 1? you see this is the thing-that is NOT negativity you see. And certainly would not rise to the level of jealousy or hatred. ridiculous. That is something very very different. anyway, look at st joes…sorry st joes isnt any good, they won class M. apologies, there you go you see. I confess that that was a very very negative comment on my part about st joes which did reflect a level of negativity, as well as some not insignificant amount of jealousy and hate….You know Class S is better than Class M. Ah..did it again!! Apologies. Negativity, jealousy and hate.
            So, to be absolutely clear. None of these discussions have anything whatsoever to do with merit. MERIT? phew… now there is a strange word. when ansonia talks about hand and nc that is a discussion about..well..if we must, although i dont really like to go in this direction..ahhh… MERIT…or whatever…there i said it now please lets move on…but these discussions about ansonia involve negativity, jealousy and hate. Just ask coach Brockett….it would be a real shame if anyone did not vote ansonia number 1 and would reflect negativity, jealousy and… and …hate..yes hate. right here in connecticut! i m talking about hate…..creepy word “merit” anyway..

  11. Weird Logic says

    You judge New Canaan on the game vs North Haven which is fair.Ask Platt what they think of North Haven.Now on what team on Ansonia’s[Regular/Playoff schedule}would you like us to compare Ansonia with ? You will not find that team in the polls.I guess now it’s a trend to penalize a team for playing quality opponents.In the real world it works the other way around.

  12. big ansonia fan says

    Weird Logic-
    NC, NH and I may add Platt are..well..over rated.
    And as i have said-consistently i believe for the last 16 and a half weeks-the top 25-30 teams in conn are over rated…except ansonia.
    Ansonia is not overrated.
    If the top 25-30 teams are overrated (except ansonia), then logically-no need for weird logic here-someone must be underrated?
    Well ansonia is number 1 so I think we can posit right here that they are not underrated.
    Is ansonia overrated? No. Absolutely not. Number 1 is where they belong. Neither underrated nor overrated. Only team in this fine state of ours.
    So who is underrated?
    It is the teams from 30-60, some of whom ansonia plays. Like woodland. But it is particularly the teams from 60-110 who make up the bulk of the ansonia schedule who are underrated. These teams are underrated.
    Now, stick with me here. So, while ansonia is not underrated it is quite clear they do not play any team that is overrated. And this, weird logic, is not an easy thing to do.Think about it for a few minutes…. Please, take your time.
    And, weird logic, I think you have to admit that these discussions are alot more meaningful than actually having a bunch of overrated teams play games against each other.

    • Wendel says

      There is no factual logic in big Ansonia’s reply. Quantitatively, Ansonia doesn’t meet the Standard to be considered #1. Strength of Schedule, Quality of Opponents, Win -Loss vs. those with Higher Strength of Schedule are the only statistical meaures that should be used to determine a rank order system that doesn’t have a central tendancy means of analysis.
      The BCS does their best to reduce objectively, with their system. Until logic using statistical analysis is included in the process, you will not have a true #1. In my humble opinion: This is the top 3: NC, Winner of Prep/Southington, St. Joe’s. Ansonia would be next, which is fair. It’s similar to Boise State a few seasons ago, can’t do it.

      • aok says

        Not one fan of Ansonia ever mentions a reason or a win which would qualify as #1.. there is nothing,, we all agree Newsome is tremendous but there is a level of competition factor has to be weighed in. Ansonia fans agree their schedule and the nvl is weak, going undefeated there means nothing…if this keeps up every HS team will want to move to nvl or Pequot.
        Ansonia a fair #2 or 3

  13. Gerry says

    Why are we even talking about offensive lines according to Ray Brown Ansonia has the best in the world but they play nobody and have to bring in kids from other town’s to run behind it .LOL

  14. James says

    Leave prep alone. This will be their only shot at double title for the next 15 years Let Cinderella dance Next year will get back to normal with x and hand dominating the scc once again Btw when x or hand are playing in these titles games there is never any discussion about number 1 goes to show weakness this year

  15. Glenn714 says

    If Ansonia played anybody relevant we would not having all of these discussions about their true strength. I don’t think Ansonia even has played anybody who played anybody in the top 10. As we all saw with Platt, its easy to put up big stats and look good when you play weak teams, Ansonia brings this on themselves. In my opinion from their weak schedule, Ansonia should not be No. 1

  16. Uncle leo says

    Connecticut is way different than most states when picking the number 1 team in the state. I,m from pa. And they judge by class size and strength of schedule. The bottom line is Ansonia is undefeated and platt, southington,newtown and new Canaan have one loss. Case closed, Ansonia has a better record so they are number 1 and then the pollsters must pick between platt, new Canaan, Newtown and Glastonbury if they beat prep tomorrow as to who is number 2 thru 6

    • Newt says

      Uncle Leo, put down the moonshine. Ansonia is not the best team in CT. I’m from PA, they don’t vote the way you described. My team in 1998 Lancaster was #1, we had one loss. Teams with 5 loses would beat that team, I saw them play, just ok.

  17. It pays to be In S says

    Platt goes 14-0 and wins Class S if Ansonia happened to be in Class M like they were a few years ago.Imagine that Platt ended up #1.This scenario is not too far fetched

  18. Walter Camp says

    Watched Ansonia vs. Woodland play. Woodland was not a very good team. Small LB and DB that had poor tackling skills. You could tell that the Woodland QB had not faced real competition all season long and was forcing passes when pressured. Woodland shot itself in the foot throughout the game and gave the championship to Ansonia on a silver platter. Ansonia has no kicking game and poor special teams. They gave Woodland decent field position on almost every kickoff. Ansonia QB can’t throw with any accuracy and that was against a pretty poor Woodland secondary. If Woodland had put eight in the box and knew how to hit with their pads and properly wrap Newsome up the game would have been much closer. They allowed Newsome to have second, third and fourth chances to gain large junks of yards and too many TD’s. Newsome did most of his damage running outside and was able to run to daylight due to Woodland’s over pursuit and poor angles of attack. Ansonia made a lot of errors throughout the season and even in the Woodland game that would have been taken advantageous of by a quality ranked Class L or Class LL team who’s players were more well grounded in basic football skills. It’s too bad that there are so many Class S and M teams that have players who lack fundamental football skills and discipline.

    • SCC fan says

      That’s life in class S for you! Would love to see Ansonia actually play some decent teams but with their enrollment, it is understandable that they play these teams while being a man among boys. They have a great Class S program that would do ok in a tougher class, but going undefeated, I think not even close.

  19. JB says

    Have now seen them all play. If Prep wins tonight, factoring in strength of schedule/result and playoff opponents/result, my top 10 would be:

    1. New Canaan
    2. Prep
    3. St Joes
    4. Southington
    5. Darien
    6. West Haven
    7. Ansonia
    8. Middletown
    9. North Haven
    10. Hand

    • Ethan says

      I’m a Hand fan, this is the closest representation of what the top 10 should look like. this person has seen some h.s football games. I would switch 9 and 10 because we beat NH pretty good

      • Fan says

        Have to switch Prep and St. Joes. Prep lost to St. Joes. Hard to argue against Head to Head unless in special circumstances (e.g. if Darien had beat NC).

        I would put Darien ahead of Southington (beat #1, 8, 9, and 10) – only lost to 1 and 3. Southington lost to a relatively weak Hall team and possibly Prep. I think loser of Prep v. Southington is #5. Side note, Prep fans have to stop overlooking Southington (not that it matters if the fans do, but the game has to be won first and I find it very disrespectful).

        Switch 9 and 10 as well.

  20. CTFootball Fan says

    I have no horse in this race but completely agree with Willie’s observations above. I have watched a ton of football this year from various conferences and believe if Prep wins tonight (and that is a big “if” because Southington is very strong and matches up well), they should be the #1 team in the state. Lots are talking about strenght of NC’s schedule but it doesn’t come close to Prep’s. I agree with Willie’s list except Hall in and Ridgefield out. That means Prep played 8 of its 14 games against top 15 teams. Prep might not have the high power spread offense but it’s defense is one of the best. Big, strong, fast. Prep’s 4 LBs are no doubt the best in the state and it’s d-line is one of the best.

    • Fan says

      This is an asinine comment. Prep lost to St. Joes who couldn’t touch NC. There is no way you can rank them ahead of NC, let alone St. Joes.

      • CTFootball Fan says

        It’s only asinine because you don’t agree with it. Head to head game is only one factor. If you are not going to look at strength of schedule, then clearly Ansonia is number 1 which is certainly a good decision too.

        • Fan says

          You are having some issues with causality. I don’t agree with it, because it is asinine (not the opposite). Pretty simple logic there. How can you possibly rank Fairfield Prep ahead of New Canaan?

          FPs two losses are against Daniel Hand and St. Joes. Both Daniel Hand and St. Joes (twice) got beat badly by New Cannaan. NC only lost to Darien and they later avenged that loss. Darien beat Hand as well.

          You can even make an argument that St. Joes and Darien should be ranked ahead of FP.
          St. Joes only lost to NC (the #1 team) and they beat FP head to head and Darien.
          Darien only lost to St. Joes and NC and they beat Hand and NC, while FP lost to St. Joes and Hand.
          By virtue of common opponents, I’d have to say that NC, St. Joes and Darien are better than FP.

          I’m not going to touch the Ansonia claim. That one has been talked about too much.

  21. shaggydog says

    Wow, this stuff is hilarious. Unfortunately we will never know who is the best team in the state. I’ve been watching hs football for over 30 yrs and for what it’s worth have a few observations. My apologies in advance for being long winded.

    Ansonia: 1st off, nobody can take away what they’ve done as a program. I don’t care who they play. There were yrs when New London was over the top with talent, and Ansonia beat them. And there were yrs when Ansonia lost to them. Anyone remember a few yrs back when New London hammered a solid Greenwich team? From my view, the most challenging thing is that basically every yr Ansonia is undefeated going into playoffs…some yrs they are very very good, with the ability to beat anyone in the state…I mean anyone. And some yrs they go undefeated but are not as strong relative to some of the better teams in the state and would probably go 6-4 in the FCIAC or SCC. I believe yr to yr they can compete with the best teams in the state. Would their record be as shiny? No, probably not. As someone mentioned on here, how would they do if they had to play Hand, Xavier, Shelton, NDWH, WH, No Haven, etc. Having to go both ways, and dealing with injuries from such a schedule is very challenging.I truly believe they would compete against every one of those teams, but would come out with blemishes. They certainly have an excellent historical record against Shelton, but they don’t play each other anymore. Naugy used to be strong, Seymour used to be tough….but now that the valley has 2 add’l schools (Woodland & Oxford) it has weakened both schools.

    I read all this stuff about schedule, Ansonia not playing anyone outside their league, turning down the SCC offer to replace Derby….This is ridiculous. It’s not college…these are high schools who are not going to change sports leagues just so the football team can play a more competitive schedule. Unfortunately their league makes it difficult to play out-of-league opponents on normal yrs. But, let’s drop the changing leagues crap and leave that for the UConn discussions.

    Someone mentioned in one blog that if Ansonia is so good why don’t they have any players playing big time college football? I cannot vouch for knowledge of New Canaan or Greenwich or Staples as to how many players they have in major (FBS or FCS) football programs over the yrs, but my guess is that Ansonia has help their own…very impressive considering their size.

    With all this said, I do feel that strength of schedule is important in determining the overall #1 state champion. Comparing NC to Ansonia it comes down to this: NC defeated Hand 50-21 (1st game of yr & Hand had a few injuries…but that’s huge); defeated Gwich 66-20; defeated Staples 43-7 (not a typically strong Wrecker team but still impressive); defeated Class M state champs St. Joes 62-21 & 31-20; Lost to Darien (so hard to evaluate big turkey day games) but came back to hammered them 44-12; defeated to touch NH team 17-0 (some on here said NH ran all over NC…ok, but how many pts did they score?).

    Ansonia beat whomever was in front of them. Unfortunately for them their biggest game was against an average Masuk team this yr. For all intents and purposes Seymour was a missed field goal away from beating them. Seymour was better than their record indicated but this should not have happened. Good teams find a way to win, but great teams take care of lesser talented teams in better fashion.

    I’m not bashing the Chargers as i respect the heck out of their program and think that their are yrs when they should be thought of as the #1 or #2 team in the state…it’s just not every yr that they go undefeated is all….

    I always thought there should be 2 polls: 1) Large 2) Small. The Large school poll would be the equivalent of the overall poll today, so if you do not play in the Large division playoffs (L or LL), you could not be voted #1 in the state. Teams would then be allowed, as it used to be, to move up if they so choose if their goal is to be #1 in the state. Think of the possible matchups when you add Ansonia & St. Joe’s to the mix of large schools. Throw NL in there and maybe we don’t have 3 blowouts like we had this past weekend for state championship games…

  22. johnnybaccala says

    With the MAD BOMBER Bruno at Naugatuck you will see the fortunes of Ansonia change dramatically in another three years. Not next year or the year after but in time things will change. Any high schooler would love playing in that system..I’m ready to strap em up right now.

    • shaggydog says

      agree with the Bruno assertion johnnyboomballally. Bunnell was fun to watch. Hoping Naugy becomes a team who can compete with the large non league schools in the state come playoff time like they were able to do in the 70’s & 80’s.

  23. Big Ansonia Fan says

    Ansonia number 1 this year. Clear-only undefeated team. And shuold be preseason number 1 next year. Yea, Ansonia will lose some talent. And Hand, NC, darien, prep, st joes etc should be pretty good. Have to go undefeated to be number one. And Hand plays NC early. One of those teams will lose. Prep-st joes early. Again, one of those teams will lose. Darien ahs NC on turkey day. Even if they make it past the first weeks Hand and PRep have D1.Class L and LL. Pretty soon all the godd teams, except for ansonia, play each other and lose. So, i would go with ansonia as preseason number one next year!

    • Bubba says

      @ Big Ansonia fan: Your answering your own question. Hand plays NC, Prep plays St. Joes, Darien plays NC on turkey day………Ansonia plays Crosby, Wilby, Watertown, Torrington, Sacred Heart. You see my point, you can’t be the best, unless you play the best. Ansonia won’t be #1 this season either, sportswriter have heard the people through this format.

      • Big ansonia fan says

        And Bubba you too, sir, are clearly an ansonia hater. I think it is well understood that a team cannot be number 1 unless it is undefeated. And, frankly, I would extend that to the preseason poll…I mean why should not be preseason number 1 unless there is a reasonable chance you will go undefeated. And, lets be fair here to ansonia, for these other schools the prospects of going undefeated are not..well let me try to be polite here..not exactly good mate.

        • Bubba says

          I’m not an Ansonia hater. I totally respect their program, and paid to watch them twice. Very impressed. My comments are an argument against them being #1, not that I don’t like them or respect them. You are overly protective, and are trying to sell fans the #1 ranking, when they play the sisters of trubitdore. They don’t have the body of work, plain and simple.

  24. GO NOLES!! says

    One of the most objective and best post I have read on this blog in recent days.

    Agree with all you wrote about Ansonia. And have to give the nod to NC as the top team this year-beacuse of their body of work against good opponents, and because they featured an outstanding defense over the course of a season where defense seemed to be an afterthought in many games.

  25. bgarf says

    shaggydog – wow, you made the exact points I make when talking with my friends from other towns…only thing to add is there are more years than you may realize that Ansonia has gone into playoffs with losses, not as often in recent years, though.

    • Big ansonia fan says

      Jeb- We will stay in the NVL thank you very much… but remember we scrimmage. We scrimmage with west haven. And we beat them in the scrimmage! I dont tell me they didnt come to play. Then how do we stay on edge in season? Well, we are number 1!. We scrimmage with ourselves to stay sharp. That’s right, we are number one so we scrimmage live, mano mano, during the season to stay sharp. Yes, our boys play with themselves once or twice a twice a week during the season. Yes! play with themselves! They are only kids for goodness sake-16 and 17 and maybe a bit older- and you should be fair.

  26. Shaggydog says

    I agree and give the nod to NC this year as well. It’s really too bad though that they can’t play. I think it would be a competitive game. I think many believe Ansonia is one-dimensional but they can throw. Their kicking game was off but i think their kicker got hurt in pre-season and was out for the season. I could be off on this, but they typically have a very good kicking game.

    The year Ansonia played St. Joe’s, I was actually surprised Ansonia hung in there. They had 2 losses going in, and weren’t that strong. On the other side, if my memory serves me, St. Joes had a few key players hurt early in the season and they started behind the 8 ball with a couple of losses. By the time the playoffs came around, I thought they were one of the best teams in the state.

    When I think of strong programs now in the NVL I think of Ansonia….and that’s it. Naugy will hopefully get there. For FCIAC schools you think of NC, Staples, Greenwich, St. Joes, Ridgefield, Darien. BC used to be good for a spell and Darien is not always this strong but Trifone does a great job. Trumbull, i dont think is in this group anymore. A head shaker that Stamford is not strong. I would be curious thought, to see schedules as there may be yrs when NC doesn’t play some of these teams. But, with that said, I don’t think there is a stronger program in the state over the past decade, including Xavier. X has had some unbelievably strong teams but I think they need to continue for a few more yrs to knock off NC as the top program. Hand can be argued as well, and maybe even Staples and of course Ansonia. All makes for great blogging.

    Yes, and yes on the losses. Seems like over the past 5-10 yrs the NVL has gotten much weaker. I had mentioned Seymour & Naugy already, but Holy Cross is typically decent and every few yrs has a strong team. Torrington is probably the key as they’re a good size city school. Have always been amazed that they don’t have strong sports programs….generally speaking. I think the challenge w the NVL is most of their large schools are Waterbury city schools…and they have way too many of them. Back in the day their pop warner program was very very good, not just regionally but statewide. But, having 5 schools in the city plus a tech school and private is way too much.

    I always thought a combined NVL, SCC & SWC league of L, M, S divisions would have been great. Teams like WH, NDWH, Cheshire, Amity, Hamden, Hand, Shelton, Naugy, Pomperaug and Newtown in L, Ansonia, Seymour, Oxford, Derby, Woodland, Sacred Heart, Hyde, Hillhouse, Stratford in S and maybe No Haven, Masuk, Holy Cross, Wolcott, Watertown, Foran, Law, Bunnell, Bethel, Wilbur Cross in M.

  27. johnnybaccala says

    The thing I am most amused by is the Ansonia fans that disrespect all the other good teams in the state. They feel they would not only beat the teams like NC ST.JOes Staples Xavier Hand etc they would destroy them. This is not true. All of these games would be very competitive. Give props to Ansonia for producing good to great teams over the years but c’mon Ansonia fans you must open your eyes sometimes.

  28. Shaggydog says

    I coach travel baseball with a good friend of mine who played for the Chargers back in the 80’s. He gets mad at a few of the Ansonia bloggers who assume they are the best program year in and year out and automatically should be #1 when they go undefeated. He loves Ansonia and thinks they are one of the best programs in the state….but also understands that some (not all) of the Ansonia bloggers do not watch any other games outside of the NVL while we go watch games in New Britain, NC, Trumbull, FFld Prep, New London, Glastonbury, Xavier, etc.

    However, there are also bloggers that automatically don’t think Ansonia can compete with NC, Staples, etc just because they play in a weak league. So, i guess it goes both ways. Not sure this will ever be settled…and it can’t be a one yr thing. It has to be Ansonia playing at least one big boy consistantly, whether it’s out of league (if possible) and/or playing up in the playoffs…which they arent allowed to do at this time

    • Big ansonia fan says


  29. Crocodile Devlin says

    Does any care that “big Ansonia fan is not an Ansonis fan. He thinks his clever posts fools people on the blog. What an empty life he must have.

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